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Tour sailing April 18.

Leisurely travel.

Interesting routes.

Interpretive leadership.

First class throughout.

Write to UREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL 5 Boyd St. Newton, Mass. THE beauty, fascination, and mystery of the Orient lures visitors rom all over the world to


he quaintest and most interesting of all ountries. Come while the old age custome revail. Write, mentioning "Outlook" to JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION


for full information

les for a single room without bath and with 3 meals, 5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country AUTO TOURS IN EUROPE

arties of 3 or 4 personally escorted by memers of Cambridge University between April nd Oct. Selected itineraries. High class cars. ompetitive rates. Write for booklet early to GUNSTON, 15, Station Rd., Cambridge, Eng. EUROPE BECKONS

WE can make your travel EASY OUR TOURS clude Rome, Switzerland, Netherlands, rance and British Isles. Sailing June 27. welfth Season.

COOMS WITH PRIVATE BATH on the steamer for those enrolling early. IGH GRADE TOURS at a very MODERATE PRICE. Write for an Illustrated Itinerary to

WORTHWHILE TOURS 7 Aldworth St., Boston 30, Mass.

REE TRIP TO EUROPE will be given organizer of a small party. Established 1900. ABCOCK'S TOURS. 13 Halsey St.. Brooklyn. EGYPT, GREECE, and PALESTINE, small private party sailing in ebruary. Also IDEAL SUMMER OUR of EUROPE. RESER Euroan Tours, 171 8. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Residence

Dresden, Germany and chaperon

ce. $100 monthly. Party of older girl stuents sailing April 15. Apply 8,363, Outlook.



Travel with us to the picturesque capitals of the Old World: Edinburgh, London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome. Send for new booklet, Europe 1923 THE TEMPLE TOURS 65 A Franklin Street, Boston, Mass.

ady, experienced in foreign travel

cently returned trom a year's visit in Eupe, wishes to escort one or two ladies on simr trip, spring and summer. 8,389, Outlook.


ton Square adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day," including meals. Special rates for two weeks or more. Location very central. Convenient to all elevated and street car lines.

Hotel Le Marquis

12 East 31st Street

New York

Combines every convenience and home comfort, and commends itself to people of refinement wishing to live on American Plan and be within easy reach of social and dramatic centers.

Rates with Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon request. KNOTT Management.


Boarders Wanted Pinehurst

limited number of boarders can be accomOmodated at Owens Heights through e winter season. Delightful climate, exceltfare. Mrs. Early Owen, Prop., Zebulon, Ga.

Real Estate

FOR SALE and 5 acres grapefruit d oranges. Perfect condition. Captiva land, Fla. Ideal winter home at a bargain. ddress J. Sanchez U., Captiva, Lee Co., Fla.

5-room modern cottage

Hotels and Resorts



Wayside Inn Litchfield Co., Coun.

he foothills of the Berkshires. A restful ace for tired people. Good food and a comrtable home. 2 hours from New York. let A. Mrs. J. E. CASTLE. Proprietor. ASSACHUSETTS

Sunshine and the pines, good
fellowship, true sport.
Now Open

Holly Inn and Berkshire

Open early in January
Weather for November and December-
like late Fall in New England

For Reservations or Information address:
General Office, PINEHURST, North Carolina

Pidge Hall, Wellesley Hills, Come to Mountains of Virginia

ine location. Running water in easant forest walks and country ible a specialty. $15-$25 a week.

FALL AND WINTER SEASON. Excellent table, reasonable rates. Hunting. 8,387, Outlook.

Hotels and Resorts PENNSYLVANIA

Pocono Manor


American Plan


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Companions and Domestic Helpers WANTED-Reliable, middle-aged woman to make herself generally useful in small family living on Harrison Ave., Harrison, N.Y. One who values pleasant home above high salary. Address Mrs. S. A. Shepard or telephone Park 871.

