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Shillings first coined in England, were disposed of at

Wholesale. Gardening introduced into England, furnished work

A Lazy Boy. The Camera Obscura was invented, and used to reflect a figure of

Light on a Wall. The Gun-locks invented at Nuremburg, were used in

firing a gun, after the gunner had finished Loading. Chocolate introduced into England from Mexico, is used in cases of

Illness. The Turkies introduced into England from America, did not have

Talons. Stops and pauses in Literature were used, to divide the sentences and

Lines. The City streets were first lighted in Europe, making the city as light as

Sol at Noon. Roses first planted in England, are now

Well Known Soap first made at London and Bristol, is used in washing articles of

Woolen Wear. The Spinning Wheel was invented at Brunswick, before the invention of

Looms. The true theory of the Solar System was discovered by Copernicus,

A Holy Man Hemp and flax were first raised in England, and woven in

A Loom at Home. Padlocks were invented at Nuremburg, to lock build. ings, and protect them from

Stealers. Pins first used in England, were made of

A Steel Wire at Home. Needles first made in England, were a sort of

Tailor's Awl. The Silver mines of Potosi were discovered by an Indian, who found

A Dollar in a Hill Bullets of iron, and steel balls, are about as hard as

Steel Walls. ages to the

to be very

The Sextant invented by Tycho Brahe, is used in voy

Scilly Isles. Knitting Stockings invented in Spain, furnishes em. ployment for

An Iale Lass. Grape-vines planted in England, enabled the cultivator to

Sell Oil and Wine. Sealing-wax was first made, and used to

Seal a Eulogy. Glass bottles and window glass, were first made in

England, the bottles looking like A Hollow Log. Tobacco when first introduced into Europe, was thought

Luscious. The Astronomical Observatory first built in Europe, looked like

A Tall Shed. The Newspapers first published in Europe at Venice, were read by

A Legion The Knives first made in England, were sharp enough to

Slash a Ham. The Coaches first made in England, looked like

A Tall Chair. Lotteries first drawn in England, commenced a busi

ness that is about as reputable as to Steal a Sheep. Fans, muffs and false hair, were brought to England,

that ladies might dress in the Style of a Queen The Post-office first established in England, was a depository for many

A Love-toy. New Style was created by Gregory XIII., who set for

ward the days in that year to the number of Eleven. The Diamond mines of Golconda, are more valuable than mines of

Silver. Potatoes were introduced into England and Ireland, and planted near

A Leafy Hedge. Bombs and Mortars, and Fire-ships, are used in battle where they take the

Life of a Foe The Newspaper first published in England, was not printed on

A Leaf of Ivy. up in the

The Mail was first carried in England, in stagecoaches,

Daily for Heavy Pay The Telescope invented by Porta and Jansen, shows the orbit of each planet to be

An Ellipse. Jupiter's satellites were discovered by Jansen, who

found that the orbit of each one was An Ellipse. Tea first introduced into Europe from China, was brought in

A Tea-Chest. The Theatre first established in England by Shakspeare, brought him

A Huge Sum. Asparagus first introduced into England from Italy, was served up on the

Dishes of a Few Table forks introduced into England from Italy, were seen with the

Dishes of a Few Mulberry trees first planted in England, were set out in rows, like

Hedges of Bay. The Thermometer invented by Sanctorius, is often hung

Shade of a House, Galileo constructed his first Telescope, to make obser. vations during nights and

Showy Days. The Theory of the Rainbow was first explained, as the refraction of light, or

A Shadow by Day Logarithms were invented by Napier,

A Sage Author. The Circulation of the blood was disc. by Harvey, who

could see it as plain as he could see A Hedge-top. The Microscope invented by Jansen, enabled the inven

tor to see millions of animalculæ in A Wash-tub. Bricks first made of any required size, were used to lay the walls of

A Channel Printing in colors is an elegant style of printing, provided the colors do not

Change. When Shoe-buckles were first used, they were not used to fasten on the

Shoe of a Mouse, Wine from Grapes was first made in England, by crushing the grapes in

A Huge Mill The Micrometer indented in England, enabled the in.

ventor to see small things like sand on the Sea-Shores. The Sugar-cane first cultivated in the West Indies,

made a field look like A Hedge of Reed. Coffee first brought to England, was prepared in

A Dish on the Hearth, The Barometer invented by Torricelli, often foretells the weather like

A Charm. Air-guns, since their intention, have not been used in shooting

A Hot Charge. Engraving in Mezzotint was invented by Prince Eugene,

' who could have engraved the figure of A Giraffe. Pendulum clocks were invented, and wound up


A Huge Rope. The Bread first made with yeast by the English, was

better for a hungry man, than to Eat Shells. The Speaking trumpet invented by Kircher, enabled a

man to talk as loud as the roar of A Huge Lion. Air-pumps invented by Othon Guerrick, are often sold by

A Jeweller. Breeches introduced into England, are worn when the weather is

Chilly and Airy. Saturn's ring discovered by Huygens, makes the planet look like

A Jewel in a Hoop. The Steam Engine invented by the Marquis of Worcester, could have propelled

A Shallop. The Literary Periodicals first published in Europe, were praised by good

Judges. When the Fire Engine was invented, it was called

A Huge Gem. Chain-shot were invented by Admiral De Witt,

A Dutch Judge. Electricity discovered by Othon Guerrick, will give a person

A Huge Shock The Differential and Integral Calculus was invented, by Newton,

A Sage Chap. Bayonets made at Bayonne, are more fatal weapons than

Jokes. When the Orrery was invented, it was sometimes kept in

A Show-case. Calico printing was first practiced in England, and the calico used to line

A Stage-coach. The Ruins of Palmyra were first discovered in the deserts of Syria, looking like

A Huge Cave. The Diving-bell was invented, to enable divers to

Dash through Foam. When the Telegraph was first invented, it could carry news through

A Hedge or a Fog. The Bank first established in England, had money enough to fill

A Huge Bureau. Rice was introduced into the United States, and cultivated with

A Ditch Plough. Frogs introduced into Ireland by the Fellows of Trinity College, were put in

A Ditch by a Bush Phosphorus is a discovery that makes as brilliant a

light, as the fire-works made by A Shop-boy. Auction sales established in England, were subject to

Taxes. The Threshing machine was invented, and subject to

Taxes. Cotton raised in the United States, is a word that sounds like

Cousin. The Newspaper first published in the United States, at

Boston, made every Yankee a good Guesser. Wafers first made at Nuremburg, are used to fasten letters, like

A Thick Seal. The Post-office first established in the United States, made people

Good and Wise. The Copy-right of books was first secured to authors, who wrote books for

An Academy Aurora Borealis : the first discovery of on record,

looked like a sort of Sky White-wash.

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