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Nassau (Bahamas)


No spot offers more inducements for your winter vacation than Nassau. In this charming British colony tennis, golf, fishing and sailing are now at their best-a wonderful

bathing beach, splendid duck and pigeon shooting. Less than three days from New York through the placid waters of the Gulf Stream. No passports required.

Splendid hotel and other fine accommodations will be supplemented February 5th by New Colonial Hotel, absolutely fireproof-information and room reservations through J. W. Greene, Manager, 243 Fifth Avenue, New York City. EASTERN CUBA

Shortest and most direct route to Antilla,
Nuevitas, Santiago, Camaguey, Bayamo and
all points in Eastern Cuba.

S. S. Munargo S. S. Munamar
Most luxuriously appointed
steamers in the southern trade;
light airy cabins-comfortable,
homelike lounges and reading
rooms spacious
decks. Make your plans now.
Write Desk O.T. for booklet.
67 Wall Street, New York
Philadelphia Chicago Mobile
Baltimore St. Louis New Orleans

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N incident which illustrates both Dr. Abbott's sympathy as a man and his alertness as an editor takes us back to the time when Dr. Abbott first became Editor-in-Chief of The Outlook, then the "Christian Union." It was the day of small things for editors. No palatial buildings, no sanctums with oil paintings and Oriental rugs. The publishing offices of the "Christian Union" were then at 27 Park Place, under the management of J. B. Ford & Co. The paper was put in type on the top floor of the building in a roomy loft. This composing-room was partitioned off at one end as a storeroom. There was plenty of space in it, and a desk was placed by a window and Dr. Abbott was installed here in this sanctum sanc torum. I was then working in the composing-room as a two-thirder, and to my boyish vision Dr. Abbott was an extremely interesting figure. He was a spare, wiry man, wearing a black beard. and full of nervous energy. One afternoon a queer-looking mendicant, of the kind that pesters you with pencils and other things you do not want to buy, found his way up the four pairs of stairs (this was before the day of elevators) to the composing-room. He circulated around among the compositors, making his appeal in a queer, broken voice, for he seemed to have a cleft palate in addition to his other disabilities. He got small pickings from the printers, for those were the days of '761876-and times were hard. The compositors indeed, when they were "braced" for a dime on the street, were wont to retort, "Say, cully, I'm workin' this side of the street myself." The foreman, a stern, hard man, a veteran of the then recent Civil War, happened to be out at the moment, and the cripple opened the door into the sanctum and found Dr. Abbott there. I listened attentively, expecting the man to get as short shrift from the busy editor as he would have had from the hard-fisted foreman. Instead of this, he apparently had a pleasant reception, for I heard the queer voice going along at intervals for over half an hour. The man then came out smiling and apparently happy, and made his painful way down the long stairs. Later in the afternoon I got 'take" of copy from Dr. Abbott, which was the first sheet of a splendid editorial on Christian cheerfulness and resignation under the most grievous troubles. Dr. Abbott had listened attentively to the man's story, had found that he was in a way a hero who was supporting himself and an invalid sister in the only way that was open to him, had discerned the man's real sincerity and worth in a way that we printers could not fathom, and had got a grand lesson from the man's life to be published in the columns of the paper, for the edification and encouragement of a host of readers. I said that I had taken from the hook a "take" of Dr. Abbott's manuscript. This was long before the days of type




