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The Late French Revolution, sent many to their last

Heavy Homes. Lander discovered the source of the Niger, when he and

his companions went to their Safe Homes. Since the Liverpool and Manchester railway was opened,

the engines have drawn many a Heavy Mass. Poland was subdued by Russia, the Russians crushing them down by war and

Famine. The Reform bill was passed by the British Parliament,

after it had cost them considerable Heavy Money. Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, after refusing several other

Offers. Canton was taken by the English, by

Force. Napoleon's remains were brought from St. Helena to

Paris, an event that was much celebrated in Verse. China was opened to British intercourse, to prevent being

Overrun. O'Connell and others were imprisoned for conspiracy in

Ireland, and it must have made them Very Weary. The Jews were banished from Russia to Siberia by the

Emp. Nicholas, who made every Jew A Wayfarer. War commenced between France and Algiers, and the Algerines fought them

Fairly. In the War in India, the British gave the Sikhs

Fiery Hail. During the Famine in Ireland and Scotland, the poor people were worn down with

Heavy Work Louis Philippe was dethroned, the New Republic proving

A Fiery Foe




American Chronology.

1. The American continent discovered by the Northmen, A. D. 1001 America discovered by Christopher Columbus, Oct. 11th. 1492 St. Lawrence River discovered by the French,

1508 Florida discovered by Ponce de Leon,

1512 Pacific Ocean discovered by Balboa,

1513 Peru discovered by Perez de la Rua, Spaniard,

1515 Mexico conquered by the Spaniards, under Cortez, 1521 Peru conquered by the Spaniards, under Pizarro,

1532 Lima in Peru founded by Pizarro,

1534 Amazon River discovered by Francisco Oreleana, Span.,

1541 Mississippi River discovered by Hernando de Soto, Span., 1541 Silver mines of Potosi first discovered, by an Indian, 1545 Brazil settled by the Portuguese,

1549 Florida first settled by the Spaniards, at St. Augustine, 1565 Printing introduced into Mexico,

1569 Jamestown in Virginia settled: the first permanent English settlement in the United States,

1607 Canada first settled by the French,

1608 Hudson's River and Bay discovered by Hendrick Hudson, 1610 Pocahontas, an Indian Princess, married Rolfe, Eng., 1612 New York city founded by the Dutch,

1614 Tobacco first cultivated in the U. States, in Virginia, 1616 Plymouth settled : the first settlement in New England, 1620 Slaves first brought to the United States, by the Dutch, 1620 Boston settled by a colony under Blackstone,

1630 Harvard University (first college in the U. S.) founded, 1638 Printing press first established in the U. S. at Cambridge, 1639 Sugar-cane first cultivated in the West Indies,

1641 New England colonies formed a confederation,

1643 New York surrendered by the Dutch to the English, 1664 King Philip's war commenced,

1675 Rebellion in Virginia, headed by Nathaniel Bacon, 1676 Philadelphia founded by William Penn,

1682 Mississippi River first navigated by La Salle,

1683 Massachusetts deprived of her charter by Sir E. Andross, 1684 Charter of Connecticut hid in an oak tree at Hartford, 1687 Schenectady destroyed by the French and Indians, 1690 Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies united,


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American Chronology.

2. Witchcraft superstition prevailed in New England, A. D. 1692 Yale college founded at New Haven,

1693 Rice introduced into the United States,

1695 Louisiana settled by the French at Iberville,

1699 Cotton first cultivated in the U. States, in S. Carolina, 1702 Newspaper first published in the U. States : the Boston News-Letter,

1704 Indians invade New England, and destroy Haverhill, 1708 Post Office first established in the U. S., at New York, 1710 New Orleans founded, by the French,

1717 Potatoes first cultivated in the United States,

1719 Tea first used in the United States,

1720 Baltimore founded,

1729 Diamond mines of Brazil discovered,

1730 Freemasons first established a Lodge in America, at Boston, 1733 Quadrant invented by Thomas Godfrey, Am.,

1740 Lima destroyed by an earthquake,

1746 Indigo first raised in the United States, in Carolina, 1747 Identity of Lightning and Electricity discovered by Franklin, Am.,

1752 Bible first printed in America,

1752 French war declared by Great Britain—lasted nine years, 1754 Braddock's Expedition and defeat near fort Du Quesne, 1755 Massacre of American wounded and prisoners, at fort William Henry, by the French and Indians,

1757 Quebec, Niagara, Ticonderoga and Crown Point taken by the British,

1759 Canada ceded to Great Britain by France,

1763 Philadelphia Med. School (first in the U. S.) founded, 1764 Stamp Act passed by the British Parliament,

1765 Colonial Congress first met at New York,

1765 Duties first imposed by Great Britain, on tea, paper, and glass, sent to the colonies,

1767 Lightning rods invented by Franklin, Am.,

1770 Boston Massacre,

March 5th. 1770 Tea destroyed at Boston,

Dec. 18th. 1773 Continental Congress first met, at Philadelphia,

1774 Revolutionary war commenced with Great Britain, 1775

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American Chronology.

