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No. 44.

Washington, April 23, 1879. By direction of the Secretary of War, the following is published for the information of all concerned:

The Forms of Books prescribed by General Orders No. 98, A. G. O., 1872, for keeping a record of public property and stores shipped and received by officers of the Quartermaster's Department, and of Bills of Lading to be used in making shipments of such property, are modified so as to conform to the Forms hereto annexed, marked B and C, and 17, 18, and 19, originals and duplicates.

Hereafter officers in turning stores over to the Quartermaster's Department for transportation will plainly mark each package, box, bale, cask, sack, &c., &c., with the name of the officer or person to whom it is to be forwarded, its contents, weight (if practicable), and ultimate destination; also with the letters C. S. thus: U. S. , that it may be readily distinguished from private property. Officers or agents of the Quartermaster's Department shipping public property or baggage will mark each package, box, bale, cask, sack, &c., &c., with the name and station of the officer to whom the property is consigned; and when there is more than one package to be forwarded, will number each package, the numhering to be cousecutive, from one upward. Packages of Quartermaster's property and stores should, so far as practicable, bear consecutive numbers; the numbering of other classes of property should precede or follow in regnlar order, and also bear consecutive numbers so far as practicable; but no two packages should bear the same number in any one shipment, except when re-shipment of stores is made in connection with other shipments without breaking packages; in such cases the original shipping number should be used. In shipments of grain in sacks, bales of hay, and other classes of stores in large quantities, and in packages of like dimensions and weight, where numbering is unnecessary, it may be omitted; the object in view being to furnish a means of readily ascertaining the particular package lost, should loss occur while the stores are in transit, and of tracing and identifying the same.

Bills of Lading issued for the transportation of public property and stores will show the number of each package or article, marks, contents, and weight or measurement of each package or class of packages shipped. Such terms as “Quartermaster's stores," "Commissary stores," "Ordnance stores,” “Medical or Hospital stores," "Company property," and the like, are too indefinite. The contents of the packages will be specified

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20 boxes. Canned salmon

Dried salmon.

Desiccated vegetables 5

Canned tomatoes

Blacksmith's tools 5

Carpenter's tools. 1

Mason's tools
1 keg

3 coils Rope-
5 bales Coats

3 boxes.-- Hats


Horse-shoe nails

Cut nails
2 bundles. Bar iron.

372! 648

Maj. Geo. Bliss, 1 to 20
0.8. U.S.A.,

21 * 30
Washington, D. c. 31 * 35
U. S. property.

36 40

41 * 45 Maj. John Bell,

46 " 50 Depot Q. M.,

1 51
Washington, D. C. 52
U. S. property.

53 * 55
56 60

61 & 62
Capt. John Smith, | 63 to 65

Q. M. U. S. A., 66 * 70
Georgetown, D.C. 71 4 75
U.S. property.

76 & 77
78 to 80

81 & 82 Lt. James Smith, 1st Inf'try, 83 to 85 Ft. Monroe, Va.,

86 € 90 Changing station.

91 Private property.

92 & 93 Co. I, Ist Infantry.

94 Co. property.

98 & 96

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120 200 5001 600 75

5 kegs

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The attention of officers is invited to paragraphs 4 and 5 of General Orders No. 98, A. G. O., of 1872, and paragraphs 13 and 14 of General Orders No. 107, A. G. O., of 1874, in relation to the insertion of rates in Bills of Lading

The name of each officer having baggage transported, his rank, and the place to which transportation is provided, will be entered on the Bill of Lading, in the column headed “Marks," and the number and description of each package, or class of packages, of such baggage, with their weight, will be entered opposite thereto in the appropriate columns. BY COMMAND OF GENERAL SHERMAN:


Adjutant General.

Assistant Adjutant General.





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NOTE.-The figures at foot of columns of Forms B, C, and 17, 18, 19 represent width of columns in inches and fractions of an inch, as they are hereafter to be ruled.

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