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“Gottheit Christi, Die Einsetzung des Life in City, Problem of Religious: Swift,

heiligen Abendmahls als Beweis für 405.
die" (For. Out.), 982.

Life, The Devotional: Allen, 681.
Growth of Americanism through the Lite, The Spiritual” (Arena), 965.
Centuries: McLennan, 549.

Lincoln and Temperance (Arena), 132.

Literary Study, An Unappreciated Bene-
Haack, Ernst (For. Out.), 981.

fit of (Arena), 470.
Haeckel's Latest Blunder (For. Out.), Literature for China, Christian (Arena),

Hammell : Xenophanes, 609.

Loofs, Friedrich (For. Out.), 648.
Harman on Higher Criticism (Notes and Love and the Brownings: Mudge, 694.
Dis.), 113.

Luccock: Is the Sermon on the Mount
Haupt, Erich (For. Out.), 486.

Evangelical ? 108.
Hayley: Richard Bentley, 381.

Lucian, The Peregrinus of, etc.: Taylor,
Headland: Review of the Situation in

China, 888.
“ Hébreux, Le Sacerdoce Lévitique dans Mains : Reviews and Views of the Meth-

la loi et dans l'histoire des” (For. odist Book Concern, 34.
Out.), 148.

Mallock, W. H., A Philosophical Romance
Hebrew Scriptures, Tribute to (Notes and (Notes and Dis.), 954.
Dis.), 786.

Martineau, Words from (Notes and Dis.),
Higher Criticism, The (Notes and Dis.), 947.

Mathematics, Burying (Notes and Dis.),
Hillman: Theosophy as a Philosophy, 461.

McCabe: Tapping on the Wheels, 50.
Hunt, Albert Sanford, D.D.: Welch, 177. McGiffert's Apostolic Age, etc.: Terry,
Hunt: The Poetry of John Keats, 432.

Hymnal, A New (Arena), 296.

McLennan : Growth of Americanism

through the centuries, 549.
Idealistic Theism (Arena), 798.

Men, The Bible for Young (Notes and
Immortality in the Old Testament: Dis.), 282.
Stuart, 21.

“Menschensohn im Buche Daniel, Reich
Immortality, Science and : Bennett, 763. Gottes und” (For. Out.), 149.
India, Christian Unity in Notes and Methodism, The Pharisee in (Arena), 293.
Dis.), 113.

Methodism, The Sadducee in (Arena), 473.
India, The Gauranga Reformers of (Miss. Methodist City Missions in England
Rev.), 644.

(Notes and Dis.), 945.
India, Twelve years of Missionary Epis- Methodist Leaven in Germany (For.
copacy in (Miss. Rev.), 483.

Out.), 822.
Influence of Great Books, Formative Methodist Review Made Required Read-
(Notes and Dis.), 284.

ing (Notes and Dis.), 614.
Inscription, A Recently Discovered Methodists, Browning on (Notes and
Monumental (For. Out.), 652.

Dis.), 461.
" Israel, Die Entstehung des Volkes Minister and Fiction-Reading, The: Gil-
(For. Out.), 649.

bert, 715.
Italy. Progress of Protestantism in (For. Ministers in the General Conference
Out.), 160.

(Itin. Club), 308.

Ministry, Examination of Candidates for
“Jesu, Die Gleichnisreden" (For. Out.), (Itin. Club), 476.

Ministry for 1900, A Working (Itin. Club),
Jesus, German Doctrine of Resurrection 307.
of For. Out.), 821.

Ministry of Art, The: Dorchester, 879.
Jesus, Where Did the Wise Men Find ? Mission Work, Misrepresentations of
(Arena,) 800.

(Miss. Rev.), 980.
Job, Literary Study of Book of: Smyser, Missionary Committee, TheGeneral(Miss.

Rev.), 144.
“Johannes, Der Prolog des heiligen," Missionary Conference, The Ecumenical
etc. (For. Out.), 819.

