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February 18, 1862, to November 29, 1864.


Geneva Second edition. edition.

Page. Pagre. First representation by Mr. Adams.....

1 235 Statement of United States consul at Liverpool

1 235 Report from customs. Vessel supposed to be for the Italian government, (see also p. [159] 399)

2 236, 237 Inquiries made of Italian government, who know nothing of her

3 238 Further representation by Mr. Adams


238 Earl Russell's reply..

6 241 Further report from customs. The vessel sailed on the 22d March, in ballast, for Palermo and Jamaica.

7 242 Clearance of the Oreto...

8 243 Registry and declaration of ownership

10,65 245, 299 Shipping-articles ...

161 401 Arrival at Nassau

11 246 Report of Governor Bayley. Seizure of the vessel at Nassau

12 247 Representations by United States consul at Nassau..

.14, 19, 21

249, 253,

255 Opinions of attorney general. ...

.15, 16, 20, 23, 25 250,


254 Directions given by the governor in council

19 254 Reports of Commander McKillop, of Her Majesty's ship Bulldog.. 16, 20 251, 254 Report of commander and officers of Her Majesty's ship Greyhound..22, 23, 26 256, 259 The seizure approved by the home government. Orders should be given to detain the vessel....

29 262 Opinion of the law-officers and correspondence as to sending out a

customs-officer from Liverpool to give evidence at the trial... 30,36 264, 270 Judgment of the vice-admiralty court at Nassau, releasing the vessel, with summary of evidence..

38 272 Report by the attorney general of Nassau, on the proceedings.

52 286 List of witnesses examined

57 291 Copies of the pleadings in the case

60 294 Departure of the vessel for St. John's, New Brunswick, in August, 1-62, and manifest of cargo

57,58 290, 292 Further report from the customs as to the circumstances before the vessel's departure from England

72 306 The Oreto runs into Mobile. Dismissal of the United States officer in charge of the blockade


306 Her escape from Mobile and visit to Nassau as the confederate ship of war Florida, January 26, 1863 .

.57, 59, 72 290,


305 Mr. Seward's complaint that undue partiality was shown her..

75 309 Reply of the governor .

77 311 Statement that her armament was put on board her at Green Cay from the Prince Alfred..

85, 87 319, 321 Her arrival at Barbados, February 24, 1863. Complaint of Admiral Wilkes that undue partiality was shown her .....

91 325 Reply of the governor. Equal facilities were granted to the United States cruiser San Jacinto

94 328 Report of the law-officers. No undue partiality shown..

96 330 Opinion of the law-officers and instructions to governors of the West India colonies as to the restrictions under which Federal and confederate vessels of war are to be allowed to coal ..

100, 102

337 338



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Geneva Second
edition. edition.

Page. Page.
Prize of the Florida drifted on shore at Barbados, June, 1863

104 340 Visit to Pernambuco, May 8, 1863

106 342 Visit to Bermuda, July 16, 1863. Correspondence as to her salute

being returned. Conduct of the governor disapproved 106, 112 342, 349 [iv] Application of her commander for coal from government stores is refused ..

345 Her arrival at Brest, August, 1863. Is received as a ship of war.

113 350 Opinions of the law-officers as to prosecuting seamen of the Florida who have come from Brest to Cardiff.

115 352 Earl Russell's observations on the unfriendly conduct of the Confed

erate States in obtaining vessels for war purposes in England..... 126 364 Report of proceedings of the Florida, at Brest, August 23, 1863, to February 9, 1864.....

126 365 Visit to Martinique, April 26 to May 7, 1864

131 370 Visits to Bermuda, May 12, June 18, 1861. Repairs made and coal taken in.....

133 372 Return to Bermuda, June 28. Application for more coals refused... 133 373 Remonstrances of Mr. Adams as to facilities allowed at Bermuda

134 374 Opinion of the law-officers that the authorities showed the most commendable strictness and diligence in enforcing the regulations.

