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$5 $6 $7 &$8 SHOES



W. L. Douglas shoes are actually demanded year after year by more people than any other shoe in the world

BECAUSE W. L. Douglas has been making surpassingly good shoes for forty-six years. This experience of nearly half a century in making shoes suitable for Men and Women in all walks of life should mean something to you when you need shoes and are looking for the best shoe values for your money.

W. L. DOUGLAS shoes in style, quality, material and workmanship are better than ever before; only by examining them can you appreciate their superior qualities.

No Matter Where You Live shoe dealers can supply you with W. L. Douglas shoes. If not convenient to call at one of our 110 stores in the large cities, ask your shoe dealer for W.L.Douglas shoes. Protection against unreasonable profits is guaranteed by the name and price stamped on the sole of every pair before the shoes leave the factory. Refuse substitutes. The prices are the same everywhere.

If not for sale in your vicinity, write

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INDUSTRY (Continued)

culty, the motor-truck companies came to the rescue with the offer of a rail car which would fill all their requirements and yet permit of one-man operation. This car is fashioned much like a motor bus, except that it has flanged wheels and a place for mail or light freight. It is operated over side-lines by one man, and tests have proved that it not only maintains good speed and takes the inclines as well as the ordinary train, but that it is a bear for heavy snow and plows through it like a steam-engine, a very necessary requisite for the side-line car. At the present time something over twenty roads are operating these rail cars, with excellent results.

And just as the motor bus fills a great social need, so the motor truck is giving us a quick and economical method of transporting commodities over short hauls. The truck is not only bringing in produce from the outlying farm to the city dweller, but it is carrying back to the farmer in its return loads the commodities he needs for running his farm and for the comfort of his family.

There are said to be something over a hundred concerns operating trucks on sixteen regular routes which pass through New York City and which cover the country to the south through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware to the District of Columbia, and to the north they extend all over New England. These companies not only haul produce and fruit, but also manufactured articles.

As an example of the opportunities which present themselves for motortruck distribution, the Port of New York offers an excellent illustration. Within a trucking radius of the Port of New York 8,000,000 people are supplied with thousands of tons of food every year. The more directly and more rapidly this tonnage can be transported from shipper to consumer, the less will be the waste, the better the quality, and the lower the cost.

Throughout New England farmers have been quick to use the motor truck to reach city tables with their produce. It has been estimated that the Boston Post Road alone carries $15,000,000 worth of commodities a year. But this does not cover merely foodstuffs and farm produce, although thousands of dozens of eggs are one of the largest individual items. Manufacturers have found that for small articles which have great intrinsic value and for transporting commodities where crating or heavy boxing would be necessary in railway haulage, the truck offers an easy means of moving them. Farm produce is packed in baskets and no heavy packing is needed even for such breakables as eggs.

How to keep transport costs at their lowest figure is continually in the mind of every transport company. The American Railway Express, whose tonnage mounts to the millions, found that standing motors and idle drivers constituted a large share of their expense Now

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they keep their drivers busy and use demountable trailers, which are backed up to the loading platforms and are loaded while the driver takes out the already waiting load, which is quickly attached to his traction chassis. In Chicago and New York terminals hundreds of these traction units are continually on the move, picking up and releasing loaded and unloaded trailers. In all, the American Railway Express operates something over 3,400 trucks.

Much this same plan has been adopted by one of the largest drug chains in the country in supplying their local stores in and around New York City. Careful analysis proved to them that at least within a radius of forty-five miles of their warehouses they could deliver more economically and satisfactorily by truck. Not the least of the considerations included the more rapid turnover of money invested, owing to the rapidity of truck delivery, which eliminated long waits on sidings and lost sales through uncertain delivery.

This company uses seven large cranes, which are adjusted to their shipping platform and which permit the hanging of extra auto bodies. When the truck arrives in the morning, it deposits an extra body. Within a few minutes a loaded body has been attached to the chassis and it has made way for another truck, thus materially decreasing the space necessary for loading platforms. Extra bodies are always in the process of loading and the chauffeurs are not obliged to waste any time standing around.

