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Mecca, The American.. Elizabeth C. Parker 210
Merry-Go-Round, An Itinerant, in New York
City (Photographs).
H. H. Moore

Middle West-Giving It the Once Over.

F. M. Davenport 189

Middle West, Political Skirmishes of the.

F. M. Davenport 242

Middle West, Something Brewing in the.

F. M. Davenport 368

"Money Power," The, in Action....Stephen Bell 277
Music, The Enjoyment of. W. J. Henderson:
Plano Playing, What Is Good?..
Violin Playing, About Good....

Mussolini, Benito..

First Turkish Mission.

Russian Immigrants, Types of.

St. Lawrence Valley, The...
Shepherds, In the Field of the: 1918.

A. A. Hunter 716

Sherman Rogers 521

T. L. Masson 259

Maria Moravsky 333

Spaulding vs. the A. B. S., The Singular Case


....R. L. Hartt 746

Straits, The Status of the.. .A. M. Nikolaieff 748

Strikes and the Nation...

..R. L. Hartt 14


Strikes, The History of the......R. D. Townsend
Strike Town, What Does a, Think?

Shingles, Cedar...

Simple, You Can Make It..
Smile, The Neurasthenia-Breeding.

W. Worthington 100
Students, American, Abroad........E. F. Baldwin 61
Substance, The, and the Shadow..Noel Sargent 209
Supper Club, The...
E. M. Brooks 752
Tariff Law, Our New..
Stephen Bell 180


Eliza R. Scidmore 557

Turco-Bolshevist Menace, The....E. F. Baldwin 698
Turkey, The President's Power to Protect
American Citizens in....... E. P. Wheeler 370
"Turkish Delight" as It Appears to an Ameri-
can Girl in Constantinople..
328, 440
Turk, The, in the Near East....... S. R. Harlow 325
Turk, The, Who Didn't Go.......E. F. Baldwin 232
Types Seen on Hudson River Ferry-Boats, The
Anonymous New York Banker Turns His
Pencil Loose on....

Universities, English and American.

Verdun and Coblenz

Walking, Going..

Wind Terror of the East, The.


T. L. Masson 38%

R. D. Townsend 233

Novels, Summer, Worth While.

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Poetry, Old English (Spaeth).
Prime Ministers and Presidents (Sherrill).
Rackham, Arthur: A List of Books Illus-
trated by Him (Coykendall).

Roads of Adventure (Paine)..

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C. K. Taylor 754

H. H. Moore 300


Tsaritsa, The Real (Dehn).


Unemployment, Can It Be Reduced?

E. G. Draper


Water. Running....

Fullerton Waldo


Enchanted Years, The (Metcalf and Wilson) 772

England, My Discovery of (Leacock).

Weir, Julion Alden (Phillips, etc.).
Willow Pollen (Marks)..


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World War, King's Complete History of the

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World Worth While, A (Rogers)

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How the the Carters Became Famous for Their Sunday Evening Suppers


By Jessie E. Sinclair

T'S a sort of habit with friends of the

Icarters to donant on th friends of the Sunday afternoon and stay for supper.

Of course, they are lovely people, Mr. and Mrs. Carter-jolly, hospitable, always glad to see you, congenial with young and old. Mr. Carter is a man who can talk interestingly and entertainingly on any and every subject. And Julia Carter is the most whole-souled and big-sisterly woman I know, and it's a joy to get off alone with her and tell her your troubles and get her always practical advice.

But there is another attraction about the Carters that I'll confess is possibly the strongest of all.

Julia Carter is the most versatile, resourceful and successful hostess in our town. You can drop in on her any day in the week and any time of day, and if it is anywhere near mealtime, she's sure to make you stay. And then, presto! There's a treat for you such as you'd ordinarily have to go to an expensive restaurant to get.

We used to wonder what delicious dainty was coming next, for she'd rarely have the same thing twice. And we didn't know for a long time how she was able to vary her menus so delightfully.