(Miss. Rev.), 318.
*Judenthuns, Serubbabel, Ein Beitrag Missionary Enterprise, Value of (Notes

zur Geschichte der messianischen Er- and Dís.), 281.
wartung,” etc. (For. Out.), 650. Missionary Episcopacy in India, Twelve

Years of (Miss. Rev.), 483.
Kaufman: Sidney Lanier, Poet Laureate Missionary Problems, New (Miss. Rev.),
of the South, 94.

Keats, The Poetry of John: Hunt, 432. Missionary Statesmanship (Miss. Rev.),
Kenyon: Letters of Robert Louis Steven- 484.
son, 533.

Missions, An Unexpected Side-light on,
Kipling, The Religion of: Ward, 262.

(Notes and Dis.), 116.
Kirchennot in Berlin, Layman's View of, Missions, Eminent Lay Testimony to
(For. Out.), 985.

(Miss. Rev.), 316.
Kuyper on Bible as Book of God (Notes Missions, Growth of, during the Century
and Dis.), 281.

(Miss. Rev.), 977.

Missions, Methodist City, in England
Lanier, Sidney, Poet Laureate of the (Notes and Dis.), 945.
South: Kaufman, 94.

Missions, Rome and Protestant: Star.
Lay Testimony to Missions, Eminent bruck, 771.
(Miss. Rev.), 316.

Missions, The Ecumenical Conference on
Lazarus, M. (For. Out.), 319.

Foreign (Miss. Rev.), 813.
Leaven in Germany, Methodist (For. Monumental Inscription, A Recently
Out.', 822.

Discovered (For. Out.), 652.

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Morale chrétienne, La (For. Out.), 488. Problems, Church Purified by Facing
Moralizers, Aberrant : Bowne, 247.

(Notes and Dis.), 615.
Mudge: Love and the Brownings, 694. Problems, New Missionary (Miss. Rev.),
Müller's Advice to the Brahmo-Somajes, 643.
Max (Miss. Rev., 143.

Prolegomena of Criticism, The-II: Sher-
Müller, Johannes (For. Qut.), 146.

man, 361.
Muses in Second-hand Sermon Shop, "Prolog des heiligen Johannes," etc.
Three (Arena), 299.

(For. Out.), 819.
Music, Decline in Church (Arena), 474. Prologues of St. Paul, The, etc. (Itin.

Club), 633, 807, 968.
Nash on Destructive Biblical Criticism Protestant Missions, Rome and: Star-
(Notes and Dis.), 281.

bruck, 771.
Nash, Professor H. S., on Church's Duty Protestantism in France in 1899 (For.
(Notes and Dis.), 615.

Out.), 821.
Natural, First, That which is : Chaffee, Protestantism in Italy, Progress of (For.

Out.), 150.
Neale, John Mason, Saint and Psalmist : Psychology of the Dreyfus Affaire, The:
Stuart, 740.

Armstrong, 86.
Neely: The Order of Public Worship, 72. Public Worship, The Order of: Neely,
"Nescience of God" (Arena), 631.
"Neuen Testament, Das Recht im ” (For. Pulpit Power, Is there a Decline in?
Out.), 983.

(Itin. Club,) 804.
New Criticism, The (Arch. and Bib. Res.), Putting off the Armor (Itin. Club), 133.

Newman, Bishop (Notes and Dis.), 616.

Race Evolution, Christianity and: Willey,
Nineteenth Century, At the Close of (Miss.

Rev.), 142.

Raymond: Christian Ethics, 513.
Nosgen, C. F. (For. Out.), 146.

“Recht im Neuen Testament, Das" (For.

Out.), 983.
Oberammergau, European Christian Sen-

Reform, Reformers' Obstacles to (Arena),

timent Relative to (For. Out.), 984.