writers, and everything was written out in longhand. Now, Dr. Abbott's handwriting somehow looked like copperplate, but read-like Horace Greeley. It was a peculiar, fine hand, but to most of the printers was indecipherable. early caught on to the peculiarities of this handwriting, and the other composi tors, men much older than myself, got in the way of coming around to my frame and asking me to decipher words that stumped them. A man would say, "Moore, what are these words?" I might say, after glancing at the manuscript, "Why, that is 'the doctrine of Puritanism.'" The man would look relieved, and say, "Well, I was going to set it up 'the decline of Presbyterianism."" not many years later, when there was need in the office of a proof-reader who could decipher Dr. Abbott's handwriting and that of the other editors, Mr. Lawson Valentine, the then publisher-a man of genius also, though of a different kind from that of Dr. Abbott-and the Editor-in-Chief picked me out as a likely candidate for the job. In installing me in my new position, Dr. Abbott gave me a little dissertation as to his ideas about my new work. "I don't care so much," he said, "for absolute typographical correctness. You will get most of those mistakes. But I do care," he said, "for absolute clearness of expression in our paper. So, when you come across any sentence in my writing or in that of any of the other editors or contributors which you do not understand, or which seems grammatically incorrect, please put a query against it. For everything that goes into this paper should be expressed with absolute clearness and smoothness, so that there may be no misunderstanding of it." Later, when I came to write myself for the paper, I found this interview an inspiration.

Bearing it in mind, I faithfully put in the queries wherever there was need for them. The result was that Dr. Abbott, whenever he came into the composingroom with a distinguished visitor, to show him the plant, usually stopped at my den and said to his guest. "Mr. So-and-So, if you ever read our paper, and find that it runs along pretty smoothly and clearly, you may thank our proof-readers, for they catch a lot of mistakes that we editors make." This was perhaps over-generous in its acknowledgment of favors done, but it was characteristic of Dr. Abbott in his attitude toward his subordinates to be overgenerous. In this respect, and in every respect, he was a perfect gentleman of the old school.

Whenever I think of Dr. Abbott, my chief during these many long years, I associate him with three men, also products of the religious life of AmericaRalph Waldo Emerson, the seer; Richard S. Storrs, a typical example of a scholarly, dignified minister; Henry Ward Beecher, the fervent pulpit orator. Dr. Abbott shared in the great qualities of these men, but in some respects he was a man of broader views, of wider vision, of sounder judgment, than any of the men I have named.


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$5 $6 $7 &$8 SHOES


W. L. Douglas shoes are actually demanded year after year by more people than any other shoe in the world BECAUSE W. L. Douglas has been making surpassingly good shoes for forty-six years. This experience of nearly half a century in making shoes suitable for Men and Women in all walks of life should mean something to you when you need shoes and are looking for the best shoe values for your money. W. L. DOUGLAS shoes in style, quality, material and workmanship are better than ever be fore; only by examining them can you appreciate their superior qualities.

No Matter Where You Live shoe dealers can supply you with W. L. Douglas shoes. If not convenient to call at one of our 110 stores in the large cities, ask your shoe dealer for W.L.Douglas shoes. Protection against unreasonable profits is guaranteed by the name and price stamped on the sole of every pair before the shoes leave the factory. Refuse substitutes. The prices are the same everywhere.

If not for sale in your vicinity, write for catalog.
for catalog. Wo Douglas

TO MERCHANTS: If no dealer in your town
handles W. L. Douglas shoes, write today
for exclusive rights to handle this quick
selling, quick turn-over line.

W. L. Douglas Shoe Co, 167 Spark St. Brockton, Mass.


Advertising Rates:

Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, Live Stock and Poultry, sixty cents per agate line, four columns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted. "Want" advertisements, under the various headings, "Board and Rooms," "Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each "Want" advertise ment is set in capital letters without additional charge. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered.



Health Resorts


Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Ove 26 years of successful work. Thorough. liable, dependable and ethical. Every co fort and convenience. Accommodations 1 superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sy tem a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.b Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.

Are You Paying the Price of Health and not Getting it?

Robust, vigorous health can be purchased. Thousands of energetic, revitalized perme nent residents of Tucson, Arizona, testify to it.

The price of exuberant health for many hun dreds has been a few months in the SunshineClimate.

Perhaps you, like thousands who will read this message, are struggling along, tired out, run down with" nerves," pulmonary troubles, etc., daily finding yourself outdistanced by stronger men and women.

