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and employee would exist. There are many other important features of the plan, but the simplest way to characterize it as a whole is to say that in its own field it would operate much as the workmen's compensation laws now operate to cut down the number and severity of accidents.

The opponents of such a plan are numerous, including a majority of employers and, curiously enough, Mr. Gompers, of the American Federation of Labor. It is Mr. Gompers's opinion that such insurance will make pensioners out of unemployed laborers, that in hard times it will create a class who will look upon the State as a huge charitable eeded agency, and that this attitude will gradually break down the keenness and aggressiveness for which union labor has been so well known in the past. This argument seems beside the point if we conceive the plan in mind, not as an effort of the State to dole out charitable payments in time of stress, but as a 'working, every-day buffer against the irregularities of employment, the whole burden of which will rest upon industry itself. It is no more a "charitable" act for a worker out of employment to acrept unemployment insurance than for the same worker to accept accident insurance when he breaks his leg. In either case the worker is insured against the calamitous effects of not being able to work through no fault of his own. and the bill for this insurance is paid by that particular company which is, to some extent, responsible for the worker's unemployment.

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Of course the chief objectors to this plan will be among the employers. Their first comment undoubtedly is that it adds one more burden to overhead exbense. This is the same objection that was made during the fight for workmen's accident laws, and, in fact, for almost any laws that appear to add to the cost of doing business, no matter how salutary their effect in other ways may be. It is a selfish objection-but, more than that, it is a weak objection, for it is not true. The enactment of this Jaw in focusing the attention of employers upon methods to combat unemployment (and thus cut down the amount of their insurance premiums) would unloubtedly have the same effect upon nemployment as a similar law has had upon accidents. It would diminish unemployment, and diminished unemployment would mean stabilized industry, more even production, and thus freer Opportunities to increase business prof


These are some of the ways by which Ahe problem of unemployment can be ffectively attacked, not only during the depressing days of bad times, but during very day of any year. With the excep ion of the plan for unemployment inurance and regular grants by the Fedral Government, they are all ways tried efore, and tried for the most part with uccess. There can be no lasting results. owever, unless our efforts remain peristent. We have diagnosed the disease. What we must do now is to apply the ntidote..



$5.00 $6.00 $7.00 & $8.00 SHOES FOR MEN

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W. L. Douglas $4.00 and $4.50 shoes for boys, best the best shoe values for in quality,best in style,best the money in this country. all around shoes for boys. They are made of the best and finest leathers, It is worth dollars for you to remember by skilled shoemakers, all working to make that when you buy shoes at our stores the best shoes for the price that money can YOU PAY ONLY ONE PROFIT. buy. The quality is unsurpassed. The smart No matter where you live, shoe dealer's can styles are the leaders in the fashion centers supply you with W. L. Douglas shoes. They of America. Only by examining them can cost no more in San Francisco than they do you appreciate their wonderful value. Shoes in New York. Insist upon having W. L. of equal quality cannot be bought elsewhere Douglas shoes with the name and retail at anywhere near our prices.

W. L. Douglas shoes are put into all of our 108 stores at factory cost. We do not make one cent of profit until the shoes are sold to you.

price stamped on the sole. Do not take a direct from the factory and save money. substitute and pay extra profits. Order

Wo Douglas

Write for Catalog Today Pres. W. L. Douglas Shoe Co., 767 Spark St., Brockton, Mass.

Are You Suffering

From Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Bright's Disease, or some other form of Articular Rheumatism or Kidney Disorder?

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Mr. S, a Midwest business man (name and address on request) suffered for years from Bright's Disease. Now. he writes us: "The very first case of Paradise Water convinced me that it would help me. At the end of six weeks


my blood pressure, which had often gone up to 260, was down to 145. And I began to acquire a general feeling of fitness, of peace of mind, that I hadn't experienced in years. I say in all earnestness, that no one who drinks Paradise Water regularly -sick or well-will fail to benefit thereby."

