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enables them to detect important mistakes will be kind enough to point them out candidly and clearly, I will gladly correct such serious faults if another edition should ever be required by an indulgent public.




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por José F. Ramirez.—2d vol. of
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CHAPTER 1.-Discoveries of Cordova and Grijalva-Cortêz appointed by Velas-

quez-Biographical notice of Cortéz-Cortéz Captain General of the Armada-

Equipment of the Expedition—Quarrel of Velasquez-Firmness of Cortéz-Ex-

pedition departs under Cortéz,

.. 13

CHAPTER 11.-Olmeda preaches to the Indians-Aguilar and Mariana-interpre-

ters-Cortéz lands-interview with the Aztecs—Diplomacy-Montezuma's pres-

ents-Montezuma refuses to receive Cortéz,

. . 22

CHAPTER III.-Cortéz founds La Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz-Fleet destroyed-

March to Mexico-Conquest of Tlascala—Cholula--Slaughter in Cholula--Valley

of Mexico-Cortéz enters the Valley-Gigantic Causeway–Lake of Tezcoco-

Reception by Montezuma-Spaniards enter the capital, .

CHAPTER IV.–Description of the City of Tenochtitlan--Montezuma's way of

life—Market-place-Cortéz at the Great Temple-Description of it—Place of Sa-

crifice—Sanctuaries—Huitzilopotchtli—Tezcatlipoca—Danger of Cortéz—Monte-

zuma seized-Montezuma a prisoner—his submissiveness—Arrival of Narvaez-

Cortéz's diplomacy-Cortéz overcomes Narvaez, and recruits his forces, 35

CHAPTER V.-Cortéz returns to the Capital—Causes of the revolt against the

Spaniards—Cortéz condemns Alvarado-his conduct to Montezuma-Battle in the

city—Montezuma mediates—Fight on the Great Temple or Teocalli-Retreat of

the Spaniards—Noche Triste-Flight of the Spaniards to Tacuba, .


CHAPTER VI.-Retreat to Otumba-Cortéz is encountered by a new army of Az.

tecs and auxiliaries–Victory of the Spaniards at Otumba--Proposed re-alliance of

Aztecs and Tlascalans—Forays of Cortéz-reduction of the eastern regions—Cor-

téz proposes the re-conquest-sends off the disaffected—Cortéz settles the Tlascalan

succession, .


CHAPTER VII.-Death of Cuitlahua—he is succeeded by Guatemozin-Aztecs

learn the proposed re-conquest—Cortéz's forces for this enterprise-Cortéz at Tez-

coco-his plans and acts-Military expeditions of Cortez in the Valley-Operations

at Chalco and Cuernavaca-Xochimilco-return to Tacuba-Cortéz returns to

Tezcoco and is reinforced,

.. 56

CHAPTER VIII.-Cortéz returns-conspiracy among his men detected—Execution

of Villafaña-Brigantines launched-Xicotencatl's treason and execution-Dispo-

sition of forces to attack the city-Siege and assaults on the city-Fight and re-

verses of the Spaniards—Sacrifice of captives—Flight of allies-Contest renewed

Starvation, .


CHAPTER IX.-Aztec prediction—it is not verified_Cortêz reinforced by fresh

arrivals-Famine in the city-Cortéz levels the city to its foundation-Condition

of the capital-Attack renewed-Capture of Guatemozin-Surrender of the city-

Frightful condition of the city,

.. 70

CHAPTER X.-Duty of a historian-Motives of the Conquest-Character and

deeds of Cortéz-Materials of the Conquest-Adventurers-Priests—Indian allies

-Historical aspects of the Conquest, . .