Reich Gottes und Menschensohn in
Ohio Wesleyan Students, President

Buche Daniel” (For. Out.), 149.
Thomson to (Notes and Dis.), 945.
Old Catholicism in

Reinke, J. (For. Out.), 982.
German Austria, Religion, Beecher's Conception of (Notes
Growth of (For. Out.), 822.

and Dis.), 461.
Old Testament, Immortality in the : Religion of Childhood, The: Story,
Stuart, 21.

Order of Public Worship, The : Neely, Religion of Gilder's Poetry, The (Notes
Order of Worship, and Apostolic Bene- Religion of Kipling, The: Ward, 262.

and Dis.), 791.
diction (Arena), 962.

Religious Conditions Changing in Ger-

many (For. Out.), 323.
Palestine, American School of Research Religious Life in City, Problem of: Swift,
in (Arch. and Bib. Res.), 812.

Palestine, Latest Explorations in (Arch. “Religious Unrest, The Significance of
and Bib. Res.), 973.

Current" (Arena), 802.
Papyri, More (Arch. and Bib. Res.), 809. “Religious Unrest, The Significance of"
Passion Play, European Christian Senti- -A Rejoinder (Arena), 127.

ment Relative to (For. Out.), 984. Republics, Is Democracy a Failure in
Paul, The Conversion of: Eliott, 345.

Spanish-American? Spangler, 929.
Paul, The Prologues of, etc. (Itin. Club), Required Reading, Methodist Review
633, 807, 968.

Made (Notes and Dis.), 614.
Pauline Data, Some : Young, 232.

Research in Palestine, American School
Peregrinus of Lucian, The, etc.: Taylor, of (Arch, and Bib. Res.), 812.

Resurrection of Jesus, German Doctrine
Pessimism, Zangwill on (Notes and Dis.), of (For. Out.), 821.

Review, Methodist, Made Required Read-
Pharisee in Methodism, The (Arena), 293. ing (Notes and Dis.), 614.
Philosophical Romance, A (Notes and Reviews and Magazines:
Dis.), 954,

Bibliotheca Sacra, 325, 824; Christian
Photograph, Platonic Idea Elucidated by Student, 826, 988; Critical Review,
the Composite : Cooper, 560.

823; Edinburgh Review, 152, 654;

Platonic Idea Elucidated by the Compos- per's Magazine, 493; Indian Evad-
ite Photograph: Cooper, 560.

gelical Review, 154; International
Poetry of John Keats, The: Hunt, 432. Monthly, 656, 986; Journal of Theo-
Poetry, Religion of Gilder's (Notes and logical Studies, 153; London Quar-
Dís.), 791.

terly, 324, 653, 387; Lutheran Quar-
Poets, The Death Song of the: Ayres, 781. terly, 988; Methodist Review of
Potter and the Clay, The, etc. (Itin. Church South, 326, 493, 825; Mission-
Club,) 136.

ary Review of the World, 326, 656;
Power, Is there a Decline in Pulpit ? New World, 154, 492; North Ameri-
(Itin. Club,) 804.

can, 491; Review of Reviews, 320.
Preaching Both Sides of the Gospel Roman Catholicism: McCabe, 50.
(Arena), 295.

Roman Catholicism, Internal Troubles
"Primitive and Childish Notion, A" of French (For. Out.), 151.
(Notes and Dis.), 787.

Rom. ix, 21-23, etc. (Itin. Club), 136.
Prince of Diplomats, The: Burt, 57. Romans, Prologue to (Itin. Club), 633.
Problem of Religious Life in the City: Rome and Protestant Missions: Star-
Swift, 405.

buck, 771.



Ruskin, John: Winchester, 210.

Study, The New Course of (Itin. Club),
Ruskin Mosaic, A: Telford, 601.

Russia, The Drink Question in: Crowell, Swift: Problem of Religious Life in City,


Synagogues of the Dispersion, etc., The i
"Sacerdoce Lévitique dans la loi et dans Tippy, 446.

l'histoire des Hébreux, Le" (For.
Out.), 148.