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(For Health)

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Advertising Rates: Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, Live Stock and Poultry, sixty cents per agate line, four columns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted.

"Want" advertisements, under the various headings, "Board and Rooms." "Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each "Want" advertisement is set in capital letters without additional charge. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Address: ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT, THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York City

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Hotel Webster

(Near 5th Avenue)
40 West 45th Street

Directly in the fashionable club and shop ping section. Within five minutes' walk to all principal theaters. A high class hotel patronized by those desiring the best accominodations at moderate cost.

REDUCED RATES DURING SUMMER Rates and map gladly sent upon request.

Hotel Hargrave

West 72d St., through

to 71st St., New York

300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely
fireproof. One block to 72d St. eu-
trance of Central Park. Comfort and
refinement combined with moderate
rates. Send for illustrated booklet J.

HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washington Square adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Roots with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day. incinding meals. Special rates for two weeks or more. Location very central. Convenient to all elevated and street car lines.

NEW YORK Adirondacks Interbrook Lodge

and Cottages Keene Valley, N. Y. Season June 1-Octo ber 1. Very heart of highest peaks. Rooms available only for September. Rates $15 and $20. Illustrated booklet. M. E. LUCK, Prop.

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Health Resorts


Beautifully quiet and restful home, all modern conveniences and accommodations of superior quality conducive to health and happiness. Open all year, with winter's fuel supply on hand, assuring steam heat. Pure water, mountain air and excellent food. On State road at outskirts of Saugerties, just 14 miles from highest point in Catskills. DAVID GRAY, Manager. Saugerties, N. Y. Phone 10.

THE POPLARS 70 North 18th St.,

East Orange, N. J. Provides most pleasant and comfortable accommodation for semi-invalids, convalescent, nervous, or aged persons. Excellent homelike attention, moderate terms.


Member of Outlook staff and his wife desire to share a pleasant home as paying guests from October 1 to June 1, within reasonable commuting distance of New York. Garage facilities are required and location near golf club desired. 8,165, Outlook.

Country Board

Morristown, N. J.-The Oaks, Oly

phant Park. From Sept. 15 to Oct. 1, two very attractive double rooms, together or singly. 3 minutes from station, easy commut ing. Excellent cuisine, comfort and home life.

Real Estate


In Florida-For Rent

Two completely furnished cottages, modern improvements; one 3 rooms, bath, for $225 for season; other 8 rooms. sleeping porch, sun parlor, garage, dock, $500, November till May. E. J. BLAIR, Cocoa, Fla.. Box M. Fishing, hunting. Facing Indian River. Secure now.


FOR SALE Unusual opportunity-long and well-established fully equipped tea-room, Splendid opportunity for two friends. Address 7.947, Outlook.


with all

For Sale, Colonial Cottage modern

improvements, in beautiful Adirondack village. Price $15,000. Address 8,147, Outlook.




Winter Homes

For Sale and
for Rent



AUTOMOBILE mechanics, owners, garage men, repairmen, send for free copy America's popular motor magazine. Contains helpful, instructive information on overhauling, iguiAutotion wiring, carburetors, batteries, etc. mobile Digest, 527 Butler Building, Cincinnati.



BOOK MANUSCRIPTS WANTED! Any subject, immediate reading and report. Dorrance, Publishers, 308 Walnut St., Philadelphiza



BIG money in writing photoplaya, stories. poems, songs. Send today for FREE copy of America's leading writer's magazine, ful of helpful advice on writing and selling. WRITER'S DIGEST, 688 Butler Building. Cincinnati.

6 DIFFERENT BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS covering accounting, advertising. adininistration. merchandising, salesmanship and taxation, all prepaid, only 25c. Value $1.50. Instructive, educational, practical. Walhamore Co., Lafayette Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.


SAFE 8% FIRST MORTGAGE INCOME CERTIFICATES additionally secured. tax exempted, quarterly payments. Permanent or reconvertible. Ask circulars. Home Building & Loan Co., Jacksonville, Fla.


