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Cappadocia was reduced to a Roman province by Germanicus, that being the first kingdom that he Took Caligula was assassinated by Chereas, and he served



London founded by the Romans, is now the largest city


Caractacus was carried to Rome in chains, and kept till he was


The Druids were destroyed by Nero, who persecuted
the Druids and the
Boadicea defeated the Romans under Suetonius, with-
out firing a single




The First Persecution by Nero, gave rise to

A Huge War Nero set Rome on fire, and it could not be extinguished by A Shower.

Josephus the Jewish Historian, was

A Jew and a Whig. Jerusalem was taken by Titus Emperor of Rome, who cut down their buildings with An Axe. In the Plague at Rome, every person attacked, died very


When Herculaneum and Pompeii were destroyed, some of the inhabitants escaped in A Cab. Julius Agricola was elected Governor of South Britain, an important


Britain was conquered by the Romans under Domitian, who captured every fertile


Pliny the Younger sent an account of the Christians to
Trajan, who thought their worship A Weighty Sin.
Trajan's column erected at Rome, was higher than the
Stairs of a Theatre.

The Jews massacred 200,000 Greeks and Romans, showing their hostility to be very

Plutarch the Biographer,


Died Happy.

The Caledonians reconquered Scotland from the Romans, and settled at


Adrian led an Expedition into Britain, where his army was brought to A Stand. The Romans destroy 580,000 Jews in Judea, and put them in A Tomb on a Hill. When the Fast of Lent was instituted, Christians drank nothing but Water and Wine. Antoninus Pius defeated the Moors, Germans, etc., in

a battle like that at Waterloo. Glass-making was practiced by the Chinese, who made windows for their New Houses. When Septimius Severus built a wall across Britain, he Knew he was Safe. Grist-mills were invented in Ireland, where they ground grain without Any Water. Alexander Severus was murdered in his Army, as if he had been a worthless


The Franks first mentioned in History, had a title which they still


Ossian the Caledonian Poet, by his writings has much increased our stock of Knowledge.

The Temple of Diana burned at Ephesus, was a more splendid building than A New Watch-house. Zenobia Queen of Palmyra, taken by Aurelian, was A New Queen. Candle-light was introduced into churches, to give light for A New Choir. Porcelain ware invented in China, would not make a very good Silk was first brought into Europe from India, where it had been cultivated by


A Negro.

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The Tenth Persecution of the Christians, destroyed more than would have died of

Miasma. Constantine the first Christian Emperor, began his reign, and delivered an inaugural


Constantine the Great, saw a Cross in the Heavens, re-
minding him of the
Christianity became the religion of the Roman Empire,
a religion that made
Men Holy.
The Council of Nice; the first general Council, made
Men Holy.


Constantine abolished the combats of Gladiators, which
A Humane Law.
Constantine removed the seat of the Roman Empire to
Constantinople, and conquered Many a Foe.
Church Music was introduced into worship, when sing-
ing sounded like
A Mellow Sigh.

When Paris was founded, the white houses were scattered about like stars in the


The Eastern and Western Roman Empires were divi-
ded, with
A Measure.
Bells were invented by Paulinius, and kept for sale in

Fergus the first King of Scotland, began to reign, and
was for
Years at War.
Rome was sacked and plundered by Alaric king of the
Visigoths, and an army of barbarous


France was founded by Pharamond, and many years have elapsed without bringing that country to Ruins. Saddles were invented, that horsemen could conveniently go on An Errand. Theodosius established public schools, and attempted the restoration of learning, or A Renewal The Romans withdrew their troops from Britain, giving the British a full


Carthage surrendered to Genseric-and the kingdom of the Vandals in Africa began, with A War Mob.

Archery was introduced into Britain, and practiced by all the



The Saxons first arrived in Britain under Hengist and
Horsa, sending before them
A Herald.

At the Battle of Chalons, 163,000 men were slain, being the most bloody battle ever fought in the World, At the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, all the soldiers rode off on A War Coach The Kingdom of Sweden (Ancient Scandinavia) began, soon after it was


Shoeing of Horses was first introduced, that the hard roads might not Wear the Foot When Saint Patrick the patron Saint of Ireland, died, he was a Saint of great


Clovis I. King of France, was converted to Christianity,
before any other king in
Europe or Asia
Paris was made the capital of France, and there king
Clovis spent his



The Fleet of Vatialanus was destroyed by a burning mirror, which burned every ship and Justinian's code of Moral Law, was most as strong as A Lion's Paw. Belisarius reduced Carthage and the Moors, conquering every Holy Moor. The Kingdom of Northumberland when founded, was as strong as if surrounded by A Wall of Rock The Latin Language ceased to be spoken in Italy, long after the days of


Gregory the Great, Pope of Rome, was

Holy and Pious. Christianity was introduced into Britain by St. Augustin, who carried there the Holy Book.

Mahomet published his Koran, and Christians discovered that it was A Cheat New. Jerusalem was taken, and the Cross of Christ carried away, and perhaps hid in A Watch-tower

At the Hegira, or Mahomet's flight, his claims to be thought a prophet were not


Pens made from a goose's quill, look little like

A Huge Mill. Christianity was introduced into China, where they had formerly worshipped A Showy Image. The Alexandrian Library burned by the Saracens, contained books enough to fill A Huge Ware-house. The University of Cambridge was founded, perhaps by

A Juror. Organs were invented and first used in churches, perhaps by the

Sage Jews. When the Republics and Doges of Venice were established, they owned considerable


When Spain was conquered by the Saracens, they had
A Gay Time.
The Christian Era was adopted by Historians, after
paganism had gone to its



Bagdad was made the seat of the Caliphs, by Almansor,
whose successor gave to Charlemagne A Clock.
When Charlemagne commenced his reign in France, he
A Gay Chief.
Charlemagne conquered Lombardy and annexed Italy to
France, by fighting harder than A Quaker.
Haroun al Raschid declared war against the Romans,
and told them to
Go and Fight.

At the Golden period of Learning in Arabia, they knew more than A Gay Fool. When Law pleading in courts was first practiced, every one employing a lawyer had to Give a Fee. The Empire of the West established by Charlemagne, was applauded by numerous


The Kingdom of Denmark was established by Gotricus, while there on

A Visit.

The Kingdom of England was founded by Egbert, and 1000 years have not brought it to its Evening.

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