But one Sunday evening when all the dishes were washed and the crowd of us, women only, were on the front porch waiting for the men to come back from their walk, somebody popped the questions that had long been in our minds.

"How do you do it, Julia? Where do you get all these treats you have been giving us? How do you always manage to have something good on hand, no matter what the day or time of day?"

"Well, I'll tell you, girls," she replied. "I'm a disciple of Frank E. Davis of Gloucester, Mass. Very likely you've seen his picture, in some of the magazines. He's a wonderful seafood man right down there where the fishing smacks come in fresh from their trips to the fishing banks and deep sea fishing grounds.

"I've met Mr. Davis myself-have been through his plant in Gloucester-and I tell you, he's a character. That man is as much an idealist as a business man. He and his father and all his ancestors for 300 years have been born and lived all their lives in Gloucester, where nearly every man has something to do with the sea. Somehow about 30 years ago he got the idea in his head that someone ought to give inland folks, too, a taste of the true, fresh-from-the-sea flavor in seafoods. And he made up his mind that he was going to be the man.

"So he's built up a really unique business. He puts up the most delicious sea treats in such a way that there is something about them that no other similar foods seem to havea freshness, a sweetness and a true deep-sea tang that I've never been able to find anywhere except right down in Gloucester itself.

"Of course some like one thing best and some another, but I must say I like every single thing Mr. Davis puts up. But if you want to just taste before you buy, it happens he has a special little assortment that he offers at a special price that includes, I believe, fourteen different tid-bits. I remember I tried that assortment first, after I came back from my

trip, and since then I've just kept my pantry stocked with three or four cans of each thing.

"That's what you girls have been having here for some time past. Mr. Davis sends along a mighty interesting and attractive little cook-book, too, with over a hundred recipes in it, so that you don't need to have the same thing twice in a good long time."

Well, I tell you, folks, it was a revelation and has been a godsend to me.

I sent right on for the assortment Julia spoke of-it's called the "Special Get-Acquainted Offer." And I had the same experience as Julia-I liked every single morsel. So I've followed her plan right through. 1 keep several cans of each kind on hand all the time.

And now I never have to worry in a pinch, or any other time. If company drops in unexpectedly, I'm ready for them in no time with a delicious lobster, shrimp, crab meat, unny or salmon salad-you see there are half a dozen or more different salads alone I can make if I choose. Or I can take the same foods and fix them à la Newburg or stewed or fricasseed or creamed or several other appetizing ways.

If I want a nice soup, I can have a real New England clam chowder. And I can have codfish souffle or sardine rarebit or kippered herring or fish flake timbales.

And if we are to go on a picnic or take a motor trip, goodness, I can make a dozen kinds of tasty sandwiches and do it in a jiffy, without going out of the house.

Best of all, every one of these dishes is as different from the "store" kind as day from night. That man Davis is unique. I believe he actually knows how to put up the clear, clean, exhilarating sea ozone itself with his seafoods. There is something fresh, pure and sweet about them that just proves to you he's taken them practically right from the water, prepared them on the very shore and preserved for you what you can't usually get in any other way than going right down to Gloucester and eating at a skipper's table. And you ought to see John dig into themit does my heart good.

Excuse me for raving, but I can't help it. Mr. Davis wrote and asked me as a customer to say just a few words about his lovely foods and here I've gone and written a book,

nearly. I musn't forget, though, to tell one other important thing about that "Special Get-Acquainted Offer." Mr. Davis sends it out, charges paid, east of Kansas, at his risk. Think of that! When the postman delivers it to you, you pay him only $3.65 for the entire assortment. And then you try two of the foods-any two you like. If you are the slightest bit disappointed, you can send the rest back and Mr. Davis will refund your $3.65.

Here's the assortment you receive: 1 can shrimps, I can tunny fish, I can fresh lobster, I can royal Chinook salmon, I can clam chowder, I can lobster sandwich filling, I can fish flakes, 1 can Norway sardines, I can California sardines, I can kippered herring, 1 lb. salt codfish, I can fresh codfish, I can "Down East" clams, I jar boneless herring, combination can opener and New Seafood Cook Book.