136 376 Arrival at Bahia, October 4, 1864. ....

136 376 Protest of the United States consul against her reception

146 386 Reply of the president of Bahia. Seizure of the Florida in Bahia by the United States cruiser Wachusett

136, 142 376, 382 Correspondence between the Brazilian government and the United States minister....

137 377 Florida run into and sunk off Fortress Monroe.

145 385 Correspondence between the Governments of the United States and

Brazil. The seizure disavowed. Reparation made by the United
States ..

152 392 Correspondence as to a charge brought by the United States cousul at

Nassau in 1865 against Captain Maffit, for enlisting seamen for the Florida in 1862. No proceedings taken, on account of want of evidence

85, 157 319, 398


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June 23, 1862, to July 30, 1864.

Mr. Adams's first representation.....
Referred to treasury and law-officers
Law-officers' first report....
Report of customs commissioners..
First report of customs solicitor.
Suggestion of Earl Russell that Consul Dudley should furnish evi-

dence, July 4.....
Statement furnished by Consul Dudley, who cannot give the names of

his informants ...
Second report of customs solicitor. Collector Edwards instructed

that there is not sufficient prima facie proof to justify seizure..
First aftidavits furuished to the foreign office through the treasury.
Affidavits of W. Passmore and J. de Costa ....
Of A. S. Clare, H. Wilding, and M. Maguire.
Of Consul Dudley..
Third report of customs solicitor, and report of assistant solicitor.

Evidence insufficient. Instructions to Collector Edwards...
Reference to law-officers. Affidavits also received from Mr. Adams
Further affidavits, with opinion of Mr. Collier, forwarded through

treasury to foreign office.
Mr. Squarey's statement.
Affidavits of E. Roberts and R. J. Taylor
Mr. Collier's opinion...
Fourth report of customs solicitor..
Affidavits of Roberts and Taylor, and opinion of Mr. Collier forwarded

by Mr. Adams....

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[v] "Affidavit of Henry Redden, forwarded through treasury to

foreign ofiice.... Fifth report of customs solicitor, (assistant solicitor.) Adheres to

opinions in former reports.. Departure of the vessel from the Mersey. Law-officers' second report,

advising that she should be seized...
111structions given accordingly, and copy of report sent to the Baha-
Supposition that the vessel had gone to Queenstown. Instructions to

detain ber there and at Nassau..
Vessel said to have been off Point Lynas on the Welsh coast. State-

ment of Consul Dudley as to the Hercules.......
Report of Surveyor Morgan. Telegraphic instructions sent to seize the

vessel at Cork, Beaumaris, Holyhead...
Affidavit of master of Hercules..
Inquiries made at Point Lynas and Amlwch..
Arrival of Bahama at Liverpool from Terceira, September 1, 1862. State-

ment of her master.
Representation of Mr. Adams
Athdavit of Henry Redden as to the vessel's departure and proceedings

oft Terceira..
Answer to Mr. Adams's representation. Explaining steps taken..
Opinion of law-officers that judgment in case of Oreto at Nassau should

not interfere with previous instructions.
Report from customs as to Redden's attidavit and statements as to sup-

plies said to have been furnished by the Babama and another vessel

oti Terceira...
Further representation by Mr. Adains, and affidavit of G. King.
Reply of Earl Russell. Much as the government desire to prevent

such occurrences, they are unable to go beyond the law, municipal

and international..
Rejoinder from Mr. Adams. His representations based upon evidence

which applies directly to infringement of the municipal law itself,
and not to anything beyond it. Intercepted letter from Mr. Mallory,

dated July 12.
Measures taken by United States minister at Lisbon
Mr. Adais informed by Earl Russell that, although the foreign-enlist-

ment act may be evaded by very subtile contrivances, the govern-
ment cannot on that aceouit go beyond the law.
Affidavit of Clarence Young. Statement of the circumstances of the

