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Mr. Seward to Mr. Mar. 31 Neutral rights in maritime war ....

20 April 1 | Approval of the treaty negotiated by Mr.

Morris. Decline of national prestige
abroad an inevitable consequence of dis-

sension at home.

June 4 Decree of the Sultan prohibiting the en:

trance of the piratical vessels of the in

surgents into Turkish ports.
36 ..... ....... Sept. 19 Just and liberal course of the Turkish

government. Punishment of murderers
of American missionaries. Approval of

Mr. Morris's proceedings.

1 | Mr. Morris to Mr. Aug. 25 Reception by the Turkish government ....

4 Oct. 25 Audience with the Sultan. Address of

· Mr. Morris. The Sultan's reply. Cor

dial and friendly position of relations

between the two countries.

-----do..... | Mar. 26 Prohibition of the entrance of piratical ves.

sels of the insurgents in Turkish waters.
Decree prohibiting importation of muni-

tions of war into Turkish ports.

May 6 The same subject ....... |

July 3 | Celebration of the anniversary of the acces.

sion of the Sultan. Address of the di

plomatic corps. 32 0

Oct. 16 | Execution of a murderer of an American

missionary. Justice of the Turkish goy-
ernment. Conduct of the United States

consul at Beyrout.
41 Mr. Seward to Mr. | Nov. 18 | Satisfaction of the United States govern-

ment with the justice and good faith
shown by the Sultan. Commendation of
the consul at Beyrout.

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1861. 21 Mr. Harris to Mr. June 7 Measures taken for the arrest and punishSeward.

ment of the murderers of Mr. Heusken. July 2 | The postponement of the time for opening

Yedo to trade. 29 ...... do..........

July 10 Request to be recalled ............ do...

July 12 The attack on the British legation....... July 15 | Decision of the Netherlands consul general

not to return to the capital.
--.... do........ Oct. 14 Detection and death of two of the assail-

ants of the British legation, and steps
taken to secure the arrest of the others.
Obligation entered into by a secret as-
sociation, having for its object the ex-

pulsion of foreigners.
49 ...... do........... Nov. 23 | The question in regard to the opening of

the ports. The steps taken to obtain
satisfaction for the murderof Mr. Heus-
ken, and to insure the future security

of foreign legations in Japan.
50 ....... Nov. 27 Efforts of the Japanese government to

bring the murderers of Mr. Heusken to
justice. Payment of $10,000 for the

benefit of Mrs. Heusken.
52 ... Dec. 2 Transmitting correspondence with the dip-

lomatic representatives of European pow-
ers in Japan in regard to the postpone-
ment of the opening of the city of Yedo
to trade. ,

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1862. 16 Mr. Pruyn to Mr. April 30 Arrival at Yedo and official reception......

Seward. May 5 Interview with the minister for foreign af

fairs and other officials. May 15 | Day fixed for an audience with the Tycoon.
do........ May 24 Transmitting letter from the Japanese

ministers for foreign affairs to the Secre-
tary of State. Their commendation of

Mr. Townsend Harris.
20 May 17 | Audience with the Tycoon. Address of

Mr. Pruyn, and reply of the Tycoon.

1861. 17 | Mr. Seward to Mr. July 23 The proposed postponement of the opening i Harris.

of certain ports. Aug. 1 Conference with the diplomatic represent-

atives of European powers in regard to
the proposed postponement. The mur-

der of Mr Heusken.
20 Oct. 7 | The measures taken to bring to justice the

murderers of, Mr. Heusken.

1862. 24 ....... do......... Oct. 21 | Acceptance of Mr. Harris's resignation.

Approval of official action. Appoint

ment of Mr. Pruyn.

1861. 2. Mr. Beward to Mr. Nov. 15 Instructions to Mr. Pruyo...... Pruyn.

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1861. 25 | Mr. Seward to Mr. Nov. 19 Transmitting letter from the President of Harris.

the United States to the Tycoon of Japan. Mr. Seward to Mr. Dec. 9 Recovery and return of the sword stolen Pruyn.

from Japanese envoys during their stay

at Baltimore in 1860.
... Dec. 19 The attack on the British legation, and the

measures adopted by the Japanese gov-
ernment in regard to it. Relations be.
tween diplomatic representatives at

4 ....... Dec. 20 Decision of the Netherlands consul general

not to return to Yedo.

1862. ...... do .......

Feb. 5 Detection of persons engaged in the attack

on the British legation.
... do ........ March 11 ) Transmitting reply to the minister for for.

eign atfairs March 24 Acknowledgment of Mr. Harris's sugges.

