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It is probably known to our readers, that attempts have been made during the last fifteen years, both in the United States and Great Britain, to make A PERFECT ALPHABET OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. That object has been happily accomplished by Dr. Andrew Comstock, of Philadelphia.

This Alphabet, which we give over the leaf (page 297), most undoubtedly comes nearer perfection, than any Alphabet ever printed in any language. It contains thirty-eight simple letters, and six compound ones, and by these letters every sound in the English Language is represented. The same characters invariably stand for the same sounds. Were these letters in universal use, spelling would be reduced to perfect simplicity, since every word would be spelled just as it is pronounced. In other words, we could write correctly every word that we hear spoken, and pronounce every word that we see written, and that without the possibility of making a mistake. We have introduced a piece of composition in the new characters, on the page following the Alphabet. That piece is probably familiar to most readers, and if not, it can be read with considerable fluency after a quarter of an hour's examination of the Al. whabet, in order to learn the sounds of the different letters. The primary object of introducing the Alphabet in this work, is for the purpose of giving the correct pronunciation to a large number of difficult proper Names. We know of no way of giving the exact pronunciation of words, except through the medium of this Alphabet ; unless we make a series of characters of our own, or adopt some one of the numerous systems of marking letters by figures. The latter style used by most lexicographers, has no uniformity, and is every way exceedingly inconvenient.

Many of the proper names in this work are very difficult to pronounce, and cause the student much inconvenience and embarrassment. As will be seen, the most difficult names and technical words have been arranged in alphabetical order in the Pronouncing Index, and their true pronunciation given in the new Alphabet. For the pronunciations, the best authorities have been followed.

The different characters in the new Alphabet were not adopted by the author without due deliberation, and good reasons. For these reasons, the reader is referred to Dr. Comstock's different publications, consisting, among others, of the “ Phonetic Reader," the “ Phonetic Speaker,” the “ Phonetic New Testament,” and “Comstock's Phonetic Magazine,” issued monthly. To these works, the reader is earnestly and specially commended. The letters in the new Alphabet are called by different names, in most cases, from what they are in the old. Each vowel has the same name as the sound it represents. The names of the consonants are given below. They are all pronounced on the common basis of the letter e long, except the last three, which are compound letters. The reader cannot but notice the uniform pronunci. ation which these letters have with our articulations in Mne. motechny. If this Alphabet were in use, Mnemotechny could be learned with one half the labor that we now devote to it.

Names of the Consonants of the New Alphabet. T t. • tx L 1. - Ix F f - - fx | Ww. • Wx Dd . dx D d . dx V v . vx Y y . yx © I. . ex CC- Ex P p - • px Q q- -qx A o . dx C c . cx B b . bx X x . EX N n: - nx J j. - jx S s. - sx G g. - £g Mm - mx K k · kx Z z. zx Y ŋ en Rr. • rx Gg. - gx | H h. - hx|


BY ANDREW COMSTOCK, M.D. Principal of the Vocal and Polyglott Gymnasium, Author of a System of Elocution, The Phonetic Reader, The Phonetic Speaker, &c., and Editor

of The Phonetic Testament, and The Phonetic Magazine. NOTE.-In the following Table there is a character for each of the 38 elementary sounds of the English Language. For the sake of brevity, there are also 6 com. pound letters, each to be used, in particular instances, to represent two elementary Bounds. The sound of each letter of the Alphabet is shown by the italic character in the word opposite to the said letter :-e represents the sound of a as in ale, &c.


15 Vowels.

14 Subvowels.

9 Aspirates.


| Kk



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|Bb bow P p pit
| Dd day

J j azure Co shade
G g gay

zone Iss

light H h hut

Qq what met

ŋ song
W w l wo
Y y yoke


a al oil Dg job | CĆetch doair Gg tugs | X xoaks


BIRUN. AOR woz a sond ov rɛvɛlrı bi nit', And Belgium'z kapital had gad'urd den Hur bwiti and hur čiv,alrı; and brit Aɛ lamps cwn w’ur for wim'ın and brev mɛn ; A Oqz'and harts bxt hapılı; and, qen Mw'zık armz', wid its valup'twus swel, Soft iz lukt luv' t' iz qıć spek agen';

And ol went mer'i az a marvid-bel; But huc, ! hark ! a dxp sond striks lik a riózın nɛl, !

