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XVI. Who was the ruler in 1492 in England ? In Spain ? In

France? In Portugal ? Myers's Mod. and Med. Hist.

XVII. What was the “ Pope's division”?
Montgomery's Amer. Hist. 12. Winsor's Hist. of Amer. II. 13-14; map 43.

Higginson's U. S. 75.
Why was it made ?

XVIII. Columbus's death.
For portraits of Columbus, see Winsor's Hist. of Amer. II. 70–81. See

references on Columbus above; also Winsor's Hist. of Amer. II. 80–81.

XIX. Amerigo Vespucci. a. What is known of him? b. How came America to be named after him? Montgomery's Amer. Hist. 15. 16. Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 121-8. Eggles

ton's Household U. S. 8. Higginson's U. S. 64-8. Winsor's Hist. of Amer.

II. chap. II. DIRECTION. — Voyage, as used below, includes the date, the object of the voyage, by whom the expedition was sent, and the route.

XX. Ponce de Leon : Voyage, Discoveries, Result.
Hildreth's U. S. I. 39-40. Winsor's Hist. of Amer. II. 234-6. Higginson's

Montgomery's Amer. Hist. 18. Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 147–8. Bancroft's U. S. I. 22–3.

U. S. 70–2.

XXI. Nunez Balboa : Voyage, Discoveries.
Eggleston's Household U. S. 12. Winsor's Hist. of Amer. II. 194-6. Mont-

gomery's Amer. Hist. 19. Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 142–6. Higginson's
U. S. 68–70. Morris's Half Hours, I. 61-3.

XXII. Magellan : Voyage, Discoveries.
Hildreth's U. S. I. 42. Eggleston's Household U. S. 9, 12–13. Montgomery's

Amer. Hist. 16. Life of Magellan, Heroes of Hist. series.
XXIII. Pamphilo Narvaez and Cabez de Vaca : Voyage and

Expedition, Discoveries. Montgomery's Amer. Hist. 21. Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 150-6. Winsor's

Hist, of Amer. II. 242-4.

XXIV. Vasquez de Ayllon : Voyage and Expedition, Discoveries. Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 149:50. Bancroft's U. S. I. 25. Winsor's Hist, of

Amer. II. 238–9. Higginson's U. S. 72-4.

XXV. What discoveries had the Spaniards made before Cortez

came out? (Review.)

XXVI. The Aztecs :
Higginson's U. S. 9-10, 11, 17, 72-3. Amer. Ency. XI. 274. Ency. Brit. XVI.

213. Prescott's Conq. Mex. I. chap. II. 42-57.
a. Capitals.
b. Law of succession.
C. Government.
d. Courts.
e. Army.
f. Religion.
g. Schools.
h. Money.
i. Market-places.
j. Irrigation.
k. Products.
l. Industries.
m. Slaves.

XXVII. Are there any reasons to suppose that the Aztecs would

have become civilized in the modern sense, if they had been

let alone by Europeans? Can they be called civilized, compared with European nations

at that time?

XXVIII. Cortez :
Winsor's Hist. of Amer. II. chap. VI. Prescott's Conq. Mex. Bk. II. chap. II.

171+; chap. III. 186+; 188+; chap. V. 210+; chap. VI. 222-3.

a. Early life.
b. Character.
6. Outfit and relation to those who sent him.
d. The Aztec embassy.

Prescott's Conq. Mex. Bk. II. chap. VI. 222-3. e. Conquest of Mexico. Higginson's U. S. 2, 4, 17, 19, 24, 63. Morris's Half Hours, I. 69. Prescott's

Conq. Mex. Bk. I. 423; II. 39-51, 83.

XXIX. De Soto :
Montgomery's Amer. Hist. 22. Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 157–68. Hildreth's

U. S. I. 47. Bancroft's U. S. I. 38–49. Winsor's Hist. of Amer. II. 244-53.

Morris's Half Hours, I. 81 +. Coffin's Old Times in Col. 29–30. a. Character. b. Object. 6. Expedition and route. d. Discoveries. e. Why did De Soto fail?

