The New Museum, Tema 1

Elm tree Press, 1917

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Página 25 - The annual meeting for the election of officers shall be held on . 8 Regular meetings shall be held on the - - of each month except in July, August and September.
Página 18 - ... storage warehouses, or community attics, or temples of dead gods, or copies of palaces of an extinct nobility, or costly reproductions of ancient temples, or grand and elaborate structures which are of service only as evidences of conspicuous waste by the rich"—in favor of the "new museum...
Página 25 - April, 1909, to establish a museum for the reception and exhibition of articles of art, science, history, and technology, and for the encouragement of the study of the arts and sciences.
Página 15 - ... sums with which they shall acquire, label, describe, arrange for show and prepare for lending, such objects as careful study and experiment shall suggest ; in the expectation that staff and objects combined will do for the community these things at least, and, one may hope, in time many others — 1. Entertain, and be ready to try to interest and instruct, such as may have the wish and the time to visit casually the institution's headquarters.
Página 17 - This development of the collecting habit amcng the young, with its accompanying education of powers of observation, its training in handwork, its tendency to arouse interests theretofore unsuspected even by those who possess them, its continuous suggestions toward good taste and refinement which lie in the process of installing even the most modest of collections, and its...
Página 18 - ... 10. Keep the museum and its activities continually before the community in the daily press, and publish and distribute as many leaflets, posters, broadsides and cards descriptive of the museum's acquisitions as conditions seem to warrant.
Página 17 - ... 7. Discover collectors and specialists and experts in the community and secure their cooperation in adding to the museum's collections ; in helping...
Página 5 - The latter seemed to be quite the inevitable course ; and still further study showed that certain changes, all making for greater usefulness, were well under way throughout the whole museum world. As librarian of the Newark, NJ Free Public Library I found I was able to assist in establishing, about eight years ago, what might be called a museum of museum experiments.
Página 11 - We have felt so keenly the lack of printed information which gave clear, precise and definite answers to our many queries, that we decided several years ago that, if fortune favored us by keeping our museum alive and growing, we would, in due course, set down in print our own experiences, the results of our in quiries, studies, observations and experiments.
Página 17 - ... things thus lent will be of more service to the community than when they are resting, relatively unseen and unused, in the museum's headquarters. 9. Prepare and display, at the headquarters, at branches and in schools, carefully selected objects which are products of the community's activities in field, factory and workshop. These will be local industry exhibits.

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