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Genera Second edition. edition.

P'age. Page. Claim of the United States consul in Mauritius for restitution of goods

brought by the Sirène, and said to have been part of the cargo of the Sea Bride. Refusal of the governor to interfere....

344 Report of the law-officers. The question is one for the civil tribunals 336 614 Eventual di osal of the Sea Bride....

357 615 The Alabama in the Indian Seas, January, 1864.


622 Instructions given to Commodore Montresor.

364 622 Prisoners landed at Anjengo..

368 626 Coal taken in at Singapore, December, 1864...

372 630 Return to Simon's Bay, March 20, 1865. Permission given to take in coal and provisions..

372 629 Arrival at Cherbourg, June 11, 1864. Protest of United States minister....

376 634 [vii] * Instructions given by French government..

378 030 Proceedings at Cherbourg. Conflict with, and destruction by, the Kearsarge...

386 615 Mr. Adams's complaint that some ofiicers and seamen of the Alabama

saved from drowning by the English yacht Deerhound, have not been given up as prisoners.

378 637 Lord Russell's reply.

320 Statements of the owner of the Deerhound.

381, 383 639, 642 Lord Russell declines to interfere further...

326 643 Letter of commander of Kearsarge claiming men landed at Cherbourg as his prisoners.

390 613 Reply of confederate agent.

390 630


April, 1863, to October, 1864.
Mr. Adams's first representation, April 8, respecting the Japan or Vir-

ginia, which has left the Clyde for Alderney, with the supposed
design of becoming a confederate cruiser. Her equipment to be sup-
plied by the Alar from Newhaven.....

399 Mr. Adams's letter referred to the treasury and home department.... 399, 400 657, 658 Instructions sent to the lieutenant governor and customs officers at Guernsey...

401 6:39 Further note from Mr. Adams. Statement in the Times that the Japan

is going to China is untrue. The Alar has already transferred guns to her, and is expected to return to her....

401 669 The attention of the home office and treasury already called to the

passage in the Times. Mr. Adams's note also forwarded to them... 402 661 Reports from the collectors of customs at Greenock and Glasgow as

to the Japan, which cleared for Point de Galle and Hong-Kong, April 1, 1863....

403 Clearance of the Japan...

407 605 Papers relating to registry, and articles of agreement of Japan... 426, 427 686, 687 Statement of customs collector at Newhaven, as to the departure of the Alar for Alderney and St. Malo, with passengers on board...... 40.3

664 Clearance of the Alar...


604 The mayor of Plymouth, where the Alar bas put in, is instructed to make inquiries..

407 C06 Statement made by the master of the Alar to the customs collector at Plymouth .....

408 607 Endeavors of one of the commissioners of customs to obtain information respecting the vessel.

409 603 Information from the board of trade. The crew of the Japan who have returned in the Alar to be paid off at Liverpool...

670 Depositions of E. Thompson and T. Malon, forwarded by Mr. Adams,

as to the proceedings of the Japan, and agency of Messrs. Jones & Co., of Liverpool, in obtaining a crew for her.

412 671, 672 The home office and treasury requested to take whatever steps are legally warranted on these statements...

416 675 Reports from the British consulate at Brest as to the proceedings of the Japan and Alar off the French coast, April 7, 9, 1863..


675 Report from the governor of Guernsey. Her Majesty's ship Dasher

sent to Alderney, but the vessels do not seem to have been there... 418 677


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Geneva Second
edition. edition.

Page. Page.
Mr. Adans informed of the particulars ascertained. The Japan did
not appear intended for war..

418 677 View taken by Her Majesty's government of the information for

warded by Mr. Adams as to the enlistment of the crew of the


678 Mr. Adams's representation that Mr. Bold has remained the registered owner of the Japan after her conversion into a confederate cruiser. 419

680 Reports from the home office and customs that Mr. Bold is not liable to prosecution...

420, 422 680, 682 Mr. Dudley's report to Mr. Seward as to the connection of Messrs. Jones and Mr. Bold with the Georgia. His solicitor advises him that there is not sufficient ground for a prosecution...

427 687 Affidavits forwarded by Mr. Adams as to the engagement of seamen at Liverpool for the Georgia...

428 688 [X] *Opinion of the law-officers advising that the parties implicated should be prosecuted

440 700 Report of the visit of the Georgia to Cherbourg, October 28, 1863, to February 16, 1864..

440 701 Report of the visit of the Georgia to Bordeaux, March 25 to April 28, 1864...

442 702 English seamen shipped on board the Georgia at Cherbourg, and

Florida at Brest. Endeavors of British consuls to warn them.... 442 702
Deposition forwarded by Mr. Adams as to the enlistment of seamen at

Liverpool to join the Georgia and Florida at Cherbourg and Brest.. 442 702
The solicitor to the treasury instructed to prosecute the parties..

445 705
Inquiries made by the admiralty. Assertion of Maltman that the men
were engaged for a commercial voyage.

445 706 The naval-reserve men to be discharged

447 707 Further affidavits forwarded by Mr. Adams. Agency of Campbell in enlisting seamen

448 708 Campbell, Jones, and Highatt prosecuted.


