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Albany Ale, is often transported in

A Rum Car is worth as much as ASTORIA.

A Rich Dane or a Jew. An Eye-stone, - will set better in the


than AUSTIN.

A Mossy Bee-hive. Lord Baltimore, settled in Maryland, and made BALTIMORE.

A Map for a King. A Bank of Ore, contains more valuable mineral, BANGOR.


A Royal Shop. The Bermuda Isles, furnish some animals for BERMUDA ISLANDS.

A Menagerie. The Boston Market, has BOSTON.

A Worn Gateway. A Puny hare, - or a little rabbit, is not as large as BUENOS AYRES.

A Mule or a Wolf. A Buffalo,

rather live on a western prairie, BUFFALO. than

Roam in Cuba. A Farewell, was said by Noah, when he sailed CAPE FAREWELL. in the

Joyous Ark. Cape Horn, is not often sailed round, by men

CAPE HORN. who are fond of Law Judging Queen Isabella, of Spain, never had to CAPE ISABELLA.

Go Begging The Prince of Wales, is never allowed to marry

CAPE PR. OF WALES. A Jewish or Dutch Wife. A Sable,

is an animal, that has CAPE SABLE.

A Nail in his Foot A Log-house, - makes a good residence in sumCAPE St. Lucas. mer, for about

Ninety Days. Crackers, . would not be eaten by CARACCAS.

A White Woodchuck.

A Chickasaw Indian, has

A Deep Cheek Cincinnatus, had a house that was better than CINCINNATI.


Home of a Beaver. Concord,

was established in CONCORD.

Rome by Cato. A Council of Chiefs, is where the attendants wear COUNCIL BLUFFS.

A Red Badge. A Dear Trout, is a fish that can swim, or DETROIT.

Run in the Foam A Dove,

is a more harmless bird than DOVER.

An Amboy Eagle. Eastern Port Wine, causes many EASTPORT.

A Royal Joke. A Fish on an Island, would like to be FEJEE ISLANDS.

Hiding in a Wet Cave. Four Shillings,

will procure admittance to the FORT SNELLING.

Royal Opera. Franklin,

was wiser than many FRANKFORT.

A Miffy Fellow. Galveston in Texas, is fast being settled by GALVESTON.

A New People. The Halifax Steamers, land on HALIFAX.

A Royal Shore. A Hard Fort, can not be captured by soldiers, HARTFORD.

if they go to Running Home. Havana Cigars, are as fragrant to a smoker, as HAVANA.

A New Muifin. A Highwayman, is neither HAWAII.

Honest nor Loyal. An Indian Apple, is often eaten by INDIANAPOLIS.

A Weary Savage. I Owe a City,

respect, that establishes Iowa City.

A Reign of Piety. General Jackson, - was a great warrior, and JACKSON.

A Man of Peace.

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Juan Fernandez, - was Selkirk's home, after he had

JUAN FERNANDEZ. sailed round A Merry Cape. The Western Keys, harbor men of KEY WEST.

Unholy Fame. The King's Town, is sometimes the residence of KINGSTON.

A Thief and a King. Lime,

is about the color of, LIMA.

A Tin Gewgaw. A Little Rock, is usually harder than LITTLE Rock.

A Mellow Bone. President Madison, during the last war, did not keep Madison.


Army on Half-pay. Memphis in Egypt, is some like the MEMPHIS.

Home of a Gipsy. A Mexican, in talking about war, acts like MEXICO.

A Noisy Booby. The Middle of a Village, in Egypt, contains many MILLEDGEVILLE.

A Mummy of Fame. A May-pole, is large enough to make MOBILE.

A May-day Fife. A Mountain Player, can play MONTPELIER.

A Rare Game. A Country Hall, - or farm house, is usually sur

MONTREAL. rounded by A Rich Acre. A Newish ville, if attacked by Indians, is the NASHVILLE. scene of

Much Havoc. The Duke of Orleans, (who was killed,) met with sad NEW ORLEANS.

Mishaps. A New Yoke, - is often made of New YORK.

Hard Hickory. Panama Hats, are brought by PANAMA.

A Sea-boy from Cuba. A Bird and a Book, are seen in many PERNAMBUCO.

A Wise Family. A Pewter Island, .. would be a good plaything for PETER ISLAND,

Shop Boys.

A Rich man,

The Philadelphians, are opposed to every

A Pretty Island, - is found in the

Nile or Thames. A Sporting Prince, likes to shoot with' PORT-AU-PRINCE.

A Deep Gun. A Sporting Land, is a place of refuge, for PORTLAND.

Weary Rogues. Provident People,

are seldom PROVIDENCE.

Rude or Wicked. The Citadel of Quebec, is protected by QUEBEC.

A Rock and a Gate. A Kite,

sometimes flies higher than Quito.

An Ice-house or a Cape. A Rail-road, . has cars that are the RALEIGH.

Image of a Cab. is as independent as RICHMOND.

A Miffy King. A Royal Joiner, likes to live in Rio JANEIRO

A New Merry Home. A Sandy Field, when cultivated, will produce Santa Fé.

Much Wood-sage. Saint Jago,

is a saint, who is sometimes SANTIAGO.

Mimicked A Savanna, is a level plain, that is trodden by SAVANNAH.

Many a Foot. Eastern Slaves, annually present their priests, with

EAST END OF SLAVE LAKE. A Gem and Tithes. A Spring in a Field, will refresh SPRINGFIELD.

Heroes or Boys. St. Louis of France, had an army that was about like St. Louis.

A Mob of Boys. Mackinaw Trout, - make as good a dish, as MACKINAW STRAITS.

An Irish Fowl. A Tahitian, is about as good a Christian, as TAHITI.

A Devout Arab.

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A Tall House, is a better dwelling than

A Mossy Hovel. Tongs,

are used in handling TONGA ISLANDS. New Wood and Wood-coal. Weary Crews, on steamboats, have to VERA CRUZ.

Wood-up on the Beach. General Washington, in a battle, could defeat WASHINGTON.

A Mob or a King. Algebra,

is a Science, that has many ALGIERS.

A Maxim. An Archangel, does not much resemble ARCHANGEL.

A Jew or a Lord. An Atheneum, - is sometimes in the possession of Athens.

A Miffy Owner. If a boy should bag his dad, he would put his BAGDAD.

Mamma in a Roar. A Pearl,

is a gem that is worth more than BERLIN.

A Lamb or a Dime. Brine,

is not as palatable to a drinker, as BERNE.

Arrack or Sack. A Bomb,

is sometimes thrown on the BOMBAY.

Top of a Gate. Brussels Lace, is not as durable as BRUSSELS.

Leather. A Bakery, - contains bread that is as fragrant BUCHARIA.

A Rose or a Cherry. A Cable,

is used by sailors, when they CABOOL.

Moor a Ship. A Crow,

is often seen catching CAIRO.

Mice in a Meadow. A Calculator, - or mathematician, can not play on CALCUTTA.

A New May-fife. Candy,

is some like CANDIA.

A Mellow Nail Canteens,

are carried by soldiers, who meet CANTON.

An Enemy by Day-time.


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