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No rule shall be suspended without the concurrence of two thirds of the members present, and no additional rule, or amendment of a rule, shall be made without giving at least one day's notice, and the concurrence of two thirds of the members present; provided, that no rule requiring unanimous consent shall be suspended by operation of this rule.


All bills, on a second reading, shall be considered by the Senate in the same manner as if the Senate was in Committee of the Whole, before they shall be taken up and proceeded on by the Senate, agreeably to the Standing Rules, unless otherwise ordered.


The final question, upon the second reading of every bill originating in the Senate, and requiring three readings previous to being passed, shall be: "Shall it be engrossed and read a third time?" And no amendment shall be received for discussion at the third reading of any bill, but it shall at all times be in order, before the final passage of any such bill, to move its commitment under special instructions.


The titles of bills, and such parts thereof only as shall be affected by proposed amendments, shall be inserted in the Journal.


The proceedings of the Senate, when not acting as Committee of the Whole, shall be entered on the Journal as concisely as possible, care being taken to record a true and accurate account of the proceedings; but every vote of the Senate shall be entered on the Journal, and a brief statement of the contents of each petition, memorial, or paper, presented to the Senate, shall also be inserted in the Journal.


Messengers are introduced in any state of business, except while a question is being put, while the ayes and noes are calling, or while the ballots are counting.


In case of a disturbance, or disorderly conduct in the lobbies, the President, (or Chairman of the Committee of the whole Senate,) shall have power to order the same to be cleared.


The previous question shall be in this form: "Shall the main question. now be put ?" It shall only be admitted when demanded by a majority of the Senators present, and its effect shall be to put an end to all debate

and bring the Senate to a direct vote upon amendments reported by a committee, if any, upon pending amendments, and then upon the main question. On a motion for the previous question, and prior to the seconding of the same, a call of the Senate shall be in order; but after a majority shall have seconded such motion, no call shall be in order prior to the decision of the main question.


On a motion for the previous question, and under the previous question, there shall be no debate. And all incidental questions of order arising after a motion is made for the previous question, (or while acting under the previous question,) shall be decided, whether on appeal or otherwise, without debate.


A President pro tem shall be elected, who shall, in the absence of the President, take the Cháir, and call the Senate to order at the hour of the meetings of the Senate, and have the same power as the President; but the President pro tem shall vote only as any other member of the Senate. When the Senate is equally divided, the Secretary shall take the decision of the President.


A Sergeant-at-Arms shall be appointed, to hold his office during the pleasure of the Senate, whose duty it shall be to attend the Senate during its sittings, to execute the commands of the Senate, from time to time, together with all such process issued by authority thereof as shall be directed to him by the President. The actual expenses of the Sergeantat Arms for every arrest, for each day's custody and releasement, and for travelling expenses for himself and special messenger, going and returning, shall be paid out of the Contingent Fund, and no other fees shall be paid him beyond his pay per diem. It shall be the duty of the Sergeantat-Arms to keep the accounts for pay and mileage of members, to prepare checks, and if required so to do, to draw the money on such checks for the members, (the same being previously signed by the President, and indorsed by the member or person to whom the check is made,) and pay over the same to the member or person entitled thereto.


No bill or other matter shall be printed without first being specially ordered by the Senate, and the Sergeant-at-Arms shall certify to the reception by the Senate of all such printed matter, and the quantity, before payment shall be made, or bills audited; and maps, accompanying documents, shall not be printed under the general order to print, withi out the special direction of the Senate.


Two hundred and forty (240) copies shall be printed of each document or other matter ordered, unless the Senate specially direct a different number.


In filling up blanks, the least sum or number, and the shortest time, shall be first put.


It shall be the duty of the Doorkeeper to prohibit all persons, except Senators, members of the Assembly, officers of the two Houses, and such Reporters as have had seats assigned them by the President, from coming within the bar of the Senate, unless invited by the Senate through the President, and to arrest for contempt all persons outside the bar, or in the gallery, found engaged in loud conversation, or otherwise making a noise, to the disturbance of the Senate.


When, by order of the Senate, any Senate bill shall have been considered engrossed and passed, it shall be the duty of the Committee on Engrossed Bills to cause the same to be correctly engrossed and reported to the Senate, the engrossed copy to be reported to the Assembly, and the original retained by the Senate.