3. Ticonderoga taken by Col. Ethan Allen, .

A. D. 1775 Paper currency first established in the United States, 1775 Boston evacuated by the British troops,

March 17th. 1776 New York city taken by the British troops,

1776 Declaration of Independence of the United States, July 4th. 1776 Miss Jane M'Crea murdered by the Indians,

1777 Confederation formed by the Thirteen States,

1777 Washington retires with his army, to winter quarters at Valley Forge,

1777 Cherry Valley attacked by the Indians,

1778 Wyoming pillaged by the Tories and Indians,

1778 Treaty of Alliance with France,

1778 Arnold's treason, and death of Andre,

1779 Stony Point stormed and taken by Gen. Wayne,

1779 Savannah captured by the British,

1779 Charleston captured by the British,

1780 Siege of Savannah by the Americans, and death of Count Pulaski,

1780 Americans under Gen. Gates defeated at Camden, S. C.: Baron de Kalb killed,

Aug. 16th. 1780 British and Tories defeated by the Americans, at Ninety-six,

1780 Massacre of 300 American prisoners, at Waxbaw, by Col. Tarleton,

1780 British army under Lord Cornwallis, captured by Gen. Washington, at Yorktown,

Oct. 19th. 1781 Bank of N. America (first bank in the U. S.) instituted, 1781 Insurrection in Peru, by Tupac Amaru, descendant of the last Inca,

1781 War-ship first built in the U. S., at Portsmouth, N. H., 1782 Peace concluded with Great Britain, after the Revolution, and Independence acknowledged,

Jan. 20th. 1783 New York city evacuated by the British troops, Nov. 25th. 1783 Washington takes leave of his officers,

Dec. 4th. 1783 First American voyage to China ; from New York, 1784 Shays' insurrection in Massachusetts,

1786 Constitution of the United States adopted,

1788 Congress under the Constitution, first met at N. York city, 1789

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American Chronology.

4. District of Columbia ceded to the U. S. by Md. and Va. A. D. 1790 Census of the U. S. first taken: population, 3,929,326, 1790 Circumnavigation first performed by a United States ship, 1790 Washington city founded,

1791 United States Bank instituted,

1791 United States Mint established by Congress,

1792 Insurrection in Penn., on account of duties on distilled spirits, 1794 Treaty of Commerce with Great Britain,

1794 Cotton-gin invented, by Whitney, Am.,

1794 Seat of government removed from Phila. to Washington, 1795 Blacks in St. Domingo declared their Independence, 1797 Hostilities commenced between France and the U. S., 1798 Death of Washington, at the age of 67, Dec. 14th. 1799 Louisiana purchased of France, by Pres. Jefferson, 1803 War between the United States and Tripoli,

1803 Alexander Hamilton killed in a duel, by Aaron Burr, 1804 Middlesex canal (first in the U. S.) completed,

1804 Lewis and Clarke's Expedition over the Rocky Mountains, 1806 Aaron Burr tried for conspiracy,

1807 Steam first used to propel boats, by Fulton, Am.,

1807 Royal family of Portugal removed to Brazil,

1807 Slave trade of the U. S. abolished by law, Jan. 1st. 1808 American Board of Com. for Foreign Missions Instituted, 1810 Steamboats first navigated the Mississippi and Ohio, 1811 Declaration of the last war against England, June 18th. 1812 Constitution captured the Guerriere,

1812 Jackson defeated the Indians at Tallapoosa,

1814 Sortie of Fort Erie,

1814 Washington city, Capitol, etc., burned by the British, 1814 Peace made with Great Britain, at Ghent, after the last war, 1814 Jackson defeated the British, at New Orleans, Jan. 8th. 1815 American Bible Society founded,

1816 Chili declared independent,

1818 Florida ceded to the United States, by Spain,

1819 Steamer first crossed the Atlantic, from Savannah, Geo., 1819 Independent Order of Odd Fellows, first established a

Lodge in Am., at Baltimore; T. Wildey, N. G., 1819 University of Virginia founded, by Jefferson,




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