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Advertising Rates: Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, Live Stock and Poultry, sixty cents per agate line, four columns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted. "Want" advertisements, under the various headings, "Board and Rooms," "Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each "Want" advertise ment is set in capital letters without additional charge. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement.

by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered.

Replies will be forwarded


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Real Estate



(Near 5th Avenue)

40 West 45th Street


Directly in the fashionable club and shop-
ping section. Within five minutes' walk to
all principal theaters. A high-class hotel
patronized by those desiring the best accoш-
modations at moderate cost.

Rates and inap gladly sent upon request.

Hotel Hargrave

West 72d St., through

to 71st St., New York
300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely
fireproof. One block to 72d St. en-
trance of Central Park. Comfort and
refinement combined with moderate
rates. Send for illustrated booklet J.


ton Square adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day, including meals. Special rates for two weeks or more. Location very central. Convenient to all elevated and street car lines.



THE PINES. Ideal place for outdoor life in winter. Main house improvements. Pure water. Excellent table. Rates moderate. Open all the year. Write Miss

1923 and cabins with sleeping porches. Modern

Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland, England, and Scotland. Limited parties enrolling now.

TEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St.

Boston, Mass.

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MORRISTOWN, N. J. Stately man-
sion, dominantly placed, 15 bedrooms (space
for 9 additional), 6 bathrooms. Complete
and attractive service rooms. 100 acres pastur-
age, gardens, etc. Farm and dairy buildings,
garage. Spacious summer and winter home.
Boarding school,sanitarium, or farm. Reduced
price with reasonable cash payment. Details
and price of JOHN T. and 8 H. GILLESPIE,
Executors,6 and 8 Fletcher St., New York City.


For Rent, Furnished in Pleasantville,

N. Y., small house on wooded hilltop, near owner's house; one mile from station; large living-room with open fireplace, kitchen, bath and two bedrooms; furnace, garage. $75 a month. Ideal for writer. Transportation to station if desired. Owner, S. Boyd Darling, Pleasantville, N. Y.




Winter Homes

For Sale and
for Rent


[blocks in formation]

The quaintest and most interesting of all FRENCH WIDOW of very best famcountries. Come while the old age customs

prevail. Write, mentioning



Care Traffic Dept.



for full information Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals, $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

Hotels and Resorts


San Ysidro Ranch

Furnished bungalows of various sizes; situated on the foothills among the orange groves, overlooking the sea. Central diningroom, electric lights, hot and cold water. Good tennis court. Six miles from Santa Barbara, two miles from ocean. Booklet. Address MANAGER, San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara.


ily wishes to take one or two ladies into her home, southeast of France. Best opportunity to learn French. Particulars and references willingly given by lady who spent last winter there. Mrs. B. E. MOORE, 1900 Euclid, Lincoln, Neb.

Real Estate'


Completely furnished cottages and

apartments $20-$60 per month. Town of 12,000. 3 hours motor to San Francisco on cement highway. Lovely winter climate. A. B. Herrman, 130 Barson St., Santa Cruz, Cal.


For sale, completely furnished home on Ridge-
wood Ave., Daytona, Fla. All modern con-
veniences, inc. Kelsey furnace, small orange
grove, 5 master's bedrooms, all living rooms
having Southern exposure. Servant's quar-
ters over garage. Also for rent, cottage with
garage on ocean beach. gas, plumbing, elec.,
and furnace for wood or coal. 8,239. Jutlook.


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AUTOMOBILE mechanics, owners, garagemen, repairmen, send for free copy America's, popular motor magazine. Contains helpful, instructive information on overhauling, ignition wiring, carburetors, batteries, etc. Automobile Digest, 527 Butler Building, Cincinnati.



BIG MONEY IN WRITING photoplays, stories, poems, songs. Send to-day for FREE copy WRITER'S BULLETIN, full of helpful advice how to write, where to sell. EDWARD'S, PUBLISHER, 688 Butler Building, Cincinnati.


DRUGGIST-Best available location for drug store in Arizona now open. Correspondence invited if able to finance. Wonderful climate. Thomas Marshall, Tucson, Ariz.

SAFE 8% FIRST MORTGAGE INCOME CERTIFICATES additionally secured, tax exempted, quarterly payments. Permanent or reconvertible. Ask circulars. Home Building & Loan Co., Jacksonville, Fla.