If you are paying the price of health and not getting it, read every word of this invitation. It is a simple, straightforward word from those who have conquered ill health.

What Tucson Offers

Half-mile high Tucson,from October to May, is a city of sunshine, flowers, bright, warm days and dry, invigorating air. No snow. Little rain. No fogs, dust or wind. Winter mean monthly temperature never exceeds 720 or falls below 49°. Outdoor life is comfortable, delightful, stimulating.

Each year hundreds find in Tucson physical refreshment and robust health. Golf every day, hunting, motoring, hiking, horseback riding, trips to Old Mexico, hundreds of new experiences await you.

Reduced Fares Effective

Reduced fares via Rock Island, Southern Pacific and connecting lines are now effec tive. Tucson is only 53 hours from Chicago, 73 from New York.

Read this Booklet "Man-Building in the Sunshine-Climate" tells of the glowing, tingling health that many have won and of the fascinating life where winter is springtime. Just mail the

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HARLIE CHAPLIN (he signs himself "Charles" in an article in "Collier's") says that one reason for his more recent popular success as a comedian was his decision to stop throwing custard pies. This statement, he adds, is not to be taken too literally. But, he concludes, "If I can sometimes stir the inaudible laughter of the mind and incite an audience to a whimsical contemplation of life itself to a spirit of mockery in which there is no sting, since it is aimed at every one and everything, I would rather have it a thousand times than the guffaws which follow the usual funny gags which any one can do."

Under the title "Humor with a Gender," a writer in the "Atlantic Monthly" prints these anecdotes, which might have been sub-titled "The Old Ones Are the Best:"

"The English comedian, Foote, asked a man why he was always humming a certain tune. Being told, 'Because it haunts me,' Foote remarked, 'No wonder, when you're always murdering it.' One does not readily imagine a woman saying this," the writer observes, "or even making the milder though kindred response of Douglas Jerrold, when a friend announced that 'A certain air always carries me away.' 'Can no one whistle it? asked Jerrold innocently."

At the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Merchants Association of New York on November 17 special invitations were

Property Wanted

Wanted To Rent Small house or tea

room for summer of 1923, in New England States, on automobile road. References exchanged. 8.375, Outlook.


PHYSICIAN'S 5-ROOM APARTMENT, well furnished and equipped,sep arate entrance apartment hotel, in the Fifties near Fifth Ave. If desired would rent unfurnished. Phone Plaza 7175 for appointment.

Live Stock

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SECRETARIES and social workers, dietitians, cafeteria managers, governesses, matrons, housekeepers, superintendents. Miss Richarda, Providence, R. I. Box 5 East Side. Boston Office, Trinity Court, Fridays, 11 to 1. Address Providence.

WANTED-Competent teachers for public and private schocis. Calls coming every day. Bend for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N. Y.

WANTED-Teachers all subjects. Good vacancies in schools and colleges. International Musical and Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall. N. Y.

TEACHERS needed for January, February, and September, all departments of schools and colleges. Special terms. THE INTERSTATE TEACHERS' AGENCY, Macheca Building, New Orleans, La.


PLAYS, musical comedies and revnes, minstrel music, blackface skits, vaudeville acts, nonologs, dialogs, recitations, entertainments, musical readings, stage handbooks, make-up goods. Big catalog free. T. S. Denison & Co., 623 So. Wabash, Dept. 74, Chicago.

sent to businesses that had been in uninterrupted activity in the city for one hundred years or more. Twenty-five firms were found in that category-the largest number being banking houses; there were two grocers, a fur house, two newspapers, one bank note company, and one publishing house.