Vestl's departure from Liverpool; proceedings off the Welsh coast.
Equipment off Terceira, where Captain Semmes reail his commission
and boistell the confederate flag, and the crew signed articles.
Supposed nationality of the crew. Subsequent cruise.
Correction of a statement respecting Mr. Welsman having been on

board during trial trip.....
Lxquiry of Mr. Laird as to Alabama having been fitted out for war at

Mr. Laird's reply. The vessel was not fitted ont as a ship of war, and

left Liverpool unarmeil.
Mr. Adams informed. British government disclaim any respousibility

for the Alabama's proceedings...
Statement that officials at Liverpool were aware of intended seizure

of the vessel before her departure contradicted by customs.commis

Affidavit of John Latham. Equipment at the Azores.
List of crew..
Afidavit of Martha Latham. Wages, notes, paid by Messrs. Klin-

Affidavit of E. Winstanley in support of this.
Inquiry as to men of naval reserve having joined the Alabama. Three

only can be identitied; one already discharged...
Report of registrar-general of seamen
Opinion of law-officers. Nothing in statements received on which
proceedings could be taken, either as to alleged enlistment of men
or furnisbing of supplies. Remarks on the unjustifiable use of the
term, English piratical craft, applied to the Alabama..

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Genera Second edition. edition.

Page. Page. Naval-reserve men identified as baving joined Alabama have all been discharged....

237 485 [vi]

* ANNEX TO PART I. Correspondence laid before Congress, but not communicated at the time to the British

Government. Report of Consul Dudley, that a gum-boat is building for the confederates, May 13. Further report, June 18...

239 486 Dispatch from Mr. Adams to Mr. Seward. Has made representation to

British government, and requested Tuscarora to come to Southampton.

210 437 Particulars of the gun-boat's build. Intention of Mr. Adams to author

ize the Tuscarora to intercept her on the way out, if the evidence shall prove in any way sufficient to justify the step...

241 483 Consul Dudley requested by Mr. Adams to furnish customs collector

with evidence, July 7. Remarks of Consul Dudley as to the difficulty of obtaining it....


490 Captain Butcher's connection with the vessel..

243 491 Dispatch from Mr. Seward. Information supplied him imperfect. Possible issue of letters of marque..

244 493 Tuscarora detained at Southampton for a day or two longer. Her

captain advised to take measures to intercept the gun-boat. Steps taken to obtain evidence..

214, 245 493, 494 Tuscarora still at Southampton, July 25.

216 496 Opinion given by Mr. Collier, July 16..

247 497 Letter from Collector Edwards to Mr. Squarey. United States consul

can act at his own risk, if he should think fit, July 23. Mr. Squarey's interview with Mr. Layard. Departure of the vessel from Liverpool....


498 She had no register or clearance. Rumors as to her intended destina

tion. Telegraphic instructions to captain of Tuscarora, which left Southampton July 29, at 8 p. m. Interview with Earl Russell, August 1. His statement as to delay caused by illness of the Queen's advocate...

219 499 Further rumor as to the movements of the vessel..

230 501 Dispatch from Mr. Adams. Instructions given by him for Tuscarora

to pursue gun-boat. Disappointment at the failure of the Tuscarora to carry them out. She has gone to Dublin, and is intended to return to Gibraltar....

251 502 Shipping note given to the crew, calling her the Enrica..

251 503 Report from Consul Dudley, August 13, of the Bahama having sailed the previous day.

232 504 Further as to the Bahama, August 20

253 505 Dispatch from Mr. Seward, regretting failure of the Tuscarora to intercept the vessel...

253 505


Part II.-RECEPTION OF THE ALABAMA IN BRITISH AND Foreign Ports. Arrival at Saint Pierre, Martinique, November, 1862. The British con

sul remonstrates with the master of the Agrippina, who is supposed to bave brought coal for her. Arrival of the United States cruiser San Jacinto. Measures taken to preserve neutrality. Escape of the Alabania..

