A History of the Inquisition of Spain, Volumen4

Macmillan, 1907

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Página 230 - Rather, he found that the best weapon against the appearance of large numbers of witches in fact was silence ('I deduce the importance of silence and reserve from the experience that there were neither witches nor bewitched until they were talked and written about'; Salazar as quoted in Lea, 1906/1966, Vol IV: 234).
Página 243 - To deny the possibility, nay, actual existence, of witchcraft and sorcery, is at once flatly to contradict the revealed word of God, in various passages both, of the Old and New Testament...
Página 202 - The witch has abandoned Christianity, has renounced her baptism, has worshipped Satan as her God, has surrendered herself to him, body and soul, and exists only to be his instrument in working the evil to her fellow creatures which he cannot accomplish without a human agent.
Página ii - A HISTORY OF AURICULAR CONFESSION AND INDULGENCES IN THE LATIN CHURCH. In three octavo volumes of about 500 pages each. Per volume, cloth, $3.
Página 1 - I, 310 hodie sóror apud nos revelationum charismata sortita, quas in ecclesia inter dominica sollemnia per ecstasin in spiritu patitur ; conversatur cum angelis, aliquando etiam cum domino, et videt et audit sacramenta, et quorundam corda dinoscit et medicinas desiderantibus submittit.
Página 614 - ... matter in trenchant, forceful English." — Philadelphia Public Ledger. " Mr. Paul has that particular recommendation of being able to evoke again in the reader of to-day a live interest in political questions settled long ago, and to reintroduce into the politics of the mid-century the personal element so likely to be wanting in the merely constitutional history. ... All in all, the author has given us a history instinct with the life of the English nation. He has the rare virtue of understanding...
Página 202 - The culmination of sorcery was witchcraft and yet it was not the same. . . . The witch has abandoned Christianity, has renounced her baptism, has worshipped Satan as her God, has surrendered herself to him, body and soul, and exists only to be his instrument. . . . There are no pages of European history more filled with horror than those which record the witch-madness of three centuries, from the fifteenth to the eighteenth ; . . . [and...
Página 229 - Considering the above with all the Christian attention in my power, I have not found even indications from which to infer that a single act of witchcraft has really occurred, whether as to going to aquelarres, being present at them, inflicting injuries, or other of the asserted facts.
Página 535 - Considerando que es incompatible la existencia del tribunal de la Inquisición con la Constitución de la Monarquía Española promulgada en Cádiz en 1812, y que por esta razón la suprimieron las Cortes generales y extraordinarias por decreto de 22 de febrero de 1813 previa una madura y larga discusión; oída la opinión de la Junta formada por decreto de este día, y conformándome con su parecer, he venido en mandar que desde hoy quede suprimido el referido tribunal en toda la Monarquía, y...
Página 540 - Sed junge nos tibi efficaciter solius gratiae tuae dono, ut simus in te unum, et in nullo deviemus a vero, quatenus in nomine tuo collecti, sic in cunctis teneamus cum moderatione pietatis justitiam, ut hic a te in nullo dissentiat sententia nostra...

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