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330 n.

Avents, les, de Noël, 66.

Boc, what among the Saxons, 9.

Bock, a northern name for Bacchus, 127
BAAL Hills, 255.

Boggart, its connexion with Bacchus and
Babie Coche, a Christmas character, 116. the stag of Yule, 128
Bacchus, the Sun, his different names, 56. Bokene, see Bock.
Bachelettes, christmas beggars, 123. Bon or rather Bone Fires, their origin in
Bæl fyr, 302,-See Fires of Bel.

the burning of dead bodies, 287, 299
Baka, the name of a sprite, see Bock. Books, dates of printed, 35
Bal Dan, 302 n.

Books, records of titles, 27
Ball play, in churches, 203.

Bootes, see Buddha.
Bannock Brauder, 222,-St. Michæl's Ban- “ Borough of Walton," a treasonable de-
nock, 351.

vice, 359.
Bar Gaist, 277 n.

Borrowing Days, 210, see p. 208
Barley brakes, game of, 268

Botulf, St., mistake of his day, 6 n.
Barnabas, St., his day, 296.

Boxing Day, origin of, 105.
Barnes Bishop, see Boy Bishop.

Boy Bishop, proclamation against, 61,-ce-
Baron, a title given to Saints, and why, remony of, 178

Bragawd and Braggot Sunday, 176
Bartholomew, St., bis day, 338,-patron of Brant Geese, see Bernacles.
Königsee, 346

Bread-ale, 282.
Beards, wagging, epigram on, 159 n. Bremonatacæ or the hill of stone and fre,
Belly Blind, see Blindman's Buff.

a Roman station in Lancashire, 366 n.
Beltane or Beltein, 246, see Hercules, Hir. Brethren, sworn or wed, 266 n.

Brevia Testata, 26
Bernacles, 379

Brice, St., his day, 384
Beuno, St., his coffin, 295

Bridal, 281 n.
Bidden Wedding, 288

Bride Cake, origin of, 154
Bishops, Mock, proclamation against, 61 Bride, St., her day, 153
Black, a sacred colour, see Apis.

Bridewains, 289
Black Sow, 367,—what in Druidical rites, Britannia, Camden's, passage condemned
368,-See Boar, Hog.

in, by the Spanish Index Expurgatorius,
Blackalla, for Blækulla, the resort of
Witches, 207

Bubastis, Diana, 297
Blakehills, Soutra Fells, singular pheno- Buddha, Bula, the sun, 246
menon upon, 310

Bull Baits, patronized by Henry VII, 159
Blase, St., his day, 157.

n. ult., running, 384
Blinde Bok, 126

Bulls, Papal, dates of, 45 n.
Blindman's Buff, game of, its origin, 126 Buns, see Cross.
Boar, sacrificed by the Goths to the sun 93, Burial of Alleleuia, 149

-same as Typhon ib.—its flesh the food “ Burning of the Old Witch," a druidical
of heroes in Valhalla, 94,-head soused, ib. relic, 138
-presents of, among the Romans, ib. n. Bydale, 287
ult.,-ancient hunting of, 96,-Roman re-
cord of a hunt at Stanhope, 97, see Black CABIRI, their festivals in honor of the pla-
Sow, Hog.

nets, 52, 72

82 n.

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Caca Brideoige, see Bride Cake.

Charms, at Advent, 66, against Witch-
Calendar Loaves, 110

craft, 200
Calendi di Maggio, see May Day.