WANTED-Lady of personality to acquire interest and become active in aristocratic girls summer camp. Lock Box 26, New London, N. H.


PLAYS, musical comedies and revues, minstrel music, blackface skits, vaudeville acts, monologs, dialogs, recitations, entertainments, musical readings, stage handbooks, make-up goods. Big catalog free. T. S. Denison & Co., 623 So. Wabash, Dept. 74, Chicago.


COPLEY CRAFT HAND-COLORED CHRISTMAS CARDS will be sent on ten days' approval. The Line 18 best known for its distinctive verses. Jessie A. McNicol, 18 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass.

EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES DIETITIANS, cafeteria managers, gover esses, matrons, housekeepers, superinten ents. Miss Richards, Providence, R. I. Bo East Side. Boston Office, Trinity Court. Jackson Hall, Fridays, 11 to 1. Addre Providence.

WANTED-Competent teachers for publ and private schools. Calls commg every day Bend for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agenc Albany, N. Y.

DIRECTORY for secretaries and soci workers. Miss Richards, Providence, R. Box 5 East Side. Boston office, Trinity Cour 16 Jackson Hall, Fridays 11 to 1. Addres Providence.


TO rent at Summit, N. J., convenient t the station, comfortably furnished roone with abundance of hot water. Especially d sirable for permanent guests. The Gardmore 22 Elm St.

SINGLE rooms, settlement, light. air central location, furnished, unfurnished. $. $25 month. Also apartments. M. H., 2,1 Outlook.

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UNUSUALLY desirable stationery for ar type of correspondence. 200 sheets hig grade note paper and 100 envelopes printe with your name and address postpaid $1.5 Samples on request. You can buy cheape stationery, but do you want to? Lewis, 2 Second Ave., Troy, N. Y.

THIRSTY blotters sent free on request also samples of excellent stationery for pe sonal and professional use. Franklin Printery Warner, New Hampshire.


Business Situations

HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for hig salaried men and women. Past experien unnecessary. We train you by mail and pr you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay fine living, interesting work, quick advanc Write for free book, Lew "YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Hotel Training Schools, Room 5842, Wash ington, D. C.


GOVERNMENT needs railway mail clerks $133 to $192 month. Write for free specime questions. Columbus Institute, B-4, Colua bus, Ohio.

Companions and Domestic Helpers

WANTED-Young woman, governess-com panion, well educated, Protestant, attractiv appearance and personality, cheerful ar active, able to play piano, to take care of an be companionable to two children, girl te boy seven, both going to school, and to tab charge of household during occasion absence of parents. Previous experien secondary to ability and proper referenc Residence Boston. Good salary. Answ 2,166, Outlook.

WANTED-Companion-helper in family two. Country home with modern conver ences. Box 154, Saybrook, Conn.

WANTED-Strong, capable young Pr estant woman as nurse and general assista in orphanage. Salary $50 per month; co fortable home, laundry. Health essentia References. 2,203, Outlook.

WORKING housekeeper-Family of for and governess. Cooking: waiting; no was ing. References. Telephone Scarsdale 283, P. O. Box 54, Scarsdale, N. Y.

WANTED-Strong, refined woman to ca for two-year-old child. Also household a sistant for cooking and downstairs word Small family, comfortable home. Reading Pa. Write 2,192, Outlook.

WORKING housekeeper wanted by bus ness couple with one child 2% years. Ethelwy D. Hotaling, Hollis, Long Island.

WANTED-Working housekeeper and a sistant to do all the work (except laundry household of three women in Cleveland, Oh One of them is a professional woman aw all day. Quiet household, with many priv leges. Address 2,214, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses WANTED Governess or mother's helpe English preferred, to assist in care and trai ing of five children, four of whom atten school. Pleasant home life. Summer how in New England. No housework require Please state salary expected. Mrs. Rober Kip Goodlatte. 291 High St., Passaic, N. J.

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Department of Classified Advertising



When you notify The Outlook
of a change in your address, both
the old and the new address
should be given. Kindly write,
if possible, two weeks before
the change is to take effect.


Professional Situations

NURSE, efficient, refined, good reader. Can travel. Physician's testimonial. 2,170 Outlook.