WORKING housekeeper, family three adults. References exchanged. Tuckahoe 1325 W. 3,131, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses WANTED-Nursery governess or mother's helper, educated, Protestant, capable, good walker, age 35-40. Two children, ages 5 and 7 years; situation permanent. Highest personal Moderate Rates references essential. Summit, N. J. Salary $80. 3,122, Outlook.

References Required

The happy land of winter sports and healthgiving rest. Skiing, skating, tobogganing and snowshoeing, Bracing climate, excellent food, comfortable rooms, personal attention.

The ideal week-end trip.

Less than three hours from New York via the D. L. & W. R. R. It is suggested that reservations be made at once.

Pocono Manor, Pa.

"Pennsylvania's Most Healthful Resort" Towanda, Pa., Woodleigh. Winter accommodations. Positively well heated. Steam, electricity, bathrooms, sun parlors, open wood fires, good cooking, abundance of cream, good milk, fresh eggs, vegetables, fruits. Booklet. Moderate terms. Address Miss ELIZABETH LAME.

Health Resorts

Sanford Hall, est. 1841 Private Hospital

For Mental and Nervous Diseases Comfortable, homelike surroundings; modern methods of treatment; competent nurses. 15 acres of lawn, park, flower and vegetable gardens. Food the best. Write for booklet. Sanford Hall Flushing New York


YONKERS, N. Y. Psycho-Therapeutic Treatment. Booklet. BOOKS, MAGAZINES


SPEAKERS.-Special subjects prepared; lectures, articles, orations, debates. Expert service. Authors' Research Bureau, 500 Fifth Ave., New York.


SAFE 8% FIRST MORTGAGE INCOME CERTIFICATES additionally secured, tax exempted, quarterly payments. Permanent or reconvertible. Ask circulars. Home Building & Loan Co., Jacksonville, Fla.



Business Situations HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for highsalaried men and women. Past experience We train you by mail and put you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay, fine living, interesting work, quick advance inent, permanent. Write for free book. Lewis "YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Hotel Training Schools, Room 5842, Washington, D. C.


Professional Situations GENTLEWOMAN whose personal experience and social position renders her competent wishes to become associated with a private school for girls as social director or house mother. Salary not of first importance. 3,137, Outlook.

TRAINED nurse desires position as com panion to invalid lady. Would prefer traveling, South or elsewhere. Highest references. 3,142, Outlook.

Business Situations

YOUNG man with a wide and varied experience in child welfare work, recently superintendent of an orphanage, desires executive or sub-executive position. Conversant in French, Italian, and German. Capable grade school teacher. Best of references. 3,038, Outlook.

COLLEGE graduate, trained librarian with eight years' experience, wishes special library position in New York City. 3,133, Outlook.

FRENCH lady, speaking English, German, French, and Dutch, desires position in New York as interpreter or governess. Highest references. 3,144, Outlook.

Companions and Domestic Helpers COMPANION to elderly lady or semiinvalid after January 1, 1923, by middle-aged trained nurse. No objections to country. References. 3,115, Outlook.

WANTED- Position as companion for elderly person, semi-invalid, or children over six years, by woman of responsibility and refinement. Satisfactory references. 3,127, Outlook.

of ability and refinement. Understands the HOUSEKEEPER, supervising, by woman

management of household and servants. Excellent references. 3,136, Outlook.

AS managing or working housekeeper by cheerful, refined Protestant widow; country gentleman's or motherless home.' Highest

references. 3,140, Outlook.

COMPANION to lady; travel, go South. Managing housekeeper, widower, one or two children. Christians. References. 3,143, Outlook.

NEW York or near-Englishwoman (lady) wants position February, Chaperon girl, or companion. Trained and experienced secretary-stenography and typewriting. Nonresident part time secretarial if desired. 3,141, Outlook.

COMPANION-housekeeper position desired by gentlewoman; some institutional experience. 3,139, Outlook.