709 Return of the Georgia to Liverpool, May 2, 1861.

449 710 Mr. Adams remonstrates against her being laid up in Liverpool...

451 712 Directions given that the Georgia should be ordered out of Liverpool as soon as repaired, unlese bona fide sold...

452 713 The Georgia dismantled, and offered for sale.

454 715 Opinion of the law-otficers as to the position of the Georgia.

456 717 The vessel sold to Mr. Bates..

456 717 Mr. Adams declines to recognize the validity of the sale..

457 718
The United States consul at Liverpool suspects that she is again be-
ing fitted out for war..

458 719
Orders given that no ship of war of either belligerent should in future
be dismantled or sold in British ports

459,462,467 721,724,

730 Inquiries made as to the Georgia, which has sailed for Fernando Po.. 460 722 Her armament left behind in the warehouse at Liverpool..

462 724 She is captured by the United States cruiser Niagara..

463 725
Mr. Bates's protest

464 726
Mr. Adams informed that Her Majesty's government expect that the
Georgia will be adjudicated in a proper prize-court...


729 Mr. Bates informed that the case must go before a prize-court

467 730 Mr. Bates further informed of the legal position of the case.....

468 731,732,



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October, 1864, to November, 1865.
First intimation respecting proceedings of the Sea King received froin

British consul at Teneriffe, November 12, 1861....
Captain Corbett's arrival there in the Laurel, October 21, 1864. In-
quiries made by the consul. Captain Corbett's statement.
Captain Corbett sent home in custody.
Deposition of seamen of the Sea King as to her conversion into the

confederate cruiser Shenandoah, off Madeira .
Opinion of the law-officers. There is not sufficient evidence as yet for
a prosecution. Seamen of the Sea King should be examined....

H. Ex. 292-15

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Geneva Second edition. edition.

Page. Page. The treasury requested to send their solicitor to collect evidence.... 484 749 Mr. Adams's first representation, November 18, 1864. Report from Uni

ted States consulat Liverpool and depositions of seamen of the Sea King...

484 749 Further opinion of the law-officers. Captain Corbett should be prosecuted...

490 754, 755 Instructions given for proceedings against Captain Corbett.

491 756 Clearance of the Laurel...

492 757 [x] * Register of the Sea King..

494 758 Statements by Messrs. Robertson as to the previous history and sale of the Sea King...

497,724 762,

1001 Representation of the United States Government that the seamen of

Florida are to join the Shenandoahı near Bermuda. The governor of Bermuda warned...

498 762, 763 Mr. Adams's representation and report of the United States consul at

Rio de Janeiro as to destruction of vessels by the Sbenandoah in the
South Atlantic ..

501 766 Lord Russell's reply

559 824 Arrival of the Shenandoah at Melbourne, Jannary 25, 1865.

499 764 Application of Lieutenant Waddell to be allowed to repair, coal, and land prisoners....

500 765 Report of the governor on the proceedings and treatment of the Shenandoah at Melbourne, January 25 to February 18..

504 770 Representations from the United States consul that the Shenandoah is a pirate..

590-606 858, 872 Opinion of the colonial law-officers thereupon. The Shenandoah must be received as a ship of war

510 775 Minute of the council. Permission granted to the Shenandoah to make repairs and land prisoners...

510 776 Correspondence between the colonial authorities and Lieutenant Waddell

639 904 Further minutes of the council as to Captain Waddell's request to use

the government slip. He is informed that the slip is leased to pri

vate parties. Government assistance refused, February 1 and 7... 515,517 780, 782 Lease of the slip, showing the terms on which it was held..

533 798 Reports of surveys to ascertain the repairs required by the Shenandoah. 518,522 783,787 Daily reports furnished of the progress of the repairs....

529 794 Deposition forwarded by the United States consul as to enlistment of British subjects for the Shenandoah, February 10...

606 873 Warrant issued for the apprehension of a man

5:36 802 Refusal of Lieutenant Waddell to allow the vessel to be searched

524 790 Minute of the council. Repairs of the Shenandoah suspended.

524 Order of the governor to that effect

525 790 Correspondence with Lieutenant Waddell on the subject..

643,614 908, 909 Four men arrested leaving the Shenandoah ...

327 792 Letter from the lessee of the slip as to the danger of the vessel remaining on it

528 793 Minute of the council. Permission given for the launch of the vessel. 525 790 Order of the governor accordingly

32 793 Denial by the officers of the Shenandoal that the men had been on board with their knowledge

547 612 Proceedings against the four men arrested on leaving the Shenandoal. 5:26 791 Examination before the magistrates..

617 912 Trial, conviction, and sentence..


36 Proceedings and debates in the Parliament of Victoria..

629-638 894, 904 Reports of enlistment of men on board the Shenandoah on the eve of her departure from Melbourne

550 814 Warning sent by the governor to other colonies


&2 Complaint of the United States consul that he had been insulted by the Crown solicitor

.555, 616, 617 820, 8-3 Explanations of the Crown solicitor, and reply of the governor... 556, 618 820 825 Report by Captain Payne on the build and equipment of the Shenandoah..