Did yx not hxr it?-Nw'; t'woz but dɛ wind',
Or dɛ kar' rat'lıŋ w'ur de stw'nı strxtı ;
On wid de dans'! let da bx unkonfind';
Na slxp til morn', qen Yw) and Plej'ur mxt
Tv Čes dɛ gla’ın orz, wid fli'ın fxt-
But hark'! dat hɛvı sönd breks in wuns mor,
Az if dɛ klędz its sk'w wud rxpxt';

And nxr,ur, klxrur, ded'lıur dan bxfor!
Armı! arm'! it iz-iz—dɛ kan'un'z wpınıŋ rwr, !

A! den and dor woz hur'un to and frw,
And gad'urıŋ txrz, and trøm:blıŋz ov distr88',
And exks ol pel', qıc but an qr agw',
Bluct at dɛ prez ov der wn luv.lines.
And dor wer sud'ın partını, suč az pres
Aɛ lif from ot yuŋ harts'; and tak'ın siz,
Qıč ne’ur mit bx rxpx.ted; hy kud gęs

If ε'vur mor cud mxt dwz mw'+wal iz,
Sins upon' nit sw swxt suć w ful morn kud riz ?



Name. .

Pronunciation. ; Definition : i Nation. Page.
Aboukir, . i . Abxkxr', . . Battle, . Egy. 112
Actium, . ii Ak'cium, Battle, . . Rom. 107
Ægos Potamos, . X.gos Potamos, Battle, ... Gr. 107
Æschylus, . . Es'kalus, . • Poet, . ... Gr. 158
Agincourt, i . Ağ'ınkort,. . Battle, . .. Fr. 110
Aglaia, ... Agla'ya, . ; Mythological, . Gr. 226
Aix la Chapelle, . Es la Capel', . Treaty, .. Pru. 155
Albuera,. .. Alb8e'ra,. ; Battle, ... Sp. 113
Almeida, . . . Almi'da, . • Battle, . . Sp. 112
Antisana, ii Antisa'na, Village, . S. A. 197
Archimedes, . . Arkımx'dxz, Mathematician, Gr. 158
Arcola, ... Arkwila, . . Battle,.. It112
Aristides, . . . Aristi'dxz, · · Statesman, . Gr. 158
Aristobulus, . Aristwbw'lus, King, ...Jer. 23
Aristophanes, Aristot'anxz, . Poet, ... Gr. 158
Arkansas, . . Ark'anso, · State, ... Am. 152
Asia, .... E'jxa. ... Continent,. . Asi. 212
Asiatic, . ii Ejxat'ık, . . Islands, · · Asi. 194
Astrea,. ... Astrx'a,. . . Mythological, Gr. 227
Athelstan, . . Ad'elstan, · King, H. Eng. 144
Auerstadt, . . Orstad,. . · Battle, . . . Prus. 112
Augeas, . .i Qxas, · · Mythological, · Gr. 228
Austerlitz,. i . Os'turlitz, . . Battle,. . Aust. 112
Bautzen, .. Bątrzen, . . Battle, .. Ger. 113
Beresina, . . Bɛrɛzx'na, . . River, . . Rus. 57
Bertrand, :. Bertray', . . Marshal, .. Fr. 112
Bias, . . . . Bi'as, . . . Sage, ... Gr. 240
Boadicea, .. Bwadısx'a, ; Queen, ... Br. 41
Boccacio, . . . Bukač:tw, : • Author, : . . It. 159
Boileau, . i . Bwalw', ; ; Poet,. . . . Fr. 161

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