All you need to do to get the assortment is to fill out the coupon that will be printed with this article. You don't need to send a penny. And remember, you don't take a bit of risk. Mr. Davis will send back every cent if you are at all dissatisfied.

P. S.-Mr. Davis has authorized me to say to readers of this magazine who fill out the coupon right away that as a special inducement to them he'll include, besides the fourteen items that ordinarily make up the assortment, a can of his famous Finnan Haddie. That's just one extra treat, folks. Frank E. Davis Fish Co.,59 Central Wharf, Gloucester, Mass.


59 Central Wharf, Gloucester, Mass.

I would like to try, at your risk, your Special Get-Acquainted Assortment. Please send me, all charges prepaid (east of Kansas) the package of sea products listed above. And please be sure to send the extra FREE can of Finnan Haddie. I agree to pay the postman $3.65 in full payment on delivery. It is understood, however, that if after trying any two packages I am not completely satisfied, I can feel perfectly free to return the other packages and my $3.65 will be immediately refunded.

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Recent Dutton Books

An Astounding Tale of Adventure Beasts, Men and Gods

By FERDINAND OSSENDOWSKI Dr. Ossendowski, a Pole whose life had been that of a scientist, a Professor, a prominent public official in old Russia, was forced to fly from Bolshevik assassins into the wild life of the Yenisei forests, in a sub-arctic winter with practically no outfit but an ax, a rifle and some cartridges. His story of a marvellous journey of thousands of miles, of hairbreadth escapes, and of visits to the inmost sanctuary of "the living Buddha," is told with obvious sincerity, with the lucid precision of a scientist, and with a restraint that is amazing. DR. ALBERT SHAW, Editor of The Review of Reviews, says of it: "I consider it the most extraordinarily interesting manuscript I have passed under my exe, for, years." Price, $3.00. postage extra.

Exceptionally interesting importations The Prime Ministers of Britain, 1721-1921


During the two centuries which have elapsed since Walpole, who was first called Prime Minister, there have been thirty-six holders of this office, and they represent a fascinating study in character. In this useful and entertaining volume Mr. Bigham gives a brilliant biographical and character sketch of each. Handsomely illustrated from photographs. $8.00

Queen Elizabeth's Maids of Honor


Intimate pictures of the Court and its frequenters in the days of the great Elizabeth with entertaining biographies of the various members of the circle of beautiful and accomplished girls from the best families in England with which Elizabeth surrounded herself. Illustrated with twelve portraits, nearly all of which are gathered from inaccessible private collections. $6.00

Up Against It in Nigeria


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Sunshine and Sugar

-ripen and preserve our


-Cooked, when freshly gathered, in our Sunlit Kitchen -the result has pleased our most discriminating clientele for 30 years!

Buy them at your grocer's or direct from us!-list of specialties

and prices on request.

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Long course of eleven months, beginning October 2, 19 Lectures by notable librarians, assigned reading and pra tice work in the library. Short courses winter and summes For further particulars address The Librarian, as above.

The McCarter School

Cranford, New Jersey For little children from four to eight years of age. Ideal home and school life. Alice McCarter

Normal Training Depament Ethical Culture School

For young women desiring training in kindergar ten, new types of elementary school teaching and the expressive arts of the school. Faculty specialists. School opens September 18th.

JESSICA E. BEERS, Director 33 Central Park West,

New York




The charter requires that "Equal privileges of admission and instruction, with all the advantages of the Institution shall be allowed to Students of every denomination Christians." Eighty-seventh year begins September 27th.192 For catalogue, address THE DEAN OF STUDENTS. TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR NURSES

St. John's Riverside Hospital Training School for Nurses

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York State. offers a 23 years' course as general training to refined, educated women. Require inente one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurees, Yonkers, New York.

