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So once every day, till the sixth day had run,
They compassed the city as due as the sun;
So, as Joshua commanded, the trumpets were blown,
To tell that the reign of its glory was gone ;
So the leaguer began-and the ominous din

Shook the heart of the heathen that trembled within.

'Ye warriors of Israel! ye priests of the Lord!
Ye last with the ark, and ye first with the sword!
On this seventh day go ye seven times round
This city of Canaan that cumbers the ground;
And when 'tis accomplished, the trump shall be blown,
The people shall shout, and the walls be o'erthrown.'

Around and around went the ark of the Lord,—
Around and around went the armed with the sword,—
Around and around the wide circle they passed,-
Till the city did reel like a drunkard at last.
And then came the shout, and the trumpets' long sound,
And the high walls of Jericho fell to the ground.

'Now rush to the slaughter-ye Israelites rush!
For the blood of the young and the aged shall gush ;
And the husband and spouse in their dwelling shall fall,
And the sheep in the pen, and the ox at the stall;
And cursed be he, in the name of the Lord,
By whom shall this city at last be restored!'

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The slaughter began and the city was drunk

With the red streams that flowed from the crowds as they


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From the youth that was strong, and the maid that was


And the stricken in years, and the child of a day;
Till the fire of the victors the carnage consumed,
And Jericho lay in her ashes entombed.

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Through sorrow's night and danger's path,
Amid the deepening gloom,

There, when the turmoil is no more,

And all our powers decay,

Our cold remains in solitude

Shall sleep the years away.

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Our labours done, securely laid
In this our last retreat,

Unheeded o'er our silent dust


The storms of life shall beat.

Yet not thus lifeless, thus inane,
The vital spark shall lie,

For o'er life's wreck that spark shall rise
To seek its kindred sky.

These ashes too, this little dust,
Our father's care shall keep,
Till the last angel rise and break
The long and dreary sleep.

Then love's soft dew o'er every eye
Shall shed its mildest rays,
And the long silent dust shall burst
With shouts of endless praise.

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Child, amidst the flowers at play,
While the red light fades away;
Mother, with thine earnest eye,
Ever following silently;
Father, by the breeze of eve,
Called thy harvest work to leave;
Prayere yet the dark hours be,
Lift the heart and bend the knee..

Traveller, in the stranger's land,
Far from thine own household band;
Mourner, haunted by the tone
Of a voice from this world gone ;
Captive, in whose narrow cell
Sunshine hath not leave to dwell;
Sailor, on the darkening sea-
Lift the heart and bend the knee.

Warrior, that from battle won,
Breathest now at set of sun;

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There's a bower of roses by Bendemeer's stream,
And the nightingale sings round it all the day long;
In the time of my childhood 'twas like a sweet dream,
To sit in the roses and hear the bird's song. "I
That bower and its music I never forget, AJE,
But oft, when alone, in the bloom of the
I think is the nightingale singing there yet?
Are the roses still bright by the calm Bendemeer?


No, the roses soon withered that hung o'er the wave,
But some blossoms were gathered, while freshly they shone,
And a dew was distilled from their flowers, that gave
All the fragrance of summer, when summer was gone.

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