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To Proprietors of Winter
Resort Hotels

Many advertising schedules for the fall
and early winter are now being made up.

The special classified Hotel Section of The Outlook offers a most effective and economical means of reaching many thousands of Outlook readers who take winter vacation trips.

A recent investigation


20 cities shows that 39% of Outlook subscribers visit winter resorts.

The special classified hotel rate is only 60 cents a line. Just send us your booklet and we will prepare copy for your approval.

Department of Classified Advertising







Business Situations

TWO experienced dietitians desire openings other than hospital, November first. 2,056, Outlook.

WANTED Opportunity for winter. South preferred, Management of tea and gift shop or inn by New England woman of refinement and successful business experience. Address 2.15), Outlook.

ACCOUNTANT-bookkeeper: Experienced, competent, dependable, middle-aged man. Small manufacturing business preferred, moderate salary, country town or small city. 2.156, Outlook.

WOMAN with business, library, and teaching experience desires position in or near New York City. Is accurate, resourceful, and efficient. Has good health and enthusiasm for work. Special qualifications are compiling statistics, installing card and loose leaf systeins, business filing, indexing, cataloguing, and library economy. 2,162, Outlook.

PUBLICITY work-Newspaperman of long experience, with large acquaintanceship, is open, first time in fifteen years, for engagement by individual or organization needing high-class publicity. 2,173, Outlook.

Companions and Domestic Helpers CULTURED woman desires position as managing or companion housekeeper. Willing to travel. Highest references. 2,123, Outlook. POSITION as companion to elderly couple or elderly lady. Reading, fine sewing, marketIng. Willing, congenial, Protestant. Reference. 5 years in last position in city. Address E. L. General Delivery, Monticello, Sullivan Co., N. Y.


Companions and Domestic Helpers
COMPANION to young girl. Assist with
studies. Half time. 12 years' experience.
Excellent references. 2,115, Outlook.

CALIFORNIA-Young woman in social
work will chaperon young person or take
invalid to the coast. 2,119, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as housemother or chaperon in boys' school or club. 2,134, Outlook.

COMPANION, chaperon. Widow of refinement and ability desires position No encumbrances. Would travel. 2,154, Outlook.

WANTED October 16-Position as nursecompanion to semi-invalid or elderly lady. Highest references. 2,153, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as housekeeper by experienced woman of ability, education, refinement. Pleasing personality. Last position held eight years. 2,168, Outlook.

REFINED lady desires light employment. Executive ability. No close eye-service. Address 2,171, Outlook.

POSITION as traveling companion or governess; usual subjects, languages, swimming, riding. Kathleen Cowgill, Easton, Md.

YOUNG Scotsman desires position as valetsecretary or companion-secretary. Excellent character. Willing to trave), 2,174, Ontlook. CAPABLE, refined American lady desires position in Christian home in New York City or suburbs, as companion-housekeeper or mother's helper. 2,175, Outlook.

CULTURED young woman would like position as companion. Will travel. References. 2,158, Outlook.


Teachers and Governesses REFINED, well educated French woman desires position as governess to children or useful companion. Is accustomed to traveling, good sewer. Country preferred. Best of references. Mlle. O. Vernon, care Mrs. G. A. Cluett, Williamstown, Mass.

VISITING tutor-governess to children over six. German, French, piano. 12th year. Prepare for regents. 2,116, Outlook.

UNIVERSITY graduate desires winter position tutor, companion, secretary or governess, traveling or in Cleveland, Ohio. 2,159, Outlook.

GOVERNESS or companion desires posi tion, children over five. Beginners' French, music. References. 2,165, Outlook.

YOUNG man, teacher, experienced, college graduate, desires position in religious or private school. Primary, intermediate, or high school subjects. Protestant: highest references; moderate salary. 2,176, Outlook.


UNIVERSITY educated woman, Polish-
American, would take two or three children
to board and instruct on her farm estate. Lov-
ing care. References. Marcela Geiazdzinska,
Wallkill, N. Y.

PAPERS on all subjects outlined or writ-
ten. Current clippings and poems supplied.
Miss Katherine C. Post, M.A., 70 West 13th
St., Holland, Mich.

FOR sale, $25, complete I. C. S. Advertising
Course. E. S. Harper, 222 E. 9th St., Plainfield,
N. J.


TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a very thorough nurses' aid course of six months is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Monthly allowance and full maintenance is furnished. For further information address Directress of Nurses.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will shop for you, services free. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

BOYS wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell The Outlook each week. No investment necessary. Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave., New York City.

