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7. The campaign of 1862 in Tennessee.

Bragg's raid. Johnston's U. S. 696. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 530-1. Greeley's Amer.

Conflict, II. 213-17, 221-2.

Perrysville. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 531-2. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 213, 217–21.

Who had succeeded Buell in command of the army

in Tennessee? Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 270.

Murfreesboro. Johnston's U. S. 697. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 536–7. Greeley's Amer.

Conflict, II. 270-80.

8. Pea Ridge. Johnston's U. S. 699. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 542. Greeley's Amer. Con

flict, II. 26–31.

9. Point out the changes made in the line of defence

by these movements, and show the advantages of

the new positions to the Federal armies. 2. The Monitor and the Merrimac. General references given under e.

a. The condition of the United States navy in 1862. b. The equipping of the Merrimac.

1. The building of the Monitor, Cent. Magazine, XXXI. 280, 299. Picture of turret, 296.

d. Map of Hampton Road and the scene of the fight. See references below. Also Greeley's Amer. Conflict, I. 530. Cent. Magazine,

XXIX. 743. e. The attack of the Merrimac, the appearance of the

Monitor, and the fight. Johnston's U. S. 701-4. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 464-5. Greeley's Amer.

Conflict, 115-9. Morris's Half Hours, 383. Coffin's Drum-Beat of the Nation, 165-72. Cent. Magazine, XXIX. 738, 754, 763; map, 743.

f. The effect of the battle in the North ; in Europe. 3. The capture of New Orleans. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 526–30. Coffin's Drum-Beat of the Nation, 218-25.

Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 88–101, 106.

a. The importance of the city to the Confederate States. Johnston's U. S. 706. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 85. Cent. Magazine,

XXIX. 918, 923; maps, 926, 929; XXXII. 444-55, 459+.

b. Its fortifications and preparations for defence. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 84-7.

c. The naval expedition sent. Johnston's U. S. 707-10. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 81-2.

d. Map of the Mississippi from New Orleans to its mouth. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 86. Coffin's Drum-Beat of the Nation, 219.

e. Passing the forts.
f. The surrender.
g. The city under martial law.

h. Incidents, etc. 4. In the East.

a. The army of the Potomac. Johnston's U. S. 713. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 467–8. Greeley's Amer.

Conflict, I. 619-20. Cent. Magazine, XXXII. 131; XXXIII. 135; XXXVI. 393-4.


McClellan's education, character, reputation. 6. The Confederate army. Johnston's U. S. 714. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 477. Cent. Magazine, XXX.


Its numbers.
Its commanders.
Its position and strongholds.

c. The Peninsula campaign. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 468 +. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 109, 127–8,

142+, 153 +, 156+. Coffin's Drum-Beat of the Nation, chap. XI. Cent. Magazine, XXX. 95, 103, 122, 136, 293, 309, 447–615; maps, 113, 451.

1. What was the object of the campaign?

2. Map of the lower part of Virginia. Cent. Magazine, XXXI. 515 +, XXXII. 131. Coffin's Drum-Beat of the

Nation, 251. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. III.

3. The movement on Yorktown. Johnston's U. S. 715. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 468–70. Greeley's Amer.

Conflict, 120-4.

What was McClellan's object ?

Cent. Magazine, XXIX. 767 +.

How was it defeated ? (See the raids of Jackson and Stuart.) Johnston's U. S. 715. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 474.

4. The change of base ; with map.
Cent. Magazine, XXX. 122+, 130+, 447 +, 633. Johnston's U. S. 716—7.

Object of the change.
Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 473-5. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 142.

The seven days' battles.
Cent. Magazine, XXX. 110+, 135, 136 +. Johnston's U. S. 718.

Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 153. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 481-2. Cent.
Magazine, XXX. 294, 309.

Savage's station. Cent. Magazine, XXX. 454 +. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 159-60. Bryant's

Popular Hist. IV. 483.

Frazier's Farm. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 162. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 485. Cent.

Magazine, XXX. 468.

Malvern Hill. Johnston's U. S. 718. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 163–8. Bryant's Popular

Hist. IV. 486–90. Cent. Magazine, XXX. 468 +, 615.

5. Changes in command following the change of base.
a. Halleck called to Washington as commander-in-

Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 493. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 72.

b. Pope given command of the army of Virginia over

McDowell, Banks, and Fremont (resigned, suc

ceeded by General Sigel). Johnston's U. S. 719. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 172. Bryant's Popular

Hist. IV. 492.

d. McClellan's command limited to his own army. Blaine's Twenty Years of Cong. I. 363-4, 366-8. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II.


e. Pope's campaign. Johnston's U.S. 719. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 493–8. Greeley's Amer. Con

flict, II. 172–89. Coffin's Drum-Beat of the Nation, chap. XII.; maps, 287, 292. Cent. Magazine, XXXI. 441 +, 467 +, 601+; XXIX. 107 +.

1. Object of this campaign.
What co-operation was necessary to the success of

this movement?
2. Position of the armies on each side.

3. The second battle of Bull Run. References above.

Why was Pope defeated ? f. The recall of McClellan's army. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 171-2. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 498. Blaine's

Twenty Years of Cong. I. 366-8, 448-9, 450-1. Cent. Magazine, XXXII.

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1. Lee's object. Johnston's U. S. 720. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 499. Greeley's Amer. Con

flict, II. 193. Coffin's Drum-Beat of the Nation, 298–302. Cent. Magazine, XXXII. 131 +, 137, 285-97, 309, 315, 435, 783, 927; XXXIII. 308; XXX. 280.

2. His route and movements.
3. Draw a map of the country between Richmond and

the southern boundary of Pennsylvania, including

the Shenandoah Valley. Cent. Magazine, XXX. 293; XXXII. 127. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 174.

4. The battle of Antietam. Cent. Magazine, references above. Johnston's U. S. 721. Bryant's Popular

Hist. IV. 499-504, 505-6. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 196–7, 199-210; map, 205. Morris's Half Hours, II. 392. Coffin's Drum-Beat of the Nation, 312-33; map, 317.

Show the movements of both armies previous to the

battle. 5. The retreat of the armies. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 505-7. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 211-2.

h. Reasons for the failure of McClellan to meet the ex

pectations of the President and Congress as a com

mander. Cent. Magazine, XXXVI. 395-7.

i. Reasons for McClellan's removal. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 507. Greeley's Amer. Conflict, II. 211-2. Cent.

Magazine, XXXVI. 923–33; XXXVII. 550–2.

j. McClellan's succesor. Johnston's U. S. 721. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 508. Greeley's Amer. Con

flict, II. 342.

k. The battle of Fredericksburg. Cent. Magazine, XXXII. 609 +, 626 +, 637 +, 644 +, 770+; XXXIII. 805 +.

Why was this battle fought when and where it was? Johnston's U. S. 722. Bryant's Popular Hist. IV. 508-10. Greeley's Amer.

Conflict, II. 342–7. Coffin's Drum-Beat of the Nation, chap. XVI.; map, 408.

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