. 75

[blocks in formation]

CHAPTER XI.-Discontent at not finding goldTorture of Guatemozin-Results

of the fall of the capital-Mission from Michoacan-Rebuilding of the capital

Letters to the King-Intrigues against Cortéz – Fonseca - Narvaez— Tapia –

Charles V. protects Cortéz and confirms his acts,


CHAPTER XII.-Cortéz commissioned by the Emperor-Velasquez—his death-

Mexico rebuilt-Immigration-Repartimientos of Indians—Honduras–Guatemo-

zin-Mariana-Cortéz accused-ordered to Spain for trial—his reception, honors

and titles—he marries—his return to Mexico-resides at Tezcoco-Expeditions of

Cortéz—California-Quivara-returns to Spain--death-Where are his bones? 84

CHAPTER XIII.-Archbishop Zumarraga's destruction of Mexican monuments,

writings, documents—Mr. Gallatin's opinion of them— Traditions—two sources of

accurate knowledge-Speculations on antiquity-Aztecs—Toltecs—Nahuatlacs-

Acolhuans, &c.-Aztecs emigrate from Aztlan-settle in Anahuac— Tables of emi-

gration of the original tribes,Other tribes in the empire,


CHAPTER XIV.—Difficulty of estimating the civilization of the Aztecs-Nations

in Yucatan—Value of contemporary history- The Aztec monarchy-elective-

Royal style in Tenochtitlan-Montezuma's way of life-Despotic power of the

Emperor over life and law–Theft-intemperance-marriage-slavery-war—Mili-

tary system and hospitals—Coin-Revenues-Aztec mythology-Image of Teo-

yaomiqu— Teocalli—Two kinds of sacrifice—Why the Aztecs sacrificed their

prisoners-Common Sacrifice-Gladitorial Sacrifice-Sacrificial Stone-Aztec Ca-

lendar-week, month, year, cycle--Procession of the New Fire-Astronomical

Science-Aztec Calendar_Tables, .



CHAPTER I.-Colonial system-Early grants of power to rulers in Mexico by the

Emperor Charles V.-Abuse of it-Council of the Indies—Laws-Royal audiences

-Cabildos-Fueros—Relative positions of Spaniards and Creoles-Scheme of

Spanish colonial trade-Restrictions on trade-Alcabala—Taxes-Papal Bulls-

Bulls de Cruzada—de Defuntos—of Composition-Power of the Church-its pro-

perty-Inquisition-The acts of the Inquisition-Repartimientos-Indians-Agri-

culturists-Miners-Mita–Excuses for maladministration,


CHAPTER II.- Founding of the Viceroyalty of New Spain-New Audiencia-

Fuenleal—Mendoza-Early acts of the first Viceroy-Coinage—Rebellion in Ja-

lisco-Viceroy suppresses it-Council of the Indies on Repartimientos-Indian

Servitude-Quivara-Expeditions of Coronado and Alarcon-Pest in 1546—Revo-

lution-Council of Bishops-Mines-Zapotecs revolt-Mendoza removed to Peru,

Page 139.

CHAPTER III._Velasco endeavors to ameliorate the condition of the Indians

University of Mexico established-Inundation-Military colonization—Philip II-

Florida—Intrigues against Velasco-Philipine Isles_Death of Velasco—Marques

de Falces—Baptism of the grand-children of Cortéz—Conspiracy against the Mar-

ques del Valle—his arrest_execution of his friends-Marques de Falces-charges

against him—his fall—Errors of Philip II.-Fall of Muñoz and his return—Vm-

dication of the Viceroy, ..


CHAPTER IV.-Almanza Viceroy-Chichimecas revolt-Jesuits—Inquisition-

Pestilence—No Indian tribute exacted-Almanza departs-Xuares Viceroy-Weak

Administration—Increase of commerce-Pedro Moya de Contreras Viceroy--Re-

forms under a new Viceroy-His power as Viceroy and Inquisitor-Zuñiga Vice-

roy-Treasure-Piracy-Cavendish-Drake captures a galeon-Zuñiga and the

Audiencia of Guadalajara–His deposition from power,


[merged small][ocr errors]