XXX. What discoveries were made in the direction of California ? Hildreth's U. S. I. 48. Bancroft's U. S. I. 31-7. Bryant's Popular Hist. II.

See Alarcon.

Winsor's Hist, of Amer. II. 444.

Winsor's Hist. of Amer. II. 480-5. Coffin's Old Times in Col. 30.
First settlement at Santa Fé.
Bryant's Popular Hist. II. 583.

XXXI. Did the Portuguese make any discoveries on the coast

of North America ? Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 140-1. Morris's Half Hours, I. 38. Winsor's Hist. of

Amer. IV. 1-4. Cortreal,

XXXII. Make a summary of all discoveries giving Spain a claim

to any parts of the new world. (Review.)

FRENCH DISCOVERIES. XXXIII. Verrazani : Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 175-9. Winsor's Hist. of Amer. IV. 5-9. Higgin

son's U. S. 108. Coffin's Old Times in Col. 24. Hinsdale's Old North

west, 9. Parkman's Pio. of France, 193-9. a. Who sent him? b. Discoveries.

XXXIV. Why did Italians make voyages for other nations, but

none which gave Italy any claim in the new world? XXXV. Jacques Cartier. Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 180, 188. Hildreth's U. S. I. 45-7. Montgomery's

Amer. Hist. 26. Bancroft's U. S. I. 15. Winsor's Hist. of Amer. IV. chap. II. Higginson's U. S. III-12. Morris's Half Hours, 90+. Coffin's Old Times in Col. 27-8. Hinsdale's Old Northwest, 9-10. Parkman's Pio. of France,

201-14, 220-5.
a. First Voyage : Discoveries.
b. Second Voyage : Discoveries.
c. Third Voyage : Discoveries.
XXXVI. Who were the Huguenots?

Myers's Mod. and Med. Hist. 461-6, 468.
How were they persecuted ?
What was the massacre of St. Bartholomew ?
When was the Edict of Nantes promulgated for their protec-

tion? What was it? Myers's Mod. and Med. Hist. 468.

XXXVII. The French in Florida.
Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 190 --, 194 +, 204 +, 211 +. Montgomery's Amer. Hist.

23. Hildreth's U. S. I. 71-5. Bancroft's U. S. I. 51-9. Higginson's U. S.
115–20. Morris's Half Hours, I. 97 +. Parkman's Pio. of France, 33 +,
chap. III., 48–50 in IV., 89-95 in VI., chaps. VII., VIII.

a. Jean Ribaut : What was his object in leading out a colony? 6. Fort Caroline. 6. The fort and colony in Florida.

(Give the exact location.)

XXXVIII. Why did the Spaniards hate the French Huguenots ?

XXXIX. The Spanish settlement.
Montgomery's Amer. Hist. 24-5. Hildreth's U. S. I. 73-5. Winsor's Hist. of

Amer. II. 260–79. Coffin's Old Times in Col. 31-3. Parkman's Pio. of
France, 96 +, 131 +, 157 +, Bryant's Popular Hist. I. 205, 207 +, 208, 213 +,

220 +. Higginson's U. S. 119-20. a. Menendez: Life, Character. b. The contract under which he went out. C. The driving out of the French. d. The Spanish settlement. The following synopsis of the contract between Menendez and

the king of Spain is given as an example of the way in which the pupil is to arrange such contracts in the note-book, and, in recitation, on the blackboard :

Things Menendez was to do:

1. To invade Florida with 500 men.
2. To expel the French.
3. To conquer the natives.

4. To establish a colony. Contract between

5. To send out 500 colonists, 100 of whom must Menendez

be married. and

In return Menendez was the King of Spain.

1. To be governor of Florida for life.
2. To receive a salary.
3. To have 75 square miles of land as private


have commercial privileges. NOTE. - In connection with Menendez's cruel expulsion of the French, the teacher will remind his class that the same man was appointed commander of the Armada, the Catholic crusade against Protestant England. He died before the expedition started from Spain.

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