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The first Eclipse of the Moon on record, looked like

A Sky Window Sardanapalus reigned king of Assyria, by whom the people were

Guided At the Combat between the Horatii and Curiatiï, they i rushed together, giving

A Huge Shock. Byzantium or Constantinople, was founded, and cost more than

A Shilling. Draco of Athens framed his bloody code of laws, and acted like a cruel

Giant. The Seven Wise Men of Greece, constituted a wise

Junto. Solar Eclipses were first calculated by Thales, a man of

Genius Tarquinius surrounded Rome with stone walls, that were nearly as tall as

A Watch-tower Nebuchadnezzar founded the Chaldeo-Babylonian Em: pire, before the days of

Chaucer Solon's Laws adopted at Athens, were the result of considerable

Labor. Pisistratus, tyrant of Athens, ruled the people with

Lashes. Cyrus the Great, commenced his reign in Persia, and acted like

A Loyal Boy. Cyrus defeated Cræsus near Sardis, and left him in the

Lurch. Homer's Poems were first collected into a volume,

making for the author an unfading wreath of Laurel. Cyrus captured Babylon, by

A Sly Move. Tragedies were first performed by Thespis, who exhib. ited in a wagon drawn by

A Slow Mule. Cambyses, king of Persia, conquered Egypt, and look

A Sail on the Nile, Tarquin was expelled from Rome, perhaps by some

Lazy Boy

The Romans formed the first alliance with the Carthaginians, and were led by

A Lazy Boy, In the Ionian War between Greece and Persia, the soldiers played on

A War Pipe. The First Dictator at Rome, met with

A Rebuff. Coriolanus was banished from Rome, when he circu. lated in a wide

Orbit The First Agrarian Law at Rome, gave land to every citizen and

Refugee. Xerxes, king of Persia, commenced his reign, before the invention of the

Rifle. Xerxes invaded Greece with several millions, who found themselves in a dangerous

Service. Piræeus was built, by some

War King. Themistocles was banished, and he wandered about till he was very

Ragged. Artificial Memory first taught by Simonides, made him

Rich and Happy. The Persians were defeated at the Eurymedon, by Cimon, who was probably

A Rich Jew. Cincinnatus was made Dictator, an office that he did

Relish. The Laws of the Twelve Tables were compiled, by the hands of

Royalty. The Athenians defeated the Persians at Cyprus, during

A War in Europe. At the Banishment of the Decemvirs, they ought to have been hung with

A Wire Rope. The Metonic Cycle begins, by calculating

A Year by the Moon. When the Peloponnesian War commenced, every sol. dier was

Armed. The Plague at Athens, destroyed more than many


The Athenian Army under Nicias, was captured at
Syracuse, during

A War Time. Thucydides History ends, and Xenophon's begins, each describing

War and Death. Alcibiades caused a Revolution at Athens, when his enemies were

Routed. Rhodes became a free State, after trying to

Rouse a Foe. When Dionysius the Tyrant of Sicily commenced his

reign, he had a cave in the shape of A Horse-shoe. When the Thirty Tyrants ruled Athens, their decrees were sharper than

A Razor. At the Retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks, under Xenophon, they did not stop to

Rest. Socrates was put to death, and slept as quietly as if on a bed of

Roses. The City of Delhi was founded, and contained many

Ware-houses. Rome was burned by the Gauls under Brennus, who acted like unruly

Mobs. Manlius Capitolinus was thrown down the Tarpeian rock

into the Tiber, and found A Home in the Foam. The First Plebeian Consul appointed at Rome, was perhaps

Some Jockey. During the First Sacred or Phocian war, some were poisoned with

Hemlock. The Mausoleum, the 6th. wonder of the world, cost more money than

A Small Hut. When Alexander captured the city of Tyre, he was a worshipper of

Mammon. Alexander founded the city of Alexandria, as

A Home for Men. Alexander completed the Conquest of Persia, showing

himself more powerful than A Mammoth. Demosthenes was banished from Athens, the Athenians treating him very


When Alexander the Great died at Babylon, he had shown that his

Aim was a Name. Ptolemy Soter, the first Ptolemy, lived in not a very

Mean Home. Demetrius Poliorcetes liberated Athens, a city as large as

Moscow. Alexander's Empire was divided after his death, and

had he been alive he would have been Amazed. The Chinese Wall was built, and overrun with

Mosses. The Colossus of Rhodes was finished and looked as bright as

A New Fife. The Septuagint Translation of the Old Testament, un

der Ptolemy Philadelphus, gave him A New Fame. Lysimachus was defeated and slain, in

A New Fight. At the Rise of the Achæan League, there were many

Knaves. King Pyrrhus was in Italy, perhaps as a guest of his

Uncle. Pyrrhus was killed at the storming of Argos, but not by

A New Gun. The Gladiators were first exhibited, and inflicted on

one another much The First Punic War was commenced by men who could

Enjoy a War. The First Naval Victory of the Romans, made them

Enjoy the Sea. Regulus was defeated by the Carthaginians, and put

to death, by rolling him down A Knoll or a Hill. Hamilcar the Carthaginian, led an army into Spain, where he found every

Enemy Awake. The Roman Senate was in its greatest power, and well worth

Naming. Sardinia and Corsica were conquered by the Romans, to gratify their




Carthagena was built, and perhaps has since contained

A Nunnery, The Colossus of Rhodes thrown down by an Earthquake, cost more money than

A Nunnery Surgery was first practiced at Rome, by some one who was as skilful as

A Handy Boy. Hannibal destroyed the fortress of Saguntum, acting

A Naughty Boy. The Second Punic War commenced, by enlisting every

Native. Hannibal crossed the Alps, and by his warlike move. ments astonished every

Native. The warlike nations of the Huns, contained many

A Hunter. Archimedes flourished, who was a philosopher and not

A Hunter. Marcellus captured Syracuse, before the days of

Antony. Parchment invented by King Attalus, was used in wri. ting

Notes. Scipio carried the war into Africa, making

A Noisy War. The Laws of Lycurgus were abolished by Philopoemen,

who was a warrior, and played on A Wood Fife. At the Voluntary exile of Scipio Africanus, he disappeared like

A White Fog. The Romans dissolve the Bæotian Confederacy, without using the

Ataghan. The Kingdom of Macedon was conquered by the Romans, led by

A Witty Chief. The Public Library first established at Rome, assisted the profession of

Teaching The Grecian System of Education adopted at Rome, had many

A Teacher. The Law in Rome against Bribery at Elections, affected many

A Tribe

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