Charta, a term employed by the Saxons, 9
Calenes, les, 110

Charters, earliest English, 10,-explanation
Campus Martii, in Saxon England, 267 of undated, 29,—difference between Nor-
Candlemas, 154

man and Saxon, ibid.,-circumstances to
Canute, his prohibition of Well worship, be noticed in, 38,49,-forged charter to

130,-gift of St. Bartholomew's arm and Liverpool, 39,—date of charter to Chi-
other relics, 298 n,-sworn brother of chester ascertained, 48 n.,-general diplo-
King Edmund, 260 n.

matic rules, 41,-particular rules, 45
Caput Kalendarum Maii, 266

Charwoche, 178
Cara Cognatio, 52

Chercheseed, 110 n., 383
Card playing, allowed at Christmas, to ap- Chichester, see Charters.
prentices, by Henry VIII, 118

Childermas, see Innocents Day
Care Cakes, 110

Child, presented as a New year's gift to
Care Sunday, 177

Henry VII, 133
Carig Croith, the rock of the sun, 306 Chorostasia, a Byzantine May Dance, 230..
Caristia, 52, 166

Chrismatis Denarii,, or Christmas pence,
Carlings, 179

Carnaval or Carnival, 158

Christmas, eve of, 83,-origin of visiting at,
Carns, 252

102,-pies, their mystic form, 94, 102,
Carol, a Christmas character, 116

-boxes, candles, 105,-cakes and loaves,
Carol Ewyn, 83,-Christmas, 82,-on a 107, 110,-wolves, 111
boar's head, 95

Christopher, St., his day, 332
Castor and Pollux, worshipped by the Na- Chroniclers, ancient, their mistakes in dat-
harvali, 73

ing by festivals, 5 n.
Cathedra Sancti Petri, 166

Chronicle, Saxon, confused chronology in
Catherine, St., her day, 62,-patroness of the different MSS. 3

spinsters, and Catherining, ib.,-play of, Chronology, uncertainty of ancient, 7, 8

Church Ale, 282,-holiday, 353
Cats, worship and immolation of, 297 Churches on the sea shore, why often dedi-
Cautio, deed of gift so called, 9

cated to St. Nicholas, 69
Cavendish, Lord Ch. J., his reason, in latin, Church Scot, 110

for writing the rest of his will in french, Churls, king of, probably the origin of Lord
19 n.

of the May, 262
Cave of Trophonius, 174, see Purgatory of Churn Supper, 343
St. Patrick.

Chylde Bysshop, his song and sermon, 81
Cerealia, 226

Chyrographum, a deed of gift so called, 9
Cervisarii, the Domesday, 288

Ciphers, Arabic, introduction of, 43 n.
Chacke Blyndman, game of, 127

Circle, Dance of the, 259
Chalkismos, an ancient game, 126, n. ult. Clement, St., his day, 60
Chare Thursday, see Maundy Thursday Clericus, in charters, the title of the con-
Charistia Virorum, 52, 166

veyancer or notary, 14 n.
Charlemagne, dates of his charters, 46 Clerk Ales, 282

- Cneph, the creator, 249

Cursing enemies, Welsh and Greek custom,
Cnud, king, see Canute.

Coats, blue, worn on St. George's day, 214 Custard Coffin, 103 n.
Cock, belief of its repulsion of evil spirits, Custard-eater, a treasonable device, see

84,-a symbol of the sun, 85,-origin of Walton.
cock fighting, 160

Custom at Mentz, see Valentine.
Cockle, Order of, 356

Cyff, St. Beuno, 295
Coffin pies, see Christmas pies.

Cymbelline Sunday, see Simbellin Sunday.
Coke, Sir E., his attempt to explain undat- Cymmortha, 170

ed charters, 12
Colcannoch, 373

Colin-maillard, 128

Dagon, see Owen, St.
Collop-monday, 158

Dance, astronomical, 259
Commorth, 287

Dances, Country, ib. n.
Computation of dates, Roman manner of, Dancing of the Sun, 291
inverted in the Middle Ages, 35

Dates, remarkable errors in, 5 n., 6 n.,
Conferreatio, 222

in the middle of charters, 28,-redund-
Confrariæ, see Guilds

ant, ib.,-negligent, 34,-diplomatie
Conjurati Fratres, see Guilds

rules, 41-48.
Conversion, St. Paul's, 152

David, St., his day, 168.
Conveyancers, carly, 14 n.