When nominations shall be sent by the Governor to the Senate for their confirmation, a future day shall be assigned for their consideration, unless the Senate shall unanimously direct otherwise.


The General File shall be the special order for each day, at twelve o'clock, M. It shall be considered at least two hours, if the Senate remain so long in session, as long as there is any business on the file, and this order shall take precedence of all other orders.


No committee (standing or special) shall elect a Clerk or Segeant-atArms without first obtaining the consent of the Senate.


No claim shall be paid out of the Contingent Fund of the Senate until the same shall have been referred to and reported on by the Committee on Contingent Expenses.


The Secretary shall post, each morning, in a conspicuous place, a list of all bills upon the General File, giving their order, and also setting forth their number and so much of their title as necessary to enable Senators to understand their general purport.



No motion or proposition on a subject different from that under consideration shall be admitted under color of amendment or substitute.


Substitutes may be offered at any time when a bill or resolution is open to amendment, previous to engrossment, and when adopted, shall. take place of the original bill or resolution, and shall be open to amendment.


Mr. Powers, from the Committee on Contingent Expenses, made the following report:

Mr. PRESIDENT:-Your Committee on Contingent Expenses have examined the following claims of temporary officers during the organization, and recommend their payment out of the Contingent Fund, as


[blocks in formation]

Thomas Hill, Secretary, seven days, at $8..

R. K. Weston, Assistant Secretary, seven days, at $8..

$56 00

56 00

C. E. Abbott, Minute Clerk, seven days, at $8..

56 00

E. W. Corbett, Sergeant-at-Arms, seven days, at $8.

56 00

Elias Howe, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, seven days, at $6......

42 00

[blocks in formation]

Frederick Stewart, Page, seven days, at $3..........
Thomas Flint, Page, seven days, at $3....

21 00

21 00

William Bryant, Post Office Page, seven days, at $3...

21 00

POWERS, Chairman.


Senate bill No. 11, Amendments to the Constitution-read second time, and referred to the Judiciary Committee.


Bills were introduced as follows:

By Mr. Van Dyke, for an Act concerning Courts of Justice and judicial officers.

Read first and second times, and referred to the Judiciary Committee.

By Mr. Oulton, for an Act concerning officers.

Read first and second times, and referred to the Judiciary Committee.

By Mr. Bogart, for an Act to provide for the retention of the hides of cattle killed or slaughtered in the County of San Diego.

Read first and second times, and referred to the Committee on Agriculture.

By Mr. Higby, for an Act to legalize the assessments made upon the taxable property in the County of Calaveras, since the first Monday of March, A. D. eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and before the second Monday of January, A. D. eighteen hundred and sixty-three, for the year eighteen hundred and sixty-two.

Read first and second times, and placed on file.

Also, for an Act to amend an Act approved February nineteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, fixing the time of holding the several Courts authorized to be held by the County Judge of the County of Calaveras, and to change the manner of summoning a jury for the County Court of said county, approved April twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and fifty-five.

Read first and second times, and placed on file.

By Mr. Chamberlain, for an Act in relation to public lands in California.

Read first and second times, and referred to the Committee on Swamp and Overflowed Lands.

Also, for an Act supplementary to an Act to regulate Common Schools, approved May third, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and all Acts amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto.

Read first and second times, and referred to the Committee on Education.

Also, for an Act fixing the salary of County Judge of San Joaquin County.

Read first and second times, and referred to the Judiciary Com


By Mr. McCullough, for an Act to provide for the construction of a wagon and turnpike road in Mariposa County.

Read first and second times, and placed on file.

By Mr. Shannon, for an Act to appropriate money for the transportation of convicts to the State Prison.

Read first and second times, and referred to Committee on Finance. By Mr. Whiting, for an Act concerning trade marks.

Read first and second times, and referred to Committee on Commerce and Navigation.

Mr. Doll offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to consider the expediency of, and, if deemed advisable, to introduce a bill fixing the salary of Supreme, District, and County Judges throughout the State.


Messrs. Doll, Booth, Higgins, Harvey, and Cunningham, were appointed such committee.

The following communication was read from the Sergeant-at-Arms:

To Governor Chellis, President of the Senate :

SIR :-Please inform me how many weekly newspapers are equivalent to one daily, according to the resolution adopted by your Honorable body?

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