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JOHN MARTIN'S SOMETHING TO DO BOOK HAS just gone into its third large printing, 45,000 copies in one year. It is a rare combination of book and toy. Sixty-four pages of thrills for busy fingers and active minds. Just the thing for the convalescent or shut-in child, the child in a hotel, on a boat or a train journey, for scissors, crayons, and paste, all that is necessary for the fun, are contained in the portfolio cover. Age 7 to 12. Post-paid, $1.25

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OOK-PLATES foster a love of books. They have been offered in many ways but never so ingeniously as in this book, which will prove a powerful ally in building a permanent library. Ten pages of two-color bookplates, sixty in all, a list of sixty standard books, and other features. State age and whether for boy or girl. Age 5 to 14. Post-paid, $1.00




WEE people will love this unusual book which is also a game of fun and
fancy. Cozy little creatures run over the pages and through doors
which the child cuts. 64 two-color pages; board cover with amusing three-
color design. Age 3 to 8.


Post-paid, $1.25

OHN MARTIN's Publications for Children maintain the
same high standard that has been held for ten years by
John Martin's Book, the Child's Magazine. They are
books built absolutely from the child's point of view, full of
the twinkles and twists that children love.

Buy them of your dealer, or they will be sent, post-paid, from
John Martin's Book House, 33 West 49th St., New York

John Martin's Book Room is a national center for the best
books for children, a shop whose shelves are censored as
carefully as you would censor your own child's library. Ex-
perts in juvenile reading are in charge, who will advise and
talk with you about your individual problem. Our service is
available, also, for those at a distance. Write us the age,
temperament, and taste of your children, and we will gladly
supply lists of desirable books.

Send for the 1922 edition of "John Martin's Blue Book of Best Reading for Children," a thoughtfully selected group of two hundred standards with brief reviews, names of publishers, and prices. Use the coupon below and we will add, free of charge, a little brochure, "The Giant of Worthless Reading."

! JOHN MARTIN'S BOOK HOUSE, 33 West 49th St., New York
Kindly send me "John Martin's Blue Book of Best Reading for Children" and "The
Giant of Worthless Reading."





SSENTIALLY a picture book,

for every puzzle is ingeniously illustrated. A book of instant lure to boys and girls; never so difficult as to discourage, nor so easy as to fail of arousing intense and sustained interest. A riot of brain twisters. 128 pages, gay cover. Age 9 to 14. Post-paid, $2.00

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Edwin A. Alderman in The Outlook:

"A document of democracy. . . . The unfolding of a career constituting a complete and inspiring definition of Americanism. . . . You finish it with a rush of pride in the story, with the sensation of having met an unforgetable man, with a gasp of sympathy for the sheer courage and tragedy of his career."

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"Page's gusto and unconventionality and even his rages are fascinating in themselves, and, working in the service of a democratic faith, so lofty and so comprehensive, they are irresistible, they add to his racy vernacular an eloquent and angry beauty, they touch that slumbering organ which also craves for its part in the national music, the heart. 'Here,' I have said to myself again and again, 'here is the voice of America's higher self. Here is a man who has unmistakably arrived at that point of view regarding our social and national destinies, which all intelligent men will reach by and by.""

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$5 $6 $7 &$8 SHOES and WOMEN

W. L. Douglas shoes are actually demanded year after year by more people than any other shoe in the world

BECAUSE for style, material, workmanship and
reasonable prices they are unequaled.
FORTY YEARS of satisfactory service have given the
people confidence in the shoes and in the protection
afforded by the W. L. Douglas Trade Mark.
PROTECTION against unreasonable profits is guaran-
teed by the name and price stamped on

the sole of every pair.
W.L. DOUGLAS shoes are exceptionally good values.
Only by examining them can you
appreciate their superior qualities. You can always
save money by wearing W. L. Douglas shoes.
W. L. DOUGLAS shoes are sold in 110 of our own
stores in the large cities and by shoe

dealers everywhere. When you need shoes, if not
convenient to call at one of our stores, ask your shoe
dealer to show you W.L.Douglas shoes. The name and Boys Shoes $4.00 & $4.50
price is always plainly stamped on the sole. Refuse
substitutes. The prices are the same everywhere.

