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was never carried on by CAPE COMORIN.

Scipio in a Cave. A Good Hope, was felt when the olive branch was

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. brought by the Merry Dove. A Guard of a few, in fighting, can keep CAPE GUARDAFUI.

Ahead of a Million. In Kamtchatka, the people do not often indulge in CAPE LOPATKA.

Low Tattling. A Pillar,

often supports CAPE PILLAR.

A High-reared Roof. The Duke of York, employed CAPE YORK.

A Witty Editor at Home. A Gay Sea-lion, is sometimes seen CAPE ZELANIA.

Walking in a Cage. A Christian, usually behaves like CHRISTIANA.

A Just Youth. Constantine, had his brows adorned with CONSTANTINOPLE.

A Wreath of New Bay, Captain Fagen, is worth more than COPENHAGEN.

A Welch Dime. A Dumpling, would make a good dish for DUBLIN.

A Lame Jew. A Red Bird, - does not much resemble EDINBURGH.

A Yellow Gem. A Florentine, after performing a good action, FLORENCE. likes to be

Rewarded Gin,

is drank by many GENEVA.

A Rich Jew. The Rock of Gibraltar, is GIBRALTAR.

Much of a Hill A Gander, - has feathers that look like GONDAR.

A White Home Muif. A Hog,

is usually fatter than HAGUE.

A Lean Hare. A Hand,

on a vessel, will not do as much HANOVER.

All Hands.


An Old Town,

has in it many HOBART Town.

A Room and Door-key A Chateau, will not last long, if it is JEDDO.

Much in the Damp. The Keel of a Ship, is often made of KELAT.

New Beech or Ash. Lasses,

can sing, or LASSA.

Amuse you with a Piano. Liberty,

in time of war, is purchased by LIBERIA.

many A Siege and Death. A Lazy Pony,

can run faster than LISBON.

A Home Puppy. Londoners,

often walk in LONDON.

A Lane. Madeira Wine, is a better drink than MADEIRA ISLANDS.

Home-made Hock A Matron,

often wears MADRID.

A Rosary. A Malt Room,

furnishes a drink that is better MAELSTROM. than

Chaffy Toddy. Malaga Grapes, do not grow on the banks of the MALACCA.

Sunny Hudson Mica,

is a mineral, that is MECCA.

Inodorous. Morocco Shoes, are worn by MOROCCO.

Many a Wife. A Mouse, . would doubtless like to Moscow.

Lodge in Mush. A Maniac,

acts as wildly, as MUNICH.

A Rough Heathen. A Muskrat, has a foot that may be called MUSCAT.

An Animal's Paw. Nankeen,

is a kind of goods, that sells as NANKIN.

readily as Money or White Tape. Nobles,

have a title that is NAPLES.


any other

A Northern Icy Cape, is cold enough to freeze

A Chicken in May A Northern Lapland Cape, is a place where planters can

North CAPE: LAPLAND. not raise A Cotton Hedge. The North-eastern Cape, of the world, is cold enough to

NORTH EAST CAPE. need Coffee in Hot-houses. Blarney,

is talked by Irishmen, who are PALERMO.


Miffy nor Dumb. Aimé Paris, know's more Mnemotechny, than PARIS.

European A Pagan,

would not like to PEKIN.

Reside in a Ditch. Roads,

are travelled sailors, who have RHODES.

A Home on the Ocean Wave. A Room,

is more agreeable than the open Rome.

air, during A Rainy Time. A Sea-horse, rather swim in the sea, than rest SEA-HORSE ISLAND. in

A Fine Hammock. Smyrna Figs, - are as delicious as SMYRNA.

A Muifin or Pie. Helena the Saint,

was a student of Sr. HELENA.

Theology. A Stock-fish, is not much like STOCKHOLM.

A Halibut in the Wave. St. Paul on an island, did not live on St. Paul ISLAND.

Mica or Cocoa. St. Peter,

enjoyed the confidence of the St. PETERSBURGH.

Joyous Messiah. Sidney Smith, was an author who wrote SYDNEY.

Merry Tales. Tyranny,

is exercised by tyrants, protected TEHEREN.


A Home Shield. A Tin Bucket,

is about the color of TIMBUCTOO.

A White Cameo. An Obelisk, is sometimes erected over a dead TOBOLSK.

warrior, by A Live Chief

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A Tree,

TRIESTE. Trouble,


TUNIS. Venison,

A. Vine,

A War Saro,


• if filled with fruit, may be called

A Rich Tree. would be seen, in fighting with

A Mammoth at Home. are not often sung by

A Mohawk in the Woods. well cooked, is better than

Raw Wild-honey will not grow well in

A Rough Ditch is not a good weapon to use in






As it is inconvenient to construct formulas that represent a large number of ciphers, as in the population of places, lengths of rivers, etc., and, at the same time, of nò utility in learning thom, we have the phrases stand for the even number of hundreds, thousands, or millions, as the case may be, and from the nature of the subjects we can give the correct answer. For the subjects that follow, from page 194 to 200, we have these rules :

1. In the formulas for the population of countries, the phrases represent the number of millions; and for the population of cities, they stand for thousands.

2. The lengths of the rivers are given in hundreds of miles, and the heights of mountains in hundreds of feet; but the heights of water-falls, towers, spires, and monuments, are given in the exact number of feet.

3. In the formulas for specific gravities, the last three articulations stand for the decimals, and all the articulations that precede the last three (if any), are the whole numbers, and show how many times heavier than water or air, the substance is.

4. The formulas for the population by Continents and Religions, on page 212, stand for the even number of millions.

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