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Corrupt and lewd their Practice grows,

no Breait is warm'd with holy Flame. 2 The Lord look'd down from Heav'n's high

and all the Sons of Mendid view, (Tow'r, To see if any own'd his Pow'r,

if any Truth or Justice knew. 3 But all, he law, were gone aside,

all were degen’rate grown and base; None took Religion for their Guide,

not one of all the sinful Race. 4 How will they tremble then for Fear,

when his juft Wrath shall them o'ertake! For, to the Righteous, God is near,

and never will their Cause forsake. 5 Ill Men in vain with Scorn expose

those Methods which the Good pursue; Since God a Refuge is for those,

whom his just Eyes with Favour view." 6 Would he his saving Pow'r employ,

to break his People's servile Band ! Then Shouts of universal Joy Thould loudly echo thro' the Land.

PSA L M XV. I LORD, who's the happy Man that may

to thy blest Courts repair ? Not, Stranger-like, to visit them,

but to inhabit there? 2 'Tis he whose ev'ry Thought and Deed

by Rules of Virtue moves; Whofe gen'rous Tongue disdains to speak

the Thing his Heart disproves.

3. Who never did a Slander forge,

his Neighbour's Fame to wound; Or hearken to a false Report,

by Malice wisper'd round. 4 Who Vice, in all its Pomp and Pow'r,

can treat with just Negle&t; And Piety, tho'cloth’d in Rags,

religiously respect.
5 Who to his plighted Vows and Trust

has ever firinly stood;
And tho' he proinise to his Loss,

he makes his Promife good.
6 The Man, who by this steady Course
has Happiness insur'd,

(stand, When Earth's Foundation shakes, shall

by Providence fecur'd.

Strive each Action to approve

to God's all-feeing Eye;
No Danger shall my Hopes remove,

because he still is nigh. 2 Therefore my Heart all Grief defies,

my Glory does rejoice; My Flesh shall rest in Hope to rise,

wak'd by his pow'rful Voice. 3 Thou, Lord, when I resign my Breath,

my Soul from Hell shalt free; Nor let thy Holy-One in Death

The least Corruption see. 4 Thou shalt the Paths of Life display, which to thy Presence lead;


Where Pleasures dwell without Allay,

and Joys that never fade.


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ARISE, O Lord, defeat their Plots,

their swelling Rage controul; From wicked Men, who are thy Sword,

deliver thou my Soul. 2 From worldly Men, thy sharpest Scourge,

whole Portion's here below; Who, fill'd with earı hly Stores, aspire

no oiher Bliss to know.
3 Their Race is num'rous, that partake

their Subitance while they live:
Their Heirs survive, to whom they may

the vaut Remainder give.
4 But i, in Uprightness, thy Face

shall view without Controul : And, waking, fhail its Image find

reflected in my Soul,

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I NO Change of Times shall ever shock

my firm Affection, Lord, to thee; For thou hast always been a Rock,

a Fortress and Defence to me. 2 Thou my Deliy'rer art, my God;

my Trust is in thy mighty Pow'r: Thou art my Shield from Foes abroad, At Home my Safe-guard and my Tow'r.


WHEN God arose to take my Part,

the conscious Earth did quake for Fear; From their firm Posts the Hills did start,

nor could his dreadful Fury bear. 2 Thick Clouds of Smoke dispers'd abroad,

Ensigns of Wrath before him came;
Devouring Fire around him glow'd,

that Coals were kindled at its Flame. 3 He left the beauteous Realms of Light,

whilft Heav'n bow'd down its awful Head; Beneath his Feet substantial Night,

was, like a fable Carpet, spread. 4 The Chariot of the King of Kings,

which active Troops of Angels drew, On a strong Tempest's rapid Wings,

with most amazing Swiftness few. 5 Black wat’ry Mifts and Clouds conspir'd

with thickest Shades his Face to veil; But at his Brightness foon retir'd,

and fell in Show'rs of Fire and Hail. 6 Thro' Heav'n's wide Archathund'ring Peal,

God's angry Voice did loudly roar: While Earth's fad Face, with Heaps of Hail,

and Flakes of Fire, was cover'd o'er. 7 His sharpen’d Arrows round he threw,

which made his scatter'd Foes retreat; Like Darts his nimble Light’ning flew,

and quickly finish'd their Defeat. 8 The Deep its secret Stores disclos'd; the World's Foundations naked lay,




By his avenging Wrath expos’d,
which tiercely rag'd that dreadful Day.

HE Lord d scended from above,

and bow'd the Heav'ns high:
And underneath his Feet he cast

the Darknels of the Sky.
2 On Cherubs and on Cherubims

full royally tie rode:
And on the Wings of mighty Winds
came flying and abroad.

THE Heav’ns declare thy Glory, Lord,
The Firmament and Stars express

their great Creator's Skill.
2 The Dawn of each returning Day

freih Beams of Knowledge brings: From darkeit Night's successive Rounds

divine instruction springs. 3 Their pow'rful Language to no Realm

or Region is contin’d: 'Tis Nature's Voice, and understood

alike by all Mankind. 4 Their Doctrine does its sacred Sense

Thro’Earth’s Extent display; Whofe bright Contents the circling Sun does round the World convey.

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