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positions of power, where their influence in favor of treason is unlimited. Is this 'arresting, convicting and punishing' men who have been guilty of the greatest of crimes—treason? Is this making treason odious f

"Andrew Johnson has recently declared, in praise of his restoration policy, that Louisiana and South Carolina, are now more loyal than they have been for the past twenty five years. The men who have been crushed by the despotic tyranny of President's Johnson's reconstructed rebels, because they have fought for the Union and republican principles, place a different construction upon loyalty. The men who have fought treason and slavery for the last twenty-five years, and who have been commissioned by high authority to investigate these important matters, do not talk thus of the loyalty of Louisiana and South Carolina. The true, loyal Union men of these eleven rebellious States know that rebellion is only conquered by the bayonet, that military power alone keeps it in check. Why is the press of these States, if they are so loyal, constantly filling the public mind with the same ideas that were popular during the rebellion.

"Hearken to what Horace Maynard says: 'With the same traitor editors as before and during the war, pardoned it may be, but manifestly unchanged in temper and purpose, there is displayed the same sectional feeling and hatred of the Federal Government, though not the same stomach for fight. Under a thin disguise of of flattery of the President they assail his friends who have stood by him all through the dark years of the conflict, and vilify those whom they call radicals, meaning all Union men who oppose their infamous course and who are now unwilling they should be restored to power over loyal men. Their diurmal venom affords the strongest argument against the admission to their seats of your Congressional representation. The ideas and principles of the rebellion are constantly instilled into the popular mind.' This is known to be true by all loyal men in the South. The unrepentant rebels still resist the laws of the Nation, despise the sacred oaths they have taken, and only took them for the purpose of gaining power through the mysterious magnanimity of Andrew Johnson, praise the institution of slavery and despotism, and generally embrace the sentiments of men like T. Yancey, of Mississippi, who says: * As for recognizing the right of freedmen to their children, I can say that not one Southern man or woman in the whole South recognizes the negro as a freedman, but as other stolen property forced by the bayonets of the damnable United States Government?

"Such are the 'loyal men' in power in these reconstructed States. Such are the men now guarding the vital interests of eleven States of this Republic of Liberty. Does that flag which is the pride of the Nation, in the folds of which may be read 'Liberty, Justice and Equality,' wave triumphantly over these States? Although Andrew Johnson has proclaimed the * insurrection at an end,' war has not ended, peace has not come. The Union men of the South yet look upon Federal bayonets as their only hope of salvation, and must so do, until a truly Republican Congress can secure peace to the country by reconstructing the rebellious States upon a loyal basis, until those who are traitors are made c to take a back seat,' and are shorn of all power to renew their assault upon the life of the Nation. Traitors through the magnanimity of Andrew Johnson, have received positions due only to good and patriotic men. Men who had made themselves worthy of favors from the Chief Executive by their adherence to the Government when in peril, demanded, in the name of right and justice, that the sacred interests of this Government be guarded by its sworn and tried friends, and not placed in the power of the leaders of the rebellion, who still plot the destruction of the Republic. Honors bestowed upon traitors will prove that

"Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill." Have these pardoned rebels, who to-day, through the influence of the President, govern the eleven rebellious States, shown any evidence of repentance for the crimes they have committed against their country? Do they regard their sacred oaths? Do they not daily declare, while surrounded by Federal bayonets, that they will yet conquer that power which has compelled their submission to the just laws of this Nation, while they acknowledge themselves beaten in the field? that, with the help of their President and the Copperheads of the North, they will triumph politically in the Government of this country; that it will be a more decided victory of their principles than they could have obtained by defeating the Republican army upon the battle-field? Is this yielding up the infamous principles for which they commenced and fought a bloody war, that they might become a Confederacy of Traitors, the corner-stone of which was to be slavery? Is this embracing the great truths which give to this Nation 'Liberty—full, broad and unconditional Liberty V Ought not traitors to be made to feel that by committing the crime of treason against this Government they forfeit their right as citizens, and that justice demands that they be arrested and punished? If they had repented of their infamous crimes, would they not honor and respect their conquerors? Have they done this? No. The fact is notorious that all the influential wealthy leaders of rebellion to-day bid defiance to the Government and laws of the country they have deluged with blood and filled with woe and desolation. The prenciples of these leaders have always moved them to oppose republicanism, human equality and liberty, and to guide the masses under their control to anarchy and rebellion.

"These are the men who to-day, under the policy and administration of Andrew Johnson, occupy the first positions in the States so lately in armed hostility to the United States Government. These men, who led the armies of the rebellion against the Republican hosts, who fought to maintain the Government and establish liberty throughout the land, now lead the armies forth to fight the political battles against their conquerors.

"And whom do they claim as their leader in this conflict between republicanism and despotism, between free institutions and slavery? Who, say the copperhead presses of the North and the rebel presses of the South, shall be their leaders. They evidently believe that their leader is secured to them, that the man who so long suffered on the * gridiron' because men of republican principles were suffering by the persecutions of traitors, copperheads and rebels, the 'Moses' of the oppressed, the Governor of Tennessee, who declared that loyal men, whether black or white, should rule the State, who said that treason must be made odious, that the wealthy, influential leaders of the rebellion must be arrested, convicted and punished, is now the accepted leader of those who love oppression and hate free, democratic, republican institutions. The leader of red-handed traitors, who have fought to undermine the foundations of this Government, the leader of men whose names stand in the same category of crime with Aaron Burr, of whom Andrew Johnson said, in the days when he denounced traitors: 'Were I President of the United States, I would do as Thomas Jefferson did, in 1806, with Aaron Burr—I would have them arrested, and if convicted, within the meaning and scope of the Constitution, by the Eternal God, I wotdd execute them? Andrew Johnson is President of the United States, and who has he arrested? Who has been executed?—Wirz. The men who founded and instigated conspiracies to overthrow the Government, men who fired upon our flag, took our forts and custom-houses, our arsenals, our mints, our lands, and fought against our liberty, made desolate our homes and murdered our sons and brothers—these are the men who cry, from every portion of the land, upon Andrew Johnson to lead them against that party who has ever stood up boldly for the eternal principles of justice and the rights of humanity, who crushed tha infamous rebellion and stayed the revengeful arm of those who struck at the vitals of the Nation, that party which wielded a power that all the Copperheads, rebels and demons in Christendom cannot crush, be their leader Andrew Johnson, Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis.

"Notwithstanding the defection of the President, this

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