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My public Haunts and private Ways;
Thou know'st what 'tis my Lips would vent,

My yet unutter'd Word's Intent. 3 Surrounded by thy Pow'r I stand,

On ev'ry Side I find thy Hand :
O Skill, for human Reach too high!

Too dazzling bright for mortal Eye! 4 O could I lo perfidious .be,

To think of once deserting thee!
Where, Lord, could I thy Influence fhun?

Or whither from thy Presence run? 5 If up to Heav'n I take my Flight,

'Tis there thou dwell'ft enthron’d in Light: Or dive to Hell's infernal Plains,

'Tis there almighty Vengeance reigns. 6 If I the Morning's Wings could gain,

And fly beyond the western Main,
Thy swifter Hand would first arrive,
And there arrest thy Fugitive.

1 'LL praise thee from whose Hands I came,

A Work of such a curious Frame:
The Wonders thou in me haft shown,

My Soul with grateful Joy must own.
2 Thine Eyes my Substance did Survey,

While yet a lifeless Mass it lay;
In Secret how exactly wrought,
E'er from its dark Inclofure

3 Thou didst the shapeless Embryo see,
It's Parts were register'd by thee;


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Thóu faw'st the daily Growth they took;
Form'd by the Model of thy Book.
Let me acknowledge too, O God,
That since this Maze of Life I trod,
Thy Thoughts of Love to me surmount

The Pow'r of Numbers to recount.
5 Far sooner could I reckon o'er

The Sands upon the Ocean's Shore;
Each Morn, revising what I've done,

I find th' Account but new begun.
6 Search, try, O God, my Thoughts and Heart,

If Mischief lurks in any Part;
Correct me where I go astray,
And guide me in thy perfect Way.

THEE I'll extol, my God and King,

thy endless Praise proclaim :
This Tribute daily I will bring,

and ever bless thy Name.
2 Thou, Lord,' beyond Compare art great,

and highly to be prais'd;
Thy Majesty, with boundless Height,

above our Knowledge rais'd.
3 Renown'd for mighty Aets, thy Fame

to future Times extends;
From Age to Age thy glorious Name

successively descends.
4. Whilft I thy Glory and Renown,

and wond'rous Works express; The World with me thy Might shall own,

and thy great Pow'r confess.

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5 The Praise that to thy Love belongs,

they shall with Joy proclaim;
Thy Truth of all their grateful Songs
shall be the constant Theme.

Praise the Lord, and thou, my Soul,

for ever bless his Name;
His wond'rous Love, while Life shall laft,

my conftant Praise shall claim.
2 On Kings, the greatest Sons of Men,

let none for Aid rely;
They cannot fave in dang'rous Times,

nor timely Help apply.
3 Depriv'd of Breath, to Dust they turn,

and there neglected lie;
And all their Thoughts and vain Designs

together with them die.
4 Then happy he, who Jacob's God

for his Protector takes;
Who still, with well-plac'd Hope, the Lord

his constant Refuge makes.
s The God that does in Sion dwell,

is our eternal King:
From Age to Age his Reign endures,
let all his Praises fing.

iO Praise the Lord with Hymns of Joy,

and celebrate his Fame !
For pleasant, good, and comely 'tis
to praise his holy Name.

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2 He kindly heals

the broken Hearts, and all their Wounds doth close; He tells the Number of the Stars,

their sev'ral Names he knows. 3 Great is the Lord, and great his Pow'r,

his Wisdom has no Bound: The Meek he raises, and throws down

the Wicked to the Ground. 4 To God, the Lord, a Hymn of Praise

with grateful Voices fing: To Songs of Triumph tune the Harp, and strike each warbling String.


E boundless Realms of Joy,

Exalt your Maker's Fame;
His Praise your Song employ
Above the starry Frame;

Your Voices raise,
Ye Cherubim
And Seraphim,

To sing his Praise.
2 Thou Moon, that rul'st the Night,

And Sun that guid'at the Day;
Ye glittring Stars of Light,
To him your Homage pay:

His Praise declare,
Ye Heav'ns above,
And Clouds that move

In liquid Air,
3 Let them adore the Lord,

And praise his holy Name,

By whose almighty Word
They all from Nothing came:

And all shall last
From Changes free;
His firm Decree

Stands ever faft.
4 United Zeal be shown,

His wond'rous Fame to raise,
Whose glorious Name alone
Deserves our endless Praise.

Earth's utmost Ends
His Pow'r obey :
His glorious Sway

The Sky transcends.
5 His chosen Saints to grace,
He sets them up on high,
And favours Iir'el's Race,
Who still to him are nigh.

O therefore raise
Your grateful Voice,
And still rejoice
The Lord to praise.

'O Praise the Lord in that blest Place,

from whence his Goodness largely flows: Praise him in Heav'n, where he his Face

unveil'd in perfect Glory shows. 2 Praise him for all the mighty Acts,

which he in our Behalf hath done; His Kindness this Return exacts, with which our Praise should equal run.

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