THE Olivia Sage School of Practical Nurs ing offers a one year's course in special bedside nursing to a limited number of women. Classes are formed twice a year. Pupils receive maintenance, uniform and salary. A ply to Director, New York Infirmary for Women and Children, 321 East 15th St.. New York.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery 25 West 24th St., New York.

AN educated French Swiss lady, experi enced teacher, would receive in her home m Providence, R. I., 3 or 4 ladies wishing to study French in a French atmosphere. Howe life and comforts. Reasonable rates. References given and required. Address: Mme. Ruerat, 66 Pittman St., Providence, R. I.

FRENCH gentlewoman would accept American girls and boys in her Riviera home (Nice) for winter season. Studies supervised. Refined home. Excellent references. Lord Vernet, Flint Postal Station, Fall River, Mass

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Can YOU Answer These Questions?

The affairs of all the world are now a daily topic of conversation. Such questions as these are asked by your children, your friends, the acquaintances you meet on the train and on the street. Not to be able to answer them is embarrassing; yet the answers are not to be found in newspapers or reference books.

OUR WORLD is an illustrated monthly magazine whose sole purpose is to place in your hands each month a full, accurate, authoritative narrative of what is going forward in every part of the world. It is written by active participants in world affairs and by men and women who tell you what they have seen with their own eyes. It is like a great motion picture which throws the vivid drama of the world's activities on the screen before you-the strife, the intrigue, the tragedy, the comedy and the inner significance of current events, portrayed without bias or prejudice, but with informative comment and explanation.

The Service of The Institute of International Information is FREE to Annual Subscribers to OUR WORLD

Your subscription entitles you to the service of the Institute of International Information, without charge. Under the Directorship of the great geographer, Dr. Wallace W. Atwood, President of Clarke University, the Institute gives full and accurate information on such topics as industry, finance, science, labor, religion, education, agriculture, etc., throughout the world. It gives access to the great body of information that has been brought together by a large number of international organizations in the United States and other countries.

This is a special offer, made to introduce OUR WORLD to thousands of new readers. Take advantage of this opportunity now, while you can get both the Institute service and a year's subscription to OUR WORLD for only $3.

Send your subscription direct, or through any responsible subscription agency,
or in a club with other magazines


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OME tourists tell stories of unpleas

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ant experiences in Europe, and the "Ocean Ferry" finds pleasure in offsetting these by relating the following incident: "A steward on the liner Lapland, following the ship's arrival at Antwerp. found a large roll of American bills under a pillow. He promptly took it to the purser, who found it totaled $750. The two men hastened to the pier and found the woman who had occupied the stateroom just entering a taxicab. She was astonished to find that she had left her money behind, and, accepting it with thanks, entered her cab and departed without mention of reward. The steward was commended by the management."


Add new compartments as required. Sections 90¢ each Five-compartment Kleradesk illustrated below only $5.40 Write for free, instructive, illus trated folder, "How to Get Greater Desk Efficiency." Ross-Gould Company 483 N. 10th St., St. Louis New York Chicago


"There is a gratifying note to most of us," says the "Ocean Ferry," "in the statement made by the chief steward of the Majestic to the effect that bacon and eggs hold their own against fashion on board the Majestic and lead in popularity as a breakfast dish, while apple pie is the most popular dessert at lunch." Thus all the frothy inventions of French chefs beat in vain against the rock-ribbed conventions of the AngloSaxon and his American collaterals.

Visitor from the home of baseball (as reported by London "Punch"): "Well, I'm glad I've seen cricket. I've seen St. Paul's and the Abbey, and they are good goods. But when it comes to hush and the subdued atmosphere, old cricket's got 'em beat."


A man recently left his glass eye in New Jersey hotel where he had stopped and wrote to the manager asking its return. The manager sent the lost article back and said that it was the first eye he had found since the hotel opened. Articles most commonly left by guests, he added, are pajamas and nightgowns, of which he has a choice collection awaiting their owners' return. Other things frequently left behind by travelers are jewels, umbrellas, canes, brief cases, and razors.

Bishop Candler, of Atlanta, condemning a certain theological controversy, said he was reminded of the colored preacher who began a sermon, "Breddern and sistern, when de fust man, Adam, was created, he was made outer wet clay and set up 'gainst the palin's to dry." A dissenting member of the congregation arose and said, "Pawsin, if Adam was de first man, den who-all made de palin's?" "Bre'er Simpkins, set down," said the parson disgustedly: "sech fool questions as yourn would upset any system of theology."

The Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad will celebrate on October 10 the seventieth anniversary of the operation of its first passenger train. The Rock Island was the first road to reach the Mississippi River, building into the city whose name it carries in 1854. Originally only forty miles long, the system now controls eight thousand miles of railway in fourteen States.

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Christianity and Progress


Cloth, $1.50

This is a striking book written in the inimitable Fosdick style and will undoubtedly be enjoyed by thousands of readers. Simple and direct in its presentation, yet forceful and brilliant, this volume is a welcome addition to Dr. Fosdick's remarkably popular books. It was originally presented as the Cole Lectures at Vanderbilt University.

With amazing speed and accuracy, punctuated by concrete examples to make his points clear, the author carries the reader through the history of the world's progress.

Other Fosdick Books

Assurance of Immortality
Manhood of the Master

Meaning of Faith

Meaning of Prayer
Meaning of Service

Second Mile'.

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Train Your Children for Success

In sport, in business, in life, it's the clean "hit" that counts. You want your children to play the game of life right. Now, while they are young, is the training period. Equip them by giving them interesting instruction-and they cannot fail to succeed.

In St. Nicholas, your children receive a guiding hand in sports, history, travel, science and stories

all written to grip and hold the attention of the children. Contests in writing, drawing, instruction in photography, science and so on, develop them. Their imagination and initiative are given a healthy field to work in.

Let St. Nicholas become a comrade and tutor to your children. It will prepare them for the future years when "clean hits" count.

One year's subscription is only $4-half what you pay for your morning paper. Send check or money order to St. Nicholas Subscription Department, M-22, Fourth Avenue, New York.


ST NICHOLAS for Boys and Girls

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A NEW BOOK which amazes

and thrills those who

have read its romantic story.



Chairman Illiteracy Commission of the National Education Association Tells for the first time the full story of how the appalling illiteracy of one Kentucky county prompted the author, then Supt. of the Rowan County Schools, to open a night school session for adults.

She expected an attendance of perhaps one hundred and fifty; twelve hundred came. From every part of the county, no matter how rough the road, or how hard the day's work had been, men came to be rid of the humiliation of having to make a mark instead of signing a name.

Before that campaign ended the illiteracy figures for Rowan County had dropped from 1,152 to 23, of whom only four were wilfully ignorant.

The movement spread to other counties, other States, a U. S. Commissioner of Education praised it in special bulletins, and the author has often been asked for a book telling the story of a movement so stimulating and of such profound importance to the welfare of the nation.

With 26 illustrations. $2.00

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"Our Business." The Defense of the
Bosphorus and Dardanelles ....
By Major-General Sir George Aston, K.C.B.
Confiscation and Reparation..
Visitors Welcome and Unwelcome... 185
The Green Gold of the Tropics.....
By Newton Fuessle
Giving the Middle West the Once Over 189
By Frederick M. Davenport



.... 186


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Keeping It Dark..

By Thatcher T. P. Luquer Under Four Presidents. The Autobiography of Oscar S. Straus : Chapter V-Dramatic Phases of Diplomacy....




The Anonymous New York Banker
Turns His Pencil Loose on Types
Hudson River Ferry-
The Book Table:
Booth Tarkington, Dramatist...... 202
By Barrett H. Clark

The Mail Bag: Bits of Texas Political
History; No Pussy-Footers Wanted 204
What is Happening to the German
Mark P......

By Roger C. Hoyt


The Substance and the Shadow ...... 209 By Noel Sargent

The American Mecca....

By Elizabeth Caney Parker By the Way...

In Defense of Prohibition....




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Chicago Rioters Leaving the Beach

Every Afnerican should read the detailed story of the Chicago race riot of July, 1919, as told by

THE CHICAGO COMMISSION ON RACE RELATIONS. The knowledge contained in this book of the living conditions among the Negroes in the North, of propaganda used to influence migrations from the South. and of the commission's recommendations to civic organizations, city officials, State militia, employers, labor unions, boards of education, and the press will help to prevent future racial difficulties. An important volume for everyone interested in America's race problem. Fully illustrated. $6.00 net.

The Negro Press in the United States By Frederick G. Detweiler

Is there a Negro Press? What is it like and how far does it represent the race? What is its contribution to the problem of racial aspiration? This book presents a multitude of facts on the Negro press question, a knowledge of which will help to a better understanding of the racial problems facing American citizenship $3.00 today.

