Routledge Handbook of Diplomacy and Statecraft

B.J.C. McKercher
Routledge, 2012 M03 12 - 524 páginas

Despite post-Cold War arguments about their demise, ‘Great Powers’ not only continue to thrive, with lesser Powers they form the basis of the constellation of global politics. This topical new Handbook illustrates how and why the new international order has evolved – and is still evolving – since the end of the Cold War, through the application of diplomacy and statecraft.

Including cutting edge contributions from over 40 scholars, the handbook is structured around seven sections:

  • Context of Diplomacy
  • Great Powers
  • Middle Powers
  • Developing Powers
  • International Organisations and Military Alliances
  • International Economy
  • Issues of Conflict and Co-operation

Through analysis of a wide range of case studies, the Handbook assesses the diplomacy and statecraft of individual powers, offering insights into how they function, their individual perception of national interests and the roles they play in modern statecraft. The contributors also seek to evaluate the organizations and contemporary issues that continue to influence the shaping of the new international order.

A comprehensive survey of diplomacy across the world, this work will be essential reading for scholars and professionals alike.


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List of illustrations
the international order and the new century
a new appraisal
Christer Jönsson
the contemporary worlds indispensable nation?
The foreign policy of Great Britain
Russian foreign policy in the twentyfirst
Great Power rising
The Great Powers and the United Nations
the case
reflections on the rise
collective diplomacy of the global South
the power
ALBA Latin American integration and
The G8 and the move to a globalised international economy

exercising power and influence across the ages
German foreign policy mirrored in the achievements and shortcomings
Japans diplomacy and culture
making room at the main table
Indian statecraft struggles to come to terms with Indias rise
a middle Power in a Great Power
Cuban revolutionary diplomacy 19592009
a model for Latin American diplomacy and statecraft
the foreign policy of a putative African Power
the enigma of bamboo diplomacy
political legitimacy
the European Union in the emerging
International arms control
contemporary civilmilitary relations and the use
strategic and military balance of power
The balance of power in South Asia
the foreign policy of a rogue state
nongovernmental organisations
overcoming the limits of a concept
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B.J.C. McKercher is Professor of International History and past Chair of War Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. An expert on interwar international relations, his work centres on Britain as the only global Great Power. Since 2007, he has been editor of Diplomacy & Statecraft.

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