In the Far West, where great stretches of country are without railway transportation, motor haulage has greatly facilitated and lowered the cost of distribution. It has been estimated that not less than 4,000 motor trucks are used in California for contract hauling, and the traffic count shows an average of 286,375 truck miles a day. In the fruit belt motor transport is the ideal solution for the handling of perishable fruit, and great fleets of trucks are continually

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YOU'LL be interested to know

just why Listerine is so efficient and so safe as an antiseptic-why it has grown so steadily in popularity for the last half century.

Listerine consists of antiseptic oils and essences, such as thyme, eucalyptus, baptisia, gaultheria and mentha, scientifically combined with a saturated solution of boric acid.

Thus it has a two-fold antiseptic effect-first, the liquid itself halts infection; then upon evaporation it leaves a film of pure boric acid to protect the wound while Nature heals.

Its action is safe and sure. Don't be without it at home. For with Listerine near at hand you enjoy that comfortable feeling of knowing the antiseptic you use is both efficient

and safe.

The booklet that comes with each bottle explains more fully

some of its many uses A safe, unirritating antiseptic for cuts, wounds and scratches, affording protection against infection while Nature heals.

As a gargle for sore throat to ward off more serious ills

As a spray in nasal catarrh.
A safe and fragrant deodorant
in matters of personal hygiene.
Delightful after shaving.
Effective in combating dandruff.
Useful in many skin disorders.

As a mouth-wash to correct unpleasant breath [halitosis]

Lambert Pharmacal Company

St. Louis, U. S. A.

By the author of "White Shadows in the South Seas




By Frederick O'Brien

HE new book deals with those blazing coral wreaths upon the equatorial Pacific known as the Dangerous Archipelago, which are among the most amazing habitations of man. Mr. O'Brien spent months among the Paumotuans taking part in their daily lives.

Moreover, in the new book he tells of further adventures in the Marquesas Islands, and the reader meets again those unforgetable native figures-Exploding Eggs, Vanquished Often, Daughter of the Pigeon, Seventh Man Who Wallows in the Mire, and many others who first appeared in his "White Shadows in the South Seas." Profusely illustrated from photographs. Price $5.00.


By S. E. Forman

This is literally a book that no American can afford to be without. It is an authoritative, up-to-date, entertainingly written history of the United States from the earliest times down through the Armament Conference. It is about the country's business as well as about its wars; it is about its industrial life as well as about its political life. It is not a text-book, and the emphasis is quite properly on the marvelous development of the country. America's story is one of the most romantic and stimulating of all national histories. Illustrated. Price $5.00.

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INDUSTRY (Continued)

carrying the fruit from fields to canneries, to the railways for shipping, and to the near-by towns for quick consumption. In fact, California is gridironed with motor-transport routes.

This year the California fruit crop has exceeded all expectations, and every effort is being made to rush the fruit to the canneries to save the crop, owing to the shortage of freight cars. In talking with one of the representative bankers from the State at the recent Bankers' Convention, he stated that the raisin crop alone exceeded three hundred million pounds, which is three pounds for each man, woman, and child recorded in the Census. Regardless of the Eighteenth Amendment, the vineyards are also making an excellent showing, and wine grapes are selling for five and six times as much a ton as they were before the country went dry.

Throughout the Middle West, where great stretches of prairie make shipping difficult and where transportation by rai! often necessitates from three to four transfers of freight in what might be a twelve-hour trip, local business men have seen a big field in the establishment of motorized express. With the advent of good roads express truck routes have been established through many sections of the country.

Seattle, Spokane, Portland, and Tacoma, in the Pacific Northwest, are alive with motor-truck transportation companies, as are the States of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, which even have their ore-carrying fleets. The recent unparalleled production of the Southwestern oil fields would have been impossible but for the motor truck, and Texas, with its 150,000 miles of roads, would stagnate but for motor transport.

A new development which is even now in an experimental stage is "logging" by motor over corduroy roads. In some sections of the Far West this logging by motor has been found more satisfactory in certain cases than the old-fashioned method of "running" the logs, especially so in the case of fine timber cr for purposes of rapid delivery, and for these specific purposes it threatens to supersede the old system. It also has the advantage that on return trips supplies may be brought back to the camp and better communication maintained with the world outside.