TRAINED nurse, of Finnish nationality, with many years hospital and private experi ence, wishes permanent position as nursecompanion or nurse to invalid lady. Best American credentials. Miss Sandberg, 321 Eighth Ave., North Pelham, N. Y.

TRAINED nurse, unusual ability, experienced, quiet, sunny disposition, desires position companion elderly person or semi-invalid. Competent to manage home. Accustomed to traveling. Highest credentials. 2,202, Outlook.

GRADUATE nurse, exceptional ability, would care for chronic case of any descripion, or chaperon lady. Regular rates. 2.206, Outlook.

Business Situations WANTED-Opportunity for winter. South preferred. Management of tea and gift shop or inn by New England woman of refinement and successful business experience. Address 2,153, Outlook.

ACCOUNTANT-bookkeeper: Experienced, competent, dependable, middle-aged man. Suall manufacturing business preferred, Inoderate salary, country town or small city. 2,156, Outlook.

GRADUATE orchardist, 20 years' experience, ex-lawyer, will manage gentleman's estate or serve as secretary. 2,210, Outlook. WOMAN with varied experience; social worker, camp manager, years of experience as dramatic director, wishes executive posi-ion in settlement or institution. Highest creventiais. 2,184, Outlook.


Business Situations GENTLEWOMAN, practical, energetic, artistic, conscientious; having had many years experience in successful management of private sanitarium, desires similar engagement with physician of highest standing wishing to surround patients with home atmosphere and eomforts, where many exceptional qual ities can be exercised to advantage. Would supervise care of one or more patients. 2,193, Outlook.

Companions and Domestic Helpers WANTED-Position as executive housekeeper by lady accustomed to refined surroundings. Able to manage servants, attend to marketing; also supervise care of children. Willing to go to California. Nothing menial. 2,185, Outlook.

WOMAN, cultured, tactful, comprehensive, capable. Would manage apartment; chaperon one or more young ladies spending winter in New York. Or housekeeper, friend, companion to lady. Highest references. 2,194, Outlook.

POSITION as traveling companion or chap-. eron to lady wintering in South or California. Excellent references. 2,198, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as superintendent, matron, or housekeeper, by woman experienced in such work. Exceptional references. Address 2,190, Outlook.

HOUSEHOLD consultant-Expert adviser. Practical, conscientious, excellent taste and judgment. Servants engaged and installed. Kitchen equipped. Repairs supervised. Visiting buyer and manager, schools, households, etc. Any commission carefully executed. 2,195, Outlook.

SITUATIONS WANTED Companions and Domestic Helpers WANTED-Refined, practical nurse desires position of companion or nurse to person going away for winter. 2,201, Outlook. WANTED-Position as managing housekeeper in private family, by refined Southern woman-widow. 2,207, Outlook.

SOUTHERN woman, cultivated, Christian, desires position as companion or chaperon. 2,209, Outlook.

WOMAN, refined, capable, practical nurse, desires position attendant to invalid, matron institution. 2,213, Outlook.

CULTURED woman desires position as managing or companion housekeeper. Willing to travel. Highest references. 2,123, Outlook. Teachers and Governesses VISITING tutor-governess to children over six. German, French, piano. 12th year. Prepare for regents. 2,116, Outlook.

POSITION desired by refined, middle-aged American woman. Experienced teacher and governess. 2,179, Outlook.

YOUNG man, teacher, experienced, college graduate, desires position in religious or private school. Primary, intermediate, or high school subjects. Protestant: highest references; moderate salary. 2,186, Outlook.

TEACHER would accompany young person to Florida for winter. 2,200, Outlook. WOMAN teacher, M. S. history, civics. Box 59, Brocton, N. Y.

ENERGETIC, cultured woman will accept position of trust as governess or housekeeper in motherless home. 2,208, Outlook.


TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a very thorough nurses' aid course of six months is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Monthly allowance and full maintenance is furnished. For further information address Directress of Nurses.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will shop for you, services free. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

BOYS wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell The Outlook each week. No investment necessary. Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave., New York City.

THE Olivia Sage School of Practical Nurs ing offers a one year's course in special bedside nursing to a limited number of women. Classes are formed twice a year. Pupils receive maintenance, uniform and salary. Apply to Director, New York Infirmary for Women and Children, 321 East 15th St., New York.

