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So As may with Sweetness, through mine Ear,

Diffolve me into Extasies, 5. And bring all Heav'n before mine Eyes.”

Milton, “ Music religious Heats inspires; " It wakes the Soul, and lifts it high, 66 And wings it with sublime Desires, " And fits it to bespeak the Deity; “ Th’ Almighty listens to a tụneful Tongue, “Andseemswell-pleas’dand courtedwithaSong. “ Soft moving Sounds and heav'nly Airs “Give force to ev'ry Word, and recommend

[our Pray’rs. 66. When Time itself shall be no more, “And all Things in Confusion hurl'd, " Music shall then exert its Pow'r, " And Sound survive the Ruins of the World: " Then Saints and Angels shall agree “ In one eternal Jubilee: “ All Heavonshallechowith theirHymnsdivine, " And God himself with Pleasure fee 66 The whole Creation in a Chorus join."


All there pleasing Testimonies in Favour of divine Harmony are exceedingly strong. If they will not remove the Scruples of serious, and candid, and well-meaning Christi


ans, of every Denomination, No. thing that I can farther urge will be attended with that happy Effect.

These, it will be said, are small Matters. I grant it. If therefore we cannot agree in them, let us at least agree to disagree; and let us allow every one the Liberty of judging and acting, as he finds most for his own Edification; and let us love and do good one to another notwithstanding. For now we see through a Glass darkly ; but by and by Face to Face; now we know in Part; but e're long we all know even as also we are known. Then shall all our little filly Differences be adjusted, and we shall agree to love one another with

pure Hearts fervently, and to sing the Praises of God and the Lamb together, with united and harmoniqus Voices, to all Eternity.



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