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New Books-less than price

UR enormous purchasing power brings to us hundreds of thousands of fresh, new, up-to-date clothbound books. Minimum sales and handling expense makes it possible to offer you these great works at less than half the publishers' prices. We


are the greatest mail-order book house in the world because our policy is to sell the best for the least. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices include postage. Send check or money order. We ship C. O. D. if requested.


Victor Hugo. | NEW LIVES FOR OLD. Wm. CarleWas $3.75. Our ton, author of "One Way Out." Story of a city man who went back to the country. Cloth. 222 p. Was $1.25. Our Price, Ppd. 57e

Lansing. Behind the scenes at the Cloth. 1134 p.
Peace Conference. Cloth. Illus. 327 p. Price, Ppd.
Was $3. Our Price, Ppd. $1.35
A thrilling story.
257 p.
Was $1.75. Our Price, Ppd. 79c


Malins. Extraordinary experiences of man who filmed great battle of the Somme. Cloth. 304 p. Was $4. Our price, Ppd. $1.79

SILVER AGE OF LATIN LITERATURE, from Tiberius to Trajan. W. C. Summers. Cloth. 320 p. Was $3. Our Price, Ppd. $1.35

GUIDE TO MONTESSORI METHOD. Ellen Yale Stevens. Interpretation of the Montessori Method. Cloth. 340 p. Was $1. Our Price, Ppd. 45c NEW BUSINESS OF FARMING. J. Dimock. How to put the farm on a paying basis. Cloth. 120 p. Was $1. Our Price, Ppd. 450 LETTERS FROM THE KAISER TO THE CZAR. I. D. Levine. Startling disclosures. Cloth. 264 p. Was $3. Our Price, Ppd. $1.35

CURTISS AVIATION BOOK. Glenn H. Curtiss and Augustus Post. Inside knowledge about aviation. Cloth. Profusely illus. 307 p. Was $1.60. Our Price, Ppd. 720 MYSTERIES OF PARIS. Eugene Sue. Cloth. 1300 p. Was $3.75. Our Price, Ppd. $1.85



Cloth. 490 Harriet

$1.85 POCKET ATLAS OF THE WORLD. Over 500 p. Fine maps in colors. Was $1. Our Price. Ppd. BEST LINCOLN STORIES, Was 75c. Our Price, Ppd. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. Beecher Stowe. Cloth. 467 p. Was $1.40. Our Price, Ppd. 630 PLAIN TALES FROM THE HILLS. Kipling. Meet strange people from India and Egypt. Cloth. 400 p. Was $1.65. Our Price, Ppd. 750 SURPRISES OF LIFE. Clemenceau. The reality and power of Balzac. Cloth. 326 p. Was $1.75. Our Price, Ppd.



TALES OF MY NATIVE TOWN. Gabriele D'Annunzio. Stories paint the life of hard-living and sensitive Italians. Cloth. 257 p. Was $1.75. Our Price, Ppd. THE STORY OF A PLOUGHBOY. James Bryce. A big story bearing the print of reality. Cloth. 450 p. Was $1.37. Our Price, Ppd. 69c NEW INTERNATIONAL ATLAS. Just issued. The world re-mapped. 144 p. Size 10% x 15 inches. Weight 3 lbs. Was $4. Our Price, Ppd. $1.98 MRS. HARDING'S COOK BOOK. Cloth. 182 p. Was $1.50. Our Price, Ppd. 69c KEY TO CULTURE. Guide to etiquette. 252 p. Cloth. Was $4. Our Price, Ppd. 98c

LIGHTNING CONDUCTOR DISCOVERS AMERICA. C. N. and A. M. Williamson. A delightful tale of mystery and travel. Cloth. 384 p. Was $2. Our Price, Ppd. 87c THESE TWAIN. Arnold Bennett. Most interesting of all his books. Cloth. 520 p. Was $1.50. Our Price, Ppd. 740

MCEWAN'S EASY SHORTHAND A vest pocket manual for busy people. Was 75c. Cloth. Our Price, Ppd.