SELL YOUR SNAP SHOTS AT $5.00 EACH. Kodak prints needed by 25.000 publishers. Make vacations pay. We teach you how and where to sell. Write WALHAMORE INSTITUTE, LAFAYETTE BLDG., PHIL ADELPHIA, PA.

TYPING of manuscripts or other material by educated young woman who can punctuate and spell. Address 2,212, Outlook.

THE advertiser will buy strictly high-class work, handkerchiefs. baby dresses, lunche sets, or small novelties. ReferenceR R. W. Wright, 3304 Fairview Ave., Ba Md. (Price by the month.)




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HE fact that American initiative is still alive and going strong is evidenced in the career of the new President of the University of Arizona, Dr. Cloyd Heck Marvin. Twenty years ago he was a newsboy-but an ambitious one. He worked hard and studied hard, and in 1909 he graduated from the Riverside (California) high school and imme diately entered upon preliminary legal studies in Stanford University. In 1915 he received a Master's Degree in Business Administration at the University of Southern California. Later he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Harvard. He is reported to have worked his way through all these educational institutions. Meanwhile he had done service in the Great War as captain in the Aircraft Service in Portland, Oregon, and commandant of the Officers' Training Camp in the State of Washington. At the age of thirty (he is now only thirty-three) he became Dean of the southern branch of the University of California at Los Angeles. He was born at Findlay, Ohio, but later moved to California, where he seems to have "made good."

One of the world's greatest literary undertakings never saw the light of print. This was the stupendous encyclopædia planned by the Chinese Emperor Yung Lo. It was completed in 1408, and consisted of the original manuI script and two copies. It covered the whole range of Chinese learning, and ran to nearly a million pages. The original and one copy perished at Nanking on the downfall of the Ming dynasty. The remaining copy, consisting of no less than 11,100 volumes twenty inches long, twelve inches in breadth, and half an inch thick and bound in yellow silk, was destroyed during the siege of the Legations in Peking in 1900.

A colored physician in one of the Southwestern States called up an oculist, according to a contributor to the "Jour

in every line of household, educational, business, or personal service-domestic workers, teachers, nurses, business or professional assistants, etc., etc.-whether you require help or are seeking a situation, and said, "Doctor, I have a patient tion, may be filled through a little announcement in the classified columns of The Outlook. If you have some article to sell or exchange, these columns may prove of real value to you as they have to many others. Send for descriptive circular and order blank AND FILL YOUR WANTS. Address Department of Classified Advertising, THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York Picturesque Log Fires

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Men, women and children should
develop health
through pleasant daily exercise at
home. Because it gives them the best
development features of wall machine,
rowing machine, chest expander,
grip exercisers and massage rol-
lers combined in one-they use and

PEERLESS Five-in-One

FREE instruction chart with each ex-
erciser. Light tension (for children)
$3.25. Medium (for men and women) $3.50. Heavy (for
developed adults) $3.75, Extra Heavy (for athletes) $4.00.
SEND NO MONEY. On arrival pay postman above
price plus few cents postage. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Literature free.

381 C Pearl Street
Brooklyn, N. Y.

nal" of the American Medical Associathat has been shot in the eye; would you examine him for me?" "Yes; you "Well, how much will you charge?" was can bring him up now," was the reply. then asked. "Oh, we can only charge what he can pay. What has he got?" the oculist inquired. "Doctor, he's got a family," was the appealing reply.


Under the head "Intelligence in Mules" a soldier of the World War tells in a recent book about an incident at the front illustrating his theme. "Tom, the older of my pair of mules," he says, "was an out-and-out Hun-hater, and whenever a German prisoner was loading my wagon I had to warn him to keep away from Tom or he would do damage. He used to watch out of the corner of his eye, and if an unsuspecting 'Jerry' came within striking reach he got it

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Loofs. He would even stop to kick at a convoy of prisoners who were marching past us on the road. Yet I never knew him to lift a leg to a French or American soldier, though he had plenty of chances."

An English weekly prints some "extraordinary questions" which ex-service men who wish to enter the civil service are asked in an examination paper. Here are samples:

Write here the name of the first drink in the following list, if it is only drink, but if it is not put a cross instead, and if it is, put an "E" under it. Underline whatever you have put. (The list was: House, bean, sugar, paraffin, coffee, milk, cheese.)

