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LIST OF HELPFUL MUSEUMS Boston, Mass., Museum of Fine Arts, Arthur Fairbanks, Director. Points in building construction, installation and equipment, records, and catalogs, organization of staff, training of museum workers, storage and care of textiles and of Chinese and Japanese art objects, development and care of print collections, educational work with public schools. Boston, Mass., Children's Museum. Delia I. Griffin, Director. Organization of children's museums, educational work with public and private schools and settlement houses in fields of science and industry. Brooklyn, N. Y., Children's Museum. Brooklyn Institute of Art and Sciences. Anna B. Gallup, Curator. Organization of children's museums, teaching models, educational work with children in fields of science and industry. Brooklyn, N. Y., Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. William H. Fox, Director. Building construction, equipment and installation, including labeling, organization and handling of temporary exhibitions, lending of pictures, publicity, cooperation with schools, docentry, motion pictures. Buffalo, N. Y., Society of Natural Sciences. Henry R. Howland, Superintendent. Educational work and traveling exhibits for public schools, free public lectures, labeling, cooperation with libraries and museums. Buffalo, N. Y., Albright Art Gallery. Cornelia B. Sage, Director. Records, organization and handling of temporary exhibitions, publicity. Cambridge, Mass., Fogg Art Museum. Edward W. Forbes, Director. Care of prints, development, cataloging and storage of collections of photographs and lantern slides, suitable for college work, care of early panel paintings, relations of art museum to a college. Charleston, S. C., Museum. Paul M. Rea, Director. Administration and financial organization of museums in small cities, integration of traveling exhibits with school curricula, field and class work with adults and children.

Charleston, S. C., American Association of Museums. Paul M. Rea, Secretary. Statistical and bibliographical information re garding American museums and general museum problems. Chicago, Ill., Art Institute. George W. Eggers, Acting Director. Organization and handling of temporary exhibitions, administration of art school, management of art reference library, cooperation with civic activities. Chicago, Ill., Academy of Sciences. Frank M. Woodruff, Curator. Educational work with teachers and children, lending collections for schools, labeling, use of lantern slides, lectures, construction of local habitat groups. Chicago, Ill., Field Museum of Natural History. F. J. V. Skiff, Director. Museum extension to public schools, furniture and fixtures employed in modern museum practice, museum regulation, lecture courses, distribution of literature, accession sys tem. Cincinnati, Ohio, Museum Association. Joseph H. Gest, Director. Organization independent of city support, equipment, classification and records, close professional cooperation with art school and art education in public schools through teachers, museum library. Cleveland, Ohio, Museum of Art. F. A. Whiting, Director. Points in building construction and lighting, installation and equipment, storage of paintings, educational work with children, use of motion pictures, cooperation with schools and libraries. Detroit, Mich., Museum of Art. Charles Moore, Director. Clyde H. Burroughs, Secretary. Organization and handling of temporary and traveling exhibitions of paintings, administration of art school, relations with municipality, Indianapolis, Ind., John Herron Art Institute, Harold H. Brown, Director. Educational work with children and women's clubs, popularization of museum, membership campaign, administration of art school. Milwaukee, Wis., Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee. Henry L. Ward, Director. Problems of strictly municipal museum, joint housing of museum and library, building planning, problems of popularizing natural history and anthropological exhibits, recording of specimens, loan collections for schools, loan series of outline lectures and lantern slides for grammar schools, lectures and museum observations for school children, lectures and field trips for adults, science clubs for high school boys. Minneapolis, Minn., Institute of Arts. Joseph Breck, Director. Organization and installation, plan and development of collections, membership campaign. Muskegon, Mich., Hackley Art Gallery. Lulu F. Miller, Acting Director. Development of a small museum, relation with public library and public schools. Newark, N. J., Museum Association. J. C. Dana, Director. Cooperation with public library, temporary exhibitions of art and industry, lending collections for schools, educational work with children, civic cooperation, training of volunteer docents, traveling exhibits. Newark, N. J., Free Public Library. J. C. Dana, Librarian. Formation and use of picture collections, filing methods, care and display of maps, installation of minor exhibits, preparation of traveling exhibits, printing of posters, labels and placards. New York, N. Y., Cooper Institute Museum. Eleanor G. Hewitt, Director. Chronological arrangement of collections illustrating the artistic trades, encyclopedic scrapbooks of the decorative arts. New York, N. Y., Metropolitan Museum of Art. Edward Robinson, Director. Records of all kinds, departmental organization, installation, storage and care of textiles, museum library, educational work with adults and children, storage and care of textiles, museum library, educational work with adults and children, storage and care of lantern slides. New York, N. Y., American Museum of Natural History. F. A. Lucas, Director. Preparation, care and installation of natural history and anthropological collections, lending collections for schools and public libraries, educational work with schools, cooperation with colleges, cases and cataloging, models. Philadelphia, Pa., Commercial Museums. William Powell Wilson, Director. Commercial, industrial, ethnographic and geographic exhibits, information for business men, educational work, museum lectures to schools and university, lending slides to public

