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Acre was taken by the Crusaders, after 300,000 men had been laid on

A Death-bed. Robinhood and Little John the robbers lived, like free

booters, never being troubled with Tithe-paying. The Parliament first convened in Great Britain, discussed the

Science of War. Hamlet King of Denmark reigned, and led the

Danes in War. Ghengis Khan Emperor of the Tartars, was

A Heathen Sage. The Magna Charta being signed by King John, was an act that was not very

Knightly. The Court of Common Pleas established in England, had a reporter by the name of

Wendell Ghengis Khan invaded Persia, and fought like

A Heathen Thief. The League of the Hanse Towns, was a league between 72 towns in the

North. The Hermit's Order began, by individuals retiring

from the world because they had been Unlucky. The Caliphate of Bagdad was abolished by the Tartars, who took away much

Heathen Life. The Last Crusade to the Holy Land, did not obtain for its trouble many

Thanks. The Band of Assassins was broken up, by an army of men each carrying

A New Gun At the Sicilian Vespers, the 10,000 Frenchmen who were massacred, thought it

No Fun When Wales was united to England, the Prince of

Wales was slain, which was called an act of Infamy. The Jews banished from England by Edward I., were called a set of

Heathen Boys. Acre and the Holy Land were re-conquered by the Saracens, who were in pursuit of

New Booty. The Turkish Empire was founded by Othman I.,

A Heathen Booby. Robert Bruce was elected King of Scotland, and deliv. ered an inaugural

Message. The Swiss Republics established by William Tell, were

to the people of Switzerland very Amusive. Lincoln's Inn Society established, lawyers went there to study law in all its different

Modes. When Rhodes was taken by the Knights of St. John

from the Greeks, that island stood in Mid-sea Tell shot Gesler with an arrow, killing him as quick as if he had been

A Home Dog A Navigator discovered the Island of Madeira, a name that sounds some like

Mareira. A Navigator discovered Canary Isle, a name that sounds like

A Merry Isle. Since Windsor Castle was built by Edward III., there

has been celebrated in it many a royal Marriage. When Rienzi Tribune of Rome was exiled, he perhaps went to

Morocco. The Order of the Garter being established by Edward

III., he could defend himself against a Merry Foe. The Plague ravaged all Europe, and found

A Home in Europe. When Chivalry was at its zenith in England, the young men were for its honors very

Emulous. Marino Faliero Doge of Venice, was beheaded, when his

Home was Lowly. Watt Tyler's insurrection in London, was

A Home Fight. Tamerlane invaded Persia, and captured Ispahan, showing that he was

A Mover. Westminster Abbey being built, distinguished men after

death found Å Home in a Happy Abbey. Tamerlane invaded Syria, and sacked Aleppo, his army riding on

White Horses. The Council of Constance, was the theatre of some fine

Oratory Freemasonry was forbidden in England, that their se

cret meetings might not bring Ruin and War. Joan of Arc who was burned to the stake, was a celebrated

War Maid. The Sea broke into Holland and drowned 100,000 people,

before they could get out of the Water's Reach. The Vatican Library at Rome, contains many

An Author's Work. At Jack Cade's insurrection in England, the rebels fought against

A Royal House. The Fall of the Eastern Roman Empire, was the close of an ancient

Realm. The University of Glasgow was founded, and there has been educated many

An Author and Lawyer. The York and Lancaster War began, by adopting for

emblems the White and Red Rose, not a Water-lily. Printing introduced into England by Caxton, has fur. nished employment for many

A Worker. Arragon and Castile were united, forming the kingdom of

Spain, when they elected for king A Heroic Boy. The Cape of Good Hope was discovered by Bartholo

mew Diaz, while sailing on A Dear Voyage. The Standing Army established by Henry VII., stood ready to go on

Á War Voyage. The Kingdom of the Moors in Spain was abolished by

Ferdinand, who drove off every Moor and Arabian. America was discovered by Christopher Columbus, who sailed there in a vessel made of

Dry Pine. The Cape of Good Hope was first doubled by Vasco de

Gama, who sailed into the sunny clime of the Tropic: Madagascar was discovered by Tristan de A'Cunha,

A Tall Sage. The Reformation in Germany begun by Luther, gave rise to many

A Tall Talk The Royal Library at Paris was established by Francis I., in order to have a place to Tell the News,



Denmark was separated from Norway, the Danes pre. ferring to live on their own

Land The Diet at Worms, was not held, where worms live, under

A Sod of Land. The First voyage around the world, was by Magellan, who went out of sight of

Land. Rhodes was taken by the Turks from the Knights of

St. John, who took refuge in An Italian Inn. New Holland was discovered by the Portuguese, who

A Lion on a Hill When the Reformation commenced in England, they

Holy and Merry. The Jesuits' Order was founded by Loyola, who went on foot and begged for his

Daily Meal. The Bible was first printed in English, and illus. trated by

A Holy Map. The English ship that first sailed to India, was probably commanded by an English

Lord. The Council of Trent began, and was conducted in a manner quite

Lawyerly. Spitzbergen was discovered by an English captain, whose ship sailed there

All Alone. Servetus was executed for heresy, to gratify

A Holy Ill Whim. The Unitarian Sect commenced, and found supporters in nearly every

Loyal Home. The Puritan Sect commenced, and received the support of nearly every

Law and Lawyer. Lady Jane Grey and Lord Guilford Dudley were sen

tenced to death, probably by some Silly Lawyer. The Reformers were burnt by order of Queen Mary,

who persecuted them with A Holy Ill-will When Bull-fighting began in Spain, the fighter used to

Lay on the Lash. Charles V. Emperor of Germany resigned his crown, which was the theme of

Daily Eulogy.

many a beautiful

The Escurial Library founded at Madrid, contains

Soliloquy In the Civil War between the Catholics and Protestants,

each party persecuted the other with Lashes. In the Reformation in Scotland, the Protestants converted the Catholics and the

Holy Jews. The framers of the 39 Articles of the Church of Eng.

land, received for their labor much Eulogium. When the Royal Exchange in London was first built, it looked like

A Tall Shop. At the St. Bartholomew Massacre of the Protestants, many

of them were shot with A Hollow Gun. The Presbyterian Church first built in England, looked like

A Dwelling New. The East India Company being incorporated, their trade began to

Look Up. The Republic of Holland being founded, they put their king in the

Lock-up. Sir Francis Drake returned from his voyage around

the world, bringing with him several Slaves. Siberia was discovered by a Cossack chief, while hunting

Wolves. Mary Queen of Scots who was beheaded, was much beloved while

Living The first Newspaper published in Great Britain, was probably not printed on

A Leaf of Ivy. The Band of Pensioners in England was instituted, to pay soldiers for fighting on the

Alps. Trinity College founded in Dublin, has educated many

A Tall Poet. The Act for the relief of the poor in England, was passed for their

Well-being. The Bodleian Library founded at Oxford, was praised

A Tall Puff. The Edict of Nantes, tolerating the Protestants, was passed by

A Holy Happy Few.

in many

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