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Ancient Chronology.

2. Draco of Athens, framed his bloody code of laws, B. C. 621 The seven wise men of Greece flourish,

621 Solar Eclipses first calculated, by Thales,

620 Tarquinius surrounds Rome with stone walls,

614 Nebuchadnezzar founded the Chaldæo-Babylonian Empire, 604 Solon's Laws adopted at Athens,

594 Pisistratus, tyrant of Athens,

560 Cyrus the Great, commenced his reign in Persia, .

559 Cyrus defeats Cresus, near Sardis, .

546 Homer's Poems supposed to be first collected into a volume, 545 Cyrus captured Babylon,

538 Tragedies first performed at Athens, by Thespis,

535 Cambyses, king of Persia, conquered Egypt,

525 Tarquin expelled from Rome,

509 Romans form the first alliance with the Carthaginians, 509 Ionian War, between Greece and Persia : Sardis burnt, 499 First Dictator at Rome,

498 Coriolanus banished from Rome,

491 First Agrarian Law at Rome,

486 Xerxes, king of Persia, commenced his reign,

485 Xerxes invades Greece with an army of several millions, 480 Piræeus built,

477 Themistocles banished,

471 Artificial Memory first taught, by Simonides,

469 Persians defeated at the Eurymedon, by Cimon,

466 Cincinnatus nade Dictator,

456 Laws of the " Twelve Tables," compiled,

451 Athenians defeat the Persians at Cyprus,

449 Banishment of the Decemvirs, and death of Virginia, 449 The Metonic Cycle begins,

432 Peloponnesian War commenced,

431 Plague at Athens,

430 Athenian army under Nicias, captured at Syracuse,

413 Thucydides' history ends, and Xenophon's begins,

411 Alcibiades causes a Revolution at Athens,

411 Rhodes becomes a free state,

408 Dionysius the tyrant of Sicily, commenced his reign, 406 The “ Thirty tyrants” rule Athens,


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Ancient Chronology.

3. Retreat of the Ten thousand Greeks, under Xenophon, B. C. 401 Death of Socrates,

400 City of Delhi founded,

400 Rome burned by the Gauls under Bronnus, and the Capitol saved by the cackling of geese,

390 Manlius Capitolinus thrown down the Tarpeian rock, 383 Plebeian Consuls first appointed at Rome,

367 First Sacred or Phocian war,

357 The Mausoleum, the sixth wonder of the world, erected, 351 Alexander captured the city of Tyre,

332 Alexander founded the city of Alexandria,

332 Alexandria completes the conquest of Persia,

331 Demosthenes banished from Atheus,

325 Alexander the Great, died at Babylon, aged 32,

323 Ptolemy Soter, the first Egyptian Ptolemy,

323 Demetrius Poliorcetes liberates Athens, and restores the Democracy,

307 Alexander's Empire divided, after the battle of Ipsus, 301 Chinese Wall.built--about the year

300 Colossus of Rhodes finished,

288 Septuagint trans. of the Old Testament, under Ptolemy Phila. 283 Lysimachus defeated and slain at Cyropedium,

281 Rise of the Achæan League,

280 Pyrrhus in Italy,

275 Pyrrhus killed at the storming of Argos,

272 Gladiators first exhibited,

264 First Punic War commenced-lasted twenty-three years, 264 First Naval victory of the Romans,

260 Regulus defeated and put to death by the Carthaginians, 255 Hamilcar, the Carthaginian, leads an army into Spain, 237 The Roman Senate in its greatest power-about,

237 Sardinia and Corsica conquered by the Romans,

231 Carthagena built, .

224 Colossus of Rhodes, thrown down by an earthquake, 224 Surgery first practiced at Rome,

219 Hannibal destroyed the fortress of Saguntum,

219 Second Punic War commenced-lasted sixteen years, 218 Hannibal crossed the Alps,


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Ancient Chronology.

