The Life of Nelson, Volumen1

John Murray, 1813 - 280 páginas

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Página 59 - I am as old as the prime minister of England, and think myself as capable of commanding one of his majesty's ships as that minister is of governing the state.
Página 69 - Have you not often heard,' says he, in another letter, 'that salt water and absence always wash away love ? Now I am such a heretic as not to believe that faith ; for, behold, every morning I have had six pails of salt water...
Página 196 - A left handed admiral," he said, in a subsequent letter, " will never again be considered as useful ; therefore the sooner I get to a very humble cottage the better, and make room for a sounder man to serve the state.
Página 236 - is not a name strong enough for such a scene ; "—he called it a conquest. Of thirteen sail of the line, nine were taken, and two burnt ; of the four frigates, one was sunk ; another, the Artemise, was burnt in a villanous manner by her Captain, M.
Página 234 - It is upon record, that a battle between two armies was once broken off by an earthquake: such an event would be felt like a miracle; but no incident in war, produced by human means, has ever equalled the sublimity of this co-instantaneous pause, and all its circumstances. About seventy of the Orient,s crew were saved by the English boats.
Página 171 - disdaining the parade of taking possession of beaten enemies, most gallantly pushed up, with every sail set, to save his old friend and messmate, who...
Página 222 - Vanguard, and explain to them his own ideas of the different and best modes of attack, and such plans as he proposed to execute on falling in with the enemy, whatever their situation might be.
Página 24 - I had to surmount, and the little interest I possessed. I could discover no means of reaching the object of my ambition. After a long and gloomy reverie, in which I almost wished myself overboard, a sudden glow of patriotism was kindled within me, and presented my King and country as my patron. Well, then," I exclaimed, " I will be a hero ! and, confiding in Providence, I will brave every danger...
Página 218 - Thanks to your exertions,' said he, writing to Sir W. and Lady Hamilton, 'we have victualled and watered ; and surely watering at the fountain of Arethusa, we must have victory. We shall sail with the first breeze ; and be assured I will return either crowned with laurel or covered with cypress.
Página 232 - ... deeper pleasure, than the unexpected assurance that his life was in no danger. The surgeon requested, and, as far as he could, ordered him to remain quiet: but Nelson could not rest. He called for his secretary, Mr. Campbell, to write the despatches. Campbell had himself been wounded ; and was go affected at the blind and suffering state of the admiral, that he was unable to write.

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