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Amazonians, are as brave as

Heroes. A Moor,

has a residence on the AMOUR.

Nile. An Ark and a Saw, are sometimes used on ARKANSAS.

Sunday. A Bar of Pewter, will weigh more than BURRAMPOOTER.

An Ounce. Colored Ale, is not as strong as COLORADO.

Toddy. The Columbia river, runs faster than the COLUMBIA.

Tide. Dan Eolus, or the East wind, can fly faster DANUBE. than

A Dove. A Fort,

can not always be captured in FORTH.

A Day. A Gang of trees, . are usually leaved out on the GANGES.

Тор. . Hanging,

is a barbarous custom that we HOANG Ho. should oppose with all our Might. Industry,

is possessed by all disciples of the INDUS.

Type. . A River of water,

holds enough to fill IRRAWADDY.

A Tub. Canvas,

is nearly as coarse as KANSAS.

Straw. A Kind Crew,

is often seen among KIANKU.

Seamen Silver Plate, . is not seen in the house of every LA PLATE.

Yankee. Mackenzie the explorer, found in his travels, many MACKENZIE.

A Knave.

The Missouri river, travels to the ocean, to find

Sea-room. A Negro,

sometimes runs away from his NIGER.

Owner. The River Nile, · is probably not inhabited by NilE.

Salmon An Old fish,

can not be easily caught by OBY AND IRTISH.

A Snipe. The Ohio river,

is never Ohio.

Dry. An Old oak,

is larger than ORONOKO.

A White-ash. The Pear tree,

is cultivated among the PARA AND ARAGUAY.

Dutch. Red water,

is never RED RIVER.

Snow-white. A Royal Grandee, is proud of his Rio GRANDE.

Name. A Royal Mede, is not afraid to face Rio MADEIRA.

An Enemy A Royal Negro, - does not have to work in RIO NEGRO.

A Ditch. The River Rhine, is not as rough as the RHINE.

Sea-wave. A Fishing seine, - is not strong enough to hold SEINE.

A Whale. Senators,

are often mentioned in SENEGAL.

History. The River St. Lawrence, is a vast body of St. LAWRENCE.

Water. Ten Seas,

are larger than the TENNESSEE.

Sea of Azoph. The River Thames, is not as large as the THAMES.

Seine. Yenisei,

sounds like YENISEI.




Mt. Ætna,

is a good place to make ÆTNA.

Hot Soup Antisana a hamlet, on a mountain, is cooler than ANTISANA.

A Hot Room. An Airy rat,

is not as lar 'e as ARARAT.

A Donkey. Ben Franklin, - was more of a philosopher, than Ben Nevis.

Warrior. Black Scoundrels, deserve to be shut up in BLACK MOUNTAIN.

Jail. A Mountebank, is usually Mr. BLANC.

A Tall Boy. A Brown Mountain, is about the color of BROWN MOUNTAIN.

Wood-ashes. Chimneys,

are much used in CHIMBORAZO.

Winter. A Load of Tobacco, would make COTOPAXI.

A Tough Pie. A Dowager,

often wears on her hand, DHAWALAGHIRI.

A New Jewel The Geese of Africa, are not as light colored as GEESH: AFRICA.

A White Lady. A Hatchel, - is much used by the manufac. HECLA. turers of

Lowell. A Hindoo Liar, sometimes lives in HIMALAYA.

A New Bough-house. The Island of Candia, is like many other IDA: CANDIA.

Isles. Tolly,

are many fellows, after drinking JORULLO.

Rum. 4 Young fowl, is good prey for JUNGFRAU.

A Tame Hawk.

The Cedars of Lebanon, grow in the

Woods by the Sea. Lord Mansfield,

never resided in MANSFIELD.

Rome. Olympia,

is called a beautiful country, by

The Gold of Ophir, is worth more than

A Dime and a Half. Mt. Parnassus, can not be ascended by PARNASSUS.

A Chaise. The fur of the otter, is very PEAKS OF OTTER.

Warm. A Bird on the Pyrenees, sings in the PERDU : PYRENEES.

Daytime. A Pope's Hat, does not look like the POPOCATAPETL.

Hat of a King. A Roar,

is usually heard from a fire of Roa.

Hot Coal. Sign,

rhymes with SINAI.

Fine. A Potato in Bolivia, is eaten by SORATA : BOLIVIA.

A New Lawyer. Mt. St. Bernard, · has on it, a dwelling called the St. BERNARD.

Halfway-house. Mt. Elias, - is much larger than St. Elias.

A Tea-cup. A Storm,

makes sailors think of their STROMBOLI.

Homes. A Tar House, is not as white as a piece of TAHAWUS.

Lime. A Spendthrift, is usually TENERIFFE.

A Dunce. Mt. Vesuvius, - is larger than a camel's Vesuvius.

Hump. A Mountain for Washington, would be an appropriate MT. WASHINGTON.




A Rustling cascade, is seen

Near the Swiss.
A Falling wharf,. falls with the

Tide of the Seas. St. Anthony's falls, have roared for Falls OF ST. ANTHONY.

Ages. A Falling turner, may get into FALLS OF TERNI.

An Almshouse. Fires,

produce FOYERS.

Ashes. The General falls into the GENESEE FALLS.

Wabash A Lawyer's fun, · is to cut his opponent's case to LAUTERBRUNN.

Pieces A Little cascade,- is not usually of LIDFORD CASCADE.

A Weighty Size. The Missouri falls, make more noise than MISSOURI FALLS.

Easy Boys A Mountain fence, has to be held together with MONTMORENCY.

Nails. A Latching hall, - is a better home than NATCHIKIN FALLS.

An Almshouse. The Falls of Niagara, are the work of the great NIAGARA FALLS.

Teacher. Eye cataracts, shut out the sun's NILE CATARACTS.

Rays. A Pass-key, PASSAIC FALLS.

A Gate. A Rivulet cascade, is a funny place for Tivoli CASCADE.

Boys. A Waterfall on a Mountain, must be


is used to open

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