"In this week's issue (p. 535) you spoke of Dr. Farrington's poem 'Who Won the War?' as not being 'poetry,'" a New York City public school teacher writes. "Dr. Farrington did not intend it to be 'poetry,' but a cartoon of the war. I had my pupils learn this poem and they were very enthusiastic about it." From another section of the "Armistice Day Program" we give our readers a more serious effort of Dr. Farrington's


1921, ENVOYS

'Cross chanting seas, the East and West's,

Come brilliant minds, their coun

tries' hearts,

On shining ships, a nation's guests,
In rôle of men, and comrades' parts.
Calm statesmen, sage, with logic, fact,
Have hope and aim in only this:
A God-sworn bond of human pact-
The rust of arms in armistice.

Under the heading "A Cocoanut Columbus" a book called "The Adventures of a Grain of Dust" tells of South Sea island crabs that climb cocoanut trees to get the nuts. "And who has a better right?" says one of the crabs. "This tree," he might continue, "is the

GREETING CARDS UNIQUE Christmas cards, ten and fifteen cents. Anna Wildman, The Clinton, Philadelphia.


UNUSUALLY desirable stationery for any type of correspondence. 200 sheets high grade note paper and 100 envelopes printed with your name and address postpaid $1.50. Samples on request. You can buy cheaper stationery, but do you want to? Lewis, 284 Second Ave.. Troy, N. Y.

OLD Hampshire bond; 100 sheets (6x7) and 75 envelopes, printed, $2 delivered. Franklin Printery, Warner, N. H.


Business Situations

WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for high-
salaried men and women. Past experience
unnecessary. We train you by mail and put
you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay,
fine living, interesting work, quick advance-
inent, permanent. Write for free book,
Hotel Training Schools, Room 5842, Wash-
ington, D. C.

Teachers and Governesses
WANTED-Nursery governess or mother's
helper, educated, Protestant, capable, good
walker, age 35-40. Two children, ages 5 and 7
years; situation permanent. Highest personal
references essential. Summit, N. J. Salary
$80. 3,122, Outlook.

Nursery governess to assist
with four children, ages 7, 5, 3 years, and 4
months. Refined, good health. State recom-
mendations and salary desired. Mrs. T. S.
Quinn, Lebanon, Pa.


Professional Situations
SOCIAL settlement worker, American
Christian, ten years' experience, wishes an
opening with a future. 3,119, Outlook.

Business Situations

YOUNG man with a wide and varied experience in child welfare work, recently superintendent of an orphanage, desires executive or sub-executive position. Conversant in French, Italian, and German. Capable grade school teacher. Best of references. 3,038, Outlook.


by Specially Chartered New
White Star Liner


Sailing January 20
Returning March 28,

Limited to 500 Guests

Chief among the inviting features of this cruise, making it excel in magnificence, are the following:

the utmost yet offered.
14,000 miles-67 glorious days
among the wonderlands of
the Mediterranean.
Sixteen days in Egypt, Pales-

tine, etc.

In addition, optional visit to London and Paris on the homeward trip; stopover privileges with return by other famous White Star Liners, MAJESTIC, OLYMPIC, etc.

We suggest prompt reservations.
Literature and full information on request.



245 Broadway NEW YORK 561 Fifth Ave. Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles. San Francisco, Montreal,Toronto, Vancouver

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YOUNG French lady of culture, ability, and exceptional character, experience teacher in the best English schools, finishing governess in England and Italy, is open to engagement for the winter as traveling companion or teacher to young lady. Being at present in Rome, she is available immediately in Europe or would return to this country. Refer for further details to Mrs. R. G. Hazard, Dial House, Santa Barbara, Cal.

YOUNG lady, adaptable, fond of children, some hospital training, can teach basketry, etc., desires position. Excellent references. 3,089, Outlook.

WANTED, position-experienced, capable housekeeper. Aged or business couple or institution. 3,106, Outlook.

COMPANION to elderly lady or semiinvalid after January 1, 1923, by middle-aged trained nurse No objections to country. References. 3,115, Outlook.

UNENCUMBERED middle-aged practical nurse, experienced housekeeper, will manage house and care for elderly or convalescent. 3,120, Outlook.