Day, Lady, 206
Conveyances, ancient, without writings, 13 Days, Egyptian, evil or unlucky, 152, 208,
Cwn Annwn, Cwn Wybir, see Hell Hounds

209, 210.
Coronation, sign of the cross, and other Dead and Living Ford, 129
ceremonies in, 192

Deasil or Deis iuil, 255
Corporation of Walton, Mock, a treasona- Death, Druidical god of, 138

ble device of the northern nobility and Denarius S. Petri, 335
gentry, 359

Devu and Dia, Indian incarnations of the
Corpus Christi day, 295
Court French, Sir Thomas More's epigram Dies Ægyptiaci

see Days, Egyptian

Dies Atri
Crispin, St., his day, 361

Dies Dedicationis, 353
Cristes Maundy, see Maundy Thursday Diespiter, derivation of 54 n.
Croix de St. André, not a saltier, 63 Dii Patellarii, 277
Cross, signature of, 20,-error respecting Dinner, time of, Greek, Roman, Saxon,

St. Andrew's, 63-buns marked with, and old English, 86-89
what they denote, 187,-numerous anci- Disasters, Signal, on Lady Day, 207-8.
ent ceremonies, uses, opinions respect. Disguisings, Christmas, 117,-Easter, 205
ing, 188-199,--destruction of, 198,--re- Distaff's Day, 139
jected in signatures, by the Puritans, in Dius and Dies, synonymous, 54 n.

favor of the Phallus, 199,-Fell altar,366 Döckalfar, 200 n.
Cross and Pile, whence the name, 197 Dominica ad carnes levandas, 158
Crow, left-hand, a Roman superstition, Domna, Domnus, Dominus, &c. titles of
257 n. ult.

Saints, 330 n.
Curses in Charters, see Anathema

Dragon, symbolical, 53, 219

sun, 75

on, 19

5 n.

Drinclean, 288

FACE, February, 153
Drudden Ey, see Egg, Druidical

Facts, many false, in real charters, and
Druid, derivation of, 122, n. ult.

true, in forgeries, 40
Druidical Fires, 366,--see Death

Faiolteach, 211
" Drunk as blazes," proverb of, whence de- Fairs, origin of, 355
rived, 157

Fairy Food, 276,-skeletons, 206
Dugdale, sir William, his inaccurate dates, Februata Juno and Maria Purificata, 156,

-Roman honors paid to the former, 162
Dumb cake, 221

Feliciter, a formula in dates, 46
Dunstan, St., his day, 292

Feralia, 376
Duvra, see Hell Hound

Festin du Roi-boit, 136 n.

Festivals, of the ass, 140,--of kings, 135,-
Eadwy, king of the churls, outlawed, 262 of the she-ass, 182
Easter, 201, see Disguisings, Lifting, fc. Festum Stultorum, 213,-Fête des Fous,
Easter pence, 290

78, v. Festivals
Echo, remarkable, in Bavaria, 346 Feux de St. Jean, 302
Edgar, king, his celebrated charter, a for- Fiend's Fell, 366
gery, ll, 27

Fires of Bel, 246, 252, 301, 304.
Edmund, St., his day, 384

of Odin, 317
Edward, Confessor, his charter, 13 Fire Wheels, May Day, 237,-St. John's
Edward IV. his coronation superstitions

Eve, 300
deferred, 120

First Fit or Foot, 98
Egg Saturday, 158

Flight, the night, of Fairies and Witches,
Egg, Symbolical, 248,-Druidical or Ser- 364
pentine, 249

Floralia, 229, 240
Ellen's Well, Lanc., superstitions at, 337 Flower of the Well, 130
English, state of the, under the Normans, Fohi, the sun, 246

17,-French attempt to abolish it, 18, Folcmotes, when held, 266
begins to be common, 19

Fonts, consecration of, 290
Epiphany, 134

Fool Plough, a relic of the Julbok 139
Epochs, Mundane and Christian, uncer- Fools, order of, instituted, 357
tain, 7, 8

Pool's Prose, a festival, 141
Escallop, worn by Pilgrims of St. James, Forgeries, Agatho's Charter, 10,--Edgar's,

11,-by Saxon monks, 16, 40,-a Liver-
Esculapius, a form of the Sun, 75

pool attorney, 39
Esti or Estonians, their funeral race, 285, Fountains, worship of, 130

-supposed by Dr. Ingram to have been Fratres Conjurati, see Guilds.
introduced into Britain, 286 n.