Tapping on the Wheels : McCabe, 50.
Sadducee in Methodism, The (Arena), Taylor : The Peregrinus of Lucian, etc.,

Sayce, Objection to Some Biblical Criti- Telford: A Ruskin Mosaic, 601.
cism (Notes and Dis.), 113.

Temperance in Russia : Crowell, 754.
School of Research in Palestine, Ameri- Temperance, Lincoln and (Arena), 132.
can (Arch. and Bib. Res.), 812.

Tennyson, The Faith of : Barnes, 582.
Schools, Reasons for German Methodist: Terry: McGiffert's Apostolic Age, etc.,
Wilker, 426.

Science and Immortality: Bennett, 763. Testimony, to Missions, Eminent Lay
Scriptures, Tribute to Hebrew Notes (Miss. Rev.), 316.
and Dis.), 786.

Theism, Idealistic (Arena), 798.
Sermon on the Mount, Is [it] Evangeli- | Theosophy as a Philosophy : Hillman,
cal? Luccock, 108.

Sermon Shop, Three Muses in a Second- Thomson, Edward, to Young Men (Notes
hand (Arena), 299.

and Dis.), 945.
“Serubbabel," etc. (For. Out.), 650.

Three Muses in Second-hand Sermon
Sheard: An Up-to-Date Constitution for Shop (Arena), 299.
Our Church, 418.

Tippy: The Synagogues of the Disper-
Sherman: The Prolegomena of Criticism sion, etc., 446.
-II, 361.

Tribute to Hebrew Scriptures from Un-
Shinto Religion, The (Miss. Rev.), 979. likely Source (Notes and Dis.), 786.
"Significance of Current Religious Un- True, c. K., to Wesleyan University Stu-
rest, The" (Arena), 802.

dents (Notes and Dis.), 945.
“Significance of Current Religious Un-

rest, The”-A Rejoinder (Arena), Ultramontane Theological Faculty for

Strasburg, Proposed (For. Out.), 490.
"Skizzen und Vorarbeiten" (For. Out.), Undiminished Christ, The (Notes and

Dis.), 463.
Smith, Goldwin, on Christ and the Gos- Unitarians, Bushnell on “Unstandard-
pels (Notes and Dis.), 945.

liness" of (Notes and Dis.), 461.
Smith, Sydney, on Methodist (Notes and Unity in India, Christian (Notes and Dis.),
Dis.), 461.

Smyser: Literary Study of Book of Job, “Unrest, The Significance of Current Re-

ligious” (Arena), 802.
Some Pauline Data: Young, 232.

“Unrest, The Significance of Current Re-
Southern Asia, Adequate Episcopal Su- ligious"-A Rejoinder (Arena), 127.
pervision in (Arena), 303.

Upton, Professor C. B., on Christ (Notes
“Sozialistische Irrlehren von der Ent- and Dis.), 945.

stehung des Christenthumes," etc.
(For. Out.), 489.

Volkes Israel, Die Entstehung des” (For.
Spangler: Is Democracy a Failure in Out.), 649.

Spanish-American Republics ? 929. “Vorarbeiten, Skizzen und" (For. Out.),
Spanish-American Republics, Is Democ- 147.

racy a Failure in ? Spangler, 929.
'Spiritual Life, The" (Arena), 965. Walker, Theodore (For. Out.), 817.
St. Paul, The Conversion of: Elliott, 345. Ward: The Religion of Kipling, 262.
Starbuck: Rome and Protestant Mis- Webb: A Study of Eminent Divines,
sions, 771.

Statesmanship, Missionary (Miss. Rev.), Welch: Albert Sanford Hunt, D.D., 177.

Wesleyan University Students, C. K.
Stave, Erik (For. Out.), 487.