34c EVOLUTIONIST'S LIBRARY. Bryau's In His Image." Haeckel's Lectures on Evolution, Huxley ou Modern Science, Evolution vs. Religion, From Monkey to Man. The Survival of the Fittest, The Building of the Earth. All 7 books Ppd. only $2.35

SPECIAL INDIA PAPER BIBLE. Teacher helps, concordance, illustra tions. maps, good type. Keratol leather binding. Was $7. Our Price, Ppsl. $3.45

A HISTORY OF ENGLISH BALLADRY. F. E. Bryant. Cloth. 443 p. Was $2. Our Price, Ppd. 90c DAVID COPPERFIELD. Charles Dickens. Cloth. 427 p. Was $2.25. Our Price, Ppd. $1.02

Send your order today. Save over half!



Comics, Cartoons, Commercial, Newspaper and Magazine lilustrat ing, Pastel Crayon Portraits and Fashions, By Mail or Local Clas399. Write for terms and list of successful students. Easy method. ASSOCIATED ART STUDIOS, A-81 FLATIRON Bldg., New York

More than a Million Copies Sold

Commission of the Prison Association of BEAUTIFUL JOE

New York State. But of most importance, in the light of his Outlook article at least, is his association with the State Immigration Commission and his former directorship of the Prison Association of New York, established by the Society for Italian Immigrants. Mr. Speranza's article on immigration is the first of a series of three which The Outlook intends publishing shortly. The other two are by Miss Natalie De Bogory and Mr. Carleton Beals.

ROBERT D. TOWNSEND, of the Outlook

staff, and Rollin Lynde Hartt, who is at present on the staff of the "Literary Digest," review the strike situation. Mr. Townsend's name has been associated in our readers' minds with his reviews of modern novels in our Book Table: his contributions to the interpretation of current life from week to week have been hidden under the usual anonymity of the editor.

The Autobiography of a Dog

By MARSHALL SAUNDERS Revised Edition, Illustrated. $1.50-now ready. Written for children-read by adults, too. At your Bookstore, or THE JUDSON PRESS, 1701 Chestnut St., Phila.

with the


of the


Grower to consumer direct.
Samples and prices on request.





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Economical Heat Control For Every Type of Building

Adsco Heating saves 20% to 30% of all fuel cost and gives perfect heating comfort in hotels, Y. M. C. As., office-buildings, factories or residences. Low pressure steam or vapor can be supplied from any make of individual boiler in each building or from a central steam plant supplying a group of buildings through underground mains. Hot water systems can easily be changed over to Adsco Heating.

With Adsco Heating there is one positive control of steam at eacn radiator by the Adsco Graduated Radiator Valve; another positive control by an

Higley Bldg., Cedar Rapids, la.

[blocks in formation]

Ask about Adsco Community Heating through underground mains
from Central Station Steam Plant-Bulletin No. 20-0; architects,
engineers and heating dealers should ask for Bulletin No. 159-0.




Jan. 6 and Feb. 24, 1923


Jan. 18 and Mar. 10, 1923 Egypt with its pyramids, its caravans, its crowded bazaars; the Holy Land, easy of access; Athens, of classic history; the southern coast of Europe-famous ports lying at the edge of a magic blue sea, flower- and vine-clad hills, medieval fortresses; changing scenes and sounds at Monte Carlo-color, action, sentiment, warm and pulsing life!

Itinerary: Madeira, Gibraltar, Algiers, Monaco (or Nice), Naples, Alexandria (for Egypt and the Nile), Haifa (for Jerusalem) and Athens (Phaleron Bay). Optional shore excursions.

[merged small][graphic]

Rates $250 upwards
Duration of each cruise 28 Days

Jan. 15, Feb. 17, Mar. 22, 1923
Itinerary: From New York to Havana, Haiti,
Santiago, Kingston (Port Antonio), Panama
Canal (Panama City), La Guaira (Caracas),
Trinidad (La Brea), Barbados, Martinique
(St. Pierre), St. Thomas, San Juan, Nassau,

Write for attractive color booklet. Address Cruise Department for West Indies; Mediterranean Department for Mediterranean.


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