...... do ....... March 24 Reparation made by the Japanese govern-

ment for the murder of Mr. Heusken.

Mr. Seward to the Aug. 1 | Reply in reference to postponement of the
Ministers for For-

time for opening ports, and the murder
eign Affairs,

of Mr. Heusken.
The President to Aug. 1 Reply to the Tycoon's letter......
the Tycoon.

Mr. Seward to the March 5 The retirement of Mr. Harris and the ap.
Ministers for For-

pointment of Mr. Pruyn.
eign Affairs. Aug. 7 The same subject.........

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8 Jr. Burlingame to | Jan. 23 | Visit to Ningpo. Its condition. Measures
Mr. Seward.

for the protection of the foreign settle-
ment. Depredations of the rebels on
their approach to Shanghai. Steps taken
for the defence of the city by French and
English troops and American volunteers.
Establishment of a consulate at Kin-

* Kiang.
Mr. Seward to Mr. March 6 Instructions in regard to relations with the

imperial government, and co-operation
with the French and British ministers
for the protection of the lives and prop-
erty of Americans. Identity of the
interests of Great Britain, France, and

the United States in China.
12 Hr. Burlingame to March 22 | Payment of claims in accordance with the
Mr. Seward.

award of the commissioners. Progress
of the war. The imperialists defeat the
rebels in several battles, and propose at-
tempting to recaptare Ningpo. Notice
for the removal of foreign merchants.
Opening of ports of Tungchow and New-
chang to certain specified trade. Ap-

pointment of consul at Tein-tsin.
9. Mr. Seward to Mr. | April 2 | Approval of Mr Burlingame's proceedings.

Burlingame. 11

April 22 Progress of affairs in the United States ... 16 Mr. Burlingame to May 19 Payment of claims under the treaty. SugMr. Seward.

gestions in reference to disposition of the
balance Establishment of an educa-

tional institution proposed.
14 Mr. Seward to Mr. May 29 Approval of proceedings. State of affairs..!

Burlingame. 12. Mr. Burlingame to July 24 Arrival at Peking. Friendly reception by Mr. Seward.

Chinese authorities and foreign lega

tions. Correspondence with them. 15 Mr. Seward to Mr. Aug. 1 | Acknowledgment of despatches ......


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1862. 2 Ur. Seward to Mr. Sept. 25 Instructions to Mr. Blatchford on entering Blatchford.

upon his in ission. 3 Oct. 13 | Friendly expressions of Cardinal Antonelli.

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10 | Mr. Thayer to Mr. Nov. 13 | Exclusion of vessels of the insurgents from

Egyptian ports. American manufacturers
placed on equal footing with those of
England in regard to facilities for ob-
taining cotton in Egypt. Evidence of
the Viceroy's good will towards the

United States. Nov. 26 Punishment of perpetrators of the outrage

in Upper Egypt on an agent of American
missionaries. Letter of the Viceroy to
the President of the United States. Ex-
clusion of insurgent vessels from Egyp-

tian ports.

17 March 13 Effects of news from America upon public

opinion abroad. Privateers in the Medi-
terranean The cotton trade in Egypt. 1
Visit of the Prince of Wales to Egypt,
and of the Viceroy to the great exbibi-
tion, England. Opening of a new rail-
way. Generous gift of the Viceroy to

American missionaries.
11 Mr. Seward to Mr. | April 8 Gratitication with the liberality of the

Viceroy to American citizens and mis-
sionaries. The privateers in the Medi.


The President of Oct. 11 | The punishment of the parties concerned
the U. States to

in the persecution of the agent of Ameri.
the Viceroy of

can missionaries. Egypt.

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Mr. De Long to Feb. 20 Arrest and confinement of Messrs. Myers,
Mr. Seward.

Tunstall, and circumstances connected

Feb. 27 | The same subject. Unsuccessful attempt

of a mob to rescue the prisoners. Cor-
respondence with the Moorish minister
of foreign affairs and the commander of
the Tuscarora. The prisoners put on
board the Ino, and sent to the United

Do.......... March 5 | The same subject. Correspondence with

the diplomatic agents of European gov

ernments at Tangier. ,
.. March 20 | The same subject. Despatches from the

American charge at Madrid to the cap-
tain of the Tuscarora. Friendly action

of the Moorish government. 12 | Mr. Seward to Mr. April 3 | The same subject .......

I De Long.

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