The University of Chicago Press 5753 Ellis Ave. Chicago, Illinois

School Information FREE

Catalogs of all Girls' or Boys' boarding schools (and camps) in U. S. Expert advice free. Relative standing from persona inspection. State fully kind wanted. Maintained by American Schools' Assoc. No fees. Write 1100 Times Bldg., New York, or 1515-A Masonic Temple, Chicago

TEACHERS' AGENCIES The Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools. Advises parents about schools. Wm. O. Pratt, Mgr. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES UNION THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY


The charter requires that "Equal privileges of admission and instruction, with all the advantages of the Institution, shall be allowed to Students of every denomination of Christians." Eighty-seventh year began September 27th, 1922. For catalogue, address THE DEAN OF STUDENTS.

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OYS and Girls all over the country are delivering The Outlook each week in their neighborhoods and earning cash profits. If there are ambitious boys or girls in your family, why not have them write us at once for full particulars? CARRIER DEPARTMENT THE OUTLOOK COMPANY 381 Fourth Avenue, New York

1000 Volume 129 Number i Published weekly by The Outlook Company at 381 Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Subscription price $5.00 a year.




HATCHER T. P. LUQUER graduated from Columbia in 1889 with the degree of C.E., and started private practice in 1900 as a supervising and consulting engineer. As soon as the World War began he attended the Plattsburg M. T. York Camps, drilled with the New Training Battery and attended courses of lectures on military subjects. He received his commission as Captain in the Officers' Reserve Corps in 1917, and in a little over a year rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Overseas he was cited in Division orders and recommended for promotion to Colonel for his signal services. At present he has a colonelship in the Engineer Officers' Reserve Corps and is assigned as Corps Engineer of the XIIth Corps of the Organized Reserves.

ENATOR DAVENPORT, at The Outlook's

request, is sending us a series of letters on the political situation in the Middle West. The first of his correspondence appears in this issue under the title of "Giving the Middle West the Once Over." This will be followed in the October 11 issue by a second letter on the League of Nations and the attitude of the Middle West toward the Tariff Bill.

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ARRETT HARPER CLARK, who contributes to our Book Table an article on "Booth Tarkington, Dramatist," was at one time an actor and assistant stage manager with Mrs. Fiske. Since 1919

he has been instructor in the drama every summer at Chautauqua, New York, and has been of remarkable service to dramatic art. Mr. Clark is a most prolific writer on his favorite subject. He is the author of "The Continental Drama of To-day," "British and American Drama of To-day," Contemporary French Dramatists," and other volumes, and has edited and translated many plays from the French and Spanish. He was dramatic director at Camp Humphreys and a member of the Committee on Public Information during the

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By Bishop William Fraser McDowell These lectures were prepared and spoken with the desire that they might really assist members of the student body in making their decisions for lifework and service in the world to which they are so rapidly coming.

Price, net, $1.00, postpaid.

THE PREACHER AND THE PEOPLE By Bishop Francis J. McConnell Bishop McConnell has restricted the range of these lectures so that they deal only with the minister as a preacher. It is, therefore, an intensive rather than an extensive discussion. It

is essentially a book for the younger men in the ministry, although it contains much that will prove profitable to those of larger and wider experience.

Price, net, $1.00, postpaid.


It is a strong case that can be surrendered to the judgment of enemies. Jesus Christ triumphantly stands this test. He had his enemies in his earthly life, and they had many things to say about him and against him. More than three score of these sayings are scattered through the Gospels. They form a remarkable body of testimony that is of the greatest value.

Price, net, $1.75, postpaid.


In this straightforward discussion Dr. Wilson reminds us of certain forgotten sources of our federal constitution; that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of democratic ideals; that we are, after all, a Christian nation; and he likewise presents certain phases of present-day conditions that should awaken the moral and political conscience of the nation.

Price, net, $1.00, postpaid.

By Lynn Harold Hough

A number of these sermons "grew out of particular occasions and were connected with particular places," as, for instance, the sermon on "The Ampler Puritanism," which was preached at Plymouth, England, at the Pilgrim Tercentenary Service, in September, 1920.

Price, net, $1.25, postpaid.

By W. Wofford T. Duncan

In order to meet the claims of the Roman Catholic Church made through paid advertisements in the daily press, Dr. Duncan felt constrained to discuss in his pulpit certain questions in dispute between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. The discourses made a profound impression at the time of their first public presentation, and are entirely worthy of the close attention of the more dispersed audience to which they are now addressed.

Price, net, $1.00, postpaid.

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