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Madison, Wis., State Historical Museum of Wisconsin. Charles Edward Brown, Curator. Public library museums, preparation of special exhibits, organization of historical pageants, costume picture collections, preservation and marking of archaeological monuments. New Orleans, La., Louisiana State Museum. Robert Glenk, Curator. Cooperation with state bureaus in preparation of special exhibits, - historical, civic, industrial, resources and raw materials, commercial. Raleigh, N. C., * North Carolina State Museum. Seattle, Wash., * State Museum, University of Washington. Springfield, Ill., Natural History Museum, State of Illinois. A. R. Crook, Curator. Methods of exhibiting state collection of minerals, cases, backgrounds and installation of exhibits.



This brief list has been compiled, first, to give persons interested in beginning a museum some idea of the trend and scope of their project, and then to put them in touch with the work of experts in the museum field.

Many books and journals on museum management have appeared in Germany, France and other foreign countries, but it has not seemed wise to include them here. .

THE MUSEUM AND THE PUBLIC An art museum for the people. Mather. 1907. Atlantic Monthly, 100: 729. Deals with the function and arrangement of exhibits and study collections as illustrated in the Boston Museum. The Children's Museum as an educator. Gallup. 1908. Popular Science Monthly, 72:371. Story of the growth and work of the pioneer children's museum in this country. The Dullness of Museums. Wood. 1887. Nineteenth Century, 21:384. An amusing plaint on conditions in England which are to be met less and less frequently to-day. Educational work of a great museum. Smith. 1912. Science; n. s. 36:659. A brief and suggestive survey of the general field of modern museum activities. Gloom of the museum. Dana. 1913. Newarker, 2:391. Reflections on the location, housing, value and use of museums to-day. The museum as a factor in education. Bumpus. 1906. Independent, 61:269. "The museum as an educational means is open to youth and adult alike. Its silent teaching is continuous and the period of instruction is limited only by the desire of the visitor.”

Museum as an educational institution. Farrington. 1897. Education, 17:781. Points out some of the ways in which museum collections may be used for instruction and entertainment. Public utility of museums. Sudeley. 1913. Nineteenth Century, 74:1219. An English view of the educational value of museums. Some principles of museum administration. Boas. 1907. Science, n. s. 25:921. Considers the values and relationships of the two museum functions, instruction and research.

THE MUSEUM AND ITS PROBLEMS Proceedings. American Association of Museums. 1907 — to date, Records of annual meetings of the Association published yearly and distributed to members. Deals largely with problems of method and administration. Can be found in museums of most public libraries. Directory of American Museums. Paul M. Rea, compiler. Published by Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, Buffalo, N. Y., 1910, as vol. X, No. 1, of Bulletins. Price, $1.17. Outline of organization, scope and work of museums of art, history, and science in North and South America. Museums Journal. Published by Dula & Co., Ltd. London, 1901

-date. Price 12 shillings per year. The official organ of the Museums Association (English). Appears monthly. Covers methods, problems, administration and current notes of museum activity throughout the world. Can be found in most museums or public libraries. Museumskunde: Zeitschrift für Verwaltung and Technik offentlicher und privater Sammlungen. Karl Koetschau, editor. Published by George Reimer, Berlin W 10. 1905 — date. Price 20 marks per year. A quarterly publication containing articles on installation, collections, policy, bibliographies and notes. Deals chiefly with German museums, but includes also articles on museums of other countries. Exceptionally well illustrated. Memorial of George Brown Goode, together with a selection of his papers on museums and on the history of science in America. Smithsonian Institution. Annual report, 1897, U. S. National Museum, part II. Published by Government Printing Office, Washington, 1901. Price, $1.25. Dr. Goode was in charge of the U.S. National Museum 1887 — 1896. He exerted a profound influence on museum development not only in this country, but also abroad. This volume contains his Principles of Museum Administration and his Museums of the Future. United States Bureau of Education. Educational Museum of the St. Louis Public Schools. C. G. Rathmann. Published by U. S. Bureau of Education as Bulletin, 1914, No. 48. Price 15 cents from Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. A descriptive and detailed report of the method of using museum material for Visual Instruction in the public schools of St. Louis. Well illustrated. St. Louis Public Schools. Educational Museum, catalog of col. lections for circulation. Write to Superintendent of Schools of St. Louis, Mo. A complete tabulation of material and lantern slides which are lent to public schools. Educational Value of Museums. Louise Connolly. Published by the Newark Museum Association, Newark, N. J., 1914. 50 cents. A survey of the trend of modern museum practice, written with special thought for the small or newly organized museum. Aids in High School Teaching: pictures and objects. J. C. Dana and Blanche Gardner. Modern American Library Economy series. Pub. by Elm Tree Press, Woodstock, Vt., 1916. $1.00. Suggests ways of cooperation with teachers and students, and contains a list of sources of material for visual instruction, compiled by the Newark Museum. Educational work of American Museums. Rea, 1913, 1914, 1915. Reports of the U. S. Commissioner of Education, 1913, 1:299; 1914, 1:497; 1915, 1:539. Studies of the growth of a closer contact between museums and the public, with notes on the methods employed in such extension work. Museum Building and Arrangement. Ferree. 1892. Engineering Magazine, 2:221. Illustrated. Discusses suitability of building plans to scheme of collections and artistic arrangement of objects. Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art. February, 1916. Illustrated. Describes the new museum building which embodies the best and latest in planning and arrangement, as adapted particularly to the requirements of an art museum.

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