French, statute for pleading in English, 18,
Ethelbert, his charter in 619, 10

-general affectation of, ib.-bad, spoken
Eve of Christmas, see Christmas,-of St. at Court, 19
Paul, 152

Friday, Good, 186,-an evil day, 208
Evil, King's, touching for, 193 n.
Evohe! a cry in mediæval churches, 141, GAD CRACKING, petition against, 182

Garnbol, a Christmas character, 116

Gang Days, 226

Hecate, the moon, 03 n.
Garfreytay, 178

Helen, St. her day, 336,-Well, 337
Geese, Michælmas, 378

Helhest, the horse of Hela, 246
George St. his day, 214,-war cry of, 215, Hell Hounds, 315, 316 n.

-equestrian statues, 216,--legend exa- Hercules, a form of the sun, 55,- Magasu-
mined, ib.

282 n.

tans, 161

nus, 250,-god of the Segontiari, 251
Geri, the wolf of Odin, 114

Herod, murder of his children, 119
Gewrite, an instrument of devotion, 9 Hertha, libation to, 276
Geuma, Greek Dinner, 86

Hickes, Dr. his correction of Ingulphus, 23
Ghier Wolf, v. Were Wolves

-instructions for considering dates, 38
Ghosts, Greek and Roman sacrifices to, Hilaria, 56, 177

166,-food for, ib.Pliny's story, 376 Hipha, a solar emblem, 75
Gloucester, Robert of, his account of the Hirpini, priests of Apotlo, resemblance of
English and French languages, 17

their rights and those of the Beltane, 309
Goddes Day, see Good Friday

Hock Days, 204
Going through the Well, a custom at Aln- Hog, a hieroglyphic of winter, 368,-see
wick, 222

Golden Bough, Virgil's, 125

Hogmaney Trololay, explanation of, 122,
Gole Feast, origin and derivation, 92 n. ult
Goose dancing, 201,-intentos, an absurd in- Hogmyne Night, obnoxious to the Puri-

vention, 348,-tenure, 138
Goule and Vampyre, deduced from ancient Hog's Tide, v. Hock Days
sacrifice of blood to ghosts, 167

Holidays abolished, 103
Gowk's errand, 212

Holy Cross, brethren of, their festival, 277
Grave, fine for murder at open, 323 Holy Innocents, see Innocents
Gregory, ordination of, 347

Holy Oil, in coronations, 194
Grodens Heer, 317 n.

Honey, a symbol of death, 108,-of New
Grottos, symbolical, 171-175

Year's Gifts, 109
Guilds, origin of, 266 n.

Hoodman Blind, 126 n. ult.
Guisards, 123

Horse, a form of Vishnou, 75,-bleeding on
Guising, 126

St. Stephen's day, 118,—why, 119,-of
Gule, derivation of, 92, 282

Hela or Hill, v. Helherst.--Race, 144 n.
Gule of August, 332, 334

Hospitality, Christmas, 91
Gul Reazee, a Persian May Day custom, Hours, Dinner, 86, 89

House Groper, a treasonable device, see
Gut Hyl, a Christmas salutation, 124 n. Walton
Gypsies, cruel laws against, 224 n. Houses, English, state of, temp. Hen. VIII
Gysarts, 125
Gyst Ale, 283

Howard, duke of, his Christmas, 91

Hüdekin, 277 n.
HACKELBERG, knight of, 316

Huli, an Indian festival, 213,
Halloween, 363,-Bleeze, 368,-obnoxious Hunting the Gowk, 212
to the Puritans, 161

Huntsman, Wild, his horse the same as
Harvest Home, 343,—Lord, 344

O‘Donoghue, Odin and Hela, 246, Saxon
Heaving, au Easter custom, 203

legends, 314, 315

340 n.

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