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JUDGE me, O Lord, for I the Paths

I cannot fail, who all my Trust

repose on thee, my God. 2 Search, prove my Heari, whose Innocence

will shine the more 'tis try'd; For I have kept thy Grace in view and made thy Truih my

Guide. 3 I never for Companions took

The idle or Profane;
No Hyprocite, with all his Arts,

coulde er my Frandthip gain. 4. I'll wash my Hands in Innocence,

and bring a Heart fo pure; That when thy Aitar I approach,

my Welcome shall secure.
5 My Thanks I'll publish there, and tell

how thy Renown excels;
That Seat affords me moft Delight,

in which thy Honour dwells.


I CONTINUE, Lord, to hear my Voices

Whene'er to thee I cry; In Mercy all my Pray’rs receive,

nor my Request deny. 2 When us to seek thy glorious Face

thou kindly doft advise ;

« Thy

“ Thy glorious Face I'll always seek,

my grateful Heart replies.
3 Then bide not thou thy Face, O Lord,

nor me in Wrath reject;
My God and Saviour, leave not him

thou didit so oft protect.
4 Tho' all my Friends and nearest Kin

their helpless Charge forsake;
Yet thou whole Love excels them all,

wilt Care and Pity take.
5 God's Time with patient Faith expect,

and he'll inspire thy Breast With inward Strength; do thou thy Part, and leave to him the rest.

PSA L M XXVIII. O Lord, my Rock, to thee I cry,

in Sighs consume my Breath; O! answer, or I shall become

like those that seep in Death. 2 Regard my Supplication, Lord,

the Cries that I repeat, With weeping Eyes, and lifted Hands,

before thy Mercy-Seat. 3 Let me escape the Sinner's Doom,

who make a Trade of Ill; And ever speak the Person fair,

whose Blood they mean to spill. 4 But I, with due Acknowledgement,

his Praises will resound, From whom the Cries of my Distress a gracious Answer found, с


5 As he hath made my Joys complete,

'tis just that I should raise The cheerful Tribute of my Thanks,

and thus resound his Praise.


1 YE Princes, that in Might excel,

your grateful Sacrifice prepare ; God's glorious Actions loudly tell,

his wond'rous Pow'r to all declare. 2 To his great Name: fresh Altars raise;

devoutly due Respect afford; Him in his holy Temple praise,

where he's with folemn State ador'd. 3 'Tis he that with amazing Noise,

the wat'ry Clouds in funder breaks The Ocean trembles at his Voice,

when he from Heav'n in Thunder speaks. How full of Pow'r his voice appears

with what majettic Terror crown'd! Which from the Roots tall Cedars tears,

and strews heir scatter'd Branches round. 5 They, and the Hiils on which they grow,

are sometimes hurry'd far away; And leap like Hinds that bounding go,

or Unicorns in youthful Play. 6 God rules the angry Floods un high;

his boundless Sway shall never cease; His People he'll with Strength supply,

and bless his own with constant Peace.


· I'LL celebrate thy Praises, Lord,

who didst thy Pow'r e: ploy
To raise my drooping Head, and check

my Foes insulring Joy.
2 In my Diftress I cry'd to thee,

who kindly did'It relieve,
And from the Graves expecting Jaws,

my hopeless Life retrieve.
3 Thus to his Courts, ye Saints of his,

with Songs of Praise repair ; With me comm-morate his Truth,

and providential Care.
4 His Wiath has but a Moment’s Reign;

• his Favour no Decay;
Your Night of Grief is recompenc'd

with Joy's retursing Day.
5 But ] in prosp'rous Days presum'd;

no sudden Change I fear'd, Whiift in


Sunshine of Success no low'ring Cloud appear'd. 6 But soon I found thy Favour, Lord,

my Empire's only Trust;
For when thou hidd'f thy Face, I saw
my Honour laid in Duft.

LL Laud and Praise with Heartand Voice,

O Lord, I give to thee;
who didft not make my Foes rejoice,
but hast exalted me.


2 O Lord, my God, to thee I cry'd

in ali my Pain and Griet:
Thou gav'it an Ear and did'It provide

to ease me with Reliet. 3 Thou,Lord, halt brought my Soul from Hell,

and thou the same didit save
From them that in the Pit do dwell,

and keep'st me from the Grave.
4 Sing praise,ye Saints, that prove and see

the Goodness of the Lord : In Honour of his Majesty rejoice with one Accord.


E's blest whofe Sins have Pardon gain'd,

no more in Judgment to appear; Whofe Guilt Remiffion has obtain'd,

and whose Repentance is fincere, 2 While I conceal'a the fretting Sore,

my Bones consum'd without Relief: All Day did I with Anguilh roar,

but no Complaints afswag'd my Grief, . 3 Heavy on me thy Hand remain'd,

by Day and Night alike distress’d; Till quite of vital Moisture drain'd,

like Land with Summer's Droughtopprest. 4 No sooner I my Wound disclos'd,

the Guilt that tortur'd me within, But thy Forgiveness interpos'd,

and Mercy's healing Balm pour'd in. 5 True Penitents fhall thus fucceed, who seek thee whilst thou may'st be found ;


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