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There is a peculiar evidence of divine truth which you never see-see what clse
you will-if you judge of it merely by the intellect ; much less, if the intellect be
swayed by adverse affections. But when the repugnance of the heart is overcome,
we have this evidence in the substance, the relish of the truth; we see a conspicu-
ous excellency in it, which approves it to the mind, and confirms it by a happy ex-
perience of iis power and sweetness. * **** It is a most specious deception,
ihat which enables you to disbelieve all you will, with the pretence of faith, and the
colour of believing all you should.






11.11. OBRE

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1850,

BY ROBERT CARTER & BROTHERS, the Clerk's Office of the Southern District of New York.


NUMBERS live in the neglect of religion, without knowing or considering the cause of their indifference to it. They profess to receive the Bible as the word of God, and if they do so, their conduct is inexplicable and opposed to all reason and analogy. There is, therefore, ground for presuming they are in error on this point; and if they are so, it is indispensable that they should be undeceived, as a first step to a correct understanding of their spiritual condition. This incongruity between the accredited faith and the conduct of men is so common, and in degrees so various, that it is to be feared we are ceasing to regard it as an exception to a general lawas something monstrous in practice—and are satisfying ourselves with the virtue of acknowledging it, or perhaps of declaiming against it, while we take not the trouble to inquire into the reason and enormity of it.

This inquiry the author has endeavoured to conduct with good design he knows—with what good effect he leaves for the reader to judge. As the discussion ad vances, much is said, referring to the varieties of human

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