The Great Anarchy: Or, Darkness Before Dawn. Sketches of Military Adventure in Hindustan During the Period Immediately Preceding British Occupation

W. Thacker & Company, 1901 - 177 páginas

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Página 134 - To found a great empire for the sole purpose of raising up a people of customers, may at first sight appear a project fit only for a nation of shopkeepers.
Página 22 - ... work with as much bodily labour as if he had his bread to earn by it. As an architect — and he is everything— -he has built himself at Lucknow a strong, elegant house.
Página 73 - I had resolved to establish an independency, I employed workmen and artificers of all kinds, and I now judged that nothing but force of arms could maintain me in my authority. I therefore increased their numbers, cast my own artillery, commenced making muskets, matchlocks, and powder, and, in short, made the best preparations for carrying on an offensive and defensive war...
Página 41 - I have seen him daily and monthly rising with the sun, to survey his factories, review his troops, enlist recruits, direct the vast movements of three brigades (providing for their equipment , and supplies), harangue in Durbar, give audience to envoys, administer justice, regulate the civil and revenue affairs, hear letters from different parts,, and dictate replies, carry on an intricate diplomatic system, superintend his private trade, examine accounts, direct and move forward a most complex machine.
Página 73 - I established my capital, rebuilt the walls of the city long since fallen into decay, and repaired the fortifications. As it had been long deserted, at first I found difficulty in procHring inhabitants, but by degrees and gentle treatment, I selected between five and six thousand persons, to whom I allowed every lawful indulgence.
Página 163 - ... own bloodthirsty tyrants, and would return to all the horrors of barbarism. In reality, the English have been the saviours of India. They put an end to the reign of brigandage, and replaced it by one of justice and order.
Página 142 - captious bickerings" which were going on all round ; and considered that " a rational jealousy of our power was not likely to excite half the intrigues against us which must naturally be produced by the wanton provocations which we have been giving on trivial subjects to all the States around." No sooner would the Company's forces engage with a capable enemy than these hostile elements would begin to combine. So argued the new ruler ; and not unreasonably, if the particular anticipations of this...
Página 145 - Henceforward it became the universal principle of public policy that every State in India (outside the Punjab and Sinde) should make over the control of its foreign relations to the British government, should submit all external disputes to British arbitration, and should defer to British advice regarding internal management so far as might be necessary to cure disorders or scandalous misrule.
Página 77 - I have nothing in view," he said, " but the welfare of my country and King. I shall be sorry to see my conquests fall to the Marathas ; I wish to give them to my King.
Página 73 - I wished to put myself in a capacity, when a favourable opportunity should offer, of attempting the conquest of the Punjab, and aspired to the honour of planting the British standard on the banks of the Attock.

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