CULTURED gentlewoman as companion to elderly lady or semi-invalid. Will go South or California. 3,125, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses GOVERNESS wants position in kind American family. French; two and a half years' experience; good musician. References. 3,095, Outlook.

DOMESTIC science graduate, experienced, desires position teaching, companion, or executive position in tea room, school, or institution. 3.109, Outlook.


Teachers and Governesses ENGLISHWOMAN desires position in private school. Fully certificated. Wide experience. Highest references. 3,123, Outlook. GENTLEWOMAN, experienced teacher, wishes position with family going South for the winter. B. M., Sound Beach, Conn.


TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a very thorough nurses' aid course of six months is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Monthly allowance and full maintenance is furnished. For further information address Directress of Nurses.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will shop for you, services free. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

BOYS wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell The Outlook each week. No investment necessary. Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave.. New York City.

PROFESSIONAL nurse owning luxurious home would like elderly couples or persons as guests or patients. Address 2,948, Outlook.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery. 25 West 24th St., New York.

EXCELLENT private home and nursing for limited number tubercular patients. Special diets. Address 2,949, Outlook.

FOR adoption, or foster home, interesting boy 4 years of age, American parentage and Protestant. Address 610 Elm St., New Haven, Conn.

FOR adoption, girl of nine years, Protestant, American parents, mentally and physi cally normal. Address 610 Elm St., New Haven, Comm.

GRADUATE nurse and physician will take into their home and care for small children. References exchanged. 3,112, Outlook.

LADY taking independent ten-week Mediterranean trip, sailing February, wishes protégé. Small fee. References exchanged. 3,116, Outlook.

IMPORTER, woman, sailing February, stopping Mediterranean ports and Holy Land, will execute other missions. Antique and gift shop buying my specialty. Credentials. 3,117, Outlook.

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BY THE WAY-(Continued)

descendant of a nut that some of my ancestors sailed upon to this island; for a cocoanut, dropping into the water from a tree near some far shore, often carries on it the crab that had started to eat it. Then a current of the sea carries the nut and its passenger to some other island."

"Up to the eighth stein I am a republican," the Junker says, as reported by the Munich "Simplicissimus," "but after that I can't keep from saying what I think."

One day a big man watched an angler casting in a stream for some time, the London "Morning Post" says, and eventually inquired: "Had any luck?" "Yes," replied the fisher. "I took thirtyone trout out of here yesterday." "That's interesting," said the inquirer. "By the way, do you know who I am? I am the senior magistrate in this district, and this stream happens to be on my estate." "Ah! Do you know who I am?" responded the angler. "I am the champion liar in the district." This joke is just as good as when it was first told of an American game warden.

"Remember," said the serious friend, as reported by the Washington "Star," "your country is calling you." "I know that," replied Senator Sorghum; "but different parts of the country are calling me different things."

The following "infallible recipe to preserve children" is from the "Michigan Health Bulletin:"

"Take one large, grassy field, one-half dozen children, two or three small dogs, a pinch of brook and some pebbles. Mix the children and dogs well together and put them in the field, stirring constantly. Pour the brook over the pebbles. Sprinkle the field with flowers. Spread over all a deep, blue sky, and bake in the hot When brown, remove and set away to cool in a bath-tub."



A son of William Dean Howells, John Mead Howells, recently won a $50,000 prize in the Chicago "Tribune's" competition for plans for its new building to be erected at a cost of $7,000,000. A native of Finland, Eliel Saarinen, won the second prize of $20,000. The building will be of a tower-like character.

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HIS FAVORITE READING-"BY THE WAY" An original sketch by James R. H. Ford, Oberlin, Ohio.

tell your daddy to come on out to


this winter

and be sure to come

on the Santa Fe

tell your daddy to mail

Mr. W. J. Black


Pass. Traf. Mgr., Santa Fe System Lines 1118 Railway Exchange, Chicago

Please mail to me following Santa Fe booklets:


Also details as to cost of trip.

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