DIETITIANS, cafeteria managers, govern- esses, matrons, housekeepers, superintendents. Miss Richards, Providence, R. I. Box 5 East Side.

WANTED-Competent teachers for public and private schools. Calls coming every day. Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N. I.

DIRECTORY for secretaries and social workers. Miss Richards, Providence, R. L. Box 5 East Side. Boston office.


TO rent, at Summit, N. J., convenient to the station, comfortably furnished rooms with abundance of hot water. Especially de sirable for permanent guests. The Gardine, 22 Elm St.


UNUSUALLY desirable stationery for any type of correspondence. 200 sheets high grade note paper and 100 envelopes printed with your name and address postpaid $1.50. Samples on request. You can buy cheaper stationery, but do you want to? Lewis, 234 Second Ave., Troy, N. Y.

HEAVY weight, Kalma Linen Finish folded note size stationery, choice of white, blue, buff, or gray. Your name and address printed ou 100 sheets and 75 envelopes $1 delivered. West of Denver 10% extra. Dept. H, Paramount Paper Co., Kalamazoo, Mich.

PRINTED stationery special-500 note, packet, bills, statements, envelopes, blotters, or 300 letter heads $. Samples. Wells, Printer, Pinebluff, N. C.

THIRSTY blotters sent free on request. also samples of excellent stationery for personal and professional use. Franklin Printery, Warner, New Hampshire.


Business Situations

EARN $110 to $250 monthly, expenses paid, as Railway Traffic Inspector. Position guar anteed after 3 months' spare-time study or money refunded. Excellent opportunities. Write for Free Booklet CM-27. Standard Business Training Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.

HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for highsalaried men and women. Past experience unnecessary. We train you by mail and put you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay, fine living, interesting work, quick advancement, permanent. Write for free book, "YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY," Lewis Hotel Training Schools, Room 5842, Washington, D. C.

WANTED-Young woman of refinement, to be generally useful office and around parlors. Permanent. Heathcote Ium, FearsJale. N. Y. Tel. Scarsdale 600.

GOVERNMENT needs railway mail clerks, $133 to $192 month. Write for free specimen questions. Columbus Institute, B-4, Columbus, Ohio.

AGENTS-Signs of all kinds for stores and offices. Big money making line. Afracto Sign Works, Z, Cicero P. O., Chicago.


Companions and Domestic Helpers WANTED-Young lady's companion to act m as chaperon during winter in Washington. Prefer English woman. References required. 2,039, Outlook,

HOUSEKEEPER wanted - Middle age, must be capable, experienced, and willing to work. For single man of some years. Best references exchanged. State salary expected and send photograph. Address 2,057, Outlook. DOES some elderly woman want good country home (New Jersey) more than high wages? 2,067, Outlook.

WANTED - Young woman, Protestant, good education, to co-operate with mother care of three children under 3 years. Good health, patience, fondness for children, ability to train them, required. Home near New York. Send references. State salary and experience. 2,068, Outlook.



oplaya, stories FREE copy magazine, ful and selling. tler Building

S PUBLICA advertising, ng, salesmanly 25e Value al, practical Bldg., Phila


GE INCOME secured, tax Permanent Home Buildla.


gers, govern superintend e, K. L. Box 5

era for public

ng every day.. era Agency,

and social dence, R. L


onvenient to shed rooms

specially de Gardme,

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NEWSPAPER man tried to draw out Henry Ford about his ambitions for the Presidency. "Would you undertake," he asked Mr. Ford, "to run all the railroads and mines of the United States; to lower the rates and prices according to your principles of good business; to increase wages, to reduce working hours, to add greatly to the service, and to bring a happy ending to the labor wars, without resorting to military forceif...?" "If what?" "If I undertake

to get you the job?" the interviewer ended weakly. "I didn't ask you to get me a job," was Mr. Ford's effective counter.