True to (Notes and Dis.), 945.
Steinmann, T. (For. Out.),


Wesley's Work Revived in England, John
Stevenson, Letters of Robert Louis: (Arena), 628.

Wheels, Tapping on the: McCabe, 50.
Storrs, Dr. R. S., Resignation as Pastor Wildebaer, G. (For. Out.). 818.
(Itin. Club), 133.

Wilker Reasons for German Methodist
Storrs, Lessons from the Life of Dr. R. Schools, 426.
S. (Itin. Club), 636.

Willey: Christianity and Race Evolution,
Story: The Religion of Childhood, 524.

Strasburg, Proposed Ultramontane The-Winchester · John Ruskin, 210.

ological Faculty for (For. Out.), 490. Wise Men, Where Did (they] Find Jesus!
Stuart. Immortality in the Old Testa- (Arena,) 800.
ment, 21.

Workers, The Call for (For. Out.), 651.
Stuart: John Mason Neale, Saint and Working Ministry for 1900, A (Itin. Club),
Psalmist, 740.

Students, C. K. True to (Notes and Dis.), Worship, Order of, and Benediction

(Arena), 962.
Students, Edward Thomson to (Notes and Worship, The Order of Public: Neely, 72.

Dis.), 945.
Study, An Unappreciated Benefit of Lit- | Xenophanes : Hammell, 609.

erary (Arena), 470.
Study of Eminent Divines, A : Webb, 915. ) Young. Some Pauline Data, 232.

Young Clergyman, Advice to (Notes and Christian Ethics: Davidson, 328.
Dis.), 786.

Christian Faith, The Foundations of the:
Young Men, The Bible for (Notes and Rishell, 327.
Dis.), 282.

Christianity, The Fundamental Ideas of:

Caird, 498.
Zangwill on Pessimism (Notes and Dis.), Christology of Jesus, The: Stalker, 330.

Christus Victor: Dodge, 660.

Chronicles, The Books of, etc.: Barnes,


Church, History of the Christian: Hurst,
Ackerman: Love Illumined, 832.

Adventures of Three Boys, Winter, etc.: Civil War Days, Men and Things I Saw
Young, 173.

in: Rusling, 342.
African Question, Both Sides of South, Coe: Life Indeed, 159.

Coe: The Spiritual Life, 989.
Alexander: The Son of Man, etc., 660. Conception of Immortality, Tbe: Royce,
Allen: The Reign of Law, 1005.

America, The Conquest of Arid: Smythe, Connor : Black Rock, A Tale of the Sel-

kirks, 994.
Americans, Historic: Brooks, 174.

Connor: The Sky Pilot, A Tale of the
Ancient Empires, Quaint Corners of: Foothills, 994.
Shoemaker, 171.

Conquest of Arid America, The: Smythe,
Arid America, The Conquest of: Smythe,


Contemporaries: Higginson, 169.
Ars Recte Vivendi: Curtis, 176.

Corners of Ancient Empires, Quaint:
Art of Optimism, The: Hyde, 1001.

Shoemaker, 171.
Authors, Notes for the Guidance of: Cranmer and the Reformation in Eng-
Booth, 1015.

land: Innes, 677.

Critical and Historical Essays: Ma-
Bailey: The Amateur Practical Garden caulay, 1013.
Book, 512.

Cuba, The New-Born: Matthews, 176.
Baird: Theodore Beza, 509.

Cuba, To-morrow in: Pepper, 176.
Baldwin: Foreign Missions of the Prot- Curtis : Ars Recte Vivendi, 176.

estant Churches, 678.
Barnes: The Books of Chronicles, etc., | Davidson: Christian Ethics, 328.

Day, The Light of: Burroughs, 664.
Barnes : The People's Bible Encyclope- Death of Christ, The Singular: Burrell,
dia, 996.

Bennett : The Four Gospels from a Law- Dinwiddie: Puerto Rico, 176.
yer's Standpoint, 155.

