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I am Robert L. Grete, Director of the Rocky Bayou Christian School (RBCS)

in Niceville, Florida. RBCS, a member of the Association of Christian Schools

International (ACSI) and the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS) is

an independent rather than a parochial (organized as part of a local church or denomination) Christian school.

The purpose of my testimony is to provide a small independent Christian

school's perspective on the erosion of religious liberty in America.

Since the founding of Rocky Bayou Christian School in 1973, each year an

increasing amount of my time involves the defense of religious liberty. We

constantly receive appeals from our Christian school associations for aid in

alerting our representatives to threats to our freedom. Each year it seems more

bills are introduced into the state and federal legislatures that threaten

religious liberty. Decisions by the courts have had the same effect.

I believe that the threat to religious liberty arises from the efforts of

antitheistic/humanistic leaders trying to establish a set of religious

presuppositions that are antithetical to the traditional Judeo-Christian or

biblical religious presuppositions upon which America was founded. Using secular education and the influence of the media (Hollywood films, television, the broadcast industry and the music industry), secularl and humanistic leaders

have worked toward a goal stated in the Humanist Manifesto II as

1. Secular means "apart from the supernatural" or worldly. Secularism is a

faith that leaves out the Creator of the universe. 2. Humanism is a faith that defies man. Rather than submitting to the

Creator, man is made the measure of all things, the provider, and the

determiner of right and wrong. 3. See Humanist Manifestos I & II (NY: Prometheus Books, 1973).

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Testimony of Robert L. Grete
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"a secular society on a planetary scale." John Dewey, the father of American progressive education was a powerful subscriber to Humanist Manifesto I. The increasing success of such leaders is due in part to the inactivity of those who hold to the Judeo-Christian values. Such pietism in the Bible-believing community has surrendered much of the control of the centers of influence in

American society to antibiblical humanistic leaders.

The education of children plays a vital role in shaping the values of the

leadership of future generations. American education has been increasingly

secularized as governmental authority was extended over it. Systematically, government power has been used to increasingly eliminate biblical values from

public schools. Today, the efforts to purge biblically-based religious values

from the public schools have been so successful that Congress and the federal

courts are involved in such questions as, "Can children pray in the public

schools?" and, "Can groups meeting in public facilities discuss theistic topics

or is their speech limited to presumed secular subjects 1 no matter how perverted

from a biblical viewpoint?"

Hand in hand with the purging of biblical truths and values from government operated schools, secular and humanistic leaders (using a number of organizations to include the National Education Association (NEA), local, state

and federal government agencies, and the media have launched a frightening

effort to subject non-government schools to their effective control. The

result, if they are successful, will be as complete an eradication of biblical

influence in the education of our nation's children as that accomplished in

Germany by Hitler's Third Reich or by the Soviet Union today.

As the administrator of a Christian school, the defense against this effort

requires daily energy.

I am sure this Senate committee will collect

1. To a Biblicist, all subjects are religious since they involve some aspect

of God or His perspective on His creation. Christ is sovereign over every area of a Christian's life.


Testimony of Robert L. Grete
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considerable data on a multitude of cases, many of which are a matter of court

record. Before going into the specifics of RBCS confrontations, I would like to

mention some of the specific tools now being used by American governmental

agencies to effect religious tyranny over religious educational ministries. The

control devices, which have been used historically, include:

1. Licensing. If civil government can license an activity, it exercises

the power to terminate it or require it to conform to regulations as a condition

of operation.


School Accreditation/Teacher Certification Requirements.

3. Arbitrarily or discriminatory enforced health, welfare, safety, and

zoning regulations.

4. Direct regulation of various aspects of the religious ministry (e.g.:

personnel - immoral persons such as sodomites cannot be excluded from the

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texts must be chosen from state approved lists; etc.)

5. Public trust concept. Religious organizations are considered creatures of the state to be operated according to the wishes of government agents rather

than ministries under God required to operate according to biblical authority.

6. Biblically based religious faith must be subordinated to contrary

public policy. Thus the whims of fallen man subordinate God's absolute


7. Taxation. The power to tax assumes sovereignty or lordship, and is the

power to control and destroy.

8. The tax expenditure concept. This is one of the most perverse concepts

being pushed into the public policy arena; tyrants must love it. This radical

idea rejects the biblical and constitutional concepts that the fruit of a

person's labor belongs under personal stewardship and that the portion of a


Testimony of Robert L. Grete
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person's property that is transferred to civil government should be determined

by the consent of the governed. Rather, the tax expenditure concept assumes

that all property is owned by the civil government, which can then decide how

much to allow citizens to keep under personal stewardship. Anything left in the

hands of the citizens is a tax expenditure subject to the controls civil

government desires to set upon its use. Thus, nothing escapes government control, since money a person or institution uses has either come from

government or remains at its true point of origin by government grace.


degree to which this monstrous doctrine is finding acceptance today is frightening. Efforts to get Congress to reject it (e.g., HR 1002, 96th Congress, First Session) have failed. Also, consider the US Supreme Court's

recent ruling in the Grove City case and the perverse "corrective" legislation being proposed (HR 5490). This case illustrates the logic that civil

governmental control goes with any governmental financial assistance, which

under the tax expenditures concept, even means any money the government lets individuals keep. Yes, tyrants must love it!

The perverse exercise of these control tools (whether legitimate authorities such as "Z" above, or unconstitutional usurpations such as the rest)

are based upon the presuppositions of the humanistic state. Some of the

presuppositions underlying the concept of the humanistic state are that the

civil state:

1. Has sovereignty over all authorities

even that of the Creator of the

universe Who originates human authority and is alone sovereign.

2. Owns the earth, its produce, and the people under its jurisdiction,

denying the biblical concept that God owns the earth and civil government is one

of several limited jurisdictions designed to carry out specific purposes.

3. Owns the children, denying that God owns the children and has given

parents stewardship over them.


Testimony of Robert L. Grete
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4. Authors human liberty, denying the concept that "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments

are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the

governed." (Declaration of Independence)

5. Defines right and wrong rather than submitting to God's biblical

standards of righteousness.

6. Is the provider of economic resources to the people. This denies that God distributes economic resources, generally to those who earn them through

personal responsibility and work.

Citizens have no protection against tyranny when the civil state, which has

the biblical function of protecting God-given liberty, assumes the role of God

in society.

The exercise of the tools of tyrannical control based upon the presuppositions of the humanistic state is rapidly increasing in America. If Congress does not understand this trend or does not wish to reverse it, the sovietization of America will soon be complete. Consider the words of American

communist, William 2. Foster in his book Toward Soviet America:

Among the elementary measures the American Soviet government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are the following; (SIC) the schools, colleges and universities will be coordinated and grouped under the National Department of Education and its state and local branches. The studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic and other features of the bourgeois ideology. The students will be taught on the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism and the general ethics of the new Socialist society. Present obsolete methods of teaching will be superseded by a scientific pedagogy.

The churches will remain free to continue their services, but their special tax and other privileges will be liquidated. Their buildings will revert to the State. Religious schools will be abolished and organized religious training for minors prohibited. Freedom will be established for anti-religious propaganda. (@ page 316)

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