Shooting has a strong hold on the average Englishman, and he apparently doesn't count the cost where game is considered. At least this is indicated by the following advertisement in the London "Times." It also indicates the financial difficulties of owners who have to receive "paying guests" to meet their expenses:


Grouse Driving in Aberdeenshire.Guns Wanted as Paying Guests. 26 days' shooting last year the bag was 3,663 grouse, at least four days' driving per week; everything found except ammunition, loaders and wines. Price for September £175, or £50 per week.-Application is requested to the owner. Very good prospects this over 6,000 Bag should be year. grouse.

A letter from Russia to Minneapolis had stamps attached to it in sheets, so a daily paper says. Altogether, the stamps were valued at 200,000 rubles. This, however, owing. to the great depreciation of Russian money, amounted in value to only about ten cents in American money. Before the war 200,000 rubles were worth $100,000.

The extra sleeping-car equipment required by the railways for recent conventions, sporting events, and reunions gives an idea of the relative numbers and popularity of various organizations. For the Knights Templar Conclave held

HELP WANTED Teachers and Governesses WANTED-Governess. Primary subjects and music. Good salary. 2,072, Outlook. MUSICAL young woman wanted at girls' day school in suburb near New York to assist in kindergarten and afternoon sports and play for dancing. 2,074, Outlook.


Professional Situations GRADUATE nurse, quiet, sunny dispo sition, cultivated, orphan, desires position useful companion with invalid gentleman. Highest credentials. 1,886, Outlook.

GRADUATE nurse wishes permanent position companion-nervous or mental cases, travel. Charge of motherless child. $50 per week. 2,061, Outlook.

YOUNG woman. cultured, trained, experienced, desires position as religious work director, social service executive, or pastor's 2,076, assistant in church or institution. Outlook.

NURSE, experienced. would care for invalid or children going to California in return for journey expenses. Address Mrs. Hodgson, Infants Summer Hospital, Charlotte, N. Y.

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Business Situations TWO experienced dietitians desire openings other than hospital, November first. 2,056, Outlook.

Foot BOOK WOMAN-Genius in selling. loose. Highest references. 2,065, Outlook. Companions and Domestic Helpers EXPERIENCED teacher wishes position as chaperon-companion for girl under fourteen. 2,030, Outlook.

COMPANION-secretary with lady traveling. Well educated young woman, business and private school experience. Best references. Isabel Hughes, Williamstown, Mass.

WOMAN of refinement and experience wishes position as companion to elderly lady. Address R. E. Row, 245 8. Seventh St., Indiana, Pa.

TWO nurses, having private and institutional experience, are opening their country home to receive a few children. Special care given to those of delicate or nervous temperaments. Highest references. 2,053, Outlook. MIDDLE-aged widow of refinement and ability desires position. Companion, attendant, managing housekeeper. brances. 2,055, Outlook.

No encum

YOUNG lady, college graduate, wishes to travel as secretary to lady: 7 years' experience. Exceptional recommendations. 2,064, Outlook.

WANTED, by cultured, educated woman, position as traveling companion, companionsecretary, or companion-housekeeper in home where there is one or more servants. No objections to children over four. Best references. 2,066, Outlook.

SITUATIONS WANTED Companions and Domestic Helpers CULTURED young woman would like position as companion. Will travel. References. 2,077, Outlook.

POSITION of trust, or would take semiinvalid or elderly person needing extra attention to board. 2,070, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses EXPERIENCED teacher of little children, graduate of Teachers College, Columbia, wishes tutoring in Brooklyn, N. Y. 2,037, Outlook.

TUTORING. Private instruction in Latin, French conversation and grammar, history, and English subjects by a Smith College graduate of French ancestry. Experience, References. Regular instruction for fall and winter. 2,050, Outlook.

TEACHER, specialist in developing, trainPosition ing, teaching backward children. visiting, resident, school. 2,060, Outlook. YOUNG lady of refinement and ability desires position as private secretary or tutor of child. Middle South, Washington, or Richmond preferred. Excellent references. 2,071, Outlook.