Dodd : Miracles, etc., 830.
Beza, Theodore: Baird, 509.

Dodge: Christus Victor, 680.
Bible Encyclopedia, The People's: Doherty, etc. : Illustrative Notes, 175,
Barnes, 996.

Bingham: Life of the Seventh Earl of
Shaftesbury, 342.

Earn a Living, How Women May: Can-
Black Rock, A Tale of the Selkirks: Con- dee, 1004.
nor, 994.

Education of Man, God's: Hyde, 165.
Boer, Briton and, 176.

Elvira Hopkins of Tompkins' Corners:
Booth: Notes for the Guidance of Au- Chandler, 512.
thors, 1015.

Emerson, Letters of, to a Friend: Norton,
Boys, Winter Adventures of Three, etc.: 162.
Young, 173.

Empires, Quaint Corners of Ancient:
Briton and Boer, 176.

Shoemaker, 171.
Brooks : Historic Americans, 174.

Encyclopedia, The People's Bible:
Bronté: Jane Eyre, 164.

Barnes, 996.
Browning, Letters of Robert and Eliza- England, Cranmer and the Reformation
beth Barrett, 336.

in: Innes, 677.
Bruce: The Moral Order of the World, Essays, Critical and Historical: Macari-

lay, 1013.
Burrell: The Singular Death of Christ, Ethics, Christian: Davidson, 328.

Burroughs: The Light of Day, 664. Faith, The Foundations of the Christian:
Bushnell, Horace, etc.: Munger, 338.

Rishell, 327.

Feel Garnered Sheaves, etc., 679.
Calvinism: Kuyper, 174.

Fiske: A Century of Science, etc., 332.
Candee : How Women May Earn a Liv- Flowers of Thought: Tibbits, 176.
ing, 1004.

Foreign Missions of the Protestant
Caird: The Fundamental Ideas of Chris- Churches: Baldwin, 678.
tianity, 498.

Foundations of the Christian Faith, The:
Carroll : Report on the Island of Porto Rishel, 327.
Rico, 511.

Fundamental Ideas of Christianity, The:
Century of Science, A, etc.: Fiske, 332. Caird, 498.
Chandier: Elvira Hopkins of Tompkins'
Corners, 512.

Garden Book, The Amateur Practical:
Christ Came Again: Urmy, 496.

Bailey, 512.
Christ, Message of, to Manhood, 331. Garnered Sheaves, etc.: Fee, 679.
Christ, The Singular Death of: Burrell, General Conference of 1792, Journal of:

Neely, 343.
Christian Church, History of the; Hurst, Glanvill, Joseph, etc.: Greenslet, 841.

God's Education of Man: Hyde, 165.


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zey, 494.

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Gospel for a World of Sin: Van Dyke, Men and Things I Saw in Civil War

Days: Rusling, 342.
Gospels, The Four, from a Lawyer's Merriman: Religio Pictoris, 160.
Standpoint: Bennett, 155.

Message of Christ to Maubood, 331.
Greenslet : Joseph Glanvill, etc., 841. Methodism, The Junior History of:

Koons, 848.
Harrington: The Problem of Human Meyer: The Prophet of Hope, etc., 848.
Suffering, 1014.

Millet : Expedition to the Philippines, 176.
Higginson: Contemporaries, 169. Ministry, Personal Religious Life' in :
Higher Criticism of the New Testament, Huntington, 827.
The History of: Nash, 992.

Miracles, etc.: Dodd, 830.
History of the Christian Church: Hurst, Missions of the Protestant Churches,

Foreign: Baldwin, 678.
History of the Higher Criticism of the Moody, Life of Dwight L.: Moody, 845.