CHAPTER V.-Luis de Velasco II. becomes Viceroy-Delight of the Mexicans-

Factories reopened--Chichimecas--Colonization-Alameda—Indians taxed for

European wars-Composition-Fowls-Acebedo Viceroy-Expedition to New

Mexico-Indian ameliorations-Death of Philip II.-New scheme of hiring In-

dians--California–Montesclaros Viceroy-Inundation—Albarrada,

· · 170

CHAPTER VI.-Second administration of Don Luis Velasco-His great work for

the Drainage of the Valley-Lakes in the Valley-Danger of Inundation-History

of the Desague of Huehuetoca-Operations of the engineers Martinez and Boot-

The Franciscans—Completion of the Desague-La Obra del Consulado-Negro

revolt-Extension of Oriental trade-Guerra Viceroy—De Cordova Viceroy-

Indian revolt-Cordova founded,


CHAPTER VII.-Marques de Gelves Viceroy—his reforms—Narrative of Father

Gage-Gelves forestalls the market - The Archbishop excommunicates Mexia, his

agent-Quarrel between Gelves and the Archbishop-Viceroy excommunicated-

Archbishop at Guadalupe-he is arrested at the altar-sent to Spain-Mexia threa-

tened-Mob attacks the Palace—it is sacked—Viceroy escapes-Retribution, 187

CHAPTER VIII.-The Audiencia rules in the interregnum-Carillo Visitador-In-

quisitorial examination-Acapulco taken-Attacks by the Dutch-Removal of the

Capital proposed—Armendariz Viceroy-Escalona Viceroy—Palafox's conduct to

the Viceroy–Palafox Viceroy-His good and evil,

. 195

CHAPTER IX.—Sotomayor Viceroy-Escalona vindicated—Monastic property-

Bigotry of Palafox-Guzman Viceroy-Indian insurrection-Revolt of the Tara-

humares-Success of the Indians—Indian wars-Duke de Alburquerque Viceroy-

Attempt to assassinate him—Count de Baños Viceroy-Attempt to colonize-Es-

cobar y Llamas and De Toledo Viceroys—Depredations of British cruisers-Nuño

de Portugal Viceroy, ·


CHAPTER X.-Rivera Viceroy-La Cerda Viceroy–Revolt in New Mexico,

Success of the Indians—Colony destroyed-Efforts of the Spaniards to re-conquer

-Vera Cruz sacked-Count Monclova Viceroy-Count Galve Viceroy-Tarrahu-

maric revolı-Indians pacified— Texas-Hispaniola attacked—Insurrection-Burn-

ing of the Palace-Famine-Earthquake,


CHAPTER XI.-Montañez Viceroy—Spiritual Conquest of California—Valladares

Viceroy-Fair at Acapulco-Spanish monarchy-Austria—Bourbon-Montañez

Viceroy-Jesuits in California--La Cueva Viceroy-Duke de Linares Viceroy-

British slavery treaty-Colonization-Nuevo Leon-Texas-Operations in Texas

-Alarcon-Aguayo-Casa- Fuerte's virtuous administration-Louis I.-Oriental

trade-Spanish jealousy-The King's opinion of Casa-Fuerte--his acts, . . 221

CHAPTER XII.–Vizarron and Eguiarreta Viceroy-Eventless government–Sala-

zar Viceroy-Colonial fears-Fuen-Clara Viceroy-Galeon lost-Mexico under

Revilla-Gigedo 1.-Ferdinand VI.-Indians_Taxes-Colonies in the north-

Famine-Mines at Bolaños—Horcasitas-Character of Revilla-Gigedo_Villalon

Viceroy-Charles III.-Cagigal Viceroy, .

. 232

CHAPTER XIII.—Marques de Cruillas Viceroy-Charles III. proclaimed-Havana

taken by the British-Military preparations-Peace-Pestilence–Galvez Visitador

-Reforms—Tobacco monopoly_De Croix Viceroy—The Jesuits—their expulsion

from Spanish dominions—their arrival in Europe—banished—Causes of this con-

duct to the orderOrigin of the military character of Mexico,

. . 240

CHAPTER XIV.-Bucareli y Ursua Viceroy-Progress of New Spain--Gold

placers in Sonora-Mineral wealth at that period--Intellectual condition of the

country-Line of Presidios-Mayorga Viceroy-Policy of Spain to England and

her colonies-Operations on the Spanish Main, &c.—Matias Galvez Viceroy-his

acts, .


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