Speaking concretely, motor transport has done much for the country's economic needs. It has facilitated transport by expediting the short haul. It renders auxiliary service to the railways; it enlarges the farmer's market, shortens the time of delivery, and reduces the spread of price between the producer and consumer. It is in no sense a competitor of the railways, for it moves in an altogether different field. Railways, waterways, and motor transport each have their place. To insure economical distribution each should be used to the full measure of its effectiveness.

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(Limited to 450 Guests-About Half Capacity)

By Magnificent New Cunard S.S. "SCYTHIA," Specially Chartered

Twin-Screw Turbine Oil-Burner, 20,000 Tons. Sailing Jan. 30, 1923, returning April 2, visiting

Egypt, Madeira, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Algiers, Tunis, Holy
Land, Constantinople, Greece, Italy,Sicily, Riviera, Monte Carlo,etc.

The "Scythia" is a veritable floating palace, with spacious decks, lounges, veranda cafés, ?
elevators, commodious staterooms with running water and large wardrobes: bedrooms and
suites with private baths. The famous Cunard cuisine and service. (Only one sitting for meals.)
Free optional return passage at later date by any Cunard steamer from France or England.
Rates, deck plans, itinerary and full information on request.
Early reservation advisable.

Also De Luxe Tours to Europe, South
America, Japan, China and California

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Tours and Travel

Education 1993. Organizer of small Tours to EUROPE, party will be given free trip to Europe. Educational Tours, 160 E. College St., Oberlin, O.

Clark's Jan. 22 Third Cruise


by S-S. "'EMPRESS OF FRANCE 18,481 gross tons 4 months, $1,000 and up Clark's Feb. 3 Cruise No. 19 to the MEDITERRANEAN by EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND", 25,000 tons, 65 days, $600 and up, 19 days Egypt and Palestine Clark's Summer Cruise of the


BALTIC (13. Reg.)

White Star Line, specially chartered June 27, 1923, for our 20th Mediterranean and Europe Cruise, 61 days, $600 and up. or $8 days with a week in Paris and 4 daysin London, $700 and up: New York, Madeira, Cadiz, Seville. (Alhambra), Gibraltar, Algiers, Athens. Constantinople, Palestine, Egypt, Naples, 4 days in Rome, Monte Carlo, Cherbourg (for Paris, London). Liverpool, New York.

Attractive proposals to organizers F. C. CLARK, Times Bldg., New York

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THE beauty, fascination, and mystery of the Orient lures visitors from all over the world to


The quaintest and most interesting of all countries. Come while the old age custoins prevail. Write, mentioning "Outlook" to JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION Care Traffic Dept. IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS TOKYO

for full information Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals, $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country


WE can make your travel EASY OUR TOURS include Rome, Switzerland, Netherlands, France and British Isles. Sailing June 27. Twelfth Season.

ROOMS WITH PRIVATE BATH on the steamer for those enrolling early. HIGH GRADE TOURS at a very MODERATE PRICE. Write for an Illustrated Itinerary to

WORTHWHILE TOURS 17 Aldworth St., Boston 30, Mass.


given an organizer of a small party. Established 1900. BABCOCK'S TOURS, 13 Halsey St., Brooklyn. Residence

Dresden, Germany and chaperon

age. $100 monthly. Party of older girl students sailing April 15. Apply 8,363, Outlook.

Egypt, Palestine

Large steamers throughout. Small groups,
personally conducted.
Sailings Jan. 17, $2125-Feb. 10, $1870-
Feb. 24. $1335.


Limited parties enrolling now.

TEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St

Boston, Mass


and Mediterranean Lands Nile Cruise to Second Cataract in private steamer

Special Sailing Jan. 18 by Lapland Later sailings Feb. 15 and April 18

Write for information

OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL vd Street. Newton. Mass.

Tours and Travel


Organize a party and secure your tour as compensation. GATES TOURS

P. O. Box 5275

Boston, Mass.

Health Resorts

THE CEDARS 170 Princeton

Ave., Providence, R. I. A beautiful, restful,

quiet home for convalescents under trained

nursing régime. MISS EMMA E. DORCUS.