If not for sale in your vicinity, write

write for catalog. Wo Douglas

TO MERCHANTS: If no dealer in your town handles W. L. Douglas shoes, write today for exclusive rights to handle this quick selling, quick turn-over line.


W. L. Douglas Shoe Co, 167 Spark St. Brockton, Mass.

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$3 Worth Reading 24c

The following books, 160 to 200 pages, cloth bound, sell for $1.50 each. To have a universal sale we offer a special good paper edition, generous size pages, bold faced Cheltenham type, postpaid, for only 12 cts. a copy comprising:

A 60,000 word edition "Masterpieces of American Eloquence" including Lincoln, Wendell Phillips, Beecher, Douglas, Ingersoll and other noted orators, 12 cts. post paid.

"The World in 1931 " by Stewart E. Bruce is the book of the hour. More fascinating than Bellamy's "Looking Backward." It portrays a new social and economic order based on co-operation, profit-sharingand international brotherhood. It reads like a romance, yet has all the power of a cyclone. Clothbound, 200 pages, $1.50. Paper edition, word for word, same text as the clothbound, 12 cts. post paid. Don't fail to read "The Ashes of Victory," the most enlightening and stirring book of 1922. Tells the plain truths as to the guilt of all the nations that were at war. The war will have been in vain unless the peoples of the world know the startling truths that The Ashes of Victory "contains. Cloth, $1.50, Tecial paper edition postpaid, 12 cts. Do not fail to one or all three of these soul-stirring and enning masterpieces. Offer good until Dec. 15th. F. L. SEARL & CO., Publishers, 108 W. 34th St., New York

W. L. Douglas name and portrait is the best known shoe Trade Mark in the world. It stands for the highest standard of quality at the lowest possible cost. The name and price is plainly stamped on the sole.

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Lords Court Bldg., New York - 122 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago

Teach Yourself to
Write Photoplays

by the Direct, Practical Method Endorsed by Producers,
who are co-operating with us to help you. They furnish us
the studio synopses of their forthcoming feature pictures.
In connection with each synopsis we publish a complete
analysis written by Vernon Hoagland, famous editor and
dramatic critic. An easy and fascinating way to master
the art of the screen. Make your own stories suable by
studying successful pictures with the synopses and analyses
which we provide. For example, we have the studio
synopsis of " BROKEN CHAINS," Winnifred Kimball's
photoplay which won the $10,000 Chicago News
prize over 30,000 contestants. Send $1 for this
synopsis and list of others we have on hand.

24A, 145 W. 45th St., New York

Eat and Be Well!

A condensed set of health rules-many of which may be easily followed right in your own home, or while traveling. You will find in this little book a wealth of information about food elements and their relation to physical welfare.

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The Outlook

Copyright, 1922, by The Outlook Company

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Miss Harris' Florida School

Under Northern management, Northern faculty. Tourist pupils use text-books of home schools. Outdoor classes, ocean bathing, golf throughout winter. Boarding and day school departments. Session October to June.

1051 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida

WALNUT HILL SCHOOL 23 Highland St., Natick, Mass. A College Preparatory School for Girls. 17 miles from Boston. Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals

KENT PLACE Summit, N. J.

A Country School for Girls. College Preparatory and Aca-
demic Courses. Mrs. SARAH WOODMAN PAUL


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NEEDS no censorship by the most exacting. It is built with a constructive idea on every page. It is considered by thousands of mothers the most definite force for right thinking and right living that comes into their homes.


the happiness, guidance, inspiration, fun, and companionship of this real friend, with AN INFLUENCE FOR GOOD THAT LASTS A LIFETIME


FOR the sake of conforming to postal regulations, it is called a magazine

and is issued on a specific date. In all other respects, it is a book, printed in two colors on tough stock, and so strongly bound that it is practically

Fairy Tales

Nature and History

Classic Tales Bible Stories


It has a gay cover,

a title page, and it is full of pictures. Go to the shops and find the cost of the cheapest book on sale. Then consider what the coupon below brings you.

Clean Fun and Nonsense

Fables and Myths Poetry and Jingles

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