"Earth, the, the, warms sun." Rewrite these words so that the word that would be the middle word if it were rearranged so as to be true now comes last, whilst the remaining words are in the right order, but the one now first is spelt backwards.

"One of the official excuses for the list," is the comment, "is that such questions have been tried with success in America and on children." A compliment to both!

The Rev. Joseph Fort Newton, pastor of the Church of the Divine Paternity in New York City, says in the "Atlantic" that when he first came to New York he "by happy accident" ran into Edwin Markham, and that the poet sat down and wrote a quatrain for him summing up the preacher's faith, as follows:

No soul can be forever banned,
Eternally bereft;

Whoever falls from God's right hand
Is caught into his left.

The Japanese constable, or country policeman, is ever ready to act as guide, philosopher, and friend to the foreign traveler, so an article in the "National Geographic Magazine" says. For the policeman's guidance in dealing with the tourist the police department some years ago issued the following counsels:

"No criticisms should be made, either by gesture or words, regarding the language, attire, or actions of foreigners.

"If a foreigner pulls out his watch and looks at it, you should think that he has business elsewhere, and that it is time for you to leave.

"It is a mistake to suppose that a foreigner will always respond to a request for a loan of money."

A serio-comic testimony to the absorbing interest of the books of a popular novelist is found in the reports in the New York newspapers of the recent electrocution of a condemned man at Sing Sing. "During the afternoon," the report says, "he occupied himself reading one of Robert W. Chambers's novels. After dinner he returned to his book, reading as rapidly as possible so that he might find out how it ended before he was killed. He did not learn, but a guard who had read the book told him that it came out all right."



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Complete Bath Set $7.50

For personal needs or for gifts-attractively boxed-exclusive at
McCutcheon's. Of famous Martex manufacture, soft and absorbent.
Choice of pattern in blue, pink, gold or orchid. Seven pieces-
Mat 26 x 40 in., 2 Towels 22 x 42 in., 2 Towels 14 x 26 in.,
2 Wash Cloths 12 x 12 in.-Complete set at only $7.50.
Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention.
Write for new Fall and Winter Catalogue No. 35

James McCutcheon & Co.

Department No. 35

Fifth Avenue & 34th Street, New York



N a city located in northern Michiga


with a population numbering betwee fourteen and fifteen thousand there wen before the advent of prohibition sixti five saloons, all doing a flourishing bus ness. The major portion of them wer little other than "hell-holes." In tha part of the country it is customary pay the men their wages semi-monthl with the result that with the advent each pay day we were forced to prepar for at least two days' operations shor handed, for a large percentage of ou men would be incapacitated by drin This was a pretty general conditio among the workers in those parts. Wit the coming of prohibition this ende and stayed ended; and in its place can better clothes for the wives and familie phonographs, player-pianos, etc. (takin the place of whisky jugs and beer bo tles), a large increase in attendance a the moving-picture houses, and mar families buying Fords, and in a grea many cases better cars.

Take again, as example, a small v lage in central New York State. Th village before the coming of prohibitio was more or less distinguished for th amount of drunkenness and unpai bills which, taken together, sadly d tracted from the merits of an otherwis beautiful town. It is now, under probl bition, a much more prosperous litt town, still maintaining its origin beauty, and with the added blessing a main street free from drunks. might add that they are seen occasio ally; but where it used to be ten quar of whisky to one phonograph record, on might be safe in saying it is now te phonograph records to one drink of concoction called whisky behind some body's door.

The writer has always used liqu moderately, and has seen its use an abuse, with all the attendant sufferin and unhappiness; has seen it lead clea characters into vice; and also on occa sion seen it change a dull evening int a decent and enjoyable one. He h seen it at its work in two-thirds of t States in our Union, and is not hyp critical enough to try and convince an one that there are not occasions whe he would like to fall back in somethin a little stronger than reminiscence; hu not being selfish, and believing tha after all, there are only a few of us wh really miss it, he says to them and w them: Let us be broad-minded regar ing this subject, acknowledge the g that the masses are deriving under p hibition at the present time, the great good our posterity will derive, and if who still look back upon the time wh we could, under the law, take our gla must suffer the deprivation for our f remaining years, let us be men at make the sacrifice. Live as well as tal morals, and back up prohibition in t knowledge of the good we know it doing. R. B. GOETSCHIUS.

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