Old maids; their varieties, characters, and conditions

Smith, 1835 - 4 páginas

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Página 53 - A thousand liveried angels lackey her. Driving far off each thing of sin and guilt; And, in clear dream and solemn vision, Tell her of things, that no gross ear can hear; Till oft converse with heavenly habitants Begin to cast a beam on th
Página 121 - The time would e'er be o'er, And I on thee should look my last, And thou shouldst smile no more! And still upon that face I look, And think 'twill smile again ; And still the thought I will not brook, That I must look in vain ! But when I speak— thou dost not say What thou ne'er left'st unsaid...
Página 150 - And the sweets of the days that are gone. Each dew-drop that steals from the dark eye of night, Is a tear for the bliss that is flown ; While others cull blossoms, J find but a blight, And sigh for the days that are gone.
Página 149 - I still wander alone, And, sunk in dejection, for ever deplore The sweets of the days that are gone. While the sun as it rises, to others shines bright, I think how it formerly shone ; While others cull blossoms, I find but a blight, And sigh for the days that are gone.
Página 210 - Tibullus, ardet in exstructo, corpus inane, rogo. ecce puer Veneris fert eversamque pharetram et fractos arcus et sine luce facem.
Página 155 - Blest source of purer joys! In ev'ry form of beauty bright, That captivates the mental sight With pleasure and surprise; V. To thy unspotted shrine I bow: Attend thy modest suppliant's vow, That breathes no wild desires; But, taught by thy unerring rules, To shun the fruitless wish of fools, To nobler views aspires.
Página 185 - To me thy better gifts impart, Each moral beauty of the heart By studious thought refin'd : For Wealth, the smiles of glad Content, For Pow'r, its amplest, best extent, An empire o'er my mind.
Página 151 - To fill the breast with heav'nly fires! Where for a while the soul must roam. To preconceive the state to come, And when through life the journey's past, Without repining or distaste, Again the spirit will repair, To breathe a more celestial air, And reap, where blessed beings glow, Completion of the joys below. PART III. TERPSICHORE; OR, THE MODERATE. if £* $' ayaflov Tl xaxsv Tl. Horn. od. e. Msec satis est orare Jovem, qui donat et aufert; Dct vitam, del opes; asquum ml aniinuin ips
Página 67 - New moon, new moon, I hail thee ! By all the virtue in thy body, Grant this night that I may see He who my true love is to be.
Página 38 - The labouring hind the mellow olive cheers ; Blossoms and fruit at once the citron shows, And, as she pays, discovers still she owes. The orange to her sun her pride displays, And gilds her fragrant apples with his rays. No blasts e'er discompose the peaceful sky, The springs but murmur and the winds but sigh.

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