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TO our
Oour great God, be all the Honour giv'n

That grateful Hearts can fend from
Earth to Heav'n.


O lovely Peace, with Plenty crown'd,

Come spread thy Blessings all around; Let fleecy Flocks the Hills adorn,

And Vallies smile with wavy Corn; Let the shrill Trumpet ceafe, nor other Sound But Nature's Songsters, wake thecheerful Morn.

Rejoice, O Sion! and in Songs divine, With Cherubim, and Seraphim, harmonious Hailelujah, &c.

(joine XXV. O

All ye Works of the Lord, bless ye the Lord; praise him and magnify him for ever, O ye Angels of the Lord, &c.

ye Sun and Moon, &c.
ye Stars of Heaven, &c.
ye Winter and Summer, &c.
ye Nights and Days, &c.
ye Light and Darkness, &c.

ye Lightning and Clouds, &c.
0 ye Mountains and Hills, &c.

ye Seas and Floods, &c.
O all ye Fowls of the air, &c.
O all ye Beasts and Cattle, &c.

O ye Children of Men, &c.
Oye Priests of the Lord, &c.
Oye Servants of the Lord, &c.
Glory be to the Father, &c.


Beheld! and lo! a great Multitude which no

Man could number, of all Nations, and Kindreds, and People, and Tongues, stood before the Throne, and before the Lamb, clothed in white Robes, and Palms were in their Hands. And they cry'd with a loud Voice, saying, Salvation unto God, which fitteth on the Throne and unto the Lamb. And they cry'd with a loud Voice, saying, Blessing, Hallelujah, and Glory, and Wisdom, and Thanksgiving, and Honour and Power, and Might be unto the Lord God, for ever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah.


EHOLD, the Lord is my Salvation; in

him will I trust; for the Lord is my Strength and my Song, and he is become my Salvation. Cry aloud, and fing untu the Lord; for great is the Holy-One of Israel. Hallelujah.

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Note, P frands for Pfalm, H for Hymn, and

the Number for the Page where the

Ffalm, or Hymn, is to be found. ARISE, O Lord, defeat their Plots' p 8

All Laud and Praise with Heart p 10 Approach, ye piously dispoted


22 As pants the Hart for cooling Streams p 31 Awake, arise ; let seeming Sleep P 32 All People, that on Earth do dwell

P 53 Awake, cur Souls, away our Fears h 16 Awake, my Soul, and with the Sun h 17 Awake, our drowsy Souls

h 20 Arife betimes and praise the Lord Arofe I soon to praise the Lord Arise and hail the happy Day And now, my Soul, another Year Alass! and did my Saviour bleed Angels, roll the Rock away And will thy Table, Lord, be spreadlh 62,At thy Command, our deareft Lord, h 64. All Praise to the Lord

h 66 Awake, my Soul, stretch ev'ry Nerve h 105 All ye that pass by, Awake and fing the Song All seeing God! 'tis thine to know Absurd and vain Attempt! to bind All Nature lives by Toil

h 180 All Glory and Praise All who faithful Servants are


h : 23 h 24 h 34 h 37 h 40 h 47

h 113 h 119 h 142 h 143

h 190 h 195


h 230

h 284 h 287

h 322

Awake, my Soul, awake mine Eyes h 208
And is he remov'd
AllarebutPartsof one stupendousWhole h 233
All Nature is but Art, unknown to thee h 235
And are we now brought near to God h 249
All-glorious God, what Hymns of Praise h 251
Attend, my soul! the early Birds inspire h 262
All Souls that are, were forfeit once
Ay, but to die, and go
Away with our Sorrow and Fear
Affliction is the wholesomeSoil of Virtue h 324
Andis it in the Flight of threescore Years h 337
And can I in Soriow lic down

h 346 And let this feeble Body fail Awake, my Soul, nor slumb'ring lieh

357 And is the lovely Shadow filed Ah! where am I now Altho' the Figtree blossoin not h 371 All hail, the true Elijah Away, my unbelieving Fear Arife, my tend'rest Thoughts, arise h 413 A Charge to keep I have Ah ! lovely Appearance of Death h 417 Away with all our Trouble,

h 354

h 364 1 367

h 398

h 402

h 414

h 431

Bethou, o God, exalted high P 37

BlefsGod, mySoul;thou, Lord, alonep 55 Bless God, ye Servants that attend

68 Before Jehovah's awful Throne h 6 Blow ye the Trumpet, blow

h Benign Creator, bountcous Lord

h 58



h 104

h 137

h 153

h 196

Bleft is the Man who fears the Lord h 98
Blest are the humble Souls that fee
Behold the Sons, the Heirs of God h 108
BleftPairofSirens, Pledges of Heav'n's Joyh 123
Begin, my Soul, th' exalted Lay
Behold, where, breathing Love divine h 151
Behold a Wretch in Woe
Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise h 186
Biest are the Souls that hear and know h 186
Beware of luft, it doth pollute and foul h 189
Bleft be the Day that I began
Blest be the Lord who comes to Men h 202
By Meditation and by Pray'r

h 206
BaseMan, forgetful of his Maker'sGrace h 247
Begin from first, where Christ

h 257
Broad is the Road that leads to Death h 287
But that I am forbid
Begin the high celestial Strain h 339
Bury'd in Shadows of the Night
Being of Beings, God of Love
Be prelent at our Table, Lord
CONTINUE, Lord to hear myVoicep 16

Come, Holy Ghoft, eternal God p 76
Come, Holy Spirit, God of Might

p 78
Come let us join our cheerful Songs h

Come, ye Sinners, poor and wretched h

Christ the Lord is ris'n to day.
Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly Dove
Come now, dear Lord, thyself reveal h 52
Come, Holy Ghost, our Souls inspire h 52


h 301

h 370
h 381

h 430

h 47
h 50

Yyy 3

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