257 Visit to Jamaica, January 20, 1863. Captain Semmes is allowed to make necessary repairs and land prisoners...

264 Lord Russell trusts that the Alabama will be warned to depart as soon as the necessary repairs are finished...

268 Departure of the Alabama January 25, as soon as repairs were completed ...

269 Visit to Fernando de Noronha..

272 Complaint of United States minister as to capture of American vessels

in Brazilian waters, and reception of Captain Semmes by the president of Fernando de Noronha...




522 524


Vessel of war

sel of war..


Geneva Second edition. edition,

Page. Page. Reply of Brazilian government. The president of Fernando de Noronha has been dismissed. The president of Pernambuco has ordered the Alabama to depart...

276 529 (VII) *Complaint of the United States minister of reception of the

Alabama and Georgia at Bahia, and the Florida at Pernam. buco, in May, 1863

277,282 530,535 Reply of the Brazilian government. Provincial authorities instructed

to report. Further representation of United States minister. The Castor said to have supplied coals and guns to the Georgia....

283 536 Replies of the Brazilian government justifying their course in recognizing the belligerency of the Confederate States, and receiving their cruisers as vessels of war. Explanations as to the Castor. Fresh instructions to the provincial authorities. The Alabama no longer to be received on account of violation of neutrality in Brazilian waters....

288, 300 542,557 Visit of the Alabama to Saldanha Bay, Cape of Good Hope, July 28, 1863; to Table Bay, August 5..

300 558 Correspondence between the United States consul and the governor..


558 Capture of the Sea Bride, stated by the

consul to be in British waters. 301 559 Protest of the consul against the Tuscaloosa being acknowledged as a

304 562 Report of Admiral Walker. Visits of Alabama, Georgia, and Tuscaloosa, to Simon's Bay...

306 564 Opinion of attorney general at the Cape, that the Tuscaloosa is a ves

310 567 Report from the governor of the colony. Captain Semmes allowed to make repairs. Request for instructions as to disposal of cargoes of

312 569 Evidence that the Sea Bride was captured out of British waters... 311, 316 569, 573 Opinion of the law-officers that the Tuscaloosa should not have been considered a vessel of war...

322 579 Report from Admiral Walker of visit of Tuscaloosa and Sea Bride to Honteges Bay, August 18, 1863...

324 582 Return of Alabama to Simon's Bay, September 16, for coal, provisions, and repairs. Sale of the Sea Bride at Angra Pequena.

325 583 Departure of the Alabama, September 25..

327 585 Mr. Adams's protest against capture of the Sea Bride..

300 542 Lord Russell's reply...

326 584 Instructions to the governor of Cape Colony as to the Sea Bride and Tuscaloosa. The regulations apply to cargoes of prizes as well as to the vessels....

327 585 Reply of the governor defending his conduct...

329 587 Return of the Tuscaloosa to the Cape, December 26, 1863. She is seized by the admiral...

330 588 Protest of Lieutenant Low..

333 591 Answer of the governor..

334 592 Correspondence with the United States consul, who requests that she may remain for the present in possession of the British naval offi

336 594 Departure of confederate officers. Arrangements made for keeping the Tuscaloosa..

339 596 Instructions to the governor to restore the Tuscaloosa to the confederate officer...

342 601 Explanations to the United States Government and governor, of the reasons for so doing. The Alabama and Tuscaloosa had no warning of course intended to be pursued...

342, 343 600, 601 lostructions for the guidance of naval officers in similar instances... 344

602 Explanations given by Lord Lyons to Mr. Seward....


612 Captain Semmes's protest against the seizure of the Tuscaloosa .... 372 630 Claim of United States consul on behalf of owners of the Tuscaloosa, June, 1864..

358 615 He is informed that the Tuscaloosa is to be restored to the confederate officers..

361 619 Instructions that the Tuscaloosa may be restored to Captain Semmes or his agent, but not fitted up at the Cape for war..

363 Tuscaloosa finally delivered to the United States consul, August, 1065.....

303 621



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