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Night is the time for Death ;
When all around is peace,
Calmly to yield the weary breath,
From sin and suffering cease,
Think of heaven's bliss, and give the sign
To parting friends ; — such death be mine.


JOYFUL words, — we meet again!
Love's own language, comfort darting
Through the souls of friends at parting:
Life in death, — we meet again!

While we walk this vale of tears,
Compass'd round with care and sorrow,
Gloom to-day, and storm to-morrow,
“ Meet again !” our bosom cheers.

* The seven following pieces were written for “ Select foreign Airs,” published some time ago under the title of Polyhymnia,which will account for the peculiar rhythm adopted in several of them. The four first were paraphrased from the German ; the words of the remaining three are original.

Far in exile, when we roam,
O’er our lost endearments weeping,
Lonely, silent vigils keeping,
“ Meet again!" transports us home.

When this weary world is past,
Happy they, whose spirits soaring,
Vast eternity exploring,
• Meet again ” in heaven at last.


Night turns to day: –

When sullen darkness lowers,
And heaven and earth are hid from sight,
Cheer up, cheer up;
Ere long the opening flowers,
With dewy eyes, shall shine in light.

Storms die in calms :

When over land and ocean
Roll the loud chariots of the wind,
Cheer up, cheer up;
The voice of wild commotion
Proclaims tranquillity behind.

Winter wakes spring :

When icy blasts are blowing
O'er frozen lakes, through naked trees,
Cheer up, cheer up;
All beautiful and glowing,
May floats in fragrance on the breeze.

War ends in peace:

Though dread artillery rattle,
And ghastly corses load the ground,
Cheer up, cheer up;
Where groan’d the field of battle,
The song, the dance, the feast go round.

Toil brings repose: -

With noontide fervours beating,
When droop thy temples o'er thy breast,
Cheer up, cheer up;
Grey twilight, cool and fleeting,
Wafts on its wing the hour of rest.

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