DANISH kindergartner. Young lady wants position as traveling companion, kindergartner, or governess. Willing to go anywhere. References. 2,075, Outlook.

REFINED, well educated French woman desires position as governess to children or useful companion. Is accustomed to traveling, good sewer. Country preferred. Best of references. Mlle. O. Vernon, care Mrs. G. A. Cluett, Williamstown, Mass.


TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a very thorough nurses' aid course of six months is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Monthly allowance and full mainte nance is furnished. For further information address Directress of Nurses.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will shop for you, services free. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

BOYS wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell The Outlook each week. No investment necessary. Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave, New York City.

[blocks in formation]

people WANTED-Defective Address W., Pawling, N. Y. CHILD or young girl accommodated in my Excellent eir home in Colorado Springs. vironment. Intelligent care. Open air school. References exchanged. Leaving New York early in September. 2,023, Outlook.

WANTED, by physician, patient with an attendant in a modern suburban home; all conveniences. Apply Box 425, Brewster, N. Y.

UNIVERSITY graduate with teaching experience will tutor a limited number of dith cult or slightly backward boys, between 12 and 16 years of age. Year round instruction and outdoor life on farm in Virginia. Individ ual attention and special help. Best refer ences. Opens Sept. 20. Joseph H. Russ 11. 100 Sanford Ave., Flushing, N. Y.

YOUNG lady of excellent character .. care for two young blind persons in her home. 2,073, Outlook.


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BY THE WAY-(Continued) at New Orleans 284 extra sleeping cars were used; for the Investment Bankers' Association, 22 cars; for the Rotary Clubs' convention, 167 cars; for the advertising clubs, 38 cars; for the Kiwanis clubs, 23 cars; for the automobile races at Indianapolis, 95 cars; for the United Confederate Veterans' reunion, 117 cars; for Derby Day at Louisville, Kentucky. 218 cars; and for the Shriners' convention, 688 cars.


People who are skeptical about the accomplishments of parrots will be interested in the following advertisement which appears in an English weekly: African Grey Adult Male Talking Parrot.-A wonderfully smart speak


wonderful human voice, says every word distinctly, many long interesting sentences, hundreds of short sentences; a real clever mimic; no vice or swearing; whistles six tunes, sings part two songs; lovable tame pet, finger and shoulder tame. Heard talking or sent approval, with his cage, £25.

A house organ argues that printers I must give up their old presses and get new machinery if they wish to possess any advantage over their competitors. It illustrates the point thus:


George Bernard Shaw says somewhere that when you give a certain degree of education to everybody, it ceases to be education at all. A man who knows what everybody knows is an uneducated man, the educated man being one who knows what other people do not know. This is true in the sense that knowledge or skill which is in the possession of every one has no market value.

What is true of human skill and accomplishments is also true of ma


An illustration of the gallantry of the native African comes from a British hunter who writes to "Country Life:"

"Now here is a curious thing about Africans. If one acquires, say, a lot of meat, he tries to get it into the charge of his wives as soon as possible. While he remains in possession everybody cadges from him: friends, relations, everybody of similar age, the merest acquaintances, all seem to think that he should share the meat with them. Bu once the meat is handed over to his wife it is secure. Whenever any one asks for some, he refers them to his wife. That ends it, for nobody will cadge from a woman."

"Collier's" lately asked its readers to name the man in American life who most aptly fitted this description in "Hudibras:"

He could distinguish and divide
A hair 'twixt south and southwest
side, etc.
Two of the lines of this famous quota-
tion were seized most aptly by one
reader to characterize William J. Bryan
"His latest outburst against Darwinismi,
says this reader, "is rather interesting

He'd undertake to prove by force
Of argument a man's no horse."

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Important: Look for these trade-marks. Under the lid. On the label.

Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, New Jersey

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