New Testament, The: Nash, 992. Moral Order of the World, The: Bruce,
Historic Americans: Brooks, 174.
Hocking: The Culture of Manhood, 835. Munger: Horace Bushnell, etc., 338.
Howe: Reminiscences, 1819-1899, 340. Muzzey: The Rise of the New Testa-
Human Suffering, The Problem of: Har- ment, 494.

rington, 1014.
Huntington: Personal Religious Life in Nash: The History of the Higher Crit-
The Ministry, 827.

icism of the New Testament, 992.
Hurlbut, etc.: Illustrative Notes, 176. Neely, etc. : Illustrative Notes, 1016.
Hurst: History of the Christian Church, Neely : Journal of General Conference of

1792, 343,
Hyde: God's Education of Man. 165. New Testament, The History of the
Hyde: The Art of Optimism, 1001.

Higher Criticism of: Nash, 992.

New Testament, The Rise of the: Muz-
Ideas of Christianity, The Fundamental:
Caird, 498.

New Testament Times in Palestine, His-
Illustrative Notes: Hurlbut and Doherty, tory of, etc.: Matthews, 172.

Nicaragua Canal, The: Simmons, 508.
Illustrative Notes: Neely and Doherty, Norton: Letters of Emerson to a Friend,

Individuality, etc.: Sooy, 344.

Notes for the Guidance of Authors:
Innes : Cranmer and the Reformation in Booth, 1015.
England, 677.

Notes, Illustrative: Hurlbut and Doherty,
Immortality, The Conception of: Royce, 175.

Notes, Illustrative: Neely and Doherty,

Jane Eyre: Bronté, 164.
Jesus, The Christology of: Stalker, 330. Optimism, The Art of: Hyde, 1001.
Journal of General Conference of 1792: Order of the World, The Moral: Bruce,
Neoly, 343.

Junior History of Methodism, The:
Koons, 848.

Palestine, History of New Testament

Times in, etc.: Matthews, 172.
Kropotkin: Memoirs of a Revolutionist, Pepper: To-morrow in Cuba, 176.


The Proverbs, etc., 680.
Kuyper: Calvinism, 174.

Personal Religious Life in the Ministry:

Huntington, 827.
Lanier, Letters of Sidney, 600.

Philippines, Expedition to the: Mullet,
Law, The Reign of: Allen, 1005.

Lawyer's Standpoint, The Four Gospels Pictoris, Religio: Merriman, 160.
from a: Bennett, 155.

Porto Rico, Report on the Island of: Car-
Le Feuvre: Roses, 512.

rol, 511.
Letters of Emerson to a Friend: Norton, Presidents and How We Make Them,

Our: McClure, 838.
Life Indeed: Coe, 159.

Principles of Literary Criticism, Some:
Life, The Spiritual: Coe, 989.

Winchester, 998.
Light of Day, The: Burroughs, 664. Problem of Human Suffering, The: Har-
Literary Criticism, Some Principles of: rington, 1014.
Winchester, 998.

Prophet of Hope, Zechariah: Meyer, 848.
Living, How Women May Earn a: Can- Protestant Churches, Foreign Missions
dee, 1004.

of: Balduin, 678.
Lodge: The War with Spain, 176.

Proverbs, The, etc.: Perowne, 680.
Love Illumined: Ackerman, 832.

Psychology of Religion, The: Starbuck,
Macaulay: Essays, 1013.

Puerto Rico: Dinwiddie, 176.
Man, God's Education of: Hyde, 165.
Manhood, Message of Christ to, 331. Quaint Corners of Ancient Empires:
Manhood, The Culture of: Hocking, 835. Shoemaker, 171.
Mattheus: History of New Testament
Times in Palestine, etc., 172.

Recollections: West, 1011.
Matthews: The New-Born Cuba, 176. Reign of Law, The: Allen, 1005.
McCarthy: Reminiscences, 672.

Religio Pictoris: Merriman, 160.
McClure: Our Presidents and How We Religion, The Psychology of: Starbuck,

Make Them, 838.
Memoirs of a Revolutionist: Kropotkin, Religious Life in Ministry, Personal:

Huntington, 827.

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