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Amendment to Schedule of Fees Taxable as Costs

July 8, 1920. dollar and forty cents per page for pages avOrdered, that the paragraph of the Sched- eraging two hundred and forty words each, ule of Fees as printed at the top of page (exclusive of initials “Q” and “A” for “Ques537 of the 103d Maine Reports (70 Atl. xiii) tion” and “Answer,") together with compenas amended by rule of court dated July 15, for the printer when necessary, and for cor

sation to the clerk for preparing manuscripts 1913, be further amended so as to read as recting proof and certifying, at the rate of ten follows:

cents per printed page, for pages averaging Transcripts of cases made by the official two hundred and forty words each.

If a stenographer and printed copies, certified by party prints his own case, there may be the clerks to the law court may be taxed taxed, also, compensation paid to the clerk for in the bill of costs at the rate actually for copies for the printer of writs, pleadings paid to the stenographers for transcripts, and exhibits which are in his official custody, not exceeding the rate established by statute, but not of the transcript of the testimony. and at the rate actually paid to the printers

By the Court, for the printing, not exceeding, however, one

LESLIE C. CORNISH, Chief Justice.

1 For other rules, see 70 Atl. vii; 105 Atl. vii.


113 A.

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