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Artificial Memory first taught by Simonides,

B. C. 469 Athenian army under Nicias, captured at Syracuse,

413 Beginning of the Olympic Era,

776 Byzantium, (now Constantinople,) founded,

657 Cæsar killed in the Senate-house, by Brutus and Cassius, 44 Cambyses, king of Persia, conquered Egypt,

525 Cicero banished, at the instigation of Clodius,

58 Cyrus captured Babylon,

538 Death of Socrates,

400 Dionysius of Halicarnassus, completes his history, Draco of Athens, framed his bloody code of laws, .

621 Eclipse of the Moon: the first on record, .

721 First law in Rome against bribery at elections,

149 First Triumvirate, between Pompoy, Cæsar and Crassus, . 60 Gladiators first exhibited,

264 Grecian system of education adopted at Rome, .

164 Homer supposed to have flourished,

907 Lysimachus defeated and slain at Cyropedium, .

281 Marius defeats and captures Jugurtha,

106 Parchment invented by King Attalus,

210 Peloponnesian War commenced,

431 Pompey's Pillar erected at Alexandria,

48 Retreat of the Ten thousand Greeks, under Xenophon, . 401 Rise of the Achæan League,

280 Rome founded,

753 Sardinia and Corsica conquered by the Romans,

231 Scipio “ carries the war into Africa,” and besieges Utica, 204 Second Punic War commenced-lasted sixteen years, 218 The seven wise men of Greece flourish,

621 Solar Eclipses first calculated, by Thales,

620 Solon's Laws adopted at Athens,

594 The Mausoleum, the sixth wonder of the world, erected, 351 Tiberius Gracchus put to death,

133 Xerxes, king of Persia, commenced his reign,




Artificial Memory first taught by Simonides, 4 6 9 made him

Rich and Happy. re, che, pe. The Athenian Army, under Nicias, was cap. 4 1 3

tured at Syracuse, during A War Time. re, te, me. The Olympic Erą, was established by some 7 7 6

King or Jew. ke, ghe, je. Byzantium or Constantinople was founded, 6 5 7 and cost more than

A Shilling. she, le, ghe. Cæsar, who was killed in the Senate-house, 0 4 4

had the reputation of A Wise Warrior. ze, re, re. Cambyses, king of Persia, conquered Egypt, 5 2 5 and took

A Sail on the Nile. le, ne, le. Cicero was banished at the instigation of 0 5 8

Clodius, and he left rather than be A Slave, se, le, ve. Cyrus captured Babylon, by

5 3 8

A Sly Move. le, me, ve. Socrates was put to death, and slept as quiet. 4 0 0 ly as if on a bed of

Roses. re, ze, ze. Dionysius of Halicarnassus completed his

0 7 History, which was celebrated in Song. se, ghe Draco of Athens framed his bloody code of 6 2 1

laws, and acted like a cruel Giant. je, ne, te. The First Eclipse of the Moon on record, 7 2 1 looked like

A Sky Window. ke, ne, de The Law in Rome against bribery at elec- 1 4 9 tions, affected many

A Tribe, te, re, be. The First Triumvirate, was a coalition of 0 6 0 three

Sages. se, je, ze. Gladiators were first exhibited, and inflicted 2 6 4 on one another much

Injury, ne, je, re. The Grecian System of Education, adopted 1 6 4 at Rome, had many

A Teacher. te, che, re,

higher than

Homer, one of the earliest poets, flourished, 9 0 7 and made

Poesy Awake. pe, ze, ke. Lysimachus was defeated and slain, in

2 8 1

A New Fight. ne, fe, te. Marius defeated and captured Jugurtha, 1 0 6 after

A Hot Siege. te, se, je. Parchment invented by King Attalus, was 2 1 0 used in writing

Notes. ne, te, se. When the Peloponnesian War commenced, 4 3 1 every soldier was

Armed. re, me, de. Pompey's Pillar, erected at Alexandria, is 0 4 8

A House-roof. se, re, fe. At the Retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks, 4 0 1 they did not stop to

Rest. re, se, te. At the Rise of the Achæan League, there 2 8 0 were many

Knaves. ne, ve, ze. Rome was founded, by a colony from an 7 5 3 eastern

Clime. ke, le, me. Sardinia and Corsica were conquered by the 2 3 1

Romans, to gratify their Enmity, ne, me, te. Scipio carried the war into Africa, making 2 0 4

A Noisy War. ne, ze, re. The Second Punic War commenced, by en- 2 1 8 listing every

Native. ne, te, ve. The Seven Wise Men of Greece flourished, 6 2 1 and constituted a wise

Junto. je, ne, te. Solar Eclipses were first calculated by 6 2 0 Thales, a man of

Genius. je, ne, se. Solon's Laws adopted at Athens, were the 5 9 4 result of considerable

Labor. le, be, re. The Mausoleum, the 6th. wonder of the world, 3 5 1

cost more money than A Small Hut. me, le, te. Tiberius Gracchus was put to death, and 1 3 3 denied

A Tomb at Home. te, me, me Xerxes, king of Persia, commenced his reign, 4 8 5 before the invention of the

Rifle. re, fe, le.

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Sacred Chronology.

1. Creation of the world,

B. C. 4004 Birth of Cain, the first born of Adam and Eve,

4003 Abel murdered by his brother Cain,

3875 Enoch translated to heaven,

3017 Universal Deluge, in the 600th year of Noah's age, 2348 Babel Tower built by Noah's posterity,

2247 Calling of Abraham, .

1921 Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by fire from heaven, 1897 Isaac offered in sacrifice by his father,

1871 Esau sells his birth-right to Jacob, for a mess of potage, 1816 Jacob married Leah and Rachel,

1759 Joseph sold by his brethren,

1728 Moses born,

1571 Job flourished ; famous for his wisdom and patience, 1513 Pharaoh's host drowned in the Red Sea,

1491 Moses saw Jehovah in the burning bush,

1491 Moses received the Law on Mount Sinai,

1491 Moses wrote the Pentateuch,

1452 Moses smote the rock, and drew water from it,

1452 The Israelites enter Canaan, under Joshua,

1451 Fall of Jericho, under the trumpets of Joshua,

1451 Boaz married Ruth, .

1312 Jephthah sacrificed his daughter,

1188 Samson killed 1000 Philistines with a jaw-bone,

1136 David kills Goliah the Philistine giant, with his sling, 1062 Saul slew himself, and David was elected King of Israel, 1055 Solomon succeeded David, as King of Israel,

1015 Solomon laid the foundation of the temple,

1012 Division of Israel and Judah, under Jeroboam,

975 Elijah the prophet, translated to heaven,

896 Jehu King of Israel, destroyed the priests of Baal,

884 Jonah swallowed by a whale,

801 Isaiah began to prophecy, ·

758 Ahaz King of Judah, sets up idol worship,

742 End of the kingdom of Israel,

721 Senacherib's army of 185,000 men, destroyed by an angel, 710 Holofernes beheaded by Judith,

657 Josiah the pious, begins to reign,


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