557 Opinion of the law-officers as to the right of executing a warrant on board a ship of war





Geneva Second edition, edition.

Page. Page. Ur. Adams's representation as to the visit of the Shenandoah to Melbourne


845 The United States consul's reports of proceedings.

583-589 851, 856 His correspondence as to landing prisoners...

590 858 His representations of the piratical character of the Shenandoah..591, 593, 594 859, 862 Correspondence as to illegal enlistment of men.

.606, 607, 615 874,874,

882 Further representation as to the character of the vessel.

612 879 Deposition as to the sale of a chronometer from the Shenandoah

615 881 Protest of the consul against her being allowed to coal..

614 881 Reply of the governor.

617 884 [x] *Statements as to her state of equipment. She cannot fight the guns she has on board

589, 617 857, 883 Complaint of the consnl that he has been insulted by the Crown solici

617,619 884, 885 Mr. Mason's request that letters may be sent through the British

authorities to the commander of the Shenandoah to recall her, as the civil war is at an end, June 20, 1865

653 917 Permission granted....

654 919 Letters sent accordingly...

655 920 Circular to British colonies ordering the detention of the Shenandoah if she puts into a British port, September 7, 1865...

657 923 Further orders for the detention of the Shenandoab, or her seizure on

the high seas if found equipped as a vessel of war. She is to be de

livered to the autborities of the United States, October 6, 1865..... 657 923 Measures taken at Vancouver's Island to detain the vessel, August, 1865....

658-661 925, 927 Arrival of the Shenandoah at Liverpool, November 6, 1865..

661 928 Vessel delivered mp to the customs authorities

663 929 Opinion of the law-officers as to the course to be parsned.

663 930 Question as to permitting the crew, some of whoin bave scurvy, to land...

665 932 Captain Waddell's letter reporting bis arrival, and surrendering the vessel

667 935 Mr. Adams's request for delivery of the vessel to the United States Government

669 937 Opinion of the law-officers: the vessel should be delivered to the

United States; inqniries made whether any of the crew are liable to prosecntion for breach of the foreign enlistment act; the others to be set at liberty ...

669 938 The home office reqnested to take measures accordingly.

672 942 Further report of the law-officers: the crew should be set at liberty,

unless there is evidence of piracy, or of breach of the foreign enlistment act, on which they can be brought to trial...

672 942 Reports of Captain Paynter as to measures taken for securing the vessel Anxiety of the crew to land

674-676 944, 946 Instructions given as to the disposal of the Shenandoah and her crew.

Inquiry to be made whether any of them are British-born subjects, and tbove against whom evidence can be obtained to be detained..

946 Captain Paynter reports that he has satistied himself that none of the crew are British-born subjects; they have all been landed..

678 The Shenandoah delivered to the United States consul at Liverpool, November 10, 1865..

679 950 Mr. Adams informed of the proceedings taken...

6-0 951 Captain Paynter's report of the measures taken by him to ascertain the nationality of the crew

621 953 Mr. Adams's satisfaction at the prompt delivery of the vessel. His disappointment at the treatment of the crew..

9.55 Lord Clarendon's replies to Mr. Adams's representations.

685 957 Departure of the Shenandoab for New York, November 22, 1865.

6-9 962 Mr. Seward's expression of dissatisfaction that the vessel and crew were not proceeded against for piracy


963 Lord Clarendon's reply, justifying the proceedings toward the Shenaudoal. There was no evidence of piracy....

704 978 Mr. Adams's representation, November 20, 1865, forwarding aflidavit

by Temple as to the cruise of the Shenandoah, and employment of British subjects on board her. Assertion that captures were made after receiving news of the termination of the civil war......

091 965




Second edition,




Lord Clarendon's roply. This is the first evidence submitted to Her

Majesty's government as to piracy or breach of the foreign enlistment act. It would not be enough of itself to procure conviction. Inquiries will be made, and prosecutions instituted, if they can be sustained

707 Captain Paynter called upon for a report

708 Inquiries made for evidence to corroborate Temple's statement.

709 Reports from the solicitor to the treasury. Templo found to be unworthy of credit..

710 Report from Captain Paynter, explaining his proceedings. Temple unworthy of belief...

711 Reports from naval officers confirming Captain Paynter's statements. 712 Report from police-officers. Temple has admitted that a considerable part of bis statement was false..

714 The solicitor to the treasury finds that it will be almost impossible to

obtain any evidence against the crew of the Shenandoah 715 (XII] *Lord Clarendon thinks it very desirable that evidence should

be obtained against both officers and men, and as to Temple's character..

716 Further evidence as to untrustworthiness of Temple's statements.. 717 Opinion of the law-officers that, as no evidence can be obtained for a prosecution, the matter may be allowed to drop...

720 Contradiction by the governor of Victoria of Temple's statement as to

the conduct of the authorities at Melbourne toward the officers of the Shenandoah...


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