YOUNG woman, refined, educated, hospital training, will act as companion, social secre tary. Will travel. References. 3,146, Outlook

WIDOW, speaking French-housekeeper. hostess, companion, any position of trust. Will travel. Highest references.3,134, Outlook. CULTURED woman as


WANTED-Competent teachers for public housekeeper for widower. elderly or

and private schocis. Calls coming every day. Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N. Y.

TEACHERS needed for January, February, and September, all departments of schools and colleges. Special terma. THE INTERSTATE TEACHERS' AGENCY, Macheca Building, New Orleans, La.

SECRETARIES and social workers, dietitia 8, cafeteria anagers, governesses, matrons, housekeepers, superintendents. Miss Richards, Providence Box 5 East Side. Boston, Trinity Court, Fridays, 11 to 1. Address Providence.


UNUSUALLY desirable stationery for any type of correspondence. 200 sheets high grade note paper and 100 envelopes printed with your name and address postpaid $1.50. Samples on request. You can buy cheaper stationery, but do you want to? Lewis, 284 Second Ave., Troy, N. Y.

OLD Hampshire bond; 100 sheets (644x7) and 75 envelopes, printed, $2 delivered. Franklin Printery, Warner, N. H.

HELP WANTED Companions and Domestic Helpers WANTED Gentlewoman as managing housekeeper, with highest references. Refer to Miss E. Grant, 1 East 75th St., New York City.

WANTED-Working housekeeper. No washing, all cooking, some cleaning. Three in family. References required. Write M. B. B., 52 Arlington Place, Buffalo, N. Y.

couple, motherless home. Will travel. Highest ref erences. 3,147, Outlook.

POSITION as housekeeper by thoroughly reliable young woman. South preferred. 3,148, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses GOVERNESS, German, French,, experi enced teacher of young children, wishes po sition. 3,135, Outlook.


CHILD to board. Protestant family. Excellent environment. Mother's care. Near Scranton, Pa. 3,129, Outlook.

FREE TUITION, meluding even board and room, to young women ages 18 to 35 learning in New York City institutions a recognized profession, paying $200 month salary on graduation. Apply for details to 1101 Times Square Bldg., New York City.

TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a very thorough nurses' aid course of six months is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Monthly allowance and full mainte nance is furnished. For further information address Directress of Nurses.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will shop for you, services free. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

GRADUATE nurse and physician will take into their home and care for small children. References exchanged. 3,112, Outlook.

LADY taking independent ten-week Mediterranean trip, sailing February, wishes protégé. Small fee. References exchanged 3,116, Outlook.

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KIM milk used to be considered as

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nearly worthless as anything might well be," a chemist says in "Collier's." "Now it turns up as hair combs, fountain pens, and paper sizing. I recall a manufacturer who was making a water paint out of glue and gypsum. He found a German product which was better than glue, but the Germans wanted 30 cents a pound for it-which was more than he could pay. The German product, on analysis, proved to be only a mixture of casein and lime. Casein is easily prepared from skim milk. We made some for him. The man's factory was in a dairy country. Since then he has accumulated a large fortune selling his improved paint. He might well quarter a cow on his coat of arms."

In a recent examination of students before a medical board in a Southern State, according to the "Journal" of the American Medical Association, one question asked was: "Give the quantitative analysis of uric acid." Following the examination there was much discussion among those examined as to the fairness of this question. Finally a colored applicant who had just graduated from a Northern institution said:

"Last night I was kinda expectin' a question on uric acid, so I got down my book and looked it up. The article was so long and such hard readin' that I decided no white gentleman down in Virginia would ever ask any such question so I stopped studyin'."

"A new book on George Borrow is very welcome," says the editor of the London "Sphere." The book's title is "George Borrow, Lord of the Open Road," and the author is R. Thurston Hopkins. "For more than twenty years after his death," the editor goes on, "Borrow's works were much neglected, and his life an enigma. Since then there have been many books. I myself have perpetrated one. Naturally I think my life of George Borrow one of the best biographies in the English language. The reviewers did not think so when it appeared, but then I have never pretended to attach much importance to the judgment of the critics."