Hotels and Resorts



TINE, small private party sailing in
February. Also IDEAL SUMMER
pean Tours, 171 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Europe Summer 1923 Superb Routes.

Experienced leadership. Limited number. For details write Robert H. Browning, 117 Elm St., Oberlin, O.

Health Resorts


Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over 26 years of successful work. Thorough. reliable, dependable and ethical. Every comfort and convenience. Accommodations of superior quality. Disorder of the nervous system a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D., Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.

Golf on New Year's Day

Join a foursome in Tucson, Arizona, on New Year's Day. Eighteen holes of suprises, then delightful, lazy rest in warm sunshine on green lawns. The soft, invigorating air, turquoise skies and bright days brim life full of revitalizing enjoyment.

Only a Few Hours Away Tucson is only 53 hours from Chicago, 73 from New York. Situated on a halfmile high plateau is this delightful, modern city of 25,000 where snap of mountain climate and zest of desert air combine. Motoring through cactus forests, hunting, horseback-riding, golf (clubs are open to visitors), sight-seeing in Old Mexico, Indians, Missions, are experiences you will never forget. Come now and join a foursome on New Year's Day.

Reduced Rates

Reduced rates on all lines are effective with direct Pullman service via Rock Island or Southern Pacific. Rents are reasonable in Tucson; hotels excellent.

Send for Booklet

The Sunshine-Climate Club, composed of leading citizens and institutions of Tucson, has prepared a booklet telling of life where winter is unknown. Before you decide where to go this winterread this booklet. Just send the coupon.

TUCSON Sunshine Climate Club ARIZONA


151 Old Pueblo Club Bldg., Tucson, Arizona.

Please send me your free booklet, "Man-Building in the Sunshine Cli

mate. Name Address


Directly on the Harbor. Accommodates 400. Open Dec. 15 to May 1. Grill room. Tiled swimming pool, golf, tennis, yachting, sea bathing, etc. Direction of L. A. TWOROGER CO. Reached by Steamers Furness Bermuda Line and Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.

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Hotels and Resorts



ideal family hotel, patronized by the élite of Europe and America.Garage, motorcars, saddlehorses, teunis court, croquet lawn, dance room.etc. Phone 153 and 154 Ascot.Telegrams, Berystede, Ascot.


Ridge Hall, Wellesley Hills,

Rs. Fine location. Running water m

bedrooms. Pleasant forest walks and country

drives. Our table a specialty. $15-$25 a week.


Hotel Hargrave

West 72d St., through
to 71st St., New York
300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely
fireproof. One block to 72d St. en-
trance of Central Park. Comfort and
refinement combined with moderate
rates. Send for illustrated booklet J.

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adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day. including meals. Special rates for two weeks or uore. Location very central. Convenient to all elevated and street car lines.


22 miles from Historical Charleston Open January 1st

Special January Tournaments The most delightful month for golfers. No snow-only sunshine and flowers. Superb 18hole golf course. Tennis, saddle and carriage horses. Cuisine and service on par with the best metropolitan hotels. Quail, Wild-Turkey, Fox and Deer hunting.

W. A. SENNA, Manager
Address until Dec. 15-Plymouth Inn,
Northampton, Mass.

Boarders Wanted

PAYING GUESTS. Two ladies received in family. House new, sunny, well heated, Table good. Location, pine belt, opposite lake, hotel, links. LONGCHAMP, Lakehurst, N. J

Real Estate



furnished house, double verandas, modern improvements, stable, 12 acres, water front. Dr. A. H. FRITH, Hamilton, Bermuda.



FOR SALE and 5 acres grapefruit and oranges. Perfect condition. Captiva Island, Fla. Ideal winter home at a bargain. Address J. Sanchez U., Captiva, Lee Co., Fla.

5-room modern cottage

FOR RENT 4 or 5 room apart

ment, furnished, all conveniences, beautifully located on Indian River. $300 season. De Sacia, Merritt, Fla. Attractive country home,

Sorrento, Fla. All modern conveniences,

two bathrooms, sleeping porch. Ideal location. Fine spring water. For quick sale, $10,000. Address owner, Box 94, City Point, Fla. NORTH CAROLINA



Winter Homes

For Sale and

for Rent


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