schools throughout the state, educational collections for schools in Pennsylvania, moving pictures. Philadelphia, Pa., Pennsylvania Museum (Memorial Hall, Fair: mount Park) Address the Acting Director. Administration of museum connected with School of Industrial Art. Pittsburgh, Pa., * Carnegie Museum. W.J.Holland, Director. Laboratory work with students, lending collections for schools, preparation and care of natural history collections. Pittsburgh, Pa., Carnegie Institute, Department of Fine Arts. John W. Beatty, Director. Formation of modern collection of paintings, organization of international exhibition, educational work through public schools. Providence, R. I., Park Museum. Harold L. Madison, Curator. Cooperation with public schools and other institutions, lecture courses for adults, children and schools, museum information bureau, cases, installation and storage of lantern slides. Providence, R. I., Rhode Island School of Design. L. Earle Rowe, Director. Development and administration of a museum of fine arts and a school of design under the same organization, cooperation with public schools, Sunday docent service. Richmond, Ind., Art Association. Mrs. Paul Comstock, President. Development of museum interests and activities in a small community. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Fairbanks Museum of Natural Science. Alice W. Wilcox, Director. Field and class work with public schools of a small town, rural schools and teachers, health work. St. Louis, Mo., Educational Museum of St. Louis Public Schools. C. G. Rathmann, Director. Organization and administration as part of a public school system under control of Instruction Department, delivery to schools and regular circulation of illustrative material in schools. St. Louis, Mo., * City Art Museum. R. A. Holland, Director. Revision and reorganization of collections, problems of municipal museum. Toledo, O., Museum of Art. George W. Stevens, Director. Civic cooperation, educational work with children, use of motion pictures, formation of garden contests, bird conservation, story hours, and raising money.

Trenton, N.J., State Museum. The museum is in the Department of Conservation and Development, Division of Geology, Henry B. Kümmel, Chief. Helen C. Perry, Museum organizer. Lending collections for schools, remodeling of old equipment to fit modern needs, organization and installation of industrial exhibits. Worcester, Mass., Art Museum. Philip J. Gentner, Director. Educational work with children, storage and handling of lantern slides.

STATE MUSEUMS Albany, N. Y., New York State Museum. John M. Clarke, Director. Designing and arrangement of cases, backgrounds, diaphragms, and display devices.

The State Museum of New York seems particularly well fitted and is most willing to give advice, information and suggestions on the subject of museums.. Atlanta, Ga., * Georgia State Museum. Burlington, Vt., Vermont State Museum. G. H. Perkins, Curator. Arrangement and installation of specimens, general museum management. Bismarck, N. D., North Dakota State Historical Society. Melvin R. Gilmore, Curator. Material culture and domestic economy of the Plains tribes, ethnology, temporary exhibits, educational work with schools, state historical parks. Columbus. O., Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society. William C. Mills, Curator. Local museum work as it pertains to archaeology and history, preparation of models and casts. Gainesville, Fla., * Florida State Museum. Harrisburg, Pa., Pennsylvania State Museum. Dr. T. L. Mont gomery, Director. Habitat groups of animals, birds, fishes and reptiles, exhibits of forestry, botany, economic geology and mineralogy, historic material representative of life of early set tlers in Pennsylvania, exhibit of school work showing daily class work of pupils throughout entire school district of the state by first, second and third class cities and boroughs, also work of special schools, lending of lantern slides for educational purposes throughout the state. Indianapolis, Ind., * Indiana State Museum. Lincoln, Neb., * Nebraska State Museum.

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