4. The warlike nations of the Huns, first known-about B. C. 214 Archimedes flourished,

214 Marcellus captures Syracuse,

212 Parchment invented by King Attalus,

210 Scipio “carries the war into Africa,” and besieges Utica, 204 Laws of Lycurgus abolished by Philopemen,

188 Voluntary exile of Scipio Africanus,

187 The Romans dissolve the Bæotian Confederacy,

172 Kingdom of Macedon conquered by the Romans,

168 Public Library first established at Rome,

167 Grecian system of education adopted at Rome,

164 First law at Rome against bribery at elections,

149 Third Punic War commenced-lasted three years,

149 Corinth taken, and Greece reduced to a Roman province, 146 Extension of the Roman power, by the conquest of Greece, Macedon, Epirus, and Carthage,

146 Tiberius Gracchus put to death,

133 Adherbal, son of Micipsa, murdered by Jugurtha,

112 War commenced against Jugurtha,

111 Marius defeats and captures Jugurtha,

106 Civil War between Marius and Sylla begins,

88 First Mithridatic War commenced, .

88 Marius visits the ruins of Carthage,

88 Sylla, Dictator,

82 Spartacus the Gladiator, commenced the Servile war, 73 Catiline's Conspiracy discovered by Cicero,

63 First Triumvirate, between Pompey, Cæsar and Crassus, 60 Julius Cæsar's first Campaign,

58 Cicero banished, at the instigation of Clodius,

58 Cæsar invaded Britain, .

55 Cæsar “ passes the Rubicon,” and is proclaimed Dictator, 49 Pompey's Pillar erected at Alexandria,

48 Cæsar killed in the Senate-house, by Brutus and Cassius, Second Triumvirate, between Octavius, Antony and Lepidus, 43 Cicero murdered by the followers of Antony,

43 Augustus Cæsar, Emperor,

30 Temple of Janus shut,

29 Dionysius of Halicarnassus, completes his history,


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Babylon was supposed to be founded, by Nimrod, who knew as much as

A Nun or a Moor Sicyon the first kingdom in Greece, was founded by

Noisy Fop. Letters were invented in Egypt, a discovery that was

Divine and New Sparta was founded by Spartes,

A Witty Caitiff. Athens was supposed to be founded by Cecrops, who went there to

Settle and Lodge. Thebes was founded, by a colony under Cadmus, who was considered quite

Too Lawless. Troy was founded, by persons who built the city

Wide and Large. The Chronology of the Arundelian Marbles began, be.

fore the marbles were stolen by A Tall Thief. Lacedemon was founded by Lelia,

An Outlawed Jew When War Chariots were first made, they looked like

Tall Houses. Iron was discovered by the burning of Mt. Ida, and made into

A Weighty Horse-shoe. Erectheus the Ionian, was a chief of

Wisdom and Fame. The Eleusinian Mysteries at Athens, was a kind of

Freemasonry, where they had A Dumb Lodge. In the Olympic Games, instituted at Olympia, some of the players wore

A White Mask. Sicily was first settled by the Italians, who built a town between

Ætna and the Ocean. When the Argonautic Expedition sailed, it was per. haps propelled by

A Weighty Engine.

Tyre was founded by a colony from Egypt, and the walls adorned with

A Stone Lion. Carthage was founded by a colony from Tyre, and

every man knew more than A Wooden Mummy. Agamemnon flourished, and knew more than many

Dunces. The Trojan War was commenced, and every man fought like

A Stout Bear. Troy was burned by the Greeks, who kindled

A White Hot Fire. The Temple of Ephesus was burned by Erostratus, a name that sounds like

A Stout Rat. The first Egyptian Pyramid, was supposed to be built by Cheops,

A Witty Savan. The Ionian colonies migrated from Greece, and went to

Asia Minor, led by some Odious Warrior. The Amphictyonic Council, was instituted, by some

Witty Seers. Smyrna was founded, by some one who built

A City in Style. Homer, one of the earliest poets, flourished, and made

Poesy Awake. The Laws and Constitution of Lycurgus, were received with much

Favor. The Kingdom of Macedon was founded, before Alex.

ander the Great led that people into A Funny War. The Silver first coined, gave its authors

A Gay Fame The Olympic Era was established by some

King or Jew. Rome was founded, by a colony from an eastern

Clime. The Era of Nabonassar, celebrates a king of Babylon, not

A Greek. The First Messenian War, was the cause of many

A Crime

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