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Come, thou almighty King
Come, thou Fount of ev'ry Blessing h 124
Come let us anew

h 126
Come let us search our Ways and try h 139
Christians, in your sev'ral Stations h 106
Come let us join our Friends above h 198
Christ is a Path, if any be mislea
Cheer up, my Soul, there is
Come, dearest Lord, decend and dwellh 241
Christ from the Dead is rais'd andmade h 241
Creator Spirit, by whole Aid
Captain of my Salvation, hear
Content is better, all the wise

h 287
Come let us arise
Come and let us sweetly join
Clap your Hands, ye People all
Come now, the Saviour cries,

Christ nought doth ask in lieu h 341
Come, Holy Ghost, all-quick’ning Fire h 343
Coine view, mySoul, with sweet Surprizeh 351
Come, thou long expected Jesus
Commit thou all thy Griefs

h 363
Come, ye that love the Lord


Come, ye Sinners, to your Lord
Come on, my Partners in Distress
Children of the heav'nly King
Come, Lord, from above

h 432
DID (veeter Sounds adorn h 181

Dismiss us with thy Bleffing, Lord h 283

h 305
h 308
h 308


h 356

h 385
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h 424


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Difpair is a cowardly Thing
Discreetly faithful to the hallow'd Bonds h 303 .
ERECT your Heads, eternal Gates ? 14
Eternal Source of ev'ry Joy

Eat, drink, in Mem’ry of your Friendh 61
Engrav’d as in eternal Brass
Eternity!thoupleasing, dreadful Thought h 221
Extol not Riches, Sirs, the Toil of Fools h 296
Ere the blue Heav'ns were stretch'd
Ere I sleep for ev'ry Favour

h 416
FORthee, OGod, our constantPraisep

. 39
Fly envious Time

h 80
Father of all! in ev'ry Age

h 89
Father of all above and all below
Frail Sons of Duft
Father of Light and Life

h 182
Father of Earth and Heav'n
Froin all that dwell below the Skies
Frombieav'niseternalSirethe Song beginsh 229
For Forms of Government let Fools h 238
Fountain of Light! from whoin
Firm wasmy Health, my Day was bright h 319
Father of Mercies, in thy Word
Father, low wide thy Glory shines
For me and all Mankind
Faint is my Head and fick my Hearth 393
Far from my Thoughts, vain World, h 315

h 164

h 174

h 194

h 201

h 278

h 360
h 362
h 391


h 83

h 95

GOD'sperfe&Law converts theSoul p 11
God is our Refuge in Distress

P 33
Give Praises unto God the Lord

P 58
God of the Morning, at whose Voice h 18
Great God, this facred Day of thine h 22
Glory to thee, my God, this Night h 25
Great God, I own thy Sentence just h 70
God of my Life, thro’ all its Days
Great God of Wonders ! all thyWays h 93
Grace! 'tis a charming Sound
Give to our God immortal Praise h 164
Great God, the Heav'n's well order'd h 187
Grace rules below, and fits enthron'd h 205
God of all Worlds! Source and Supreme h 214
Great Source o Good! Creation's Godh 217
God is gone up on high

h 218
Give to the Lord, ye Sons of Fame h 246
Glory be to God our King
Give Ear, ye Countries from a far
God of my Life, thy constant Care
Grateful Note and Numbers bring h 264
God moves in a mysterious Way
God hath now fent his living Oracle h 295
Give Glory to Jesus our Head
Guide me,' o thou great Jehovah
Great God, whose universal Sway
How bleft is he who ne'er

consents ?
Howlong wilt thouforget me, Lord p 5
He's blest whoseşins havePardon gain'dp 20
Happy the Man, whose tender Care P 30

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h 419

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Have Mercy, Lord, on me

P 36
Have Mercy on us, Lord,

P 43
How pleasant is thy Dwelling-Place p 46
How good and pleafant must it be P 47
How bleft are they who always keep P 64
Hark! in the Wilderness a Cry h
Hosannah, with a cheerful Sound
Hark, thegladSound! theSaviourcomes h

Hail Progeny divine
High let us (well our tuneful Notes
Hark! the Herald Angels fing
Hark! Hark! whatNewsthe Angelsbringh 35
He dies! the heav'nly Lover dies
Hosannah to the Prince of Light h

48 Hail, holy, holy, holy Lord h 53 Hail, hail, reviv'd reviving Spring h

Happy the Heart where Graces reign h ior
Had we the Tongues of Greeks and Jewsh 103
How happy is the Pilgrim's Lut
Head of the Church triumphant
He comes ! he comes! the Judge severe h 121
How can we adore
House of our God, with cheerful
Hark, ye Mortals, hear the Trumpet h 150
Hail, thou happy Morn, so glorious

h 161
How are thy servants bleft, O Lord h 172
He, who with strong Faith
Hope humbly Man
Hail, sacred Light
How hapless is th' applauded Virgin's h 286

h 1062

h 117

h 125 h 134

h. 177 h 232 h 275


h 366 h 368

h 374

Hosannah to King David's Son h 288
He'sgothalf WaythathashisWorkbegun h 301
How shall the Young secure theirHearts h 304
Hail, Source of Being! universal Soul h 311
Hail, Jesus hail, our great High-Priest h 314
How thall I then attempt to sing of himh 314
Hail, glorious Angels, Heirs of Light h 356
How lappy, gracious Lord, are we
Happy Soul ! thy Days are ended
How happy are they

h 347
Happy the House, likeAbr’ham's, blesth 350
Happy the Souls to Jesus join'd h 370
Hail! holy Faith, whose Hand benign h 374
Hail ! fairest Daughter of the Sky
Hail, Father, whofe creating Call
Happy the Man who finds the Grace, h 385
How vain are all Things here below

Strive each Action to approve P 7

Judge me, ОLord; for) the Paths p 16 I'll celebrate thy Praises, Lord p 19 I waited meekly for the Lord

P 30 I waited long and fought the Lord p 30 In God, ye People, always trust p 38 I will regard and think upon

P 44 Jehovah reigns, let therefore all

P 51 inftruet me in thy Statutes, Lord, p 64 I'll praise thec from whofe Hands Icamep 71 I'll praise my Maker with my Breath h indulgent Sov'reign of the Skies h 6 Jehovsli reigns, his Throne is high h, 78

h 382

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