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The Creation of the World, took place long before the days of

Cicero and Cæsar. At the Birth of Cain, Adam returned thanks to God, in

A Serious Psalm. Abel was murdered by his brother Cain, who showed himself

Miffy and Ugly. Enoch was translated to Heaven, riding safely up without making any

Mistake. At the Universal Deluge, mankind was saved under

Noah's Home Roof. The Babel Tower was built, soon after the human race was preserved in

Noah's New Ark The Calling of Abraham was a covenant that was more sacred than

A Weighty Bond. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire, the inhabitants receiving

A Stiff Bake. Isaac was offered in sacrifice by his father, who gave

a burnt-offering on a fire made of A Wood Fagot. Esau sold his birth-right for a mess of potage, which proved a rather

Stiff Dish. Jacob married Leah and Rachel, and had

A Wedding All-happy. Joseph was sold by his brethren, who sprinkled his coat

with blood, after killing a kid with A Thick Knife. Moses was born, at a time when the Jews all spoke one

Dialect Job, a man of wisdom and.patience, flourished in

A Witty Holy Time. Pharaoh's host was drowned, which would not have

happened, had every chariot been A Water Boat. Moses saw Jehovah in the burning bush, and received

the Law from Heaven, as though it was Dropped Moses wrote the Pentateuch, and smote the rock, pre.

ferring that his people should drink Water Alone, The Israelites enter Canaan, under Joshua, traveling every night by

Star-light The Fall of Jericho took place under the trumpets of Joshua, who

Tore the Wall in Two. Boaz married Ruth, showing that he rather have a widow, than

A Witty Maiden Jephthah sacrificed his daughter, who showed her

Duty to a Heavy Vow. Samson killed 1000 Philistines, and showed himself for his enemies,

A Dead Match. David killed Goliah with his sling, hitting him

Twice on the Chin. Saul slew himself, and David was elected king, and found his subjects very

Disloyal. Solomon succeeded David as king, and reigned in a

Wise and Witty Style. Solomon laid the foundation of the Temple, and built it of

Wood and Stone. The Division of Israel and Judah, was announced by a blast from

A Bugle. Elijah was translated to Heaven, perhaps in a chariot made of a tree or

A Heavy Bush. Jehu destroyed the priests of Baal, without showing

Favor Jonah when swallowed by a whale, must have had du

ring the animal's travels, an interesting Visit. Isaiah prophesied, and predicted that many would go to a bottomless

Gulf. Ahaz set up idol worship, which brought disgrace upon his

Crown. At the end of the kingdom of Israel, it contained more land than a common

County Senacherib's army was destroyed by an angel, that had the power of the


them any

Holofernes was beheaded by Judith, who acted like a perfect

Shylock Josiah the pious began to reign, and ruled with a great deal of

Charity. Jeremiah wrote the Lamentations, long before our Saviour was betrayed by

Judas. At the End of the Kingdom of Judah, the many be. came the

Slave of the Few. Jerusalem was taken by Nebuchadnezzar, and the Tem

ple destroyed, though perhaps made of Live-oak. The three children were saved from the fiery furnace, instead of being burned

All to Ashes. At Belshazzar's feast, the hand-writing appeared on the

Wall of the Lodge. Daniel was cast into a lion's den, or

Leo's Lair. Cyrus captured Babylon, and put an end to the Jewish captivity, by

A Sly Move. Darius divorced Queen Vashti, and married Esther, having

A Sly Wedding. Haman was hanged on a gallows, destroying his life, though he had

A Soul to Save. Ezra wrote the book of Chronicles, and gave the history of many an ancient

Realm. Apollonius was defeated by Judas Maccabeus, who acted like

A Dutch Jew. Aristobulus was appointed King of Judea, and found in his reign many a hard

Task. Gabinius established the Sanhedrim, and gained influence quite

Slowly. John the Baptist was born six months before our Saviour, during the same

Year, The Birth of Christ, took place four years before the vulgar

Era The Christian Era commenced, just after the days of

Cicero and Cæsar.



Chris! disputed with the doctors in the Temple, and found them nearly as ignorant as

Heathen John the Baptist began his ministry, during

A New Age. Christ's Sermon on the Mount, is recorded in the book of,

Matthew Jesus look five loaves and two fishes, and fed five thousand

Men. At the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ, his Father called

Him Home. St. Paul was converted to Christianity, when he to the Saviour paid

Homage. Pontius Pilate killed himself, in

A Miff. St. Matthew wrote his Gospel, and it was published and illustrated by

A Map . St. Peter was liberated from prison by an angel, which he must have considered very

Rare. Mary the mother of Jesus died, and after her death, re. ceived homage more than

Royal St. Paul preached in the Areopagus at Athens, which

A Holy House. St. Paul was imprisoned at Rome, probably in

A Jail. The Martyrdom of Peter and Paul at Rome, was according to the decision of an unjust

Judge. St. John wrote his Gospel, and was banished to Patmos, where he lived quite

Happily. St. John died at Ephesus, where his ashes reposed after his







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Ancient Chronology.

1. Babylon supposed to be founded, by Nimrod,

B. C. 2234 Sicyon, the first kingdom in Greece,

2089 Letters invented, in Egypt,

1822 Sparta founded, by Spartes,

1718 Athens supposed to be founded, by Cecrops,

1556 Thebes founded, by a colony under Cadmus, ·

1550 Troy founded,

1546 Chronology of the Arundelian Marbles begins,

1518 Lacedæmon founded, by Lelia,

1516 War chariots first used,

1500 Iron discovered, by the burning of Mt. Ida, :

1406 Erectheus, an Ionian chief, flourished,

1383 Eleusinian Mysteries at Athens,

1356 Olympic Games instituted, in Olympia, by Pelops, . 1307 Sicily first settled, by the Italians,

1262 Argonautic Expedition, .

1262 Tyre founded, by a colony from Egypt,

1252 Carthage founded, by a colony from Tyre,

1233 Agamemnon supposed to flourish,

1200 Trojan War, commenced,

1194 Troy burned by the Greeks, after a siege of ten years, 1184 Temple of Ephesus burned by Erostratus : soon rebuilt, 1141 First Egyptian Pyramid supposed to be built, by Cheops, 1082 Ionian Colonies migrate from Greece, and go to Asia Minor, 1044 Institution of the Amphictyonic Council,

1040 Smyrna founded,

1015 Homer supposed to have flourished,

907 Laws and Constitution of Lycurgus,

884 Kingdom of Macedon, founded by Caranus,

824 Silver first coined, at Ægina, in Greece,

783 Beginning of the Olympic Era,

776 Rome founded,

753 Era of Nabonassar,

747 First Messenian War,

743 Eclipse of the Moon : the first on record,

721 Sardanapalus, king of Assyria, flourished,

711 Combat between the Horatii and the Curiatii,

667 Byzantium, (now Constantinople,) founded,


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