Danny (as quoted by the New York -MADE AT KEY WEST "Evening Mail")-"Mamma, are you go

ing to get that fur coat from papa for
your birthday?" Mamma-"No, dar-
ling." Danny-"Have you tried throw-
ing yourself on the floor and kicking
with your feet like I do?"

The £90,000 which Lloyd George is to
receive for his memoirs is in marked
contrast with the £20 which Milton is
sometimes said to have received for
"Paradise Lost," remarks the New York
"Evening Post." "It is said that Win-
ston Churchill will receive nearly £50,000
for all rights to his memoirs. The
Kaiser is a bad third with £40,000.
When we pass from lump sums in ad-
vance to royalty checks, we of course
enter quite another field. It is stated

that A. S. M. Hutchinson has already received the tidy sum of £70,000 for 'If Winter Comes,' and more is rolling in. What H. G. Wells got out of the 'Outline of History' seems not to be known, but it is known that Wells is a millionaire." Some of these profits represent chickens before they are hatched, for American papers have canceled contracts that would have brought £40,000 to Lloyd George.

"In regard to Texarkana," a corre spondent says, "you did not go far enough with it. The name is taken from three States-Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The main street of this city is actually divided between the States of Texas and Arkansas."

"He says that animals of the cat specie will never forget an injury," a special article in the New York "Herald" says. The writer who uses "specie" as the singular of species is matched by the man who speaks of "working in a quart mine."

A well-known efficiency engineer, according to the "Treasure Chest," took his children to see the great steamship. the Majestic. He wanted to impress on their minds the fact that the Majestic was the biggest steamship ever built, so he took them all over the boat and explained everything to them in detail. When they arrived home Dan, who was the spokesman for the crowd, began with the thing that had impressed him most: "Oh, mother, just think, they had two dining-rooms. After you had eaten all you wanted in one dining-room you could go into the other and eat some more and they wouldn't know anything about it."

"At the risk of seeming to indulge in national boastfulness," says the author of "Rome and the World To-Day," "I be

lieve it can be said that there is a striking resemblance between the busts and statues of the leaders in Roman history and many of the public men of the United States a generation ago. I knew a former Federal Judge who could have sat for a bust of Julius Cæsar. Justices Miller, Bradley, Strong, and Harlan, of the Supreme Court of the United States. each had the same type of countenance as Cicero. Is it to be taken as an indication that our National stock and character are changing, since such faces are not to-day found in our National Congress and in our courts?"

"One reason why the Leader is often a little bit late in coming out," says the editor of the Tarpon Springs (Florida) "Leader," "is that we frequently have a number of fair visitors who come in to leave a news item or an ad, or something of the kind, and at such times we al ways, like a true Southern gentleman. take our pipe out of our mouth and lay it down somewhere and after they are gone it always takes about fifteen minutes to find it again."





An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Current Life


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In politics, I think The Outlook sometimes is wrong. In Americanism, it always is right.

There always is need, in this country-and, for that matter, in every other country-of a magazine dedicated to the task of endeavoring fairly and truthfully to interpret the spirit of the nation and the thought of the people. Never was there a time when this country needed such a publication more than it needs it to-day. In my opinion, The Outlook amply satisfies this need.

Reading it regularly, I think I see in its columns an honest endeavor honestly to present the issues which arise in America and, most of all, I see a

strong and virile nationalism. There are times when I, as a citizen, may disagree with some of the conclusions its editors and its contributors have drawn; but there is never a time when I discern in it any note of insincerity, any suggestion of timidity, any taint of cowardice. I value it as part of the literary diet which helps to make me, I trust, a good American.



If you are not already a subscriber, send $1 for special 13 weeks' subscription.


THE OUTLOOK, September 6, 1922. Volume 132, Number 1. Published weekly by The, Outlook Company at 381 Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Subscription price $5.00 a year. Entered as second-class matter, July 21, 1893, at the Post Office at New York, under the Act of March 3, 1879.

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